Mom Gift Daughter to Dad

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How is someone’s life? When one of their parent is not being around for most of their life. I know it’s a terrible feeling, and I feel it every single day of my life. My dad is a recently retired soldier and had been posted in Afghanistan for last 17 years. He is someone for whom his duties, responsibilities and his Country always came first. He left for his duty when I was just 2 months old. I grew up without my dad being around me as he rarely visits us. However, my mom tried her best to provide me with everything.

I had all the things I wanted in my life, except my dad’s love and care. He would visit us only once a year and that also for only 4 days. In my childhood, I was very upset with him for not staying with us. I started hating him for that reason. But with time, I grew up, and so did my maturity, and I started understanding things from a better perspective. My dad’s situation started making more sense to me, and I realized what I had been doing with my father.

Three months’ back, it was finally my 18th birthday. I was happy and was very much excited about my birthday. I don’t have any friends, so I cannot celebrate by birthday with anyone except my parents. My dad promised me that he will be coming for my birthday, but he didn’t. I really became sad and was really hurt by him. He has always done that, first he would make promises, and then he breaks it. I had to spend my birthday all alone with my mom. She also lost the excitement for my birthday, and it was the worst day of my life.

Last month, my dad told us that he has completed his tenure, and is coming back to live with us forever. The news made both me and mom happy and joyful. All my anger for him melt just like an ice in sunlight. My mom started decorating our home for his return. My dad is 38 years’ old now, but being an army personnel, he was fit and muscular. He had a long face with an edge cutting jaw. He seemed much like a Hollywood star. I was really excited that finally I would be able to get my dad’s love and affection.

Finally, the day of his arrival came. My mom and I went to the airport to receive him. He was waiting for us in the airport’s cafeteria. That day my mom and I were also looking like some hot Hollywood chicks. We wore the best dresses from our wardrobe. I entered the cafeteria while mom was parking her car, and saw my dad standing there. I went from behind and gave him a tight hug. He turned towards me and lifted me with his strong arms, and hugged me. He kissed on my cheeks and said,

“How are you my little princess?” releasing me from his arms.

I looked him in the eyes and said, “I’m not at all good. I missed you so much.”

He replied, “I missed you too, dear”

After sometimes my mom arrived in the Café and rushed towards him. They hugged for a long time and both started crying in each other’s arm. We left for our home, my mom and I were very excited to show dad the decoration we had done for his return. I knew that he would like it, as he and I had same liking.

Soon, we reached home. My mom told me to stay in the car with him, and enter the house only when she told us to do. I put a blindfold on him and then took him inside. He opened his blindfold, and saw a gorgeously decorated house. My mom had made a special Chocolate delight cake for him. We sat together and ate the cake, listening to his war stories. He was really brave, and would always be in front field during a hazard. We listened to his awesome experience, and then he and mom went to their room to spend some good time.

My mom is not the prettiest woman in the world, but she had a quite good figure. My dad and mom are together for last 22 years, and I never saw them having a fight with each other. I cannot say if it is their love, or it’s because they hardly spent much time together. Whatever the reason it maybe, I was very happy for them. I went to my room, and started making paintings, It’s one of my favorite pastime.

Suddenly, I heard some noises coming from their room. It’s seemed like they were having a heated argument over something. I went near their room and tried to hear the conversation more clearly. It was something related to him and mom’s sexual life. I thought it was not a good idea to hear their talks, so I went back to my room and put my headphones on. I was really tensed about what had happened between them.

Likewise, I came out of my room in the evening. It was nearly dinner time. I was starving, so I directly sat on the dinner table. I heard the sound of vessels clanking from the kitchen. It meant that the food was ready. Soon, mom came out of the kitchen with serving bowls. She kept the serving bowls on the table and started serving our plates.

I asked her, “Where is dad, mom?”

She said in a sad voice, “He has gone out for dinner with his friends, and will come home late.”

I felt anger and shouted, “Can’t he spend some time with his family? He could have met his friends tomorrow.”

Mom broke down, and tears started falling down her eyes. She Düzce Escort whimpered, “No Ashley, it’s not his fault. I made him angry this afternoon.”

I asked in a confused but strong voice, “What happened in the afternoon mom? Actually, I heard some noises from your room.”

