Mom , Me Ch. 20

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Jane Shares Her Kentucky Hillbilly Sexual Experiences With Me

Jane, Lilly, and I sat around their kitchen table sharing together as I ate a little supper after our orgy. Lilly was wearing a see through slip-like gown that fell over her lovely breasts, but didn’t distort my view of them. Jane had a plain pink t-shirt on that fell just below her private parts, but it didn’t hide them because she was sitting across the table from me with her feet perched on top of the seat she was sitting on, and the shirt didn’t hide any of her private parts from my eyes. I was sitting there with my unbutton shirt on and nothing else.

I was the only person eating, because after I had finished having intercourse with Jane, received a team blowjob from Jane and her mom, gave them both lengthy oral sex, I was too worn out to eat with them, and I fell asleep on Jane’s bed. They let me rest, but when I awoke up Lilly reminded me that I owed her a fuck according to the house rules. These Kentucky babes really have a lot of stamina.

After I fucked Lilly, she left the bedroom to warm up the chicken and dumplings. When it was ready to eat I joined both women at the table. As I nibbled at the chicken and dumplings, I listened to Jane and her mom discuss together the sleeping arrangements for the night: They finally agreed to use Jane’s king size bed, and then agreed I would occupy the middle portion of the bed, with each of them sleeping on either side of me. It was Lilly’s idea that I would be in the middle. I guess they both wanted immediate access to me if they needed some attention during the night. They didn’t ask me if these arrangements were ok with me, but I was just hoping we could get through the night without any further sex, because I had to go to school tomorrow morning and I was already exhausted.

When that discussion ended, we shared our thoughts collectively about how we all felt about our loving making together. I found out that in Appalachia it’s fairly common for some families to engage in sex together. I guess they think if you’re not good enough for your own kinfolk, you won’t be good enough for another clan’s family. However Jane or her mama don’t seem to have any problem sharing sex with me, and I was amazed how much fun they had giving me head together. I wondered if they would be that kind to one another during the night. I know Jane was thrilled with the afternoon and evening sex we shared, but it surprised me how much Lilly seemed to enjoy having sex with me too. When she kissed me it was with much passion, and she really engaged with me when I first met her. After she went over the “rules,” she sort of ordered me to come over and hug and kiss her. When I did she really got into it, even French kissing me and pushing her body into mine until I had a real hard on. But she gave way to her lust and handed me over to Jane to receive the first fuck of the evening. I had never experienced such intense sex before with any woman, and I certainly never had sex with two women at the same time. I needed to get more sleep at night if I’m going to have sex everyday. I can’t keep going on with the amount of sleep I’ve been getting.

Lilly told me she gave her first blowjob to an uncle of hers when she was a child. Her mom told Lilly, “the only way a girl can get a good man is to be able to give him a good head,” and she was determined Lilly was going to get a good man. Lilly said her uncle liked the blowjob she gave him and to show her how much he liked it he gave her some hard candy, which she enjoyed because the family was poor and didn’t have money to buy candy.

While we were on this subject I figured this was the time to get some information about Jane’s sexual history. She never seemed to me, from the brief time we’ve been friends, that she had ever been sexually active. So, I just blurted it out, “Jane when did you have your first sexual experience?”

She looked at me, then turn and looked at her ma. “Good ahead, Jane, you can share that information with Billy, he practically family.”

She lowered her head and didn’t look at me as she began to speak. “I was twelve or thirteen and our family went over to visit my dad’s brother that lived a few miles from us further up in the hills. My dad’s brother had two sons, one was my age and the other was a kurtköy escort few years younger. It was a very hot day, and the adults thought it was time for us three to take a nap, and we went into my aunt and uncle’s bedroom and got on their big bed. We talked together and sang a couple of mountain songs we’d learned and then Jess, the littlest one fell asleep. Buck was my age, and we whispered so we didn’t wake up Jess. Then, for some reason, I put my hand on Buck’s head and ran my fingers through his hair. He liked that, so I did it several more times before he touched my hair, stretching it out from my head with his fingers. Soon he was touching my leg, rubbing it with the palm of his hand, and then he touched my chest. I didn’t have very pronounced boobs to speak of, but the little I had he enjoyed running his hands over them, and I liked how it felt so I didn’t tell him to stop. Since it was so hot that day/ Buck only wore his shorts and I was wearing one of those thin depression dresses that looked so flimsy and weightless. You could practically see through the material. I was getting physically hot from Buck touching me, and the window in the room wasn’t open, nor was the bedroom door that opened into the living room. So I took my dress off and he took his pants off. It was just a matter of time before we took our undershorts off. I wasn’t wearing a bra so after I removed my panties I was completely naked. Soon I was playing with his penis and he was inserting his finger into my pussy. Buck became very aroused. His penis got very big and my pussy was wet from being fingered. We had both witnessed adults fucking, because the cabins were not large and usually had only one or two rooms, so we sort of knew what to do. He scooted around, not trying to wake up his brother, who was still sleeping, and got on top of me and together we guided his hard penis into my wet pussy. We began kissing and touching like we’d seen adults do when they did this together. I guess we both liked it because neither one of us wanted to stop. Pretty soon we were moving in rhythm together. I put my arms around his neck to keep my balance and kiss is mouth, and he kept leaning down, kissing my lips and nipples. I just remember how good it felt to have his cock inside of me, real good in fact, and I enjoyed him kissing and sucking my tits. Then the door opened. It was Buck’s mother and she yelled, “Buck, what in the hell are you doing?” which interrupted our first sexual encounter together. The funny thing is that his brother Jess never woke up, isn’t that right ma?”

