More Fun with Frank , Bill Ch. 07

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Mike had planned on being away with his golfing pals for the Scottish open golf, (sadly almost ruined by our usual Scottish ‘summer weather’) so I knew that I had a full weekend to myself.

Frank had arranged with Bill for the two of them to hire a caravan for the weekend, on the pretence with Bills wife of going fishing. They had informed me that I was in for a ‘treat’ and to make sure that I packed plenty sexy undies and ‘stuff.’

I did as asked and packed three different outfits:

My red stockings, basque style top and thigh high white boots,

My white, lacy suspender and teddy set.

And finally a pair of crutchless, black suspender style tights (pantyhose for our American cousins.)

I also made sure I took a selection of my toys with me and also on the day of leaving I popped in a set of love beads up my increasingly wet pussy for the journey!

I was to meet the two of them at a local garage/service station after they had driven off from Bills house.

I was eagerly anticipating the meeting as I hadn’t seen the two of them together for several weeks, and secretly I had hoped that maybe Bills friend Ron was coming up from England as well.

I hoped this was to be my ‘treat’ or at least his huge cock would be!

I impatiently awaited them arriving and was getting increasingly hot down below from the thought of seeing them again and the undoubted major fucking I was going to be getting over the next 36 hours or so.

Mike had sent me off with a good ‘seeing to’ the previous night, and had instructed me to enjoy myself, and not to ‘wear the old boys out.’

Little does he know, but they are amazingly agile and are such horny devils once they get going!

I have trouble keeping up with the pair of them!

Anyway, after a wait of ten or so minutes they arrived, and we decided to park my car at a local car park and take Bills for the journey. I was instructed to sit in the back, to make myself comfortable for the wee journey to the coast ahead.

I had dressed casually, in tight jeans and a t-shirt. On meeting Bill couldn’t help commenting on my stiff nipples as soon as he clapped eyes on me. At this point he didn’t know my string of love beads were rolling around my increasingly wet cunt at the same time!

The journey was a pleasant one with the two of them refusing to tell me what the treat awaiting me was.They would only tell me I would really enjoy it.

Once we had arrived at the park we went for a little stroll around and then to the on-site bar for a meal and a drink.

The rest of the other people there seemed a mix of families, some couples and the usual gangs of loud teenagers roaming about. We had a pleasant drink and a bite to eat before wandering back to the caravan.

It must have looked a little odd, me and the two of the older guys walking hand in hand alternately as we made our way back.

Once inside we settled down to a bit of smooching. We sat on the caravan settee area, me between the two guys. We kissed and I made sure to swap between them, french kissing them in turn as we sat together.

The windows had curtains that only about 1/3rd covered them, so anyone passing by and peeking in to see may have gotten a little surprise!

The two of them really enjoy a good frenching and Bill loves me to probe his mouth with my tongue really deeply as we kiss and to lick his face and ears as we snog and smooch.

Bill had begun to rub at my legs, his hands working their way up to my crotch area and giving the front a good rub. I eagerly opened my legs for him, spreading them wide in my jeans. Frank was eagerly watching and the three of us were loosening up well.

After a few minutes Frank asked if I would like to change into something ‘more comfortable’ for our first bit of fun.

I teased him by asking what was more comfy than jeans and we all laughed as he said, “You know what I mean.”

I teasingly replied, “Yes I know what you want you dirty old bugger, you want me tarted up, now what set do you want?”

And with this I gave them a choice of which outfit I would get changed into first.

Frank was very keen for the crutchless tights, but I had hoped to wear them later for going out in, with a shortish skirt I had taken.

Bill settled it by agreeing on the white set for starters.

I made my way to the bedroom area and proceeded to get changed.

The two guys sat waiting for me to return, pouring us some more drinks, getting themselves comfy and also getting the portable DVD player set up for our viewing.

My fanny was wet enough already, from the anticipation of the fucking to come, from the beads rolling around in it and from the rubbing my crotch had taken from Bill as we snogged.

As I changed I made sure on keeping the love beads stuffed right up me, replacing my knickers for the white set that matches my stockings and basque.

I put on my thigh length boots and made my way out into the main area of the van.

As I stepped into the main area I noticed that the dirty acıbadem escort buggers hadn’t even closed the curtains!

