More Tales from the Closet

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More Tales from the Closet

Hello kiddies this is your Closet Keeper with yet another delicious and naughty tale from a bit of sexy drama that started in… you guessed it, the closet.

Jimmy, turned eighteen on October 5, 1999, and for his birthday his mom, Ellen Grant, wanting to give him something a bit different and unexpected, gifted him a cute, four month old midnight black kitten they named Boxer. Just six months earlier, the beloved family cat at age of fifteen finally passed away. Ellen knew Jimmy, like herself, really missed the cat so she thought a gift of a new kitten would really a nice gesture.

One day, roughly a month later, Jimmy was home alone on a lazy Friday afternoon after school. Ellen was at work, she was a vice-principal at one of the local high schools, the same one Jimmy attended, and being a bit bored, Jimmy decided a game of charge and chase with the kitten was on tap.

Charge and chase was a game he invented to play with the extremely playful young cat. As the name implied, he would go running, or charging at Boxer, causing him to flee the other way, but then, after a few feet, he would stop chasing the kitten and suddenly turn and run the opposite way. In response, Boxer would turn around and chase after him.

Today, he decided to add a twist to the game. After charging at Boxer, making him flee the other way, Jimmy would turn quickly and go hide. He simply wanted to test the cat and see if he was smart enough to track him down.

His plan worked perfectly. Almost. After charging at the cat in the upstairs hallway, Jimmy turned and scampered into the first open doorway, his mom’s bedroom as it happened, and then into her closet.

Crouching down low in one of the dark corners, he waited to see if Boxer would track him down.

As Jimmy was busy hiding himself deep in her closet Ellen, after leaving the school early because of a bad headache, was just letting herself into the house. With Jimmy already settled in place and hiding in her closet, the house was quiet as she headed upstairs to her room.

Upon hearing Ellen come into the house, the alert kitty went to the top of the stairs and was waiting to greet her. Ellen looked at Boxer and quietly whispered, “Listen little kitty, I am tired and in no mood to play so…”

Scooping him up, she took him about half way down the stairs before setting him down in the middle of the steps where one of his favorite toys just happened to be laying–a colorful little catnip filled cloth ball. She kicked the ball down the stairs and Boxer immediately gave chase, allowing Ellen to escape up the stairs to her room.

Jimmy smiled to himself. He was winning this game of hide and seek as the kitty had yet to track him down. He was just starting to rise to his feet when he heard a noise out in his mom’s bedroom. The noise, ominously, was Ellen dropping her keys and purse on the nightstand next to her bed.

Sighing, Ellen plopped down on the bed and started to unbuckle her sandals with their two inch heels. After getting them off she stood up, facing the closet and started to remove her professional dark checkered suit jacket–just as Jimmy reached the front of the closet and was peering out.

He froze for a moment. It was barely past three and his mom was already home? She usually didn’t get home until well after five or later.

He was just reaching for the closet door, meaning to push it open and greet her when he suddenly stopped.

If he came out of her closet now, might she be upset, thinking he had been snooping around in there. The explanation of playing charge and chase with the cat seemed lame at best

Hesitating, he peered out of the closet, watching her, undecided as to what to do. She tossed the dark suit jacket on the bed, revealing a pretty crème colored blouse underneath which she promptly started to unbutton–as he stood silently staring out at her.

At this point, he knew the right thing to do: loudly exit the closet. Sure his mother’s initial reaction would be a combination of surprise and embarrassment, after all she was getting undressed, but if he explained how he had been playing with Boxer maybe she would understand. Maybe.

On the other hand, if he stayed real quiet… maybe a chance to escape from her closet quietly would present itself. This seemed like the plan of least resistance, with the added bonus of not having to explain why he was hiding in her closet.

He started to turn away, meaning to retreat to the back of the closet, but before he turned away completely his mom inadvertently turned his way, allowing him to get a partial glimpse of the pretty purple bra she was wearing under her half unbuttoned blouse. Purple, fortuitously, just happened to be his favorite color.

He froze. From where he stood, and with the way the closet door was opened, his angle gave him an excellent view of things as they stood.

Knowing it was wrong, but simply unable to help himself, Jimmy quietly observed as his mom patiently started undoing the last of Beylikdüzü Escort the buttons on her blouse.