“That’s right Jane.”

“Well, after Buck’s mom was calmed down by the rest of the family she agreed we were at the age to learn about sex and how to do it. I didn’t think it took too much learning for me to figure out how to get Buck’s dick inside of my pussy hole. Anyway, instead of getting a licking like I thought we would, the adults were pretty pleased that we had the experience. Family is family and that is all that matters Buck’s father said.

Buck and I fucked again at my house when his family came to visit us. My pa needed help fixing a wagon so Buck’s father went with him to the barn to help him and our mothers, for some reason or another, went with them to watch. After they left for the barn I asked Buck if he wanted to fuck me again. He said, “sure,” and we got to it, and we really had a good fuck that afternoon. He even sprayed me inside with his seed. I really liked it when I felt it running out of me. I gathered some of it up in my hand and put it in my mouth and I liked the texture and the taste. It was salty and I liked things that are salty.”

Lilly said, “You did! You never told me about that?”

“No, I didn’t, because I thought you and pa wouldn’t allow us to see one another again.”

“Oh, baby, you might have been right on that. Buck was a pretty naughty and mean teenager and so you might have been right. Did you ever do it again together?”

“Yes, we were walking home from school and we found a secluded spot in the woods and we fucked each other until it was time to go home to do our chores.”

I decided to ask a follow up question: “When did you do your first blowjob Jane?” Well, I was about fifteen. Ma had been trying to teach me, using a piece maltepe escort of a cut off rake handle she found in the barn. She washed it and used sand paper to make it all smooth and nice so it wouldn’t cut my mouth. It worked pretty well. Then, one day, mom and I were visiting pa sister on the other side of the valley and her husband was home. I was sitting in a rocking chair, and the adults were outside talking. Pretty soon mom came into where I was sitting and told me it was time to do “the real thing.” I asked her what she meant. She said your Uncle Thomas has agreed to let you practice on him.”

“Practice what ma?”

“Practice giving him a blowjob Jane. His wife and I will watch you do it here in the cabin. We’ll be able to show you how you can please him, we’ll give you some hints that will make him feel good when you’re done. Now, remember, she told me, when he releases his seed don’t take your mouth off his cock. You must take his seed and swallow it. And be ready for more. Some men can give you more seed after the first two. Now, I want you to take off your dress and your bra. You can leave your panties on. Men like to see your breasts when getting a blowjob Jane.

Now when Uncle Thomas comes into the cabin he will unbuckle his jeans and push them down onto the floor, and he will also remove his underwear. He will stand in front of you. Uncle Thomas will probably want to touch your breasts. When he through you will kneel in front of him and take his cock into your hand. He probably will put his hand on the top of your head from time to time to guide you as you stroke his penis. Then she said, “I know you will please your Uncle Thomas because I’ve seen you practice on that rake handle. You’re a good girl Jane. Now I’m going outside to tell your Uncle Thomas you’re ready.

I was nervous at first but after he lowered his overalls and pulled down his underwear I was excited to see his big cock. He rubbed his big hands on top of my breasts and smiled as he massaged them. He said, “Mighty fine, Jane.”

I got on my knees like I was told, and reached out and touched it. I squeezed my fingers around it, and when I began rubbing it I witnessed magic happening before my eyes. Uncle Thomas’ cock began to get hard and then it was very hard, and very big! I did all the things ma had taught me while practicing on the rake handle. I licked the length of his cock several times, licked around his mushroom, keeping my eyes on him and how he was reacting to my licking. I even smiled at him a couple of times, and he smiled back and would pat the top of my hair. I placed his cock inside of my mouth and slowly began sucking on it. I only gagged a few times because I wanted to please him by taking it all the way inside my mouth, but it did gage me. But all and all I seemed to please him because he reached a climax rather quickly and I took a big load of seed from him, and didn’t lose any of it. After swallowing the first load, another came than I was expecting it to come, so some of his cum oozed out the side of my mouth, but I retained most of it. He seemed very pleased and patted me on top of the head several times, and said, “Good girl, Jane. You done good.” Then he walked outside where the other family members were and ma and Thoma’s wife cleaned me up and helped me get dress again. Then we all went outside. We played games and after dinner we went home.”

