More Than A Massage

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This story is partially true. A few years ago I was stationed overseas in the Air Force. I was 21, and although I had more than my pick of men on the base, I remained mostly aloof. I had seen too many girls get a “reputation” for going out with too many men, and I was determined to leave with my “good girl” image intact.

There was one guy in particular, though, who caught my eye again and again. Robert was a tall, great looking light skinned black guy who took excellent care of his muscular body. I would see him lifting weights at the gym and would surreptitiously stare at him. Soon he began trying to catch my eye and started talking to me, asking me about my workouts while looking me up and down appreciatively. His stare would linger on my big tits and I would feel my panties getting wet in arousal at the heat of his stare.

One day he worked his way up to asking me out. Looking into his hazel green eyes, it was hard to say no; however, I told him I was sorry, but I just didn’t date guys on base. He looked undeterred, and asked if he could at least walk me back to my barracks. At the door to my room, I took one look at his finely toned body and almost found myself inviting him in. But he left me with a gentlemanly kiss on the cheek, much to my mixed disappointment and relief.

For the next few days I didn’t see him at the gym at all. One evening, I was laying on my bed reading in a t-shirt and panties. There was a knock on the door, and when I opened it Robert was there. He was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed all his muscles and a pair of thin, silky shorts that clearly outlined his huge cock. He looked me up and down as well, licking his lips a little. My big tits were straining the fabric of my thin t-shirt, and the shirt barely covered my round, juicy ass.

I invited him in and turned around, tits jiggling, so he could have a better look at my ass as my t-shirt rode up just a little. When I turned around again he was trying to adjust his shorts. His cock was hardening and the fat, glistening tip was peeking out of the top of his shorts, covered in precum already. I felt my pussy get hot and wet, bakire porno soaking my thin panties. But I was determined to not give up easily.

“Baby, you look damned fine,” he said softly, staring at my big nipples poking out through the thin fabric. “I have to be with you.”

“I’m sorry, Robert, but I told you–I just don’t date guys on base.”

“Mmm, baby, please,” he said, looking desperate.

“I’m sorry…” I said.

“What if I just give you a massage…would that be okay?” he asked.

“Okay, but just a rub,” I said, smiling. I went over to my bed and got on all fours to lay down, taking my time so that my huge tits swayed under me, straining the thin t-shirt, and pushed my round ass up in the air, pretending to stretch. I heard him moan softly and out of the corner of my eye I saw him rub his aching, hard cock, which was fully erect and halfway out of his shorts, the huge head shining with precum. My pussy became soaked with wetness and I knew he was going to fuck me tonight.

I got up on my knees and pulled my tshirt off, then got on all fours again slowly, my big tits swaying, the nipples brushing the bed. Now he could see all of my full, firm ass barely covered by my thin panties, clinging to my wet cunt. I laid down, and he came over and began to massage my neck and shoulders. His huge, warm hands felt great, and I melted into the bed.

He worked his way down my back and then brushed upwards, barely touching the sides of my tits as he brushed up and down with his hands. He massaged down to my legs, working his way slowly down my calves, to my feet. He massaged the arches, then lifted one foot at a time and pulled my legs slightly apart. I could feel him looking at my swollen pussy between my parted legs.

He kneaded my calves again, working the muscles with firm hands. Slowly, he slid his hands up to my knees, then my thighs, massaging and stroking them up and down. He slid his warm hands up to my inner thighs. In circles he inched his way up to just below my cunt, then worked his fingers over to the edge of my panties, slipping one finger into the brazzers slippery wetness. He slipped another finger in, then another, rubbing them lightly up and down my wet slit and shaved pussy lips.

He groaned and got off the bed, and I heard him slipping his shorts off. I peeked an eye open and looked at the huge, thick cock he was massaging with his precum mixed with my pussy juices. His big balls swayed beneath his cock, and soon his whole cock was glistening, the head fat and purple. My wetness dripped down my thighs and I ground my pussy into the bed, desperately needing him to fuck me.

He sat back down on the bed and massaged my legs again, circling up to my ass. He massaged my ass in big circles, kneading the juicy roundness.

Then he slipped his fingers into my panties again, rubbing my wet pussy up and down. He spread my cheeks apart over and over as he slid his fingers down and around my soaking cunt, and soon my whole ass and inner thighs were slippery. He moved up and straddled my back, resting his big warm cock on my ass, his heavy balls hanging down over my wet pussy. He reached up and brushed down my tits, circling to the nipples which were sticking out to the sides. His hands were still juicy from my pussy and he rubbed his slippery fingers around on my big nipples, pinching and rolling them gently.

I lifted up a little and he took a huge tit in each hand, cupping it as he let his cock slide up and down a little between my ass cheeks and his big balls rubbed the thin wet panties covering my pussy. He reached one hand back and, letting his cock slide down my ass, put the head of his big cock at my pussy hole, pushing in through the thin soaking fabric a little. I moaned and ground my pussy against it.

He slipped his cock into the side of my panties and held it there, and I could feel the head an inch from my pussy hole. He began rubbing the fat head slowly up and down my wet slit, pausing at the opening but not pushing in.

“Just a rub, right?” he murmured. In response, I arched my ass a little just as he was at the opening, and his thick cock slid in just dede porno a bit, stretching my pussy hole wide. He paused and ripped the thin wet panties off at the seams, then pulled my ass up in the air and pushed his cock slowly a little more into my hot, wet pussy.

My ass was in the air and my tits were swaying and hanging down, and he was holding my ass while he pushed his huge cock into my pussy hole. He stretched it slowly and eased it all the way in, then pulled out again and rubbed it up and down my crack. He teased my pussy by rubbing the head just past the opening over and over again, until I pushed my ass back and he slid into my pussy, stretching it again with his huge hardness. He pulled it out and again slid his thick cock up and down my soaking cunt until I was moaning and begging him to fuck me.

Finally he slid his fingers up and down my cunt and then grabbed my swaying tits and, while massaging the nipples with my cunt juices, he plunged his fat cock into my pussy hole, as I arched my ass back and slammed into him.

He fucked me slowly as he played with my huge tits, pumping in and out rhythmically, his balls gently slapping my clit. Gradually he began to go faster, and he held onto my round ass again as he pumped into my pussy.

“Oh baby, fuck me, fuck me, harder” I gasped, and he began to fuck me hard, slamming his cock into my dripping pussy over and over as his balls slapped my clit. He fucked me like this for several minutes as I moaned, my ass in the air and my huge tits swaying and jiggling under me.

Then he reached around to my clit as he continued to fuck hard and massaged my clit with his big fingers.

I began to moan uncontrollably, “Mmm, baby, fuck me, oh baby, mmmmmmm fuck me.” I began to have a huge, delicious orgasm. “Baby, oh god, I’m cumming,” I said, as he continued to pump into me and massage my clit. I came several more times in waves, moaning and writhing in ecstasy.

Finally, he grabbed my ass with both hands again and pumped hard several more times, then moaned, “Mmmm baby, oh god, yesss, baby.” He came inside me, exploding, and I came one last time.

Then he collapsed on top of me gently, his cock still in my pussy and our cum running down both our legs.

“So, all you wanted was a rub, right?” He said, breathlessly.

“Sure, you can rub me that way anytime,” I said, and we both laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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