He held his breath, saying a quick prayer to the Dark Gods as no decent Gods would dare honor what he was about to ask.

“Please, please don’t move away… don’t go into your bathroom,” he whispered under his breath. “Stay right there… and take your fucking blouse off.”

His prayers were answered when Ellen, standing next to her bed, lost in thought, undid the final two buttons on her blouse before pulling it out from her skirt. She paused, and then slowly–as if she was stripping just for him–took her blouse off.

Jimmy felt his cock jerk inside his jeans. The purple bra looked absolutely dreamy on his pretty mother, who, unlike a lot of mothers her age, was in damn decent shape.

Ellen stood just over five feet tall and weighed, a well fit, hundred and seven pounds. She was both pretty and petite, not to mention sweet as pie. At the age of forty-two her appealing face hardly showed any lines to mar her distinctive Filipino beauty. Her lovely black hair fell to her shoulders making it, in Jimmy’s eyes, one of her most appealing features.

Her hot looks were accented by a loving and warm personality, including a smile so inviting, so magnetic, so sly and alluring that she was indeed the stuff of wet dreams for many of the older boys at Eastgate High.

All in all, Jimmie thought very highly of his mother believing she was a stunning beauty who was only was growing finer with age. In the dark of night, alone in his bed, he often wondered what she looked like – naked. Such thoughts brought him shame, along with a powerful erection.

He stared out of the closet, his mouth watering, his cock growing firm as his eyes traveled over her flat abs and on up to her sexy bra. Then his attention was drawn downward as she casually begin to work on the zipper of her dark skirt.

He closed his eyes at this point, searching for the willpower to back away from the door. He actually managed to take one small step backwards before a small voice in his head snapped at him. Stop being such a pussy. Go on, take one more look!

The small voice shamed him into continuing to watch as he reasoned: what harm could there be in taking one more quick look?

He opened his eyes just in time to see his mom, her back was to the closet, wriggle out of her skirt.

Once he got a glimpse of the black thong she was wearing under her conservative skirt not looking anymore was a hopeless endeavor. Nor could he tear his eyes away as she turned back around to face him again. Her hands dropped to the front of her bra. Jesus she was going to take it off!

Again, she seemed lost in thought as she fiddled with the bra’s front closure clasp.

Trapped by his obsession to see his mother’s bare breasts revealed to him, Jimmy simply couldn’t look away.

Then disaster struck. He carelessly shifted his weight while pushing the closet door open just ever so slightly. Both the floor, and especially the door, creaked loudly in the silent house.

Ellen stopped undoing her bra. Jolted out of her day dreaming, she looked up, staring directly at the closet. The door was ajar and someone was in there! She knew it, could feel it as sure as she knew her name. Mainly because she always made it a habit to keep her closet door shut tightly. It went back to her childhood fear of the The Thing in the Closet which she still possessed to a certain degree.

In a scene that could be taken from countless horror movies Ellen called out, “Who is there?”

Jimmy froze, his mind whirling as to what to do.

She repeated the question, louder this time, as her fear began to dissipate. She knew who was there: it was Jimmy. It had to be which would explain why she didn’t see him when she got home.

She called out louder this time, “I said who is in my closet… Jimmy is that you?”

Still no response. Fine, she thought, he wants to play deaf let’s see if he responds to this.

“I am calling the police and tell them someone broke into the house,” she announced as she slipped her blouse back on.

When she turned and picked up the phone off her nightstand, Jimmy panicked, thinking she might just be serious, especially as she started punching numbers into her phone.

“Mom, stop… it’s me,” he said emerging from the closet.

“Jimmy! What are you doing skulking around in your mother’s closet spying on her… watching her get undressed?” she barked at him as she sat her phone back down.

“I… I was…” he started to say before stopping. Saying he was playing hide and seek with the cat would sound moronic.

As he continued to fumble about for an answer his mom’s glare grew hotter. She wanted an answer. Finally he mumbled, “Sorry it was an accident,” he said dumbly.

“Really, Son… are you going to stand there and tell me you ‘accidently’ ended up in my closet… and then ‘accidently’ watched me get undressed?”

“Mom it was…”

He didn’t get Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan far with his proposed explanation before she abruptly cut him off.