“Well, I’ll have to agree with your Uncle Thomas, you know how to give good head; both of you are experts. You learned well, that’s for sure. I was hard from just listening to your stories.”

“I noticed that.” said Jane. “I watched your cock grow as I told you about giving Uncle Thomas head..” Lilly said, ” If Jane hadn’t been telling you her story, I would have gotten down on the floor and sucked your cock.,” said Lilly. “We’re both happy we’re able to turn you on Billy.”

Lilly got up and washed my plate and as she returned to the table she stood behind me and began rubbing the back of my head and then she moved her hands down the front of my chest, massaging me. She said, “Billy, you have a nice body. No fat, just muscle. It’s very nice. Very nice, very nice indeed! I like how your body feels under my hands.”

Jane said to her ma, “Ma, Billy’s tired. mutlukent escort Let’s give Billy some rest. Maybe we should go to bed now. Billy and I have to get up early to go to school.”

“Ok, Jane, but I’d sure would like to feel his big cock inside of me one more time, but there will other days, won’t there Billy.”

I replied, “Yes ma. I’ll surely be back. I like how you touch my body Lilly.”

“I know you will return. I can tell how you look at me Billy. I like hearing you call me ma sometimes instead of Lilly, but you can call me either one. The most important thing is that you want to be here with us as often as you can. Jane and I will take care of all your sexual needs.”

“Thank you Lilly. I never had a ma very long. She died. I need a ma like you!”

“I will be your ma then Billy, and I promise I’ll take care of you Billy, even if my daughter gets tired of you.”

“Ma, you know how much I want Billy so don’t say that anymore. I’ll always want Billy.”

Jane took my hand and said, “Let’s go to bed Billy. We both need to sleep.”

Jane removed her shirt and I removed my underwear and we climbed into bed. We cuddled and kissed together before she turned to lie on her side facing away from me and went to sleep. I closed my eyes. Jane fell asleep; I could hear a difference in her breathing so I knew she had fallen asleep. I was so tired, but I began to think about all that had happened today. It was all racing around inside of my head. I kept thinking about all the words that Mrs. Wilson had said to me and I became hard. I knew I wanted to get inside Mrs. Wilson’s panties and make love to her. Then my thoughts were interrupted as I heard Lilly slip into the darkened bedroom. I watched her remove her slip and saw the evening light move over her well-formed breasts. My penis was so hard. She looked at me carefully, than she laid down beside me as quietly as a leaf falling to the ground. She didn’t even seem to make the mattress wiggle. I turned toward her and smiled.

“You waited for me, didn’t you Billy?


She reached over and felt the hardness of my cock. “You want ma, don’t you Billy. Were you masturbating or did you get hard because you wanted me?”

“I wasn’t masturbating ma.”

“Good, because there’s no need for you to ever have to masturbate at home. You have two ladies that can take care of any of your needs. Please, if you need to fuck just say so. We’re always available.” She continued to stroke my hard penis. She had smooth hands and it felt good to have her stroking my penis. I turned my body toward hers and our lips melted into one another. She pushed her tongue inside of my mouth and my tongue joined with hers, and they danced together. I placed my hand on her perfectly formed breast and began to rub it. She moved her body and kissed me passionately while rubbing my cock. It began to ooze creamy cum onto her palm. She moaned and I put my hand on her mound and began inserting my fingers into her slit. She was already wet and my penis was hard and I wanted Lilly one more time. I lifted the covers without disturbing Jane and I mounted Lilly. My penis slid inside of her wet and warn pussy effortlessly. We rode together in the dark, as if we were on a magic carpet. The bed didn’t make any noise and we didn’t wake Jane. We both had a powerful orgasm and even though ma yelled once and jerked and moaned Jane didn’t wake up. We laid there together for some time just cuddling and kissing. She whispered in my ear, “Billy I love you. I love how you make love me, and I want you as much as my daughter does. You have two women here who want to fuck you. and give you head. Don’t forget that. I hope you come see us often. We want to fuck again and again; as often as possible.”

I whispered into her ear, “I love you too ma; I love both of you, but I want you to know I have other sexual relationships with three other women besides you and Jane. Jane knows about it and she doesn’t care as long as she’s one of my lovers. Can you handle knowing I have other lovers?”

“Billy I wish Jane and I were the only ones in your life, but like Jane said to you, Lilly can handle it because I’ve never had sex with anyone as good as I’ve had today. My daughter and I will wait our turn. Don’t stay away too long Billy and you can always come into your home here any time, day or night. You are always welcomed. You need to sleep now Billy so you can do well in school tomorrow.” She kissed me, turned on her side and went to sleep. I fell asleep too with my arm wrapped around Lilly and my hand on her breast, and thinking of Mrs. Wilson.

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