Mom the Superheroine 04

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This story is set in Paragon City, taken from the former MMO game City of Heroes. All place names, hero names and registered trademarks belong to their rightful legal owners and are not intended as copyright infringement in any way. This work is purely meant as a piece of entertainment, and not for commercial purposes in any way, shape or form.

There are incestuous elements in this story, between mothers and adult daughters.


For weeks afterwards, Barbara Beck did not step out of her apartment. Cindy saw to the groceries, and took a leave of absence from Steel Canyon University. She spoke to her mom’s supervisor at work, who was very understanding about Barbara’s current predicament. When she walked on the street, she tried to be incognito, but she could tell when people recognized her – they would gawk, do a double-take, and then usually stare despite themselves.

For every catcaller or wolf-whistler out on the streets, however, there was a sympathetic stranger who didn’t rejoice in the degradation of the Becks, or condemn it. Such people would catch her eye, and perhaps give a little respectful nod, or in some cases a smile. Sometimes the gazes alone spoke volumes. There were many who remembered what Battler Babe had done for the neighborhood during her prime.

Also, Paragon City – and the world – had bigger problems at the moment, which Cindy could be perversely grateful for. With the Freedom Phalanx missing in action and even Arachnos seeming to be in disarray, the tribulations of a retired low-tier superheroine and her daughter tended not to make many headlines.

By that same token, however, there was nobody for them to appeal to for justice. If they wanted any, they would have to make their own. And Cindy was grimly determined to do just that.

First, though, there was the problem of her mother to be resolved, one day at a time.

She had just come back from another trip to the supermarket. After stuffing all the turkey steaks into the freezer and refilling the kitchen basket with avocadoes, Cindy went to knock on her mother’s door.

As usual, it took a while before she heard Barbara’s feeble voice telling her she could come in.

Barbara was sitting by the side of her bed in her nightdress, as usual, blinking tiredly. She spent most of her time sleeping off her funk, which Cindy supposed was healthier than many other alternatives. Still, she wished with all her heart that her mother would join her in the junkyard for her daily training regimen.

She went to sit beside Barbara, taking one of her hands and giving it a squeeze. It was heartening to feel Barbara squeezing back – in the first few days after that terrible day, her mother had not only been unable to reciprocate any gestures of affection, but had in fact flinched at her own daughter’s touch, which had been more hurtful than anything Valerie and Elena had been able to do directly.

But now, mother and daughter could sit side by side on the bed they now shared, gazing at each other silently while holding hands.

Then, slowly, Cindy moved in to kiss her mother full on the lips.

Barbara closed her eyes, but did not move away. Her lips trembled, but she opened her mouth to accept her daughter’s soft, probing tongue. When Cindy moaned, she responded with a small moan of her own.

After a blissful eternity, Cindy broke the kiss and drew back. Barbara was flushed all the way down to her neck, and was breathing hard and raggedly. Her eyes filled with tears, but she blinked and smiled.

“Cindy… my love… I think I’m ready.”

Cindy’s heart leaped.

“Cindy, my darling… you’ve been my rock. You’ve been so incredibly strong for me, for both of us. I’ve… I’ve not been much of a mother, I…”

But Cindy had put a finger up to her mother’s lips to shush her.

“Mom, don’t say that. You’re the one who’s been my rock my entire life. Everything I am is because of you. You are everything I want to be. If I’m strong, it’s because you are. You’re the strongest, most beautiful mom in the world. You rushed to my rescue when I was in trouble, you… you fought your absolute hardest for me, you gave it your all.”

“And I lost,” Barbara whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Cindy couldn’t say anything to that. She could only cup the back of her mother’s head and press her forehead to Barbara’s, as they both shared silently in the recollection of the degradation they had suffered together.

“Yes, we did,” she said finally, kissing away a tear on her mother’s cheek. “But you’re not going to lose the next time, Mom. All my life, you’ve taught me what it means to be a hero. It means always doing the right thing, doing what’s best for other people, even if it means giving up things for yourself. And it means,” she held Barbara’s face by the cheeks, “it means never giving up even if defeated. You’re just as good as any of the other heroes, even the Freedom Phalanx – because like them, you never give up.”

Barbara Ataşehir Escort shook her head slowly and uncertainly. “But I gave up in that match, I lost to… to Valerie, I submitted…”

Cindy bit her lower lip. “Yes… you lost, Mom. But you’re not broken.”

