Molly and Friends Ch. 03

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I vaguely recall waking to be given more pills and another smoothie, though I couldn’t even tell you what the flavor was or even which girl fed it to me. Let that be a nugget of truth to all you women out there: even getting a blow job takes some effort. Though, admittedly, not much. Multiply “not much” by three and you have some effort.

But then, I suppose you could divide that by eight. Well, fuck math for the moment.

Why my eyelids fluttered against brightness again, I heard voices talking over me. One sounded incredibly unhappy, while the other was timid and overtly nervous.

“Miss Roarke, when I offered to come over, I was not expecting to find that his stitches would come loose. I’m a little disappointed, and more than a little curious about how this happened.”

“I told you,” said my daughter to the Doctor, “the bathroom, I…”

“Miss Roarke!” Doctor Andrea’s tone was scathing. “This room practically reeks of sex, and I’m not a complete dolt. Your seven friends may be swimming, now, but I’m fairly certain they haven’t been in the pool all day.”

I had to do something, otherwise I’d end up on the 6 o’clock news… again.

“Doctor… how, um, nice to see you again.” I stressed the word to let her know exactly now ‘nice’ it really was. I opened my eyes fully to see Molly fidgeting, wearing little more than a bikini and a silk Kimono-type-robe she’d received from Janie last Christmas. Doctor Andrea, on the other hand, looked far different than I remembered.

Maybe it was the lack of the immaculate smock. Who knows.

A statuesque woman; I was certain that if I could stand she’d be even a few inches taller than me. Well-built across the shoulders and hips, a nice pair of C-cups strained the navy fabric of her button-up shirt. Her black pencil skirt showed off amazing calves—dancer’s calves, I like to call them—and she wore heels no doctor worth her salt would don for a day’s work. Worse, she didn’t look a day over thirty-five. In a totally, completely, absurdly different situation, I might have made a pass at her.

“Well, Mister Roarke, welcome back to the land of the living. Do you have any comment on the ‘treatment’ your daughter has so far subjected you to?”

I groaned as the meds did their thing, and the pain slowly seeped its way back into oblivion. Of course, that meant the side effects would return shortly. I had to get rid of this doctor, and fast.

“It’s my fault,” I muttered. “With all these girls around, I got… well… and I decided I didn’t have anything else to do, so I…”

Doctor Andrea peeled her glasses off her face and raised an eyebrow. “You what, exactly?”

Fuck, she was really going to make me say it. “I… masturbated. That’s how she found me and, I kind of… jumped… in surprise.”

Look, it’s one thing to admit that you masturbate. I’d be happy to tell any woman that to her face, except probably my mother—god rest her soul. Telling a quickly concocted lie that your daughter had walked in on you while you were jerking off… that’s something totally different. Not to mention, this doctor was a Grade A Bitch.

Andrea peered around the room and sniffed a few times. “A likely story, I suppose. If the room smelled more of man sweat than it did of pussy, I’d even be inclined to believe you.”

Molly choked. Hell, I choked. Did the doctor just say what I think she did?

“Yours isn’t the first case of pain paralysis I’ve seen, Mister Roarke. We have nurses for this kind of thing. Your daughter should have just called me and I would have sent someone over. I can’t have my patients dying just because they feel the need to jerk off.”

My head spun. Did she really just imply the hospital employs quasi-prostitutes? Not that I needed more available tail running around the house, but, of course, my dick betrayed my true thoughts on the subject. It sprung to attention and I… well, I prayed that if there was justice in the world I would have a blanket over me.

Of course, I didn’t. The doctor was mending my stitches, so my cock ended up pointing right at her from about two feet away. And the day had started out so well.

“Oh… oh my… Mister Roarke…”

Doctor Andrea flushed and retreated a step, her work apparently done. Oddly, the presence of my daughter in the room served to calm her down a little. She spotted the pill bottle on the nightstand and turned to Molly. “Young lady, have you been giving him the pills I prescribed?”

