Mommy’s Dirty Laundry

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Tyler and his mom live in Lexington Massachusetts, moved after his parents divorce, after Jenna found his dad fucking the maid. So here we are in Lexington Massachusetts, Jenna, a cardiovascular doctor, Tyler, a high school senior and sports star.

Tyler woke up Saturday morning to an empty house, his mom left a note saying she went to the grocery store and she’s be back later. Back up to bed he went, but he stopped at the top of the stairs, and thought, his mom hasn’t had a lot of partners since they moved that have lasted longer than a few months. Tyler’s curiosity got the best of him, walking into his moms room, he started to look for anything that would signify why. Looking through her drawers, Tyler found it too easy to see why she wasn’t dating, she had a box of toys in her dresser, and looking to the right there was one right there on the nightstand, shocked, horrified, and kinda turned on, Tyler reaches over and grabbed the plastic and rubber dildo, it was still warm, and slightly sticky like it was just used. Putting it back immediately, he noticed his cock had gotten rock hard from his discovery? “What the fuck?” He said shocked and kinda horny now. Still looking, he reached to the floor and grabbed the soft red lace fabric of his moms panties, warm and wet? And for some reason, Tyler brought the fabric to his nose and inhaled his moms sex scent, intoxicating and filling his lungs, he grabbed the fabric and we to his room. He had to get his cock down they only other way he knew so he might as well enjoy it.

Laying on his bed naked, scrolling through porn and smelling his moms panties he didn’t hear his mom come back home a short time later and much less didn’t hear her coming up the stairs, jerking his lubed up cock in a teasing and training pattern, edging as it’s known. Jenna called through his door and knocked, “Ty, can I come in?” Waiting just a second, Jenna opened the door and immediately stopped, watching her son masturbate oblivious to her presence. She gazed at what else he was doing. Are those my panties?! Jenna felt a warm wet spot in her leggings, putting her hand over the fabric, she was turned on but disgusted, watching her son jerk his bonus veren siteler dick while smelling her panties. But oh my god his gorgeous cock. Thick, smooth, long, and a beautiful set of cum filled heavy balls, jiggling with the motions of him jerking that big dick. Deciding not to ruin his fun. Walking back to my bedroom I slipped my hand down my leggings and felt a warm wet feeling. Oh my god. What was I doing? Am I really turned on by the sight of my son jerking that cock smelling my panties?

I pulled my leggings off, and took my sweatshirt off, I needed a shower and shave, stopping in the mirror, I looked at myself, brunette hair, blue eyes, C cup breasts, tattooed on my right forearm, under my left breast, fit and toned body and legs to match. What’s not to like? Getting in the shower, I took my suction cup dildo and mounted it against the floor. As I thought about what I saw the more and more turned on I got and the dirtier I felt. It’s been months since I’ve been fucked, and many more since I’ve had an orgasm from another person. Looking down at my toy I positioned myself over the toy sitting on my soles I slid down the shaft and fucked myself silly, the shower faucet indirectly hitting my clit, my free hand massaging and tweaking my nipples, my moans filled the steamy shower. I came to an orgasm much faster than usual but I wanted another one but decided to wait. Getting out and getting dressed in skinny blue jeans, and t shirt I met Tyler downstairs.

Initially neither one of us made eye contact, my eyes traveled down my sons body, locking gaze along his groin. Having to break the undeniable sexual tension, “how about we go out for dinner tonight?” I asked Tyler. “Sure mom.” He responded. I felt his eyes tracing my figure under my clothes, fixing on my chest, and my ass when I bent over to open the dishwasher.

Changing clothes again, I decided to wear a dark blue cocktail dress, and stiletto heels. Tyler wearing dark dress jeans, and decent shirt. Finally small talk broke to more meaningful conversation while eating for dinner. I consciously decided to forego and panties or a bra, instead trying to tempt my son. So bahis it begins; I thought.