Barbara closed her eyes for a few moments, and then opened them again. Cindy could see that her words had struck home.

“Yes, my darling,” her mother said, with growing resolve visible in her eyes. “I’m not. And I’m ready… to begin training again. I’ll challenge Vixen to a rematch, for both our sakes. And this time… I won’t lose.”

Cindy threw her arms around her mom and they shared a tight hug for some long moments. Then Cindy decided it was time to let her mother in on the secret she was planning to reveal.

“I have something to tell you, Mom,” she whispered into her mother’s ear, and she tightened her embrace.

Barbara was nonplussed for a few moments, then her eyes widened as she felt the strength of her daughter’s embrace. “Cindy…?”

Cindy pressed her cheek to Barbara’s and continued squeezing in a rough approximation of a bearhug. Her upper torso muscles, on display in her tank top, rippled visibly as she exerted herself. Barbara gasped, first with breathlessness from the unexpected power of Cindy’s hug, and then again with delight as she realized what it meant.

“Cindy… darling… you have…”

Cindy relaxed her arms and drew her head back slightly, grinning impishly at her mother. “Yes, Mom. I have powers. Your powers, I think.”

Taking a deep breath, she raised her arms into a powerful flex. Barbara looked wonderingly at her daughter’s musculature. Cindy had always been fit and athletically muscled, but she had bulked up noticeably, and she looked seriously tough and strong now, even more so than before. “When did this happen?” Barbara asked herself silently. “What a lousy mother I’ve been, to have failed to notice these changes in my own daughter’s body – especially since we sleep beside each other every night these days!”

“I guess your genes are really starting to show, Mom! I’ve been… I’ve been training, Mom, by myself,” she confessed, “in the old junkyard down at the end of King’s Row. I didn’t want to go to a gym, so I’ve been making do.”

“Cindy! Going there – by yourself? You know it’s not safe, especially in that neighborhood! The streets are filled with all sorts of criminal scum – those nasty Skulls and the equally nasty Hellions…!”

Cindy flushed a bit at her mother’s admonition. “I’m sorry for not telling you, Mom, but… it’s alright, I’m perfectly fine. I can lift up huge steel drums and beams and do workouts with them, so the first time a bunch of Skulls caught sight of me swinging one of those around, they ran out of there helter-skelter! These gangsters know not to mess with a super!”

“Is that… is that what you are now?” Barbara said, placing her hands on her daughter’s biceps and squeezing cautiously, feeling the density of the muscles under her fingers. “You always were gifted… but it’s one thing to be that, and quite another to be a metahuman.”

“I think so, Mom. One thing I know for sure: I’m strong. Really strong. And it’s all thanks to you.” Her eyes were shining. “We’ll find out more once we start training together!”

“It’s just as much your effort as my mutated genes, dear,” Barbara told her lovingly. “Your intensive training must have triggered some kind of accelerated development, or something.” She began to squeeze Cindy’s biceps harder with her fingers.

Cindy took a deep breath, and flexed her entire body harder. Mother and daughter locked eyes as they began this impromptu strength test in earnest. Barbara steadily increased the pressure, and to her growing delight, she found that Cindy’s muscles yielded only minimally under her fingers. Her daughter, always her pride and joy, was right then matching her strength for strength!

“Harder, Mom,” Cindy breathed. “Test me.”

Barbara took a deep breath, putting aside her reservations, and focused. Her own muscles, dormant for weeks, chugged back to life fairly easily, like old but well-maintained machinery. The power thrummed through her forearms and into her fingertips, pressing harder against Cindy’s flexed muscle.

Cindy’s body began to tremble slightly, and she let out a gasp. “Don’t stop, Mom. Keep going!” she exclaimed. She had to find out how resilient her flesh was becoming, and how tough her body was. There would be more extensive – and more scientific – tests in future, but she could think of no method more convenient, or more pleasant, than testing her body directly against her mother’s.

They both began breathing harder and harder with the exertion, until finally Cindy had to call a stop, and they relaxed and let their arms down. Then Barbara cried out – there were bruises on Cindy’s arms, where her fingers had been digging in. She caressed Cindy’s skin remorsefully, but Cindy said, “No, Mom – watch!” Anadolu Yakası Escort And right before their eyes, the bruises began healing almost magically, until they were gone within a matter of seconds!

