Mom Eyes The Kids Chapter Eight

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Holly was going crazy as she watched her mother drinking from her brother’s cock and listened to the soft sounds of spunk swallowing.

It thrilled her to know that Jimmy was hosing into Mom’s mouth and to see the spillage flow from her lips as graphic evidence of the creamy conclusion.

She was desperate to join them, yearning for a family frolic, an incestuous threesome – as eager to suck her mother’s cunt as she was to suck her sibling’s prick.

Yet she couldn’t be sure how they would react if she were to just walk in on them.

After all, what they had done was awfully naughty and it seemed quite likely that they would be embarrassed, ashamed, mortified, even horrified to realize that their sins had not been secret.

She considered that she could blackmail them, threatening to tell Daddy what she had seen, unless they gave her what she wanted. But she hated to do that. Holly didn’t want them to fuck and suck with her through bribery – she wanted it to be because they wanted her.

She figured that it might be easier to seduce them one at a time – to begin with – and so she lingered there at the door to see if they were going to separate now.

And she was still enjoying the show, as well, that saucy little spy.

Diana kept Jimmy’s cock in her mouth for a while, after he was finished foaming off. She nursed and suckled softly and lovingly on the spent cock.

His prick was softening slightly now, following his second enormous cumming, but it was still fat and firm and delicious and she even enjoyed feeling it slacken – knowing that was because she had satisfied him so completely.

Jimmy was trembling and panting as he knelt there, hooked into his mother’s mouth. Then he slowly toppled over backward along the bed, his arms and legs spread-eagled, as if he were crucified by his cumming.

As the boy dropped over, his mother moved with him, her blonde head still stuck on his prick as though she was being levered along with it as he shifted positions.

She knelt over his loins and bobbed straight up and down on his still-standing cock a few times. Then she pulled it from her lips and began to use her tongue to gather up all the stray goo that had escaped her mouth.

She licked up and down his cockshaft as if it were a meaty bone, then lapped his balls. She slid back up and pounced on his cockhead again, polishing it to a gleam, absorbing the musky, gamy residue.

And as Erzincan Escort Diana mopped up after the first meal, she was having an effect on her son’s prick.

Sucking up the savory after her snack, she was causing his sex tackle to begin to lay the table for yet another feast.

His cock started swelling and stiffening, and as she stared down his prick, she saw that his potent cumbags were beginning to fill up already.

Diana had loved swallowing her son’s slime so much that she was sorely tempted to carry on and milk his cock off again, without any delay.

But she had worked out a plan and she still wanted to follow it dutifully, to pursue the passionate pattern that she had designed for the day.

Diana loved pussy almost as much as prick.

And her daughter was being neglected.

She sucked and licked for a few more moments, long enough to make her mouth horny again, but not so long that Jimmy became desperate to juice off once more.

Then she drew away from him, smiling, cum dribbling down her chin and smeared along her cheeks so that her smiling face looked as if it had been frosted.

Jimmy eyed her expectantly.

She had sucked him off – was he now destined to become a motherfucker?

Well, yes, of course.

But not quite yet.

“Darling, I want to have lots more fun with you this morning,” Diana purred, making him grin with enthusiasm.

“Can I – can I fuck your cunt, Mom?” Jimmy whimpered, sounding almost bashful.

“Yes, Jimmy. You can fuck Mommy. But why don’t you just rest for a while first.”

Jimmy jolted his prick sinew, making it lurch and throb, demonstrating that he certainly didn’t require any period of recovery before they coupled.

He thought that she would be pleased – and wondered why she looked sort of evasive.

Diana was looking for an excuse.

She wasn’t ready to reveal the fact that she wanted to seduce his sister, too, not being sure how the red-blooded lad would react to such distaff desire.

She didn’t want her son to think she was a lesbian or a deviate or a pervert – which was a different matter from simply being a mom who sucked off her son.

The innocent and naive boy might well think it sordid if he knew she wanted to suck his sister, too.

“My prick is big and hard, Mom. We can do it right now!” Jimmy said, emphasizing his words by making his cock pulse and throb vibrantly once Erzincan Escort Bayan again.