“Go… get out,” she fairly yelled at him while pulling her blouse tightly around her body, suddenly feeling very self-conscience about her small breasts. She was embarrassed more than she was angry, but she couldn’t tell him that.

After the incident in her bedroom, like a dark cloud, an icy silence developed between them. Jimmy, embarrassed by being caught in her closet watching her get undressed, even if that was not his original intent there was no denying the end result, locked himself away in his room for the next week.

After a week of this Ellen finally had enough. One night, after they fumbled their way through another tense dinner, barely speaking, as he was getting up from the table she snapped at him, “Sit back down young man. We are going to talk about this.”

“Fine,” he replied sighing heavily.

“OK, so as I remember from our little incident in my bedroom, I did not give you a chance to explain. That was wrong on my part. I should have let you explain, but the fact was your mother was simply too angry and embarrassed at you catching me undressed to want to hear any kind of explanation but now I am prepared to listen… so talk.”

“OK, well, this is going to sound lame but the truth was…” He paused as almost on cue Boxer came slinking into the dining room meowing. “It was sort of his fault.” He pointed at the cat as it came up to his mother.

“Boxer’s fault,” Ellen asked as she reached down and stroked the cat’s head.

“Yeah, well, sort of. You see that afternoon I was playing a game with Boxer. It is kind of silly but I was bored.”

Jimmy proceeded to give her a brief explanation of what transpired up to the point where he had ducked in the closet… somehow hoping that would be enough.

It wasn’t. “Go on tell me the rest. I know there is more.”

He paused to collect his thoughts before launching into the real damning part of his confession. Deciding to keep it as simple as possible he said, “Then you came home early.”

“Yes, I wasn’t feeling well.”

“When I heard you come in the room I got worried right away thinking you would be upset, me being in your closet, so I sat there in the back trying to figure out what to do and then by the time I decided to just come out of the closet and explain things you… you were already…”

He paused again, obviously very embarrassed. Taking pity on him, Ellen finished for him. “But I was already getting undressed and now you couldn’t come out or you would look real guilty. Am I right?”

“Yeah. I really hoped you would go into the bathroom or go back downstairs and I would be able to slip out of the closet and you would never know I was there. No harm, no foul and Mom, really, I didn’t watch you get undressed.”

He knew it wasn’t cool to lie to her, but how could he admit the truth.

“Didn’t quite work out that way huh? The no harm, no foul part,” she said with a smile designed to let him know she was not too upset by his explanation.

“No,” he said as he watched her smile at him. “Earlier you said you were angry and embarrassed about thinking I was watching you get undressed. I guess I can understand the anger part but why were you embarrassed, Mom.”

“I guess I was embarrassed honey because I figured seeing me like that, you know undressed, you discovered my secret.”

“What secret?”

“There is a reason honey why your mom, geez I can’t believe I’m about to tell you this, but we need to get everything out in the open so there is a reason why I always wear padded bras. It’s to make me look bigger. You are eighteen, you know exactly what I am talking about. Your mom, sadly is flat chested, embarrassingly so, Jimmy. That is my secret, which, I figured you found out that day.”

Without really considering how he was about to bust himself, Jimmy tried to make his mom feel better. He could tell by the pained look on her face she was in need of some kind words.

“Mom, the only secret I found out that day was… was you have a great body. I mean you have nothing to be embarrassed about Mom. Really.”

“Really honey,” she said reaching across the table to take his hands into hers. After squeezing them tight she whispered, “You truly mean that… that your mom has a great body?”

“Yes,” he said squeezing her hands back.

Withdrawing her hands from his, she leaned back in her chair while giving him the slyest of smiles.

“What is it?” he said, “Your smile is scary.”

“Oh I was just thinking how maybe you just busted yourself honey.”

“What do you mean?”

“Earlier you told me, and I quote, ‘and Mom really I didn’t watch you get undressed.’ Those were your exact words so I am wondering if you didn’t watch me get undressed how exactly do you know I have such a great body… which by your own admission was the only secret you found out that day.”

He could feel Escort Beylikdüzü his face flushing red as she went in for the kill. “Now it’s your turn to spill your secrets.”

