More Than Fireworks

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I hadn’t planned on being home for the Fourth of July. I was supposed to be in New York on business. Instead, plans fell through and I was stuck at home with too much time on my hands. My family are big holiday people. Everything is an event, a huge party. For myself, I like the quiet solitude of being by myself without the big hoopla. Well, if I was going to get that, I was going to have to find the peace and quiet on my own.

My family had planned a huge picnic thing down by the lake for the Fourth. Usually, four or five other families will join ours and it turns into an old-fashioned get together ending in a huge fireworks display. For most of the day, I tried to stay out of the way, avoiding most everyone I could. My mind kept drifting to the business meetings I should have had the day before and after the Fourth. As I wandered around the lake, my hands stuck in my jean shorts pockets, I thought about my meetings, planning. I was lost in thought and not paying attention when I bumped into Clark.

I hadn’t seen Clark for about a year. He had been one of three close friends my brother always ran around with. My sister had dated him for about a year when they were in high school. I hadn’t realized his family was at this bash, or that he was even in town. Secretly, I’d always admired Chuck. I’d always had a little school girl crush on him, and my sister used to tell me about their sex life when they were dating. Here I was twenty-four and still feeling a little leap in my chest. As I looked up at him and smiled, I realized he had managed to get even cuter as he got older. He’d gotten a couple inches taller, his hair was a little lighter, not such a deep brown anymore but more sandy. His eyes were still a gorgeous green and his smile still made me weak in the knees. I realized he was talking to me and I broke out of my fog and said yes to something he’d asked me. Before I knew it, he was taking my hand and leading me towards a picnic table off to the side.

Having no idea what I had just agreed to, I sat down on the table and watched as Clark sat next to me. Evidently, I’d agreed to talk. Ok, I could handle that. Clark wanted to know what I’d been up to, how things were going. We kept up a steady conversation for about an hour. As evening fell, fireworks started going off throughout the park. The big display would come later. I shivered and Clark asked if I was cold. Maybe just a little chilled, I told him. Clark slid back on the table a little more and pulled me to sit between his legs. Pulling my back against him, Clark enveloped me in his arms. He was warm but I was getting hot.

More fireworks started and between the tiny explosions and sizzles in the air, and Clark holding me, rubbing my arms, I was beginning to get a little wired. We talked a little more and I found out that Clark had moved back into town and was working for a public relations firm. He was divorced and had a son. As he talked, his hands were gently rubbing my arms. His hands felt good, not rough but tender. I leaned back into him even more. The main fireworks display started and we looked up into the sky to watch the exploding blasts. Red then blue then green. It was spectacular.

One of the rockets fizzled and was a dud. I laughed and as I looked over my shoulder, Clark was looking at tesettürlü escort me. The sensation was immediate. Clark’s mouth touched mine, his lips pressing gently against my lips. He pulled away a little and then he kissed me again, this time harder. I heard myself moan as his tongue pushed my lips open and sunk into my mouth. I’d been hot before. Now, I was burning up. As we kissed, Clark’s hands moved from my arms to my stomach. His fingers were kneading my stomach through my shirt. I felt fireworks go off inside me. Pulling his mouth away from mine, Clark looked at me. Heat filled his eyes.

“I’ve been wanting to do that since you were sixteen. You taste better than I thought you would and I didn’t think that was possible.”

I was stunned. Clark had wanted to kiss me? His hands were still rubbing my stomach, stroking me with slow languid movements. Clark’s mouth came down on mine again and I moaned into his mouth. His lips were gently pushing against mine, his tongue slipping in and out of my mouth. Clark’s hands moved up underneath my shirt and I moaned again when I felt his hands cup my breasts. His fingers slipped over my nipples, teasing them through my satin bra. I groaned and thrust my tongue into his mouth. This time, Clark moaned.

