Mom’s , Daughters: Help Teena

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Neighborhood Moms followed by a deep kiss.

As we kissed, Teena said, “Now that looks like some good stress relief.”

I smiled at Teena and gave Denise a light smack on her bum which elicited a yelp from her. I went and grabbed the wine bottle and helped myself to a glass. I took a seat next to Teena and said, “You have been holding out on me about how Rick is acting.”

Teena looked down and said, “I didn’t want to burden you with the mess.”

“Teena, we are here to help, but we can’t help if you keep this bottled up,” I said, as I put a hand gently on her back. “We have drained the bottle of wine, and it is time that you drain your frustrations with us.”

“I have been discussing it for days with Denise,” Teena said. “The short version is this: Rick was furious when I first talked about splitting. I thought he was just in denial and needed some time to process this. Was I ever wrong about that!

“Rick drained all of our joint accounts, including our retirement account. He maxed out our line of credit and cancelled all our credit cards. He then moved all the money to an offshore account.

“What he did is illegal but getting my share back will take years of time and will cost at least fifty thousand dollars in lawyer’s fees. You know how the saying goes; possession is nine tenths of the law.

“Rick wasn’t a very good husband, but he sure knew his accounting and banking.”

“Teena, I have the money for the lawyers,” I said.

Teena and Denise smiled at me.

“I knew you would pony up instantly,” Denise said.

Denise served up a dinner of lamb and roasted vegetables.

Over dinner, I thought through the situation and tried to put myself in Rick’s shoes. “What is Rick hoping to get by doing this?” I pondered. “He knows that he can’t actually steal the money in the long run.”

Teena said, “That is what we were discussing when you arrived. I saw him last night and he made me an offer to fix this. He wants full ownership of the house and will give me thirty percent of the cash. He also wants to know who came between us. It is part vengeance and part blackmail.”

“You didn’t accept the offer, did you?” I asked.

“Denise and I were just debating it,” Teena responded. “I am inclined to agree to the money split. It will resolve this quickly and I will get more this way than if I use the courts for years. I want to move on with my life and fighting him will be a drain on my soul.”

“Don’t agree to anything with that cuckold slime ball,” I asserted with anger in my voice. “He has a lot to lose in this, as well. If we fight him in the courts, it could get him banned from working as an accountant and it could easily destroy his reputation.”

“Ray, I am not sure,” Teena said with uncertainty. “I am an accountant, as well; and I think that that would be difficult.”

“You may be right about the accounting, but what we are in now is a negotiation,” I said. “My whole job is negotiating, and I know we can get a better deal than what he is offering. We need to understand all the alternatives both from our side and his side. We need more information on him. I will be able to help with that.”

“You aren’t getting Samantha to do any spying, are you?” Teena asked.

“Absolutely not,” I emphasized. “I would never use her in this, or risk her involvement. She shouldn’t be put in between her parents. I only asked her to be at home, and told her not to spy or try to get information from him.”

Denise Silivri Escort asked, “Are you going to get some muscle involved in this?”

“You have been watching too many movies,” I laughed. “Violence is the first refuge of the incompetent. What we need is knowledge and insight. Give me a couple of days and I am sure we can game plan a better strategy.”

Denise looked at me and said, “Ray, I think you know more than you are letting on.”

“I might,” I responded. “But I don’t have any information, yet. I know it is hard, but we have to have patience.”

Teena said, “Speaking of hard and patience. I am sure you are getting hard, and I am losing patience. We should all get our minds off this by having a bit of play time.”

Denise laughed and came and whispered in my ear, “Let’s take care of Teena tonight and make her our combined focus.”

I nodded and I proceeded to lean into Teena for a kiss, then picked her up in my arms and, as she had her arms wrapped around my neck, carried her to Denise’s bedroom.

I put Teena on the bed while I was on one side of her and Denise on the other.

We both ran our hands over her body in a gentle massage.