My kadıköy escort daughter looked away and shook her head.

Looking closer at the label, Doctor Andrea pursed her lips in obvious disapproval. “Oh, THESE things. Good lord, one might think you actually want your father to be in this condition…” She trailed off, finally putting two and two together. “Oh my,” she said again.

“It’s not what you think,” I said meekly, hopefully heading her mind off before she actually did think it.

“This is… rather unorthodox.” Doctor Andrea apparently had a talent for understatement, herself. “Miss Roarke, am I to understand that you… You…?”

“That I what?” Molly said coyly.

After using the words she had before, I chuffed a laugh that the doctor was now at a complete loss for them.

“You… sucked your father’s dick?” she finally choked out.

“Well, Ginger did it first. Then Liona, then me.” She counted on her fingers as she went. “Then Janie sixty-nined him. Well, I guess Ginger again before that, then Laura, then me again.”

“I don’t remember that last one,” I muttered to myself.

“Hush,” said my daughter as she winked, “you were asleep.”

The doctor’s blinking eyes went wide and she sunk down into the same chair Molly used to get herself off next to me. “Wow,” she breathed. “Well, it’s no wonder your stitches came loose. They were probably weakened by getting in and out of the car, then to be… well, assaulted by some wild teenagers…”

“Oh, come on, Doc,” whispered Molly, taking a step toward her and the chair. She slid her hands over Andrea’s shoulders as she stood next to the doctor. “I saw you staring at it. Why don’t you have a go?”

Doctor Andrea looked like her tail had been caught in a mousetrap. I had nothing to say about this development, for fear that my input would shatter the fragile trance my daughter had this woman in. Besides, even bitches can give good blowjobs. Molly’s mother was proof of that.

“I… I couldn’t…”

“Oh, come on, you said the only reason you could come over was because your boyfriend stood you up. I think you look hot, Doctor Andrea, and it’s pretty obvious my dad agrees. Why don’t you get yourself a little action?”

As she talked, Molly’s hands rubbed little circles on the doctor’s shoulders. I watched her loosen up, turning to putty in the young woman’s hands. When Doctor Andrea licked her lips, I knew the deal had been sealed.

Maybe she wasn’t such a bitch after all.

Doctor Andrea leaned forward, a look of need in her eyes as she met mine. She placed one palm on the bed while the other reached for my erection. Then, at the last second, she hesitated. “I could get in serious trouble for this.”

Molly closed the door and leaned back against it. “Not if we keep it our little secret.”

This seemed to satisfy the once-bitchy doctor. She leaned back to a vertical position and began undoing the buttons on her shirt. She got to three before I saw the black bra underneath, then a second pair of hands snaked their way around her to take over.

“Let me handle this,” said Molly, brushing her naked tits against Andrea’s back. The doctor adopted surprise again, for a moment, then seemed to decide just to go with it. Her head leaned back and my daughter met it, pushing her tongue into Andrea’s mouth as she cupped the doctor’s tits.

Andrea moaned into Molly’s mouth, then buttons went flying as her shirt tore open. Soon I was feeling a little left out as my daughter and my doctor sucked face and groped each other at my bedside. My cock practically hurt, it was so hard, but I couldn’t move enough to do anything about it. So, instead, I cleared my throat.


Andrea had stars in her eyes as Molly pulled away. “You have a patient to serve,” my daughter whispered in her ear. Without another word, the doctor leaned forward and slid her mouth over my dick.

Forget everything I said about blowjobs. Nothing compares to receiving one from a woman who’s forgotten more about your anatomy than you’ll ever learn. Not even prostitutes can compete with that level of skill, and I grinned at the thought of whatever schmuck had lamely passed up a chance at this today.

Molly wasn’t one to be left out, either, however. She peeled the zipper down the back of Andrea’s skirt and slid it over the generously round globes of her ass. The black thong kaynarca escort she wore looked soaked from my vantage, and Andrea was more than happy to lift her knees in turn when my daughter pulled that off, too.