His mouth moved from my lips to my neck. His lips nipped at my ear lobe, kissing it, sucking on it. His fingers were moving underneath my bra, stroking my erect nipples. Clark whispered in my ear, “Your nipples are so hard. Can they get harder? Will they get harder when I cover them with my mouth and suck on them? Will they?”

I moaned just listening to him talk about it. I looked around to see if we could be seen. It was too dark and we were secluded in a corner. Everyone was looking in the other direction and up at the sky as flashes of fireworks exploded above us. Clark lifted my shirt, pushing it up and over my breasts. My chest was heaving, my breath rising and falling rapidly. Clark pulled my bra down, exposing my breasts to the cool night air. My nipples shivered making me moan. I looked down and watched as Clark’s fingers played with my nubs, squeezing them, stroking them. Clark turned me in between his legs, he leaned his head down and took my nipple into his mouth. A moan escaped my lips. His tongue flicked across my nipple, back and forth, up and down. He made small circles that excited me. I could feel my pussy getting so wet.

As a rocket exploded in a torrent of red, Clark pulled my nipple between his lips. The popping sound was followed by another blast in the sky. I was moaning, writhing in between his legs. I couldn’t believe we’re in a park on the Fourth of July, families all around us, and Clark was sucking on my tit like there was no tomorrow. I could feel my body shiver over and over again. Clark grabbed my other breast in his hand, squeezing and rubbing it as his mouth devoured my nipple.

“It’s getting harder. Your nipple is getting harder for me. Are you wet? I’m gonna suck on your clit just like this.”

I moaned again, thinking about him between my legs, sucking on my clit. Clark pulled my nipple deeper into his mouth and then scraped his teeth over it as he pulled it out. I moaned over and over again, pushing his türbanlı escort head into my chest. I couldn’t believe what was happening. An orgasm started to rock me, sending shivers through my body. I was cumming just from Clark’s mouth on my tits.

Clark smiled at me. His lips touched my nipple again and I shivered wildly. I couldn’t stand it. Standing up, I lifted my shirt off over my head. Unhooking my bra, I tossed it to the table. Clark’s eyes were staring at my nipples, wet and hard from his mouth. Reaching out, I grabbed his belt. Unhooking it, I unzipped his jeans. I couldn’t wait to get to him. Opening his jeans, I reached inside. No boxers. No briefs. Just Clark. Wrapping my hand around his cock, I pulled him out into the open as he moaned. His cock was hard, pulsing in my hand. The tip was wet. It was about to get wetter.

“So, Clark. Will your cock get harder in my mouth? Will you get bigger if I wrap my lips around your head and suck? Will you get so hard that you shoot your cum into my mouth? Will you?”

As my mouth lowered over his cock, Clark moaned and pushed upwards. He was salty. Licking the tip of my tongue around his head, I tortured him slowly. Up and down, I moved my tongue, licking the underside of his cock and then twirling around the tip. Wrapping my mouth around him, I pushed down, taking all of him in my mouth. Clark groaned and wrapped his hand in my ponytail, pulling on it, lifting my mouth up and down on his cock. My mouth wrapped tighter around him, sucking him hard and slow.

Holding the base of his cock in my hand, I held him straight and licked him, sucking on the sides of his shaft. His balls were heavy and rolled between my lips. I sucked slowly, making him wait to cum. Squeezing the base of his cock with my fingers, I stopped his approaching climax. I wanted more.

Slipping my mouth down around his cock again, I sucked him, pulling him from my mouth with a pop and then slamming back down on him again. He was moaning. Fireworks exploded in the sky. Color lightened the dark as I sucked his raging cock harder and faster. His cock dripped more and more. I sucked faster and faster. Leaning forward, I wrapped my breasts around his shaft and tit fucked him slowly. As his cock pushed upwards, I stroked the tip with my tongue. Clark was thrusting upwards, begging me to blow him. With my tits wrapped around him, I sucked on the tip and pulled his orgasm. His cock squirted inside my mouth. I sucked him, swallowing every last drop. Cum dripped down my chin.