Teena had her eyes closed and was cooing as we stroked her.

Denise removed Teena’s skirt, while I removed her top. Teena didn’t have anything on underneath.

I kept stroking Teena as Denise stood up and undressed. Denise then spread Teena’s legs and kissed her way up her legs. She planted her mouth on Teena’s pussy as I held Teena’s head for a deep kiss.

Teena had tears leaking out of her eyes as she came for the first time. I quickly removed my clothes and laid down next to Teena again and resumed kissing her.

Denise gently sucked me to a full erection. She pushed me to put me on my back and then said to Teena, “I think you should go for a ride, honey.”

Teena got the idea and mounted me in a reverse cowgirl position. She sank her wet pussy completely on my cock and exhaled when it was all the way in. She said, “Oh I needed this!”

Denise was kneeling next to Teena. She had one hand rubbing Teena’s clit and the other squeezing her breast.

Teena was moaning, had her head back, and had started spasming on my cock.

At this moment, we heard a loud male voice saying, “Well, I guess I won’t need to look for who came between us!”

I looked past Teena to see Rick in the doorway as he took a picture of us on his phone.

Teena and Denise screamed at the surprise.

I leapt out of bed and ran at Rick.

Rick held up his hands as he assumed that I was going to hit him.

Instead, I grabbed his phone out of his pudgy hands.

As I deleted the photo, I pushed him out of the bedroom and closed the door behind me and yelled, “Rick, you fucking slimeball. I should beat you senseless.” I paused for a second and then said, “and that is what you want, isn’t it? You would then call the cops and have me charged with assault.”

“You are a cold-blooded bastard,” I roared. “I won’t give you the satisfaction of doing that.”

At that moment, Denise came out in her robe and said, “Rick, what the fuck do you think you are doing?”

Confidence came back into Rick’s eyes as he leered at Denise and said, “I am exposing the three of you.”

Denise had regained her composure and said, “Rick, I am going to call the police and have you charged with break and enter into my home. We have three Şirinevler Escort witnesses to the fact that you came here to do violence to your wife.”

“Denise, you are fucking lesbian skank,” Rick sneered.

“That might be true, but there isn’t anything illegal about that and at least I’m not an evil, fat, cuck!” she retorted.

Rick raised his hand at her and then thought better of it, turned tail, and ran out of the house.

Teena came out in her shirt with tears running down her face. We both hugged her as she sobbed. She finally regained some of her composure and said, “I have never loved you both more, than right now. Your coming to my defense, has touched me deeply.”

Denise had tears in her eyes, as well, and said, “We would do anything.”

“What are we going to do?” Teena asked.

I thought for a minute and came up with a plan. “Firstly, Teena, message Samantha and tell her to meet me in the parking lot in the park across from your house. She shouldn’t be alone with Rick tonight for her safety. Secondly, Denise, take Rick’s phone here and make sure it doesn’t go into sleep mode. Change his passwords on his email and start scouring it for messages about his financial skullduggery. Thirdly, we are going to get a meeting with Rick, either tomorrow night or the following night, and resolve this.”

“Fourthly,” Teena said with a grin, “you need to get dressed.”

I pulled on my clothes.

Teena said that Samantha would be in the lot as I headed out the door. I told Denise to ensure all the doors were locked. Something I hadn’t thought of until tonight.

I picked up Samantha.

As she jumped in the car, she asked, “Ray, what is happening? Dad was in a lather tonight and then I get mom’s message.”

I gave her a quick rundown of the evening and said that she should stay at Denise’s for a couple of days. There was no argument.

I stopped by my own place and made sure that my security system was on and the doors were locked. I grabbed some clothes quickly in a bag.

We then went back to Denise’s place.

We all assembled in the kitchen on stools as Denise and Teena were poring over Rick’s phone. They found some information, but specifics like bank account numbers and passwords were not there. Rick had been careful.

Later that night, Teena got a call from Rick. She put it on speaker. “Teena, I want my phone back and I want access back to my personal mail.”

