Mommy and The Delivery Boys Pt. 02

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She positioned the rear view mirror so she could see herself, her slanted oriental eyes, her mane of thick black hair, and tried to find the woman she used to be in her face.

Before last week she had always been a good girl; a good wife, a good mother, a good teacher. But that all changed last week when she… when she allowed those deliverymen – black deliverymen – into her house… The things they did to her, made her do… Sucking on their incredibly long, thick cocks, nude and submissive before them, taking their cocks in all of her holes on her very own kitchen counter! She had violated the very sanctity of her home… What was happening to her? Why was she doing these terrible risky things—things that endangered her family and her life?

But what she wanted more than anything in her life—to get cock, as much cock as she could, she couldn’t think of anything else—she thought of her gangbang with those black delivery men incessantly—a prayer during coffee, a dream while shopping, in the afternoons- sometimes in public restrooms—masturbating with a dildo!

She couldn’t stop—and only seemed to be getting worse. That gangbang only proved she had a big problem and really needed help.

She halfway sighed, halfway laughed. “But I don’t want to stop…”

She felt good being like this! She knew in her heart she had never felt such freedom—and such lust! She was consumed with thoughts of sex—even casual social encounters had started to take on sexual undertones, and every time she so much as glanced at a black guy on the street, she knew that he knew… that she was ready… she was waiting… And she so so wanted it!

What was happening to her?

The mall parking lot was quiet, mostly empty in mid-morning, the day dark with looming clouds. Her breath quick and shallow, she leaned back on the seat and slipped off her panties.

Sighing, she spread her legs and touched the thickly swollen lips of her pussy.

With the car windows up and the radio down, the world was muffled, with only the gentle slurp of her painted fingernails stroking her labia disturbing the quiet. Someone walked past the car; she paused and pretended to reach for the radio. When the person had passed by, she reached into the bag beside her on the seat and took out a large dildo, eight inches of thick black latex. She leaning over on the seat and kissed and licked the rubbery device. Her eyes warily scanned the parking lot and her hands shook with anticipation as she positioned the dildo between her legs and slowly slowly penetrated herself.

Her moans slowly built into a whispered chant that sounded like fuck me. Heat filled her body, her heart rate picked up. Yes… She licked her fingers to lubricate them and slid them across the wet crease… that’s it… that’s what I want…

She put the dildo away and came up with a string of plastic beads; anal love beads. She loved these things; just another dirty little secret she had (she seemed to have so many lately). She found a bottle of lube in her bag and dropped a dab onto the largest bead and rubbing the lubricant over all the others. She placed the tiny little first bead to her rectum and shivered with delight. The next one slid in so smoothly, but the third was a little tight. By the fourth, she was glistening with sweat and biting her lip. By the fifth she was shaking and moaning. By the sixth, she was nearly crying until her sphincter opened up and swallowed the inch diameter bead and she yelped and cummed, squirting all over her hand, bucking and sobbing.

She inhaled, shivering, thinking she should just put the key back in the ignition and go home and play with herself…

No! she told herself. ‘I’ve waited türbanlı porno all of my life for this. It’s now or never.’

She gave herself the once over in the rearview mirror—slanted eyes, high cheekbones, mane of lustrous black hair- and got wet all over again. She was Asian in America- she knew what men wanted and what men wanted were girls like her… No, not girls like her. ‘Me. That’s what men want.’

These dirty bastards with their big cocks… she pursed her lips into the rear view mirror… it’s not my fault! Their cocks are so big and I just can’t help myself, she whined to herself, and then burst out laughing. She air kissed her reflection, opened the car door and headed out across the parking lot.