She controlled her tears, and said, “It’s a personal matter dear, and I don’t want to drag you in our personal problems.”

I went to her, and while moving my fingers through her hairs I said, “Come on mom, I am eighteen now, and can help you.”

She softly said, “That’s very nice of you, but I think me and your dad can manage this by ourselves. I love your dad, and he also loves me, so you don’t get worried about all this.”

Saying this she took her plate and went to the kitchen. I somehow finished my dinner, and went to help her with washing utensils.

I was feeling terrible about her. She was so excited for dad’s return, and now he was treating her like shit. I knew that he won’t be coming to home that day. I asked mom if I can sleep with her in her room. She said yes, and I joined her in the bed. She hugged me tight, and cried in my arms. I held her close to me, and helped her sleep. I just wanted her to be happy again, and I was ready to do whatever was needed for it.

The next day when sun was shining bright in the sky. I had already woke up and was making breakfast for all of us. Mom was not feeling well, so I told her to get some extra sleep. I also had made up my mind to ask dad why was he treating mom like this. It was both anger and my concern for Mom. I heard the main door unlock, and it was him. Dad came straight to the kitchen and asked me about mom.

I said, “Mom is not feeling quite well, so I am preparing breakfast for us.”

He asked in a tensed tone, “What happened to her? Is she all right?”

I replied sarcastically, “Oh dad, so you don’t know what has happened.” He seemed confused, so I went straight to the point, and said, “Haven’t you been treating mom roughly?”

His eyes became wet, and he replied in a shaking tone, “I didn’t mean to treat her like that. Oh God, what have I done to my loving wife.”

After finishing his words, he rushed towards his room. I followed him to his room. He sat down on his knees in front of mom and started crying out. Mom quickly came out of her bed and hugged him. He kissed mom’s face for a thousand time, and promised that he will never do it again. My mom quickly forgave him, and they both spent some time in each other’s arm.

I went down to kitchen, and prepared the food. Soon, both of them came down. Mom was now looking happy, and that smile had found his place on mom’s face again. We ate breakfast and laughed and talked. Some days went like this happy and prosperous. However, they started having small issues between them. I tried to figured it out, but who in this world can give a solution without knowing the problem. It had now become very important for me to identify the difficulty and eradicate it.

On one morning, when I returned from the gym. I heard the noises again. It was again them. Suddenly, dad came walking down the stairs. He had anger on his face. He took his car keys and went out. I ran towards their room. Mom was again crying and sobbing. I approached her with open arms and, she submitted herself in my arms. I tried to make her stop crying, and as soon as she became okay.

I asked her, “What is it, mom? What’s the reason you and dad keep on having fights?”

She took some time, but finally grumbled, “It’s your dad, Ashley. I can no longer keep him happy with things.”

I asked, “Exactly, What things, mom? Why can’t you keep him happy?”

She confessed, “It’s about our sexual life. Nowadays, I am no longer interested in having sex. He thinks that the reason I don’t want to have sex with him, is because I don’t love him anymore.” She wiped her eyes, and said, “But only I know how much I love him.”

I responded in a low voice, “I understand mom, it’s not your fault, and it’s neither dad’s fault. It’s completely okay if lose your sex drive, and it proves nothing about your love towards him.”

She gained some confidence from my words, and further said, “You are right, but who will explain it to your dad. I don’t know what to do. I think things are not going to work anymore.” She stood up furiously, and went to her bathroom.

I couldn’t believe what she said. Was she thinking of divorcing dad? I personally would have never let that happen, so I called my grandma(my mom’s mother), and told her about all this. She said that she had seemed this type of situation before. It was about one of her old friend. She had also lost interest in sex, and could not keep his husband sexually pleased. I asked grandma to ask her friend for help. She proclaimed that she knew the solution. She further added that the whole problem lies on a single matter, and that’s sex. If by any means he gets his sexual tension released, he would no longer behave like that. I couldn’t understand Düzce Escort Bayan what she meant to say, but before I could ask. She bombarded me with a word and that word was ‘prostitute’. I said her that I will discuss it with mom. After hanging up the call; I ran towards mom’s room.

I said in an excited voice, “Mom I just talked with grandma, and she has a solution for your problem.”

