Mistle Family Ch. 07

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Chapter 07

Ulterior Motives, Unusual Requests


Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Author’s Note: This is the missing “Mistle Family” chapter I wrote last year and never published; posting it on my website to get may ten views doesn’t count. Why didn’t I publish it last year? In all honesty, I don’t really like how I’d written this one. I haven’t touched it ever since my last revision. I haven’t even re-read this since, and probably never will, so I have no clue how good or bad it is.

Personally, I feel like I could write much better than this now; I feel my latest series IS better than this now. Ever-improving is one of the keys to becoming a good writer; knowing what works and what doesn’t is another key. I was never going to post it here on Literotica, because I felt it wasn’t good enough. However, everything written is meant to be read at some point. Let me know what you think. Is it good? Is it bad? Am I too hard on myself?


“The wine?”


“Too acidic,” Jenni said. The table was set. Four place settings on the smaller more intimate table outside on the deck. The view of the city, from atop this hill, was exquisite. The night air, calm and relaxing. She could hear the orchestra of crickets beginning their nightly song. If everything went as planned, this could be a very interesting night.

Jenni had her daughter, Chelsea, in the shower cleaning every inch and crevice of her body. Caralyn was certain to inspect the job at some point tonight and they wanted to make sure the observant businesswoman wouldn’t find a flaw. Dangling a sexy, petite, sensual, dark-haired eighteen-year-old with a firm round ass, should be all the incentive Caralyn would need. For her part, Jenni was to act strict, shocked by her daughters’ advances, yet subtly taboo. Yes, tonight should be unforgettable. Afterward, Jenni smiled at the thought, Caralyn did have a daughter turning eighteen soon. What had Chelsea turned her into?

“How about Zinfandel?” Mandy asked while shuffling through cabinets. “We’ve got Vineyard and—”

“That’s fine.”

Mandy watched as her sister frantically moved around each place setting, making sure they were perfect. She laid a hand on her sister’s shoulder. “Relax, she’s been out with you how many times and she hasn’t lost interest? I think it’s safe to say she likes you.”

Jenni stopped a moment to breathe. “You really think so?”

“Of course,” Mandy kissed her lips, “how can she not fall for you? And I’m assuming you’re getting Chelsea involved tonight?”

“I seduced Caralyn last night, and I paved the way for Chelsea to get involved,” Jenni said proudly. “Ultimately, I’d like to have a relationship with Caralyn, but I figured a little mother-daughter time would be fun.”

“You’re right, that would be fun,” Mandy placed the bottle of Vineyard Zinfadel at the center of the table and walked back inside the house. “So, how did you seduce her?”

“Remember the move you used to do when you had a friend come over for dinner?” Jenni began to explain as she followed Mandy inside.

“The ‘dropped spoon grope’?”

“No, the ‘under the table foot grope’.”

“You name them?” Chelsea laughed, walking down the hallway. “How about the ‘whole family fucks your hot girlfriend tonight’ move?”

“You’re not helping!” Jenni shouted. “Get back in the shower!”

“Fine! I’m done showering, I’ll just wait for the doorbell,” Chelsea said. “Don’t worry. I’ll be ready to give her something fresh to eat.”

Chelsea lifted the towel and gave her mother a preview of her freshly shaven goods. Her flawless pale flesh. The lovely pink center. Jenni bit the inside of her cheek while her eyes feasted on the view, Chelsea did look delectable.

“Come here,” Jenni said with a look of lust in her eyes. She lifted Chelsea’s face with a finger under her chin. “You and I will have a lot of fun tonight, I promise. If things don’t work out with Caralyn, Mandy and I will gladly enjoy you. For now, we have to test the waters and try not to scare her off.”

“Yes, Mom,” Chelsea kissed her mother’s lips. “I’ll be on my best behavior.”

“Just a little at a time until we know she’s into it,” Jenni said, kissing her daughter a bit longer this time.

Chelsea pulled her mother closer, hands cupping Mommy’s ample behind. “She’ll be into it. I promise you that.”

She kissed Jenni’s lips, parting them with her tongue. Mandy could only stand by and watch with a lustful gaze as the pair kissed, gasped, and groped. At last they stopped, before their lust could take full hold of them, and Chelsea walked back down the hall; leaving all eyes on her.

“Any room for me?” Mandy asked.

“No,” Jenni said while giving Mandy a familiar glance. “You realize you corrupted my daughter?”

“You weren’t complaining the other night.”

“You’re not joining this one,” Jenni said while re-applying lipstick.

“Fine, bursa eskort I won’t. It’s nice of you to include your daughter in this at least. She loves spending time with you.”

“I realize that and I love spending time with her,” Jenni said. “I just hope Caralyn will be interested. I’m afraid we might turn her off.”