Teena was about to launch at him with a hearty ‘FUCK YOU’, but I waved her off and said, “Rick we need to have a meeting with just us and we can resolve all of this. I suggest Wednesday evening in a public place.”

Rick snorted, “I will have my lawyer with me for that.”

“You might want to reconsider that position, given the information we have on what you have done. If you don’t like our proposal, we can always ‘go to the mattresses’; but, I don’t think that is in either of our interests,” I said reasonably.

Rick was silent for a few seconds and finally said, “Okay, but this is just between Teena and me.”

“No chance Rick,” I asserted. “It could have just been between the two of you. Now you have escalated the conflict and there is no way that Teena will see you unaccompanied.”

“I suggest that we meet at Tony’s restaurant,” I offered. “They have a private glassed off room where we could have our discussion.”

“Okay, 7:00pm at Tony’s,” Rick said.

“Rick,” Şişli Escort I said, “please don’t do anything stupid between now and Wednesday. You will regret it if you do.”

The line went dead.

“How are we going to convince him to give this up?” Teena asked.

“I am sure about this meeting now,” I said with confidence. “Rick acted stupidly tonight. We have much better information with his phone and email. While we haven’t found a smoking gun there, Rick doesn’t know that.”

Teena was biting her knuckle with worry.

We all gave her a hug which eased her nerves.

I left a message with my boss that I wouldn’t be in for the next two days. After that message, I sent one to my security contact and suggested that I meet with him and the P.I., in person, tomorrow afternoon.

I felt bad not telling the women about my additional information. I was pretty sure that some of it might be illegal and the only way to avoid them being caught up with any of those ramifications was to keep it to myself.

We were all coming down from the adrenaline rush and needed to call it a night. We all crashed in Denise’s bed together without anything happening sexually.

Chapter 2: Information Warfare

I woke up early the next morning and extricated myself from the mass of limbs around me. I knew enough about Denise’s kitchen to get coffee and eggs started.

Teena was the first to join me. “Ray, thanks for all your help. I don’t know what I would have done without Denise and you.”

“We will get through this,” I said. “Together.”

Denise and Samantha wandered in, as the coffee pot stopped sputtering. I served Denise, Teena, and me a coffee. Samantha turned it down with a frown. Her loss.

Teena and Denise had called in sick, and Samantha wasn’t going to go to school.

The women were going to go through Rick’s email and messages with a fine-toothed comb today and create a timeline with all the messages.

I claimed that I had to go into the office in the afternoon, when I was actually meeting the P.I. and security contact.

We met at the P.I.’s office. At the meeting, my security contact gave me a jump drive with all the email and message history. The P.I. gave me a record of his tail on Rick yesterday, along with a jump drive of photos. He said that they would make for some interesting viewing. I thanked them both profusely, and paid them in cash.

I went home and fired up my desktop that had three screens and started piecing all the information I had together. It was dinner time and I had to get back to the girls. I had a good idea of how Rick had done everything, and a rough idea of how to confront him. I moved all the info to my laptop and headed back to Denise’s place.

I was greeted by them all, as Denise let me in. They showed me what they had figured out. It was consistent with my research, but they didn’t have all the details. I convinced Teena to give me her banking info during the evening so I could check on the transactions. I asked to use Rick’s phone in prep for the meeting, as well. I thought it might be useful, although I assumed the ladies had scoured it for information.

Denise had cooked and we all ate together. The mood was ominous, and the conversation didn’t flow. We were all nervous about tomorrow.

After dinner, we played a game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ which did break the tension somewhat. We all went to bed together again. We joked about getting intimate, but we were all too wound up and nervous.

The next day, I went to ‘Best Buy’ and bought a cheap laptop for cash. I was now going to commit a crime and wanted to do everything I could to protect myself. Using an air-gapped computer was a start. There would be now, no way to pin this computer to me; unless I put my personal details into it.

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