I was stood in the middle of the caravan, dressed in thigh high white boots, a white basque and stockings set and see thru knickers!

“You dirty, rotten sods,” I laughed as they wolf whistled at me as I came out. “Get them closed.”

Bill laughed as he finally closed the curtains, “Och if anyone saw they will just be jealous.”

“Too fucking right,” Frank said.”You look fucking gorgeous Anna.”

I thanked him for the compliments and did a little twirl for them.

“You like it then?” I teasingly asked,sucking on my finger coyly as I said so

“Look at my cock and tell me if I do,” was Bills response. With this he dropped his trousers to show off a massive hard on, his prick, red and straining as it sprang out of his briefs.

“I would say so,” I replied. “And I like what I can see. That’s why my cunt is sopping wet and aching for that fucking huge cock up it.”

I was beginning to get that familiar feeling of dizzy abandonment that comes with being really turned on.

“You like mine too?” Frank asked and again he sprang his meat out of his briefs as he asked.

“You know I fucking love your cock,” I said. “To be honest fucking any cock, I am so fucking horny now I would fuck the whole of this camp site.”

I knew this is how they liked to hear me talk. they love me to act the harlot, the wanton slut and the acting doesn’t come too hard at times for me!

“Well you will have to do with these two … for now ” was Bills teasing reply, a smile as he emphasised the “for now” bit.

The DVD had begun to play on the small TV screen.

Scenes of group fucking were flashed around, the titles were starting ‘Gang Bang Party’ as I made my way beside my two gorgeous, older fuck partners.

I made my way over to them and again took my usual position between them. On doing so I opened my legs as wide as I could to let them both have access to my inner thighs and up my stocking encased legs to my wet panties.

Bill slowly began to rub the front of my panties as Frank began to fumble inside my basque, squeezing and toying with my titties and nipples.

I lay back,I felt like I was in heaven.

I was being pleasured by my two old lovers, dressed as a wanton slut, in a caravan, in the middle of the afternoon.

Outside I could hear people speaking as they walked past, hear the loud music coming from the teenagers partying across from us. I felt wickedly dirty and so turned on.

I slowly began to move my hands across to both my lovers cocks. I took each one in an alternate hand. Bill to my left, his fingers still working away at my pantie covered fanny, and Frank to my right.

I slowly began to wank them both simultaneously, slowly, steadily, wanking their cocks up and down. Taking their skins right back and tugging them forward in long sensual movements.

As I did so, they both continued toying with me at the same time, their cocks stiffening with each wanking motion.

Bill then slowly began to slip my panties down my legs and stopping as they became taut around my ankles. So at this point I was sat with my legs apart, Frank sucking on my tit as I wanked him slowly. Bills cock in my other hand, tossing him off in a nice steady rhytym, my knickers stretched around my ankles as my cunt dripped with juice from all the attention.

On the DVD a woman was being gang fucked by at least 7 men, cocks everywhere.

Bill then noticed my beads as he slipped a finger up me.

“What’s this? You dirty little slut!”

“I’ve had them up me since I left the house,” I brazenly replied.

“Your cunt is sopping and they are covered in your cum,” Bill said loudly as he slowly eased them out of me.

Frank took a moment from suckling on my tit to watch the string of black beads emerging from my moist, sopping wet pussy.

“That’s my dirty girl,” he said as they both took it in turns to feel and sniff the beads, my juices having coated them heavily in my sticky cum.

They then served them to me for me to lick and suck my juices off. Both of them getting on the floor to lap at my pussy and legs at the same time whilst I did so. They simply ripped my knickers off, tossing them to one side.

“You wont fucking need knickers again this weekend,” Bill told me.

“Your’e our fuck slut, do you understand.”

“Go on then,” I urged them. By now my lust had overtaken me, I felt wild and abandoned.

“Lick my fucking cunt out, and get some fingers up there too.”

I was then licked and nibbled by them in turn, the other getting some fingers up me, so as one licked at my clit the other finger fucked me and vice versa.

“Im gonna cum, oh my fucking christ I’m gonna cum off,” I told them as my first major climax began to build. “Don’t stop,” I pleaded with them.