“And if it doesn’t?” Mandy filled the glasses with wine. “Does this woman have any children Chelsea’s age?”

“She mentioned a daughter, Lucy; she’s about Chelsea’s age.”


“Not sure.”

“Have her bring her daughter next time,” Mandy suggested. “Chelsea never has someone her—”

“Own age,” Jenni finished. “I said the exact same thing.”

“Regardless, sweetheart, you don’t need to be stressing this. She likes you, she wants to spend time with you at the house, and she obviously responded well to your move. Come relax on the couch with me, everything is set out there. And about Caralyn, you’ll know the moment she sees Chelsea whether she wants her.”

“It’s not just that. Sure, I doubt she’d look away from Chelsea wrapped in a towel. But, would she be okay sleeping with both mother and daughter at the same time? That’s where I’m worried about losing her. I remember when I had reservations about entering a sexual relationship with my daughter. It’s just not…normal.”

“What is normal, sweetheart?” Mandy asked. “Normal is something different for everyone. You love Chelsea, you love kissing her, touching her, and she certainly loves you. There’s nothing wrong with that, sweetheart. That’s your normal.”

“I know, but it isn’t Caralyn’s normal.”

The love-struck wreck held on to her sister’s hand and sat on the couch. She turned and placed her hands on Jenni’s hips. Their eyes locked on to each other. No matter where they were in life, no matter who they met or slept with, there was no love like the love of sisters. Jenni’s nerves subsided a moment, as she’d all but forgot Caralyn.

“I love you,” Mandy said.

“I love—” Jenni started to say, but before she could reciprocate, the doorbell rang.

Caralyn had arrived at last and Jenni’s anxiety returned. She had to make a good impression, the best impression. However, she knew her daughter would be getting out of the bathroom soon; if she wasn’t busy playing with herself. Tonight was about to get interesting, the moment Caralyn laid eyes on Chelsea in nothing but a towel. There was no telling what her reaction might be. If all worked well and Caralyn was slowly introduced to their way of love, there would be plenty of naughty fun to follow.

“Hi,” Jenni said with a warm embrace, “welcome.”

“Thank you for having me,” Caralyn held her host, but quickly noticed they weren’t the only women in the room.

“Hi, Caralyn, right?” Mandy said.

“You must be Mandy,” Caralyn said with an extended hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Mandy dodged the out-stretched hand and swung her arms around Caralyn. “Oh, I’m sure you haven’t heard everything.”

Jenni threw her sister a cutting glance. There were a lot of things Caralyn didn’t need to know, yet.

“Jenni’s description didn’t do justice to your beauty,” Mandy said, looking up into Caralyn’s blue eyes. Jenni obviously had a type, Mandy realized.

“Thank you,” Caralyn beamed with pride. She always took very good care of herself. “If you don’t mind me saying, you’re beautiful, too.”

“I know,” Mandy said conceitedly. “That’s why I get so much pussy.”

The room paused a moment. Mandy smiled mischievously. Jenni gasped, wondering how her girlfriend would react. Caralyn appeared shocked, taken aback, and sexually aroused. She even cracked a smile, with hands still holding Mandy’s hips. But, she promised she wouldn’t. If they needed someone to convince this woman she needed to get down on her knees and eat pussy, Mandy was the perfect woman for the job. Men, women, whoever, no one ever turned the vixen of the Rios family down. If she wanted Caralyn for herself, maybe even get a crack at her daughter Lucy, Mandy could take her anytime. But, she understood how much this woman meant to Jenni.

Chelsea, on the other hand, was ready to jump at the opportunity of having another playmate. She strutted down the hallway, wearing nothing but a pink and white striped towel, and caught the eyes of all three women. Beaming with pride and exuding raw sexuality, Chelsea approached the newest member of their fold. How long would it take to make this beautiful woman, this tall blonde, with long sexy legs, and a perfectly round behind, get down on her knees and eat every pussy in this house? Because, who better to seduce an intelligent, hard-working, businesswoman than the little 5’2 devil herself? Chelsea thought. She was no doubt a product of Mandy’s corruption.

“You’re my mom’s girlfriend, right?”

“Um, well at the moment we’re just good friends,” Caralyn responded.

“Really?” Chelsea adjusted her towel, studying Caralyn’s eyes to see if she’d sneak a peek. bursa bayan escort “You’ve been on a few dates. Have you had sex—”

“Chelsea!” Jenni yelled. Her face turned a deep shade of red. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine,” Caralyn walked toward the much smaller woman and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Would it bother you if your mother and I had sex?”

“Not at all,” Chelsea replied. She placed a hand on the blonde’s leg an inch under her dress. “I see she has great taste.”