“I found out the hard way that I had your healing factor as well!” Cindy said, a bit ruefully.

“Do I want to know how you figured that one out?” Barbara asked, with a wry smile.

Cindy laughed. “I promise, Mom, it was under controlled conditions!”

Barbara laughed along with her daughter, and they hugged joyfully, falling onto the bed side by side, although she felt a slight pang to hear Cindy talk like that. One did not have a scientist like Dr Steve Sheldon as a father – or husband – without picking up at least some “science-speak”, or becoming at least a little conversant with basic scientific concepts and precepts. Thoughts of Steve threatened to bring an unwanted shadow over the moment, so she willed those thoughts away and focused on the feeling of holding her beloved daughter close, her daughter who was now beginning to show signs of realizing her genetic potential, her daughter whose skin felt so soft and smelled so good…

She flushed guiltily at the errant thought. True, they had always closer than most mothers and daughters, and true, they were already kissing full on the lips as a habit, with a good amount of tongue involved, and true… they had already… but…

As if reading her mother’s mind, Cindy kissed her mother on the cheek and whispered, “It’s ok, Mom. I want this as much as you do.” She began to nibble on her mother’s earlobe.

“Cindy… what…” Barbara tried to disengage, but half-heartedly. The forbidden fruit was just too sweet, and it was not so much being dangled in front of her as being pressed insistently against her lips and into her mouth.

Cindy moaned as she rubbed herself against her mother. She had taken off her bra underneath her tank-top, so they could both feel their stiff, swollen nipples rubbing together through the fabric of their clothes. They held each other like that for some long moments, pressing their chests together, kissing and nibbling at each other’s ears.

Barbara sighed a long shuddering sigh, a sigh of release of hitherto unacknowledged and nearly unbearable tensions. The chaotic tangle of emotions within her was finally starting to unravel and straighten out. The years of loneliness after the divorce, the special depth of the love and trust she and her daughter shared, the confused welter of emotions that had arisen during their shared humiliation after the victory of the vicious villainesses Vixen and Vixenette…

All of that pain and confusion dissolved when Cindy drew back and gazed at her mother with such an ocean of love in her eyes that Barbara felt as if she could lose herself in it.

“I love you, Mom,” Cindy whispered, and their lips mashed together in a fierce kiss of untrammelled desire. All doubts and forebodings about “perversion” melted away; all the misgivings about whether this was “right” or “wrong” faded into nothing; all qualms about what they were doing vanished before the overwhelming truth of their mutual love.

Cindy broke the kiss only to disrobe quickly, and Barbara lifted her arms to allow Cindy to lift her nightdress off her. They paused for a moment then, rocking back onto their heels, mother and daughter both bare-chested and kneeling face-to-face, aware that they were about to cross a momentous boundary together. They had bathed together before, so they were no strangers to each other’s naked bodies, but it had been years and at some point, as was natural, they had stopped. They already knew each other’s bodies intimately – but what they were about to do was going to be on another level entirely.

Barbara was the first to break the silence. “Are you sure you want this, my love?”

The answer was immediate. “More than anything else, Mom.”

Barbara took a deep breath and nodded once, in assent. With a strange and sudden shyness, Cindy reached forward, and Barbara met Cindy’s hesitant hands with her own. Their fingers interlaced, as if for a trial of strength, but neither exerted force as they slowly raised their hands up high above their heads. Each was simply drinking in the sensation of intimacy that seemed to permeate the room.

Barbara could not help but give a happy sigh as her eyes beheld the glorious sight of Cindy’s strong, healthy body; the firm, pert breasts sat atop solid mounds of pectoral muscle, with some lines of striation visible; the lines of cleavage between shoulders and arm muscles were nice and deep; the ridge of abdominal muscles Cindy had always been proud of had grown even more impressive. For a few moments, Barbara could forget that this was her own daughter, her own flesh and blood – Cindy seemed to be the epitome of young female strength and power.

“You’re perfect,” she blurted, and then blushed.

Cindy flushed red as well, but grinned. “Of course, Mom,” Kadıköy Escort she retorted, “I came from you.”

Barbara looked away, abashed. “It’s true,” Cindy insisted. “Everything I am is because of you, Mom. You gave me my body. I came out of you. You brought me up,” she said, her voice cracking slightly as she choked up with emotion.