I began to leak heavily onto Bills fingers and he slipped them out of me as I violently began akbatı escort to shake. My eyes rolled into the back of my head a my orgasm shook me to my bones.

Frank was getting his mouth totally immersed in my cunny and lapping at my cunt as I climaxed all over his face.

After I had cum off quite heavily, it was my turn to have some fun with the guys rampant cocks.

I stood up and got the two of them to sit side by side on the settee area. I then alternated between their throbbing members, lovingly sucking and licking their shafts up and down the full engorged lengths.

I continued sucking them off, wanking the other one off as I sucked on one. Whilst doing so I was on my knees.

I then stood up and walked into the bedroom area and got one of my large vibrators. I returned to the two guys, who both were watching me intently, each pulling on their straining cocks as I approached them.

They were both sporting massive swollen pricks by now. Their cock heads all shiny and red. Frank was dribbling some pre cum from his knob, which I sluttily bent down and licked off, like a cat that had gotten the cream!

I placed my vibrator in an upright position on the floor, steadying it with my left hand and squatted down on it, taking its length up me.

In this position I was able to continue sucking the guys off plus I also had my cunny filled with my toy. It felt amazing. My vibro humming away up me whilst I got to work on my two old lovers cocks.

At one point they both had their pricks stuffed into my mouth, me kneeling down and them feeding me their throbbing tools as I eagerly acted the slut for them.

After a few minutes of me sucking on them, both together and one at a time, I was ready for some cock up me.

“Lets get those cocks up me now,” I said to them, smiling at them both.

I was placed on all fours facing the porno playing on the TV screen … My eyes taking in the scene on the DVD as a beautiful young blonde teenager was being pounded by four large black men.

“Your’e just like the slut on the T.V,”, Frank told me. “Look at her taking loads of cock, she’s fucking loving it.”

Frank got behind me first and began to slip his hard length up me. Bill stood to one side and watched me taking a fucking from behind, urging Frank on.

“Fuck the slut hard,go on ride her cunt.You tart Anna you love it don’t you!?”

I responded by letting a volley of filth from my mouth.

“I fucking want all your spunk you dirty bastards, fucking shag me like the cheap slut I am. Go on fuck it, fuck it hard,spank me. Spank my arse as you fuck me.”

Frank willingly obliged, spanking my ass with his hand as he rode me deep and hard. After a while they swapped places, Bill taking his turn on me from behind and Frank watching.

Then I was subjected to some arse fucking by them both. They took turns in guiding their cocks up my arsehole as I was again on all fours.

After they had both been up my arse for a little while, things started to get close to spunking time for them.

Whilst Frank fucked me up my arse in this position, Bill slid underneath me in a 69 position. I sucked on his pricks as he licked at my twat, Franks cock still buried deep up my arse.

Frank began to hump me very hard indeed, pounding my arsehole from behind.

“I’m cumming,” he exploded. “I’m going to fill your arse,” and with that he began to leak his seed up my ass hole.

I was urging him on to ‘spunk it up me.’ Bill began to twitch beneath me at the same time and a flood of his semen began to fill my mouth. I greedily sucked on his spunk as it shot deep into my throat.

His cum began leaking from my mouth as I licked his softening cock.

I was again transported to heaven, my desires being fulfilled by my two eager and perverted older lovers.

Once the first session was completed we then settled down to a little relaxing after the fantastic fuck and after a few minutes cuddling we all decided to get changed.

Once changed we re-opened the curtains, having first remembered to turn the DVD off!

We then settled down to a nice chat and relax.

I was desperate to know what my surprise was and eventually after much badgering and teasing they told me.

Ron was coming up on the train later in the evening!!

I was thrilled. The session we had just enjoyed had really got me horny and I had been secretly hoping Ron and his huge cock would be on the menu at some point!

“We are collecting him at eight” I was informed.

“Then we thought we could all go the on-site bar for a drink and maybe a dance?”

“Sounds nice to me,” I replied. “But later, I want you all.”

I was greeted by the two of them smiling.

“Oh don’t worry love, Ron is keen to renew acquaintances. He will be more than ready for you.”

As the time approached to leave to collect him later in the afternoon/early evening I was sent away to change and get ready.

I had packed a little black mini skirt, aksaray escort a kind of a ra-ra skirt style and had packed my black suspender style tights to go under it, and I decided on no knickers.

