Mom’s in Town Ch. 22

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With only Rachael and Christine at the bar, the scene got very quiet.

“Love the shoes. Isn’t Christophe a dear?”

“Thank you so much for everything. The shoes are fabulous and Christophe is something special.”

They continue their conversation talking about nothing in particular until Rachael sees Max come into the bar. The loose slacks due nothing to hide the fact that he is well hung. The long bulge, emphasized by the dark shadow cast by the low light, rolls back and forth across his thigh as he walks toward them.

“Mrs. Smith, I’m Max. So glad you decided to join us. Perhaps I should thank your husband for your decision.”

“Please call me Christine. After being pampered this afternoon, I should be thanking you. Rachael told me a few things but I am still curious. I told my husband what I think is going on, but I would like to hear more. My husband and I are not swingers but we both love sex. I love all aspects while he mainly likes to watch and take pictures. He also loves to go down on me after sex. It is one of the only ways he can get it up. The other way is when he looks at the pictures of me having sex with others. i know that the pictures he shares with friends gets them hard and they jerk off over them. He calls them tributes and he has quite a collection of them. He says I have a lot of followers.”

“We’ll get to everything – but first – I know you have a husband, any children?”

“Yes, Roger is my husband and just one child. That’s why I was in town this weekend. He started…oops I guess I should say she just started at university. His name was Brian but he confessed to me yesterday that he is trans and wanted to be called Briana. I was shocked but I think I handled it OK. I have not told my husband yet. I will do that when I get home.”

“Does Briana know about your activities?”

“Yes. She didn’t, but she has a part time job and when I went there to visit her, I accidently ran into his boss who spilled the beans. There I go, getting the pronouns all mixed up. I’ll get used to it. The boss and I had had sex a few times and when he saw me yesterday, he had me suck him off. He didn’t know Briana was related to me and he had me do it right in front of my son.”

“Really? Where did this happen?”

“Briana works a few nights a week at the adult shop a few blocks away.”

“I know the store. I know the owner and, if your son is young, with androgynously girlish features and medium to long blond hair, I know him too. The store sells some products our company still produces and I stop in to check the inventory. Last time I was in was about a week ago and the clerk – might have been your son – was studying but when I came in, he came around the store with me. I had stopped to count the number of displays items and when he knelt to rearrange some things he was right in front of me. I guess he saw the lump in my pants and “accidently” bumped into it. It happens that I was horny so I just stood there while he apologized. He got the message and when I didn’t react he looked up at me and I just nodded. He stroked it a few times before he leaned his cheek against it. He was very gentle as he mouthed it a few times through my slacks and I started to get hard. Then when he went further, and reached up to undo my zipper, I knew he was really going to do it. We were in the corner of the store, under the convex security mirror and I could see we had a little privacy, so I helped him with the zipper. I love it when someone takes it out for me, I find it very sexy, so when he reached up to do it, I just let him. He was very anxious to see what it looked like but when he fished around it flopped out and he was taken aback by how big I am. He looked apprehensive but soon had me in his mouth and he has quite a talented tongue. He took it bareback, no condom. I hate condoms. Does he get that from his mother? Anyway he insisted I cum in his mouth so I did. He took the whole load, then cleaned me up. Not a mark on the slacks. Not sure if it was your son but it was Sunday night. If it was him, he is a great cocksucker. What would you think about me meeting him again sometime…in the hotel here, perhaps with you?”

“Oh my. What a coincidence. It might have been him, he does work Sunday nights. I saw him give a blowjob so I know he sucks cock and from what I could see and hear, he is good. You would have to ask him, but I invited him and his roommate for breakfast tomorrow morning. There I go again. I invited her and her trans roommate.”

“Let me know if they accept so I could stop in and say hello.”

Rachael was keenly listening to the conversation. She loved to be in the know and this trait had served her well with Ross and Max. “Why don’t we take our drinks to our table and continue this conversation while we look at the menus?”

“Good idea Rachael. She has always been bossy even as a little girl. Let’s go.”

The trio moved toward a table in the corner and while Max stopped to say hello to Brice and Barbara the two women sat down leaving an empty Ataköy escort chair between them.