I had never actually seen my daughter eat pussy before, but it was a sight I could get used to. There’s a wholly different method to licking a woman who’s bent over as opposed to one on her back, and Molly dove in without a second’s pause. Andrea’s moans vibrated my cock as her mouth slid up and down, and her body undulated as Molly’s tongue stroked against her labia.

Despite her attention being completely wrapped up in eating this woman’s pussy, Molly reached out and grasped my hand. She threaded her fingers in mine and I smiled at her. Even now, she was thinking only of me.

I never imagined my daughter was even bi-curious, but it was obvious what the girls were really doing during those slumber parties. Molly was a pro. She darted her tongue up and down, settling on Andrea’s clit, and even probed her rosebud. The doctor squealed, lifting her mouth from my cock for a moment to express her desire for Molly to continue what she was doing. Then she leaned a bit forward and took one of my balls in her mouth.

“Lover, why don’t you shift and let my Daddy have a taste, and I’ll come help you.”

When neither of us complained, Andrea did as she was bid but kept up her licking and sucking. I don’t know how I held out for so long, and for the moment it wasn’t an issue. I buried my face between Andrea’s thighs and tasted a mature pussy. Sweat, perfume, musk; a beautiful symphony of silky delight greeted my tongue. Andrea kept herself trimmed but not bare, and the patch of carpet matched the drapes. When I began fucking my tongue in and out of her, she lifted her mouth off my cock to let out a single, long moan.

Molly took over immediately, sucking my shaft all the way into her generous mouth. She’d moved to the foot of the bed, where Liona was the night before. The way her tongue slid against the underside of my cock sent me into space all over again, and soon my head was shaking back and forth as I groaned inside Andrea’s pussy.

“Miss, ohhhh, Miss Roarke… God… Your father is amazing…”

I felt Andrea’s hard nipples drag gently against the skin of my stomach until Molly reached up to up her breasts. My cock slid from her mouth and I heard the two of them kissing. I leaned my head back down to watch, but could only catch a glimpse of their dueling tongues beyond Andrea’s wonderfully hanging tits.

“Mmmm,” moaned Molly. “Why don’t you finish him off?”

How polite of her.

Andrea moaned right back in response. “I need his cock inside me.”

Molly giggled. “I’m fairly certain he wouldn’t object.”

The bed shifted back and forth as Andrea moved, spun, and lowered her pussy toward my waiting cock. She faced me, but kept her hands on the bed rather than putting pressure on my wounds. I appreciated that, though I probably wouldn’t have cared much either way.

I felt Molly’s hand guiding my cock and almost lost it then and there. Of all the sexy sights I imagined to see in my lifetime, my hot daughter feeding my cock into another woman’s pussy would probably place in the top three. Once inside Andrea, I stayed still as best I could to avoid pulling on my stitches. She was fine with that, and continued to lower herself until her pussy had swallowed me to the hilt.

“Oh god…” she moaned. “So good…”

Again, Molly took her place behind Andrea and cupped her tits while they kissed. Andrea rocked her hips up and down, lost in the moment, humming her way through the pleasure while one hand moved behind to find Molly’s pussy. Then it was my daughter’s turn to moan.

“Miss… Miss Roarke…”

“Please, call me Molly.”

“Molly… This is so hot, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Molly smiled, and kissed her gently on the lips. Andrea paused her motion, reveling in the feeling of having my cock all the way inside her. I was reveling a bit, myself. Both women were shiny with sweat and saliva, and everything seemed complete. Andrea, it seemed, disagreed.

“Would you… Molly, can I… Watch your father eat your pussy while I fuck him?”

The question shocked us both, but I had learned to roll with whatever this weekend threw at me. Molly, more than enthused by the request, tittered, “Absolutely!”

For kartal escort the third time that day, an eager and wet pussy was lowered to my mouth. Despite the occasional musings to the contrary, the truth is that no man could ever get sick of this. I welcomed my daughter’s taste, savored it, and only when she began moaning did I feel Andrea’s hips begin to move again.