Just then, the clouds parted and the bright mid-morning sun caressed her legs, bare below her tiny denim miniskirt, tingling her naked wet pussy and her sphincter gave a naughty twinge around the anal bead ring that made her gasp slightly. The air smelled wondrous, and she felt that anything was possible. A light smile graced her lips and as she passed people on the sidewalk, everyone turned and noticed her and their eyes lit up and they smiled back…

She looked at men frankly and thought; I’m a naughty girl…I have anal beads in my ass and I’m looking for black cock… I’m a slut…

Doors were held and she was good morning-ed to by many and she realized that no, she wasn’t being selfish, not at all. Her sex, her hunger, her beauty, was something she could selflessly give to the world… to bring love and huge cock penetrations to so many with… porn? Her face lit up unconsciously, and a middle aged fat guy passing her happened to catch the look and stopped dead in his tracks, the sudden bulge in his pants impressive, his face bushwhacked. She bit her lip demurely as she passed by. The man didn’t follow and she felt bad for him. He was probably a good guy. He needed love too… she could help him through porn.. doing porn movies…

Yes!… She walked up the escalator and hoped that her ass showed to the people below, the little loop for the anal beads visible. I’m a slut I’m a slut…

She walked casually slowly through the mall, glancing around and noticing all kinds of nice buff young guys… ummm… she sighed as she casually peered around at the sporting goods stores and clothing stores, young men working dead-end jobs… they noticed her too and she felt their eyes on her legs like caresses. Her breathing quickened and she fought urges to pull up her tank top, to show her flat tummy, to get on her knees…

Every store in the mall seemed to have them… gorgeous young men, so many how could she choose? Her head spinning, she kept going down the mall, looking desperately for a bathroom… she was so horny she couldn’t think straight and she needed to masturbate before she could do anything!

She saw a merry go round built into the end of the mall under a huge glass sunroof, bathed in morning sunshine. The scene looked so sweet and innocent that tears came to her eyes as headed towards it.

As she got closer, she realized the merry go round had a sign out front that said, “Closed for Repair.” And then she saw two men in coveralls and with tool boxes working on it. Two black men, one older and thicker about the waist but strong and other young, skinny and tall.

They both turned to her. “Help you, ma’am?” The older one asked.

“Hi. What’s wrong with the merry go round?”

“Nothing. They just close it down once a month for maintenance. It works and all.”

“Oh. I’m so sad it’s closed. I love merry go round! I wish I could ride it.’

The older man nodded thoughtfully while the blowjob porno younger one’s eyes widened.

‘You’d love to ride it, is that so, ma’am?’

She glanced down, suddenly afraid of the implications of his question, and then smiled shyly. ‘I would. I really would.’

‘Well,’ the man looked at the other man and they shrugged at each other.

He turned back to her. ‘How about we give you a ride? A special one just for you?’

‘Really! That’d be so great!’

The opened the gate and the older man reached out to her and took her by the elbow. Her heart quickened at his touch and she glanced at him shyly and he caught it. She leaned in to his strong grasp and let him guide her to the deck of the merry go round. ‘Any one horse you want in particular?’ The older man asked.

There was a blonde one, a red one, a blue one… And black one.

‘I’ll take this one,’ she practically whispered, her breathe gone out of her as she reached to the plastic pony.

She pretended not to notice the glance the older man gave to his younger cohort. He led her to the plastic horse and lightly touched her bare leg, to let her know which one she was to put into the stirrup and she felt his hunger; she moaned softly, her sphincter dilating and for a panicked second she thought a bead might slip out.

‘Are you ok ma’am?’

She smiled and relaxed into him, letting her body fall against his, feeling his strength, feeling his turgid thickness through the coveralls. ‘Yes, I’m ok. Can you help me get on?’

He put his around her waist and helped her mount the black steed as she focused on keeping her rectum tight. She sat and the cold plastic made her squeal and she shyly smiled at the man.

‘All set?’ He asked.

She nodded, biting her lip with anticipation.

The music started up and she was off, riding the black pony around, all by herself, the center of attention.

She looked across at the men and felt their eyes devour her and she got wetter and was embarrassed now by the slick smear of girl juice she was leaving on the hard plastic seat of the merry go round. Her eyes locked onto the older man’s and her breath stopped.

“Look at you– you’re just a little princess, aren’t you?” he said.

And with those words she knew that he knew her, knew her at her deepest, most profound level, knew her for her addiction to pain, to humiliation, to large penetrations filling her rectum, stretched with huge cock. Her sphincter throbbed around the anal beads inserted snugly up her ass and only increased her hunger for anal penetration. Her eyes clenched shut and the world went nuclear blast white, her orgasm exploding through her in a hot surge of ecstasy that sent her flying, flying, flying… She caught herself on the pole at the last instant, the sharp explosion echoed and faded and she opened her eyes and glance sheepishly around. The merry go round had already completed a turn. The men stared at her slack jawed and wide eyed and she knew they had seen it. Her face, already hot, flamed with shame, the seat, her skirt, even her inner thighs all wet and sticky; she had squirted!