“That was quite a reveal about Briana. What was more shocking; her coming out to you as transgender or her sucking cock in front of you? Even more imagine her maybe having already done Max.”

“It is hard to say. Did I always suspect about trans? No, but in hindsight there were signs, I just never connected the dots. Sucking cock not so much, as I was felt he had more affinity for boys than girls. What did shock me was that he went down on this man right in front of me. But it likely shocked him when I went down the store owner in front of him. He stayed over last night so we could talk about everything. He also saw me last night with the hotel manager and head of security and then this morning he held Hamid’s cock while I sucked it. Then he aimed it at my mouth so Hamid could empty his load. I guess by now neither of us have any secrets”

“So that was her, your daughter, accompanying you on the security video feed last night?”

“Yes. I hope its ok?”

“Not a problem, just something I did not know. What do you think about Max’s idea – meeting Briana? Could you and your husband be open enough in front of Briana to both enjoy yourself and help us? Or, should we not go down that road?”

“I am not sure. My husband as an inkling because Briana held the camera phone so he could watch me give Hamid a blow job and cum in my mouth, but he has no idea that Briana can eat pussy just as well as she can suck cock.”

“How do you know she eats pussy?”

“Well, I guess the cat is out the bag. She went down on me and ate me out to a couple of fabulous orgasms. She chewed me out, went deep with her tongue and suckled my clit. She is good. Even, if as her mother, I do say so myself.”

“Wow, your own daughter eating you out. That is so wild.”

Overhearing only the last part of the conversation as he returned to the table and sat between the two women. “What’s wild?”

“Just that, not only does Christine find out she has a new trans daughter, but that the daughter sucks cock, but also eats pussy.” Rachael shared with Max.

“Well, for your sake, all the more reason to meet her.”

“What have you decided on for dinner?”

“Something lite, since I want to leave room for your cock later on.” Rachael said as a matter of fact.

“You had it this morning. You want it again?

“I want it whenever I can get it.”

Christine listened to the banter and tried to understand the relationship. They both saw her questioning eyes and before Rachael could say anything Max spoke.

“Don’t mind us. Ever since Rachael was a little girl she was precocious. She is staying at my apartment until she finds one of her own and she wakes me up every day with a blow job. She loves it.”

“I really do. I get up early, go for a run, come home, have a shower then wake uncle Max up by going down on him. I love his cock. Ever since I was a little girl and didn’t know any better. My friend Gloria and I found her brother’s porn stash and in it was a CD of Max. When we watched I learned what men do with their penises but was scared at how big my uncle’s cock was. I told Gloria he was my uncle. She didn’t believe me so when we had a 4th of July family gathering, I invited her along. That evening when it was dark, everyone was lying on the grass watching fireworks. She and I were near to uncle Max. He was lying back on his elbows with this knees bent so I asked if I could lean against this legs as a back rest. He said yes and, when we scooted around, I put my hand behind me. His penis had been sticking out the leg of his shorts and it was long enough to be lying on the ground. I put my hand right on it. He got so scared and started to apologize but I stopped him by giving it a squeeze. He looked at me and I looked at Gloira, then we all looked at my tiny hand on his really big cock. Gloria squealed but it was at the same time as some fireworks burst so no one noticed. He put his finger to his lips to tell us to be quiet but he didn’t move. I touched it again and it started to get harder and even longer. I was leaning beside one leg and Gloria the other – each of us had a hand on it. Fireworks don’t last that long but during that time, we explored all of him. The head of his cock is huge and smooth, the shaft hard and fat and his balls – round hangers in large hairless sacks. Gloria said she likes the thick heavy shaft best. Me, I like the smooth head, especially when it is in my mouth and my tongue working the underside and slipping into the pee hole. Anyways, when the fireworks ended, I rolled over to get up and for some reason I gave his cock a kiss and a lick. Gloria was shocked but, when I told her later that I tasted some kind of liquid on the end of his cock, she wanted to try some too. I asked my dad if uncle max could drive Gloria home at the end of the evening. When he did, I went along for the ride. We asked if we could see it again, so he pulled over on a secluded side Ataköy escort bayan road and told us it had to be our secret. Gloria was in the back seat and wanted to see as well, so uncle Max said we should all move into the back and that he would sit in the middle.”

