Mom humper

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Since I have been getting low reviews ealier, I changed the subject for sometime to just change my taste.

Well , here it goes:
Story of Martha and her two children.

“Wake up Matt , don’t you have to go to school? See Bill is already awake.” She shouted.
“Getting up mom”, I yawned and replied. I am Matt 16 and study in school. I am a simple guy. I have been a little broken over a bad relationship last during summer and kinda avoided girls. My mom was still such a beauty that I only imagined her even when I was with my girlfriend. After my girlfriend ditched me , I was just broke. I sometimes used to peep into mom’s room but never got to see anything. At times I felt wrong but well , its all about pleasure. I always wanted to have sex with her. I always thought ways to fuck her. But I stood no chance. We were from clean family.

“Mom I hate school. Can I bunk it today?” I pleaded.

“NO mister. Just imagine if daddy decides to bunk his office, what are we gonna eat?” she explained.

I brushed and got fresh. I had my breakfast and left fo school. Bad day it was as I slipped near bus stop and fell. It took me a little time to recover and I missed the bus. I decided to walk on foot.

I reached school late that day. We had a German teacher who whipped out anyone who was offtime.
I usually spent such times watching movies but I decided to head home as I was feeling weird.

I took the next bus and went straight to home.

“Mom I am back…” I shouted and barged into the house.. It seemed no one was at home. But it was unusual as Mom tend to reamin at home. Suddenly I heard a sound. It was coming from Mom’s bedroom and I felt the flower vase in her room fell.

I ran upstairs thinking that theif is in our home and kicked open the door.
I was astonished to see my Mom with another guy. She was totally naked. Her 37” breasts were bouncing and the guy’s dick was in her mouth. Her pussy was still shaved and great. I almost started to imagine myself in place of that guy. I thought this is my time.

“How the hell did you get in you…..” and she got silent. The guy slowly put on his clothes and went away.

She did not speak a word. I went out of the room. She dressed soon and came to the dining room where we two gathered. We were silent for long. She was crying badly. I was thinking long what to say. I already made up my mind to take advantage of this situation. I did not want to lose this chance. I would have used each and every cheap and dirty tactic to get inside her.
I broke silence and started pretending that I was very angry.

“Mom , what was this? You were cheating daddy ?” I demanded as explaination from her.
“No Matt listen” she said.
“Shut up mom. You cheated dad. You are just like other girls. I thought you to be a good woman. Atleast after marriage , you should have been” I was raged.

“See Matt , its not like that. Its just that I loved this guy …” she started to explain and I stopped her.

“So Mom it seems that its not bad when girls hump other men but its bad if some gaziantep swinger else gets to know it” I said.

“No Matt…” She again started to speak but I again stopped her.

“Mom I do not want an explanation. I would tell daddy everything” I threatened her.

“No Matt , he would leave me forever and ..” she pleaded.

“So then what if you could serve me like that guy……” I winked at her.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat … Are you mad , are you out of your mind. You want to get it from your mom. You dirty” she spoke thinking I would bow down.

“Well I can tell dad then” I showed my firmness.
“this is very wrong Matt , very very wrong.” she screamed this time.
“And what you did was so good mom , isn’t it?” I asked.

She thought for long. I allowed her to think. I knew she had no chance.
“Fine I bow down to your demands. But I have few requests.” she said.
“What?” I asked.

“You would not put your dick in my pussy nor in my arse.” She said.
“well we would see that but I won’t promise.” I winked at her.

“Fine lets meet at night after eveyone is asleep.” I said.
“Okay” she responded.

She was about to go when I said “Mom since you are already my … so can I like get something right now”

“Matt ,see , please do not cripple my normal life, okay ? I am doing this just to save my marriage life. I hate you and your intentions. I do not what would you teach to your kids” she kinda attacked on me.

“I would teach the same thing which you learnt from your mother “ I winked at her.

She came in tears. “Matt do not take me wrong .. I am guilty of what I was doing and..” I stopped her.

“See you better do not make any excuses and let me play with your tits. Dad would be home in sometime” I said.

She was silent. I knew she won’t do anything. I simply went and opened her top. She was wearing a red sexy top for that guy and I enjoyed opening it.

She wore no bras. And there it was , my mom’s tits , all naked and open. I was so astonished to see them. They were hell beautiful. Much more than I could have imagined. Her nipples were dark.

I touched them and she took off her face. I squeezed them and kept on doing. Oh god, I was getting hard in my pants. I put on my mouth to one of it and started tasting it. It was LEGENDARY.

I kept on sucking it for another 20 mins. Then I switched. I never knew it is so wonderful.I was too hard in my pants. I stopped sucking them.

“Mom you have the best tits , I bet dad and that guy anjoyed it a lot” I winked.

“You shameless asshole, go from here so that I can dress up.” she opened the door so that I can ge away but I was not over yet.

“Mom , since I have already seen you and you are now my slave … so you can change in front of me itself and I want to masturbate watching that” I said.

She again came in tears. She quietly started changing. She had wore no undies etc. Only a top and loose bottom. I saw all of her. I opened my zipped pants and started to masturbate.

“Mom , just wait , please bend over so that I can see you fully. I am not over yet” and she followed as she had no other choice.