The word ‘taste’ lingered on Chelsea’s tongue. Blue-painted fingernails climbed up Caralyn’s leg, before slowly gliding down. All with a devilish smile on an otherwise sweet and innocent face. Piercing blue eyes gazed up into the beautiful blonde’s eyes. Caralyn’s lilac perfume drew Chelsea in closer.

“Mom and I have that in common,” Chelsea whispered.

“Really?” Caralyn said, unsure of how to conduct herself.

“Oh yeah,” Chelsea raised her eyebrows and looked Caralyn over, “I’d fuck you—”

“Chelsea!” Jenni feigned outrage. “Go to your room and get dressed before you join us for dinner.”

“I think I’m dressed fine,” Chelsea said, with her hair still dripping water down between her breasts. “Caralyn, what do you think?”

The woman blushed, but remained silent. Mandy, however, giggled with delight. Chelsea knew what she was doing. She wanted this woman to want her, to fuck her, to take her places that even she hasn’t been, yet. The veteran seductress could tell by the way her sister’s girlfriend was eying Chelsea, the woman wanted that towel to fall. Matter of fact, if Jenni and Mandy were not in the room, Caralyn may take a few liberties with the young lady.

“No Jenni, it’s fine,” Caralyn said at last. “If your daughter is comfortable like this, it doesn’t bother me.”

“See?” Chelsea said with a mocking smirk. “And just between us…you’d love to fuck me, wouldn’t you?”

Caralyn knew what she was asking. Jenni stood there, so she didn’t know how to answer. What would her girlfriend think if she knew Caralyn wanted to fuck her daughter? Looking at Chelsea, with those baby blue eyes, smooth silky skin, hot and wet body, no one could resist her advances. She wanted so badly to lean in and kiss the girl, but her mind refused to give in. Caralyn chewed on her bottom lip, trying everything to restrain herself, all the while wishing Chelsea’s towel would fall.

“That’s enough, Chelsea,” Jenni said, stepping between them. “Go put some clothes on and meet us out on the patio.”

“Fine, I will. But, you haven’t seen nothing, yet, Mommy,” Chelsea replied. “I’m gonna fuck your girlfriend. I’m gonna fuck your girlfriend.” Chelsea cheered as she skipped down the hallway.

“Follow me,” Jenni said with an arm around her lover’s waist.

“Did she just say…?”

“Ignore her.”

She noticed Caralyn’s gaze was not on the deck, or the table, but rather on Chelsea down the hall. The seductive teen threw a glance behind her, to see if Caralyn’s eyes followed. They followed, all right, so Chelsea decided it was time to enact phase two. With her mother’s girlfriend focused intently, Chelsea pulled on the loose knot holding her towel in place. The towel dropped and so did Caralyn’s jaw.

Before the night was through, Jenni told herself, she and her daughter would have this woman between their legs. Sharing her daughter with her girlfriend would be a hell of an experience. How could Caralyn possibly resist? Jenni watched her daughter’s cute little ass sway as she continued putting on a show for them before stepping into her bedroom. Jenni didn’t know who she’d be more excited to fuck.

“Follow Mandy outside,” Jenni said. “I need to have a talk with my daughter.”

— — —

“Mmmmmm…” Jenni moaned against her daughter’s lips. “You’re doing great, baby.”

“You…really…think so?” Chelsea said breathlessly.

“On the bed, now,” Jenni demanded. “Quickly though, because we need to get back out there.”

“You want me?” Chelsea wiggled her ass in her mother’s direction.

“Baby, you know I do.”

While Jenni was off ‘talking’ to Chelsea, Mandy and Caralyn settled into their seats, with Ms. Rios at the head of the table. Mandy grabbed chicken and spooned out a small portion of vegetables. It seemed, to Caralyn, that Jenni’s sister was a great cook. Of course, she wasn’t the one to cook the meal, as Mandy was hardly familiar with the difference between a pot and a pan. As the pair gathered food on their plates, Mandy tried to start a conversation.

“So, Caralyn, tell me a little about yourself.”

“I’m an accountant,” Caralyn said. “The same firm as Jenni, which is how we met.”

Jenni returned and sat opposite Caralyn. Caralyn looked at her girlfriend, noticing that her lipstick had been smeared a little and reapplied. It wasn’t smeared like that moments ago. What did she and her daughter talk about?

“Really? You two work together? I didn’t realize—”

“I bursa ucuz escort told you,” Jenni said quickly while hoping Caralyn didn’t notice anything out of place, “didn’t I?”

“Maybe,” Mandy chewed. “I don’t know.”