Oh my god! she whispered. What am I doing?

The merry go round slowed down and stopped and the older black man jumped on the deck and approached her. “Are you alright ma’am?” he asked, concern written on his face.

She looked into his eyes, searching for approval, for acquiescence. “Yes…” she whispered, clutching the pole, tears of shame springing up at the corners of her slanted eyes. He stood beside her and placed his hands on her shoulder; her pussy pulsed in response. She looked into his kind eyes. “I’m sorry… esmer porno I made a mess…” she whispered, biting her lower lip. She lowered her eyes.

He put his hand to her face, cradling her jaw. “It’s alright, princess. It’s alright.”

She rested her face against the cool dryness of his work-rough hands. “You’re sure?”

“Of course, my little girl. You had quite a ride. Maybe you want to come into the office in back and sit down for a little while?”

‘Ok,’ she replied meekly as she let herself get helped off the merry go round horse, luxuriating in the feel of the man’s hands as his palm traced the curves of her ass through her skirt. She glanced around and noticed a number of shoppers had stopped to stare and she felt her shame burning hot in her cheeks. She prayed no one in the crowd recognized her, hiding her face behind her thick mane of black hair, holding onto the strong arm of the older black man.

He led her into a small hallway set behind the merry go rounds operator’s booth, situated so passersby would hardly notice it. The hallway led directly to locked door with the name plate “Maintenance Room” fixed above it.

The man paused briefly to reach into his coveralls pocket and retrieve a huge ring of keys.

‘Wow, that’s a big ring…’ she murmured.

He smiled and chuckled, ‘Yes, it’s a big ring of keys alright…’

She giggled a little as he found the key and pushed open the door. He reached in and turned on a light switch, revealing in its dim yellow glow a small grimy space filled with workbenches and tools and greasy rags.

‘Well, here you go.. it’s not too nice but we got fuck all else…’

She smiled wanly. ‘It’s ok…’ she held onto his arm. ‘I like it.’

‘Well come on in… here you go, sit right down here and tell me what’s on your mind. You seem like you got a lot to say.’

She sat in the cheap plastic lunchroom chair. She glanced shyly at him and swallowed. ‘It’s just… I don’t know myself anymore. I think about sex… so much. So much…’

He stared at her with solemn eyes. ‘Go on.’

‘Well, it’s just… I used to be so good. But now all I can think of is sex… and.. oh god I can’t even say it!’ She buried her face in her hands.

She felt his dry hands on her own. ‘There, there, little princess. You’re among friends. What is it you can’t say?’

She peeked out from above her long lovely fingernails and sniffed. ‘Well, last week I let these guys in my house.’


‘Well, it was a bunch of black guys. And I sort of… well…’

‘Go on.’

‘I had sex.’

‘You had sex?’

‘Yes…’ she nodded slowly. ‘Sex. With all of them. Together. You know?’ She whispered, ” ‘gangbang’!”

He nodded gravely. ‘I see. And how do you feel about that?’

‘That’s just it. I mean, I wasn’t right before it happened anyway… or else I wouldn’t have done it. I thought it would satisfy me; make me calmer, less, you know, horny. But it hasn’t! It’s the opposite…I’m worse than ever. And now all I want is cock!”

The older man rubbed his chin with big pink palm and considered this dilemma. “Well, I have to say, I have some experience with your problem. I think maybe I should have a look at your… uh.. vaginal area… I could probably tell you more about what you’re going through…”

She nodded tentatively. ‘You really think so?’

‘Sure… it’s nothing serious… here, you put your tiny little fanny right here.’

He cleared an area of the workbench of its power tools and wrenches and such and spread today’s newspaper across it. She meekly complied, standing up and letting him grab her about the waist, lifting her onto the papers.

‘Now, show me your little pussy, princess.’

His words alone brought tears to her eyes as she leaned back onto her elbows and slowly spread her legs. She looked at him, her pussy dripping as she felt his eyes drink her in.

He stared at her and inhaled.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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