Just like in the closet that day, he was trapped. He would have to tell her the truth. “OK, the truth is I did watch you get undressed. I guess I couldn’t help it.”

“Why is that?” she asked softly.

“Well, number one, it’s hard to explain but being in the closet like that, watching you without you knowing it was kind of exciting in a naughty sort of way.”

“Yes being naughty can be exciting sometimes honey. What else. I know there is more you aren’t telling me.”

“After I came to the front of the closet and saw you start to take off your suit jacket I sort of froze. I wasn’t sure if I should come out then, but then, like I said, I figured if I stayed quiet I could escape in a minute. I didn’t plan on watching you get undressed and was actually, starting to back away from the door when…”

“When what?” she prompted him. “Come on you can tell me. You can tell me anything I am your mother.”

“When you turned toward me unbuttoning your blouse. I… became trapped. I wanted to look away but I just couldn’t, especially after I seen how…” He paused again, obviously embarrassed before dropping his voice and finishing his full confession. “Pretty your purple bra looked on you. Purple is my favorite color you know.”

“Yes I know,” she said. “Is that all?”

He shook his head no before beginning to speak again. “And then you turned around and started to unzip your skirt and I was curious.”

“Curious to see what kind of panties your mom wears under her conservative skirt. Were you surprised?”

“Yes,” he answered.

“Pleasantly surprised maybe?” she asked hopefully.

“Christ yes Mom. You have a… real nice, you know…”

“Ass?” she said teasingly. “And your mom’s panties were… what honey?”

“Sexy,” he said after a long pause.

Reaching out she stroked the side of his face gently. “Thank you for telling me all that. I know it wasn’t easy.”

He looked away, wondering what she would think of him now.

“Look at me honey.”

He looked up at her. “I see now that my anger and my embarrassment were misplaced and I actually think I owe you an apology maybe.”

Her apology came later that night in the form of them watching a movie together cuddled under a warm blanket on this chilly fall evening. The movie they watched was the instant classic horror/thriller Scream and would eventually led them full circle and back to the closet.

Ellen normally did not like slasher movies but since Jimmy did, and she was feeling guilty, she agreed to watch it with him. After the movie, they said good night and went to bed.

The next morning during breakfast Jimmy noticed his mom was a bit cranky. He asked her what was wrong but she just mumbled something about not sleeping well and they went about their day.

When her bad mood persisted over the course of the next week, Jimmy started to get worried. His mother did not appear well, looking haggard and run down.

Finally, over dinner on the following Saturday, he demanded to know what was going on.

“I am still not sleeping well.”

“Why? Is something bothering you?”

“Yes actually there is and it all goes back to the incident in the closet.”

“It does?” he asked dumbly. He thought that was behind them.

“Do you wanna hear about it or not?” she snapped at him.

“Of course, tell me.”

They retired to the living room, where she started out their conversation by telling him how she had been plagued by the most God awful nightmares as a child and how they would repeat themselves over and over again, sometimes for a week, sometimes for a month, sometimes even longer. As she got older the problem of the nightmares dissipated some but never totally went away.

Then she told him the kicker. “Your mom’s nightmares are brought on by traumatic emotionally charged events. I learned that in the therapy my parents had me go to when I was younger.”

“You mean emotionally charged events like the incident in the closet between us.”

Ellen shook her head yes.

“Sorry Mom, Jesus is there anything I can do. I mean I thought that was behind us, we talked about things and I explained myself.”

“Yes, but I still have doubts and the doubts combined with the stupid slasher movie I agreed to watch with you the other night all conspired to give me my nightmare. The one that has been recurring for the past week.”

“Would telling me what happens in your nightmare makes things better?”

“I doubt it. I mean I talked to my parents about my nightmares when I was younger and it really didn’t help. I think we need to do more than simply talk.”

“Like what?” he said quietly.

She gave him a grave look. “I have been thinking of a possible solution but if we are going to seriously pursue it I think we will both need to be real brave so a bit of liquid courage in the form of some wine might help.”

“I wanna help so sure… I mean I never really drank wine before but I’ll try it for you.”

Five minutes later they were both sipping on a glass of wine as Ellen nervously prepared to tell him about what happened in her nightmare, and then maybe, if she was brave enough, to float her wild solution to him.

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