“At a company gathering…” Jenni hoped to jog her sister’s memory, but Mandy didn’t seem to care. Why should she care, knowing she wouldn’t be able to join the fun? “Well, we were talking about Shelly, she works as the secretary to one of the partners. We speculated on how she might’ve gotten the job—”

“And I told Jenni, that’s exactly how Shelly got the job,” Caralyn and Jenni both broke out in laughter.

“Slept with her boss?” Mandy asked passively.

“Not exactly,” Caralyn looked at Jenni as she started to tell the story. “Here’s where the story takes an interesting turn. Shelly invited Mrs. Grant to her house, where her and her daughters…how do I say this?” Jenni bit her lip and looked at Caralyn carefully as she finished the story. “They gave Mrs. Grant an incentive. I think she goes there every weekend, now.”

“Really? The mother and her daughters?” Mandy looked over at Jenni. “Doesn’t that sound hot?”

The three women laughed it off and shared more stories about work. The conversation was just beginning to transition to family, when Chelsea arrived at the sliding glass door. Caralyn dropped her fork. Jenni dropped her jaw. Mandy took great pleasure in watching their reactions.

“Sorry it took so long,” Chelsea said as she sauntered over to the table. “I had this…urge, I had to take care of before dinner.”

“U-urge?” Caralyn stuttered, but otherwise remained speechless.

Jenni’s darling daughter wore a white tanktop, through which her nipples were visible; braless, with breasts as small and cute as the girl herself. Rather than pants, or a pair of shorts, or just about anything decent, Chelsea wore sheer pink panties. The girl’s labia, Caralyn realized, was as clear to see as her breasts. She shaved her snatch completely, it appeared, clean and smooth. Caralyn wouldn’t mind a closer look.

“Chel?” Jenni said in faux shock; despite having picked this outfit for her, Jenni didn’t prepare herself enough for the crazy sexy result. “What are you wearing?”

“Not a towel,” Chelsea giggled. “So, Caralyn, you work with my mother?”

“Not exactly. I work in…another…in accounting. I work in accounting and your mother works in…”

“You seem distracted,” Chelsea took the seat beside Caralyn and turned to give the woman a close-up view. “Why is that?”

“Chelsea Marie Mistle, you better go back and change into something decent, now!”

“Come on, she’s fine,” Mandy said with another glass of wine in her hand. “Unless it bothers Caralyn. What do you think about her choice of apparel?”

“She looks…good,” Caralyn said, much to everyone’s surprise.

“Are you sure you like it?” Chelsea asked. “I could always take it off…I mean, put something else on.”

Jenni studied Caralyn’s face. Her cheeks were glowing red. Caralyn’s chest appeared to rise and fall faster. Chelsea was doing just about everything she could to seduce her mother’s girlfriend, but it worried Jenni she may have gone about it too aggressively. The clothing was perfect, but Chelsea was supposed to be a little more subtle. It was obvious she was borrowing heavily from Mandy’s playbook.

However, if Caralyn wasn’t scared away by her daughter’s obvious advances, that might mean they have a good chance of getting her on board with their fantasy. The mention of Shelly and her daughters was perfect and it set a certain tone for the evening.

Jenni wondered how far they could take this. Caralyn looked at Chelsea with wanton lust the moment she walked through the door. If in fact she wanted to fuck the sexy teen, nothing would scare Caralyn away. Jenni decided it was time to push the envelope a little further.

“Come here, baby,” Jenni said, beckoning her daughter. “I’m sorry for yelling at you.” Chelsea stood up and sauntered around the table. Jenni looked at her girlfriend; whose eyes watched the tight little ass move in those sheer panties. “I apologize Caralyn,” Jenni said, “I just didn’t want any of us to make you feel uncomfortable.”

“Not at all. I find Chelsea’s openness refreshing. Nowadays, whoa…” Caralyn’s words trailed into silence and awe.

Chelsea sat on her mother’s lap and the pair kissed. Not a simple kiss. Not a familial kiss. No, it was like nothing Caralyn had ever witnessed before; except between lovers. Could she be certain what she saw was real? Chelsea’s mouth was open, and her tongue out, until her mother swallowed it. They kissed with a lust she’d never seen between mother and daughter.

“Oh my…”

Their hands, Caralyn’s heart beat faster, their hands were all over each other. Jenni’s hands cupped her daughter’s butt, then slid underneath her panties. Chelsea’s hands…Caralyn couldn’t see one of them anymore. She wasn’t…was she? Caralyn dipped under the table to see. Chelsea’s hand was under her mother’s dress, rubbing her pantie-covered vagina.

“Well, this dinner just got a lot more interesting,” Mandy commented.

“You do look sexy, baby,” Jenni said with a final peck. “Go sit down and eat. Later, you can hang out with us. If that’s okay with—”

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