“How are you handling your break up?” I asked, since he chooses not to share much about it yet. “I’m still frustrated about it…” he trailed off. “But I desperately want to lose my virginity before college.” He blurted out in a hushed voice, clearly agitated.

“Well maybe I can help you.” I said softly, trying to calm him and peak his interest. Watching his face change as he tried to make sense of what I said, I raised my eye brow and ran my heel along his calves. Now he got the message springing a small grin. While we waited longer for dinner to arrive, I took my heels off and decided to play games, running my barefoot up his leg and squarely place my foot on Tyler’s groin, wiggling and curling my toes I prodded his groin with my red toes and watched his face try to hide the excitement and shock as he ran his hands over my feet, massaging them lightly. His touch felt amazing, it took all I had not to throw my head back or let a small moan leave my lips, after all I’m in public with my son. Small talk continued as did the casual eye fucking between the two of us while we ate dinner, both no doubt eager to deliver on fantasies and desires.

Getting back in the car to go home, I left my hand on his lap, and ran it back and forth towards his groin while driving. The 20 minute drive was torturous for me, feeling the soft fabric beneath me was growing a wet spot and my nipples were hard as diamonds. Pulling into the driveway I turned the car off and looked at Tyler, my eyes tracing his body and fixed his onto his groin, sliding over into his lap, I whispered “Do you want me to each you a thing or two?” He nodded and it was enough for me. Placing my lips against his and forcing my tongue to part his lips, I sank deeper into his lap, kicking my heels off and using my free hand, unzipped his pants and wrestled his beautiful, thick cock out from it’s confines, giving him a few more playful strokes, I slowly ran his bulbous head along my wet slit, “fuck I’m so wet honey…” I moaned. “Do you want to fuck your mommy’s tight wet pussy?” I moaned more. Sinking myself deneme bonusu down his shaft, I felt him fill me up easily and start to stretch me out. Mhmm fuck it’s been a while since I’ve had a cock this big, I thought. Rocking my hips back and forth as I worked my way down his cock, I pulled my nipples out for him to suck on as I got into a rhythm fucking his beautiful cock. I couldn’t stay quiet anymore, moans and whimpers left my mouth as I fucked myself over my sons cock. “Make me cum baby!”‘I moaned in his ear, “Make mommy cum all over your big fucking cock.”

Feeling my walls tighten and my rhythm quicken I came hard over my first rippling orgasm, my creamy pussy dripping down and covering Tyler’s cum filled balls. Feeling his thrusting intensifying, I felt my walls tightening around his cock and I uttered what he wanted to hear “Cum in mommy’s pussy all to want baby.” That was almost all it took, slamming back into his lap as another orgasm rocked through my body his cock stiffened and i felt the familiar pulsing feeling, as his cock shot ropes of hot, sweet, potent incestual cum deep into my pussy. Feeling him still pulsing inside me I pulled myself off him and opened the car door, my tits still out, I got to my knees and licked my baby boy clean, tugging his still hard cock, I grabbed my shoes and said, “Come in honey, take mommy to bed”, leading him by his penis, I stroked him back to a rock hard position as we made our way inside and hurried into my bedroom ripping each others clothes off.

Laying on my back, legs spread, I rubbed my clit watching my baby crawl up between my legs, his cock hung heavy and full between his thighs was a sight to behold, as he sank every inch inside my sopping wet pussy, I wrapped my legs around him and locked my ankles pulling him all the way inside my pussy. Slowly he worked to a rhythm, pumping himself inside my needy cunt, determined to have his cum over flowing my pussy. I was in heaven, moans of ecstasy filled my bedroom as my son fucked me into another ripping orgasm. The sounds of skin slapping against skin only drove me crazier, without warning Tyler erupted another load deep inside me, filling my cunt up with his cum before collapsing on top of me, his face buried between my breasts. I ran my hands through his hair as he caught his breath and mine as well.

There was no going back from what we started, but ruled and boundaries had to be set.

To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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