She quoted, “You have a solution for my problem. Tell me fast what’s the solution?”

I recommend, “Mom why can’t we just let dad have sex with a prostitute to fulfill his sexual needs.”

She groaned at me, “Have you lost your mind? How can I let my husband sleep with another woman, whom I don’t even know.”

I mumbled, “But mom, that’s the only way out of it. You have to let him have sex with another woman.”

She calmed her voice, and asked, “What will people say about it? I can’t let people degrade my husband for something like that”

I asked her in calming tone, “Why don’t you think about it, mom?” I walked towards the door and said, “You can take as much time as you want, but you have to find a way out of it.”

After sometime, I received a text from my dad. The text read, [Hey Ashley, it’s dad. I just want to inform you that I won’t be coming home tonight. I’m spending my night at Paul’s place. Goodnight]. I told mom about it, and she started preparing dinner for herself and me. I could easily sense that feeling on her face. It’s the same feeling, I sense when she’s thinking about an important stuff. I was confirmed that she will definitely have an end to this problem.

We sat on the dinner table, and started eating our food. I sensed that mom was trying to initiate a conversation, so I asked her myself, “Do you want to say something, mom?”

She gulped her food, and spoke, “I thought about what you said, and I agree with you.”

I felt relieved, and said, “Finally, we have found a solution. I’m glad that you considered grandma’s idea and have accepted it…”

She interrupted, “Honey, there’s a small issue here. I cannot let your dad go and have sex with a prostitute in a brothel, as sooner or later everybody will know about it.”

I put my spoon down, and leaned towards her, and whispered, “So what’s your plan? Should we call a prostitute secretly to our home?”

She replied, “No, that will be more dangerous. Calling a prostitute to our doorstep to can let our neighbors know about it and they will humiliate us.”

I was fed up by her same answers, and reluctantly asked, “Please mom, now stop mentioning ‘what people will say’ and come to the point.”

She looked like she lost her words. She murmured, “It has to be someone who cares for him as much as I do. It can’t be someone other than you or me.”

My heart stopped beating, it was like I was dead. I couldn’t believe what my ears heard. Did she really mean it or is it some kind of prank? But I don’t think it was a prank considering the situation. I somehow forced my mouth and asked her, “Mom, What did you just say?”

She held my hand in hers, and looked me in the eyes she said, “Ashley, I don’t want your dad to lay with some cheap whore. Besides your dad wouldn’t agree to lose his respect as a soldier, by doing something like that”

I mumbled, “He is my father, how can I:?” my voice faded slowly.

She said in a comforting tone, “Why can’t you? You are a beautifully grown woman, and besides you love him, you care for him, and you care for me, right?. You just have to present your love and care differently, that’s all.”

I was stunned and could hardly react to any of her words, but she kept trying to convince me. I said to her, “I need some time to think about it.”

She replied, “I understand you need some time, but just keep in mind that in your decision, lies all our happiness.”

By saying such things, she had put me in a do-or-die situation. I told her, “Don’t worry mom, I will decide considering what’s best for all of us.”

I went to my room, and thought about it. The first question that came to my mind was, would it be right to do so? And the answer was’ yes as my mom was the one who suggested it. It was the first time that I visualized his muscular body in a sexual way. I always had an attraction for muscular guys, but I couldn’t even manage to get a skinny one. I was very shy in my high school and always wore loose baggy clothes to hide my figure.

Furthermore, I went to the makeup table, and stood in front of the mirror. I looked in the mirror and questioned myself, “If I say yes, will I be good enough for him?”

I had never checked myself before. I looked in the mirror with my light blue eyes shinning like a cluster of stars. My dad loves my silky long hairs, and always complimented it. I have a huge round pair of tits. My tits are white as milk, with my pink nipples situated exactly in the center. I have a waist of 28, which made my tummy look flat as a plateau.

I never had to work much on my ass. It was Escort Düzce naturally big and round. Every woman in my gym had a goal to get a tight, bubble shaped ass like mine. I am 5’8 tall, which makes me look even sexier. I never had sex in my life, it was to be my first time. Not only that, but I imagined a scene with my dad kissing and fucking me. My hand reached for my cunt, only to find that it was wet. The moment I saw myself getting wet just by the thought of having sex with him, I decided that I wanted to do it.