I knew it was just long enough to cover the gaps, but short enough to be interesting to anyone wanting a little glimpse of my legs and the thrill of people guessing if I was wearing stockings or not. I wore a black blouse on top with a black lacy bra. I also had a pair of my black high heels on.

On seeing me the guys gave me another wolf whistle and I was also made up heavily with lots of lipstick and blusher.

“You look fucking hot as hell,” Frank told me.

I again thanked him and we made our way to collect Ron. On getting into the car I noticed the two younger guys from the caravan opposite eyeing me up.

“They seem to have taken quite a shine to you,” Frank remarked.

I smirked in response.

Once Ron was safely collected, we all had a great catch up on the way back to the camp site, and once we had dropped our stuff off, we all made our way to the camp site bar area for a meal and some drinks.

During the night I danced with all the guys and we had found a nice corner area in the dance hall that we could have to ourselves.

As the night wore on the crowd thinned but I noticed the two young lads from the caravan across the way had stayed behind.

On getting some more drinks from the bar, the blonde one (Gary) began chatting to me.

It transpired he and his cousin (Mark) were staying at his parents caravan for the weekend and their friends had been visiting for the day only.

We chatted and he asked if the old men were my father and uncles.

I laughed and said we were just friends, this seemed to throw him a bit, but he was soon joined by Mark at the bar both of them evidently trying to chat me up!!

Bill must have seen me and came over,I assumed to rescue me, but to my great surprise he invited the lads to share a drink with us in our litttle corner.

The night wore on with me dancing with all of the men and as we all got a bit tipsy the odd grope had started happening on the dance floor, even from Gary and Mark the two young guys.

I laughed it off, feeling the effects of the few gin and tonics I had consumed, but also from the increasing feeling of hornyness that was enveloping me. As we danced nd smooched I gave them a playful squeeze on the bum as well.

On sitting back down I realised that Gary had positioned himself so that he could get a good view up my skirt as I sat down.

I didn’t try to readjust my skirt letting him get the odd glimpse up my leg and secretly hoped he could see quite a bit.

By now there were very few people left in the hall and we decided to make our way back to the caravan as the bar got ready to close for the night.

Frank then took me by surprise again by inviting the two young lads back for a ‘night cap.’

I was beginning to wonder where this was going and was a little bit apprehensive.

On walking back to the caravan, I had a chat with Frank, pulling him back from the main group, and he assured me all was okay.

He had text Mike earlier to let him know Ron had arrived safely and that I seemed to be ‘hitting it off’ with two very young lads from a nearby caravan.

Mike had simply text back: ‘Let her enjoy herself, look after her but she has my blessing for anything she wants.’

My knees were feeling weak at this point. I wasn’t sure if it was from the gin and tonics I had consumed or from this news.

“What the hell does that, mean?” I asked Frank.

“I guess it’s up to you Anna,” he said in reply. “Let’s just see what happens eh?”

So we continued our little walk back to the caravan, finally catching up to the other three.

“And what have you two been doing?” Ron asked.

“I saw you lagging behind. I hope you haven’t been hogging Anna all to yourself Frank!”

I could see Mark and Gary looking inquisitively at this statement by Ron.

Once inside we were given some more drinks by Bill, the guys all settling down to another beer and me having another wee G&T.

We had all sat down best we could, me on the settee area, in between Bill and Ron.

Frank had sat opposite us on the other settee bit and the two lads had found themselves a spot each on a couple of deck chairs.

We chatted and found out a little more about the two cousins. Mark was 19 and Gary 18, both at college.

They enquired politley as to how I came to be staying with three older men. Frank was smirking as he told them that we were all ‘friends.’

Gary had noticed my wedding ring and it was Bill who told them.

“Her husband is a friend too.” This seemed to give the lads enough information without them asking the obvious questions.

I noticed that my skirt had again ridden quite high up, exposing a lot of my leg and I was sure that the top of my thigh where the nylon stocking style tights ends would have been visible as I crossed my legs.

I saw Gary say something to Mark as they both looked across at me.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Sorry?” Mark said.”What was what?”

“What was that you two were whispering about?” I smiled as I said it.

They both went red, blushing from the question.

The tension had become apparent in the room.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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