“Cindy… darling…” Barbara could not find the words to respond with.

“And you’re perfect too, Mom,” Cindy whispered, her eyes roving all over her mother’s bared torso. “You were always perfect, and you still are.”

That couldn’t be true, Barbara thought. She knew she was no longer the Amazonian figure she used to cut in her younger days, before Cindy’s birth and her subsequent retirement. And furthermore, she knew she had let herself go a bit in recent years – as the hateful Valerie had accurately said, it was why she had received such a drubbing at the hands of her longtime rival and foe. And these few weeks hadn’t helped – Battler Babe had been battling her bout of depression and eating only at her daughter’s constant urging, and she had not moved out of the bedroom at all. Oh, she was still big, she knew, and the muscles were still there, but a matronly layer of fat covered it all, and her breasts sagged, and her abdominals were now just barely visible underneath her tummy fat…

But Cindy moved in for a kiss, releasing their fingerlock and groping Barbara’s broad back, her fingers digging in as she moaned into her mother’s mouth, and Barbara could only respond in kind, caressing Cindy’s back up and down, feeling the strong, rippling muscles under her hands.

“So perfect,” Cindy moaned, as her fingers went to Barbara’s biceps and squeezed.

“So perfect,” she moaned, as her hands gathered up Barbara’s breasts, those motherly mounds, and her thumbs rubbed circles on Barbara’s nipples sending thrills all through Barbara’s body.

“So perfect,” Cindy kept moaning as she squeezed the pudgy love handles around her mother’s waist, until Barbara could almost believe that she was that desirable as a woman.

And then Cindy pushed her roughly onto her back, taking charge in dominant fashion, and Barbara’s self-consciousness and self-doubt were dispelled as she gazed up at her daughter’s face, which was flushed with desire.

She raised her legs to allow her daughter to take her panties off, and then waited as Cindy stripped as well, and then lowered herself onto her mother’s midriff, straddling it. For some moments, they simply gazed at each other, each feeling her pulse quicken even more.

Then Cindy bent over her mother and kissed her yet again. Barbara could not get enough of those sweet, peachy lips. Why had she waited so long? Why had she held back from doing this? It seemed so silly now, all the reasons that had kept them from enjoying each other like this. Cindy was an adult woman now, and could make her own choices – had made them, and done so most emphatically. Those full, fleshy lips pressed against hers – this was simple bliss.

She felt liquid splash against her closed eyelids, and opened them to see that Cindy was blinking tears away. “I’m just so happy, Mom,” Cindy was quick to say reassuringly. “This just feels so good.”

“It does,” Barbara agreed, tearing up herself. They smiled at each other, then Cindy gave Barbara a quick smooch and looked further down Barbara’s body, turning her attention to Barbara’s breasts.

“You nourished me with them,” she said breathlessly, as she showered kisses on Barbara’s chest. “Your beautiful breasts. Your milk made me strong. I want to taste it again, Mom, I want to taste your wonderful milk that made me so strong, it comes from such a strong woman…”

She could hardly believe what she was doing, but she propped herself up on her elbows as Cindy began doing something she had not done for about twenty years. Cindy’s mouth latched onto her nipples, one after the other, as she suckled, while her strong fingers firmly massaged Barbara’s breasts, coaxing the milk forth. It took a while, a pleasurable while, but before too long Barbara felt the milk beginning to fill herself once again, as her mammary glands awoke to her daughter’s loving ministrations.

“Oh, honey!” she gasped, as the milk began to emerge. Cindy cried out in gladness and latched onto her right nipple, sucking greedily. The milk flowed out from Barbara’s very being, it seemed, and she threw her head back, losing herself in the sensation, almost blacking out with the bliss.

Surely this was what she was meant to do, what her body was meant for – to nourish Cindy, whom she had given birth to. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, and her body was responding as such.

Cindy finished one side and went to the other, until that too was done, and then she lifted her head, the faintly-bluish liquid still dripping from her half-open lips. She gazed down as if in rapture, while Barbara shook her head slowly, feeling almost delirious. “Your breasts look so lovely, Mom,” Cindy whispered, gazing down at the pattern of bluish veins that was now visible around Barbara’s nipples. “Someday, I want my breasts to look like yours too.”

“That day won’t be for many years yet, my love,” Barbara couldn’t help laughing. “At least, I hope!”

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