I ran downstairs and told mom that I am ready. She looked happy and gave me long kiss on my cheeks. She gave me hug, and asked if I wanted to sleep with her tonight again as dad was at Paul uncle’s house. I said yes and went with her. Before sleeping, she told me that she has a plan to surprise him, and we will present him with a beautiful gift, and that gift would be me. I found it a good plan, and readily agreed to her plan.

“I being a gift to him. How exciting it is?” I whispered in my mind.

The next morning, dad didn’t show up. I called to ask him, and he said that he will return in the afternoon. My mom became sad. I asked her what’s there to be sad? He is coming in the afternoon. My mom replied that it was their wedding anniversary that day. I really forgot about it and asked her apologizes. I suggested her that why don’t we have a small celebration at home with just three of us? Also, we can give dad his young and beautiful gift. My mom saw me blushing, and slapped my ass, and said, “You are a really naughty girl.”

In the afternoon, dad came home, and directly went to his bed. My mom and I took this opportunity and started decorating the house. We filled our living room with red balloons. Mom made a special cake, as it was their 20th anniversary. Mom was really excited to celebrate her anniversary, but on the other hand I was excited about fucking my dad. Soon the hours passed, and it was 7 in the evening. My mom went with a cup of coffee to wake up dad. I went to my room, and picked one of his favorite colored dress and started getting ready for becoming the best gift ever.

I was finally all dressed up. My dark blue dress was a little tight showing my hard nipples and big ass. It also highlighted my curves. I also made sure that my deep cleavage was visible. I intentionally didn’t wear a bra that day, so that he can enjoy the views of my milky tits. Furthermore, I had put his favorite perfume, which he used to get for mom. I was all set for the night. I went to mom and asked her about my appearance. She was fascinated by my looks and said that my dad will be very lucky to have such a nice looking lady.

We had already completed all the preparation, and were waiting for him to come out of his room. He walked out of his room, and we shouted loudly, “Happy wedding anniversary.”

He was really surprised by it. Mom closed his eyes with her hands, and then we took him to the living area, where all the decorations were made. He slowly opened his eyes and a beautiful big smile came on his face. He hugged me and mom, and said, “Oh dear, I had completely forgotten about it.”

He complimented both my mom and me for our looks, but I noticed that his eyes were fixed on me. Mom went to the kitchen to bring the cake. He and I were all alone. He was glancing at my body, and I saw desire in his eyes, a desire for me. After seeing the desire in his eyes, I just wanted to present myself to him as soon as possible. Mom brought the cake, and we celebrated their anniversary by cutting the cake. I had already ordered some favorite dishes of mom and dad. We sat for the dinner. At the table also, he was checking me out, and I also caught him looking at my deep cleavage multiple times. Mom was looking very happy, and dad was also seemed enjoying it. I was elated to see both of them happy.

As we were about to finish our dinner, mom said to dad, “Ashley and I have another sweet surprise for you.”

He asked in an excited tone, “What, yet another surprise is remaining?”

I simpered, “I’m sure you will love your gift, and would enjoy it.”

Mom added, “Yeah, I also think that the gift, we are giving you, will make you very happy and satisfied.”

He could not take it any longer, and asked, “Where is the gift, just give it to me!”

I stood from my chair, and said, “Don’t be so impatient, dad. Let’s click some Pictures of us as a beautiful memory.”

Mom agreed, “That’s a good idea, Ashley. Let’s capture some sweet memories.”

We all went to the living room. I brought my camera and positioned it. Mom and dad sat on the sofa, and there was no place for a third person on it. I decided to stand behind the sofa, but it was blocking our decoration. Mom suggested me to sit on dad’s lap. He looked at mom for a second, and mom asked him to sit properly, so I can sit on his lap. I went towards him, and sat on his lap. My silky hairs were all over his face. I tried to position myself in his lap, and while doing, so I by mistakenly rubbed by ass against his cock. I was able to see that pleasuring look on his face. He kept his left hand on my waist. I felt his strong hand on my waist. A Shockwave of seduction passed through my body. We clicked some nice pictures, and then mom was about to reveal his gift.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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