“Let me interrupt here. I just want to make sure you don’t get the wrong idea.” Max interrupted. “I wasn’t going to fuck them, but I was happy to let them see my cock and hoped they would play with it. I had had a couple of beers and was feeling horny but I knew where to draw the line.”

“We didn’t know anything about what could happen. On her brother’s CD the man had put his thingy into the woman but anything more was beyond us. So there we were sitting on either side of him, not knowing what to do. Uncle Max waited and then said – if you want to see it, you need to undo my pants and take it out yourself. I looked at Gloria and we both reached for the belt, button and zipper. Uncle Max wiggled his hips a bit and the shorts he was wearing loosened up. We slid them down to his knees, he spread his legs and we saw all of his cock for the first time. We were both speechless but excited at the same time. It began to grow longer and fatter as we watched, then it began to arc up in the air. By then was longer than my forearm and the head seemed as big as my fist. We just watched until he said – go ahead and touch it if you want. I reached for the head while Gloria tried to get her hands around the thick shaft. I found it so very scary. Every time I touched it, it bobbed and twitched. I was fascinated.”

“I have to say that I had no idea any of this was going to happen but was willing to let it ride.” Max stated.

“I think none of us knew what was going to happen but when Gloria and I started playing with it, it got real quiet in the car. Both of us were feeling his cock then we began to caress it. I think uncle Max said we should put our mouths on it, but even if he didn’t we soon did. I wanted more of what I tasted earlier and Gloria did not want to be left out. We were both licking and sucking the head when Gloria began to work her way down the veiny texture of the hard shaft. As a kid I had always love jawbreakers and sucking on the head of his cock was exactly like that. It completely filled my mouth. I don’t know how long it went on for but, Gloria liked the shaft, and was soon on floor between his legs sucking on his balls.

“You are right. It got hot and heavy pretty quick and, between you, with your mouth full of my cock, and your friend Gloria, working by balls over, I started to jerk myself off. It was such a hot scene, better than any porn movie that I had done. I was stroking hard and fast when I realized that, if I came, we were in for a hell of a mess. Neither of you girls had any experience with cock, never mind a big one like mine. Plus that night I was carrying quite a load, so I told myself to hold off. It was one of the hardest things I ever did… willing myself to back down from cumming all over you, but I felt I had to. It was not the time nor the place. We would have had a huge gooey mess, so I made myself stop and asked the girls to stop.

“Yes, it was really disappointing and we were both afraid we were not doing it right or had done something wrong. We stopped because we thought that we were in trouble. But, we all got back in the car and dropped Gloria off at her house. We watched her go inside to make sure she was home safe. It was just uncle Max and me coming home, so I asked him if I could see it again. He hesitated but pushed back the driver’s seat and nodded his head indicating I should undo his shorts. I leaned over the center console and undid his pants. I reached inside for his cock and pulled it out. The house’s porch light, through the windshield was enough for me and I just stared at the enormous thing as he started the car and turned around in the driveway to drive home. By the time we hit the main road, with only the dash lights shining, I had it in my mouth.

“And for the most part she has had it in her mouth ever since. She is addicted to my cock and loves the taste of cum, well my cum anyway.” Max said proudly, while Rachael seemed flushed and anxious with the discussion.

“Uncle Max, although we can agree I love your cock, tonight is not about me. It is about Christine.” Rachael interjected as she put her hand on this thigh. “We’ll get to this later, don’t worry.” and, with a soft slow caress, ran her hand down his large and fattening cock.

Christine watched as her dinner companion pulled lengthwise on the obviously huge member. Max relaxed, enjoying the attention, leaned back in his chair and let Christine savor the action. The hidden member flexed and twitched as it tried to grow larger in the confines of the slacks. She could see, down toward his knee, a clear foreboding outline of its gigantic head. Oh my, what have I got myself into? – she thought to herself.

Her thoughts, her fears were interrupted by the waitress brining the meal. No escort Ataköy one moved as she placed the dishes around and smiled at the diners. “Enjoy!” was all she offered perkily glimpsing the action of Rachael’s hand.