I masturbated and put all my cum on her hole.

“You pig , I asked you not to cum on me else I can get pregnant” she glared.
“Shut up you slave” I responded coldly.’

She did not dare to say a word. She wore her clothes and left.

Whole day I was in my room thinking what can I do with her tonight and she kept on doing house chores.
Soon it was evening , dad and Bill came home. It was all usual then. I wondered sinc ehow long my mom had been with that guy as she was not worried about days’ events and acted normal. She just avoided my eye contact.

It was dinner.

“Dad , my girlfriend humped with another guy?, Is she a nice girl then ?” I asked.
“No .. certainly not. I hate those girls. See your mother , she has never ditched me” dad said.
Mom kept on eating and did not dare to look up. She knew what it was all about.

Soon it was all over.

We went to bed and I texted her to come to my room by 11pm.

I heard a door knock. I said come in.

“Well slave , how was your day” I asked sarcasticaly
“Well if you have asshole kids , your day is never good” she responded slyly.
“hmm .. I wonder how granny spent her nights” I again punched her feeling.
“DO not say any thing about her , she was a great mom and your granny” She said.
“Yeah just like you” I smiled.

“Lets stop talking at get to work. I am bored due to this dull day and hence want some pleasure. I hope you have no problem” I was putting on my pants.

She was silent.

“Okay lets go to warmcity pub. It is 50 mins from here.” I said.
“You dad would wake up.” she said to save herself.

“No he won’t. I have already told him that I started to go night walks with you … and he agreed.” I said.

“Fine what is so special in there?” she said when she found that there were no ways to stop this.

“Well it is a couple-only bar. But at night the girls can go nude” I said.

“So not only yourself, but you want whole world to see your mom naked?” she was about to cry.

“Hmm may be .. fine enough of questions , lets go” I demanded.
She drove the car and we reached there.

I bought 2 tickets for 3 hours. We went in and most of the girls were already nude with their friends and boy friends humping them.

“Mom get nude and put your clothes in this bag” I said at luggage counter.

She cried and begged me not to do this. “ Please Matt , pleasse , do not humiliate me in such a way. I am your mother afterall.”
“mom girls deserve this. My gf cheated me. You cheated father , whats the difference ?” I asked.

She got nude and we went in. I took her to dance floor and we together dance dfor an hour or so. In between I kept on sucking her nipples and tickling her pussy.

“Mom , pole dance please” I said. Since she had no choice , I got to see nude pole dance of her. Everyone got to see it. For next 20 mins she was shwostopper and people threw a lot of money on her.

She moved her tits , ass in sucha way that everybody was amazed. Many started to masturbate there itself. When the situation got grim , I took her away. People took her to be prostitute :).

We headed straight back to home. She was crying all the way. She kept abusing me and dad too for giving birth to me.

We go into our room.

I grabbed her and took her down to her knees.
“enough of crying you slut.” and I pushed my dick into her mouth.
I kept on moving it back and forth. She also put on efforts. During end moments , I took out my dick and put it over her tits and blowed all my cum over her. It got onto her face and hairs as well.

“What the hell do you want ? I am tired.” she pleaded.
“See you have not made me happy enough today. You have to suffer a punishment.” I demanded her.
“what , you made me nude , you cum on me , you make a prostitute a bar and now you say you did not have enough fun.” she was surprised.

“You have 2 options, either my dick in your pussy or dick in your arse” I said calmly.

“DO whatever you want to , I give up” she said.

“Fine lets go the double way then” I said. “No.. ‘ she was anout to say something and I did not care.

I was too horny and made her to bein doggy pose.
I started fingering her pussy first. It got wet soon. It was hot and soft. I really enjoyed it. I slowly slid in my dick in her pussy and took it in.
“No its paining “ she said.
“Oh common you slut” I stopped her.

I started to move in and out.

“Okay I feel tickling at my … .Please see is it an insect” she said.
“NO its my finger , you are gonna get drilled there too” I said.
“but you were going to only one” she cried.
“Well you selected none and I selected both. It works that way.” I said,

Soon my finger was in her hole. It was hot and tight. I took out my dick and put in her asshole.
“No.. I am feeling pain.. Aaaaaah …” she was crying.
I put my hand on her mouth to stop her voice.
I put my dick deep in in her ass. She started to cry and shout loud. I did not stop. I kept on moving it in and out.
I finally jacked in her tight asshole. It was nice to do that.

“Yeah now I feel the leisure” I said while removing my hand from her mouth and dick from her hole.

“You dog “ she shouted and started to hit me.

“mom enough of you hitting me , I will say all of it to Bill and if he joins , you would be double troubled for ever.” and she calmed down.

Go to your room I demanded. She started to go.
“just wait , I did not see you cum mom , will you ?” I asked
“NO , never” she was firm this time.

“Come here and put down your pants.” I said.
I fingered her pussy so hard that her mind went off and she squirted all over my fingers.
I licked it and said “that is why they say, Fingers lickin good”

She quietly gathered her stuffs and moved to her room.
I asked her to come tomorrow night as well. She had to do my homework so that I could do my work on her.

Next part on soon if I get good reviews this time 🙂
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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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