“I know, darling. Soon. But first…” she paused, then had a good idea “…first, I want to just slip down the hall and make sure that your sister is still, sleeping. We wouldn’t want her to hear us and get suspicious, huh? We’re going to be sucking and fucking an awful lot, from now on – but we’ll have to be very careful not to get caught.”

Jimmy nodded in agreement.

He supposed, quite naturally, that his sister would be scandalized, if she knew.

And his dad would beat the shit out of him. And what a fucking scandal if a son was cited as correspondent in a divorce court!

“You wait right here, darling. Don’t you dare move. And don’t you dare jerk off, either,” she warned him. “I’ll just check on Holly and be back soon.”

“Okay,” he complied.

With his balls already emptied twice, he would be able to wait – for a while.

Diana pondered for a moment.

“If I’m not back in a few minutes, don’t worry, darling. Holly might be awake and I’ll have to have a little chat with her to make sure she doesn’t suspect.”

She was excusing the delay that she hoped was going to take place, but Jimmy had no reason to know that she had an ulterior motive and her words made sense to him. It was only logical that they maintain secrecy.

If she had been going to his brother’s room if he had a brother – Jimmy might have been jealous and suspicious. But he only had a sister.

And he couldn’t be jealous of her and Mom – foolish young man that he was.

Holly very quietly closed the door, then got up from her knees and darted down the hall and into her bedroom. Being a female, herself, the girl had more sensitive instincts than her brother and she sensed – and hoped – that her mother might have more in mind than a mere bed check. After all, Holly loved to fool around with girls, herself, and maybe – hopefully – it was an inclination that she had come by honestly, inherited from her mom.

She wandered, fancifully, if there was such a thing as a cunt lapper chromosome, a dominant pussy gobbler gene running in the family bloodstream?

Leaving her bedroom door slightly ajar, Holly flopped down on the bed, face up, arranging herself as provocatively as she could.

She raised her knees and parted her slim thighs and thrust her plump tits up, looking as enticing as she knew how. Escort Erzincan She tweaked her nipples to make sure they were stiff and swollen but found they could not became more so, being explosive front her session at the door.

Then she gave her cunt a few strokes, but that, too, was unnecessary. Her cunt slot was gaping open as wide as it would spread and her whole groin was lathered with juice and her clit was standing out taut and tingly.

Holly calculated that if she baked tempting enough, it would bring out whatever deviant desires her mother might have, even if they had been dormant before.

And if her mother didn’t start to seduce Holly, then Holly was damned well going to seduce her mother.

It was time to come out of the cunt lapper closet.

But she needn’t have, worried.

Her mother was as avid a cunt lapper as there was, and she was longing to lunch in her little girl’s pussy.

Diana rose up onto her knees, gazing down fondly at her son’s rampant prick. She figured it would be a good idea to give the youth a hint of what he had in store – to keep him chained to his bed with anticipation.

Throwing one knee across his hips, she squatted atop his towering prick. Holding it by the hilt, she rubbed his cockhead around in her cunt, using it like a ladle. His knob throbbed and her cuntjuice ran down his stalk.

Jimmy panted, thinking that she had changed her mind and that he was, at any instant, about to become a motherfucker! He humped up from the bed urgently.

But she rose up on rippling thighs, allowing only the tip of his prick into her fuck slot. Her sex socket pulled on the flaring meat tantalizingly.

Then she moved away.

“Wait right here, Jimmy – don’t you budge an inch!” she cautioned him.

And then she left the room, leaving her son hammered to the bed on his hard-on, impaled on his prick and waiting impatiently for her to return and show him the paradise of her pussy.

And Diana was thinking as fondly of pussy as her son was, as she moved down the hallway.

Her negligee was thrown open, her voluptuous body coated with cum from mouth to cunt.

But how would Holly respond? Seducing her daughter was a lot trickier than seducing her son, Diana figured. After all, no horny young boy would be able to turn down a blowjob from his sexy mother, but with Holly it was going to be lesbian love and Diana had no idea what the girl might think of that.

Suppose Holly was disgusted?

Well, it would be embarrassing – but that was the chance that a cunt-hungry mother had to take.

Then she looked into Holly’s room. And had no further doubts at all.

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