Dinner conversation was pleasant as they shared stories, inquired of each other’s likes and dislikes. Dessert and coffee were declined as it was obvious to all parties that the time had come to proceed upstairs. Christine was little surprised at the lack of flirting, given what was about to happen. Rachael cleared that up as she signed for the check.

“Uncle Ross is Mr. Foreplay, he loves to finger and go down on a woman. Uncle Max well, let’s just say he saves himself for the real deal.”

As they stood and moved toward the door Rachael waved to Ross and his guests indicating they were heading upstairs. Sindi nodded in acknowledgement and returned to sipping her wine.

On the way to elevator, Max insisted on finishing the story.

“So anyway, like I was saying, we were returning home. Rachael had been sucking on my cock while I drove. She seems to have a natural talent for edging me. She was really working me over with her mouth and tongue. I was as hot and hard as I had ever been. My young niece, who had never seen a cock before, is beyond a natural – she is gifted. It got to the point where I had pull over. I was beyond stopping. I had to cum.

We were close to a shopping center so I pulled in and found a dark corner to park. I knew I had real load and needed to get out of the car. I opened the door and stood almost naked with my shorts now around my ankles. Rachael had moved into the driver’s seat and sat there watching as I masturbated furiously. It was more intense than any other time in my life…all the porn stars included. My fist was pumping my shaft and I was talking dirty, you know like:

“You little cunt, you cock sucker. See how hard you got me. I am so hard, I gotta cum. I need to cum” you know stuff like that.

Within a minute I shot a huge wad about 6′ into the air and far beyond the open car door. It fell with a huge splat on the warm black asphalt. Rachael was staring and when I said “You want some of this? You want some of Max’s milkshake?” she just nodded.

“Get over here then. Get your mouth on it.” I almost screamed while I squeezed my cock really hard to stem the flow. She leaned out of the car and I turned toward her as she put her small soft mouth back on the end of my cock.

“Open your mouth, take it all Rachael. Let’s see how good a cock sucker you really are. Get your mouth open. I am going to finish cumming in your mouth.” I ordered as I released the pressure.

“You wanted it. Here it comes. Swallow it. Swallow it all you cum slut. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I hollered as my orgasm hit me like a sledge hammer and one of the biggest loads of my life continued to empty into her. She took rope after rope – at least a week’s supply of creamy cum. Her lips were tight around my cock. Nothing escaped – she was amazing. When I was completely empty she still kept me in her mouth and then cleaned me up. Not a drop, not a trace was left. I was so completely overcome from the intense ejaculation that my legs were shaking. I had to hold onto the car door so I did not fall down. Then she climbed back into the passenger seat.

In the elevator and in full view of the security camera, Rachael stood next to Max and blatantly rubbed her hip on the long bulge in his dress slacks. Christine felt Rachael took her hand in hers and pressed it against the straining bulge.

“This is for you.”

Christine felt the hardening shaft through the smooth fabric of Max’s slacks. She felt a small spasm cause it to jump in fingers. The width felt enormous and she imagined the girth that it represented. Her fingers traced down its length until she had to bend over slightly to continue her exploration. The prominent plum sized head was clearly noticeable as she circled it lightly with her fingers while giving an exploratory squeeze to the shaft.

Max took her shoulders and spun her around. He pulled her gently but without hesitation back so his straining cock was between her ass cheeks.

Looking at Max, “This is for you.” Rachael said as she raised the rear hem of micro mini dress and let the smooth naked cheeks envelope the rod that was trapped inside her uncle’s pants.

“Careful, I’m so wet, I might stain the front of your slacks.”

“Don’t worry. You would not be the first one to do that.” Max replied as he leaned in to nibble on the nape of her neck. The slit in the miniscule dress allowed him to slide his hands up to her naked waist. The smooth taut skin felt like silk and just as he squeezed her tightly the elevator reached the penthouse level.

“Saved by the bell.” Max offered with a sly smile as he gallantly pulled her hem down. The slinky material molded to her butt and the crevice where his cock had been was buried in shadow…accentuating the promise that lay ahead.

Rachael took Christine’s hand, led the way down the plush corridor, swiped her pass card and entered the suite. Max followed, and after entering, closed the door. The luxurious furniture and oriental carpets that Christine saw earlier in the day, provided a sumptuous and exotic backdrop for the evening’s events to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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