“Oh, that is soooo sexy,” the doctor groaned, sliding her pussy up and down on me. “Suck on my tits you sweet little girl, that’s right…”

Can I just say I love it when a woman talks dirty during sex? I didn’t see it happen, but the image in my mind was enough to put me over the edge. My hips thrust up, ramming Andrea’s pussy while she screamed again and again. My daughter joined the party, coating my lips and chin in her sweet juices and squealing with delight. Her moans were muffled by the nipple in her mouth, but they were just as loud as Andrea’s.

The doctor slid herself off me and laid on her side next to me. Molly simply leaned all the way forward and took my softening cock into her mouth, sucking up the mess of juices on it. My god, the sensation of entering that mouth so soon after cumming in Andrea’s pussy, it’s indescribable. I was pretty sure my cock spasmed out a few extra jolts of juice for Molly’s benefit, and I kept up the licking until I heard my daughter scream again.

Still, she wasn’t finished. Molly lifted herself off of me and settled between Andrea’s legs, cleaning up my cum that had leaked out onto her leg and into the crack of her ass. Soon both of the doctor’s hands were pushing my daughter’s head into her crotch and her hips were bucking against Molly’s face.

“Ohhhhhgodohgodohgodohgod… cumming!!!”

When Molly’s face came away from Andrea’s pussy it was soaked with juices. She crawled up on the other side of me, her thin form fitting just fine into the bed’s only unoccupied space, and kissed me full on the lips. Now, if it had been another man’s cum, that would be one thing, but tasting the mixture of my daughter, my doctor, and myself, not to mention on my daughter’s lips; that was just a turn-on.

I was still orbiting Planet Earth, and kissing Molly, when I felt the weight shift on the other side of the bed. When we finally broke apart, Andrea was leaned over, digging around the bedside for her panties. The sight of her pussy and ass made me wish I could reach out for it, but all I could do was make a pouty whining noise. My cock wouldn’t even back me up on this one, so Molly and I just enjoyed the view.

Before long, Andrea was dressed and working to fix her hair in the guest room’s tiny mirror. Molly slid up behind her and began to nibble her neck. I could tell she enjoyed it, but Andrea did her best to push the girl away.

“You two… damn, I’m sorry but I’ve got to go.”

“No worries,” said Molly in between nibbles. “You will come back, though, won’t you?”

Andrea half-turned her head to glance at my cock. “As soon as I can,” she purred.

“Good.” Molly grinned. “I definitely think my friends would like to meet you next time, instead of just watch.”

My eyes went wide and I looked toward the window to the back yard, where the pool sat. Seven heads disappeared as soon as I looked over, and I heard giggling through the window.

“Sounds like fun,” said the doctor. “I can be back later tonight.”

The kissed, a bit longer than one would expect for a short goodbye. Andrea’s hands roamed over Molly’s still-naked breasts, but she forced herself to stop and said she’d never leave at this rate. My daughter said that was okay with her, but walked my doctor to the door.

As the other seven girls bounded in from the back yard, I heard the front door open and close.

“No fair, Daddy,” said Ginger with one of her trademark grins. “We hadn’t even decided which one of us would fuck you first.”

All of the girls looked crestfallen, and Liona poked at my cock with a curious finger. “It will come back, won’t it?” she asked.

I sighed. “Don’t you girls ever eat food?”

Molly and the girls ordered pizza, which I thought was the cruelest possible torture imaginable since the smell was enough to give me a food boner. I had yet another smoothie, since apparently the only thing my still-healing jaw could handle eating was pussy. After dinner, the girls settled in for more LOST while Molly told them about Doctor Andrea.

As she relayed the story of our impromptu threesome, and of exactly how dirty the doctor was, I could see Ginger and a few of the others reaching down to cup their mounds while they listened. All I could think of was, “She’ll be back.”

I still didn’t know whether I’d survive these injuries, but, if there’s a better way to die, I challenge you to find it.

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