Grabbing my shirt, I wiped my mouth. Pulling it over my head, I grabbed my bra and looked at Clark. He was smiling, breathing hard and pushing his cock back into his pants.

“My place. Now.”

He grabbed my hand and pulled me through the park to his car. I sat back, watching him as he drove hellbent to his house. It wasn’t far, luckily. I couldn’t wait much longer.

“When we get there, I’m gonna rip those damn shorts off your ass and lick your pussy until you cum all over my face. Then, I’m gonna fuck that ass of yours.”

I didn’t argue. I wanted it. We pulled into his driveway. We barely made it inside the door before Clark slammed it shut and pushed me down on the floor. His hands tore tüyap escort at the zipper on my shorts. Pulling them off me, he tossed my shorts and my sandals to the side. Opening my legs, he pushed my panties to the side. I was dripping wet. Leaning forward, Clark kissed the inside of my thighs and then moved to my center.

Moaning and arching off the floor, I opened my legs wider, pulling my panties aside for Clark. His tongue moved rapidly over my wet pussy, licking me, drilling me. I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. I pushed upwards as Clark’s lips closed around my clit, pulling me into his mouth. He didn’t lie when he said he was going to suck my clit like my nipple. He did and it felt just as good.

Clark slipped his tongue inside me, pushing deep. As his tongue danced inside me, I moaned as a finger pushed up inside me. Returning to my clit, Clark sucked my hard clit as his finger thrust in and out of my tight hole. I was moaning, arching up off the floor. Another orgasm ripped through me, making me shake and groan like I was possessed.

Standing up over me, Clark unzipped his jeans and slide them down. Sliding his shoes off and then his jeans, he pulled his t-shirt off over his head. He was naked. His cock was raging hard, standing erect. Laying down on top of me, Clark slowly pushed the tip of his cock against my pussy. I opened my legs wider and wrapped them around him, pulling him into me. I had cum twice but I was still tight. He grunted as he pushed all the way in. My pussy wrapped tighter around him as he plunged in and out of me.

Clark raised my shirt again, pulling it off me, as he drove his cock in and out of my pussy. I moaned as he rammed his cock deeper and took my nipple in his mouth. I was begging him to fuck me, to fuck me harder. Another orgasm came quickly over me.

Pulling out, Clark turned me over onto all fours. Ripping my panties off me, I moaned as he rammed his cock into me from behind. My pussy was being pounded and loved it. Clark reached down and his fingers played with my clit, pulling on it, tugging hard. His balls slapped against me. I looked up and saw a mirror on the other wall. I watched Clark fucking me in the foyer. I felt his cock swell even bigger. Pulling out, Clark moved his cock up. I leaned forward more, laying at a downward tilt. Clark rubbed his wet cock over my ass and then pushed in slowly. I closed my eyes and groaned as his cock filled my ass.

“Ohhh, baby, that’s so good. Ohh yea. Your ass is so tight, baby.”

Clark talked to me as he plunged his cock deep inside my ass. Reaching down under us, his fingers played with my pussy. I moaned and pushed back against him. For the next ten minutes, Clark fucked my ass hard and slow, his fingers drilling me with each thrust. I was moaning, yelling for him to fuck me harder. Clark pulled out of my ass and plunged into my pussy again. My body shook and erupted from the onslaught of his rock hard cock slamming my pussy. My pussy tightened and I came hard.

Pulling out, Clark wrapped his hands around his cock and jerked his climax out. I watched over my shoulder as his cum shot over my ass, dripping down between my cheeks. He was moaning, saying something about what a good ass I had. I licked my lips and smiled. Opening his eyes, Clark looked at me.

“Now, we shower, sleep and then I’m gonna fuck you some more. That pussy is too good to fuck just once.”

He helped me to my feet and we wandered into the bathroom. I stayed all weekend and I’m planning on relocating back home. Clark’s cock is too good to pass up. Now I understand why my sister was so upset when they broke up. I’m not that stupid.

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