Morning Cocksucker

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We had met a few times at the local coffee shop, friendly hellos while standing in line waiting to place our individual orders. Those hellos had led to discussions of politics, art, standing outside smoking a cigarette, drinking coffee before heading our separate ways for the day. On one such day, rain pouring down from the skies outside, standing in line again, turned out we both had the day off, the storm cancelling our jobs in construction.

Brian out of the blue asked, “If you have nothing to do, would love to see some of those photographs you have told me about.”

Photography is a passion of mine, my Mac holding thousands of images snapped over the years, the walls of my small basement apartment adorned with framed examples, my own favorites creating my own private gallery. “Sure, not a day to be out in this rain and always love sharing my work. My place is just a few blocks away, but we’ll have to make a run for it.”

Coffee in hand we ducked out the door into the torrential rain, and with me leading the way the two of us made a run for it, both of us drenched by the time we went down the five steps to my basement apartment and opened the door into the hallway leading to my place. We were both laughing, dripping wet, a puddle quickly forming on the concrete floor. “Let me get us a couple of towels, come on in and make yourself comfortable. “

“Thanks, mind if I strip out of these wet clothes, let them dry out a bit.”

“Go for it, I can pop them into the dryer while we have our coffee.”

Ducking through the kitchen I grabbed a couple of towels out of the bathroom and came back into the living room to find Chris standing there in just his boxers. For an older man (he was 68) he was still in great shape, a few extra pounds, but toned, hairy chest, and at around 6’4′ a good eight inches taller than I. Almost self-consciously, I stripped down to my own briefs, picked up my small pile of wet clothes and allowed him to place his on top of mine before I headed back into the kitchen to toss our damp clothes into the dryer.

“Thanks. Are these pictures on the wall yours?”

“Most of them, let me put on some sweats, and I’ll fire up the computer and you can see a lot more.”

“Looking forward to it”

I pulled off my briefs, slipped into my sweats and went back into the living room.

“You have a great eye for detail; some of these are really good.”

I sat down at my desk and fired up my Mac. “Thanks Chris, photography is a serious passion for me.”

“It shows.”

The computer on, I brought up a file of photographs and put it on slide show as we drank our coffee.

“Oh, can you go back, I really like that one.”

As I stopped the slide show and worked back Chris leaned over my shoulder, his hand resting on my left shoulder. “Yes, that one, really like the composition you captured.”

As he spoke I bent forward to grab my mouse and restart the slide program. As I did he set his coffee cup on the desk and put his other hand on my right shoulder and with both hands started massaging my shoulders. For some reason, it felt good, right. “Hmmmm, that feels great”.

“Relax and enjoy it, been told I do a great massage.”

The slide show back on I leaned back into my chair as he began working my flesh, my shoulder, neck, then my upper back.

“Do you like to get high?”

His hands on my shoulders were relaxing me. “Have not done it in a while, but always enjoy getting a buzz on.”

His left hand removed itself from my shoulder for a few moments as he reached into his backpack, then he handed me a previously lit joint with a lighter. “Lean back and let me work your shoulders. Close your eyes lean back and enjoy the rest of that joint. I got buzzed earlier before I ran out for coffee.” With that he went back to massaging my shoulders.

I lit the joint, took a couple quick hits then leaned back into my chair closing my eyes. His hands were strong, determined as he worked my shoulders, kneaded up my neck, then massaging my scalp and back again. I kept smoking, getting more relaxed with every puff.

“Does that feel good?”

I moaned in an affirmative fashion, almost unable to speak I was so relaxed.

His hands massaged my shoulders, then worked their way down my chest, his fingers finding my nipples, encircling them pinching them, he placed his lips on mine stifling a moan. His tongue, insistent, demanding pushed its way into my mouth…part of me wanted to resist, but the other side won as I slumped further into the chair, his fingers causing me to jerk every time he pinched and pulled on my nipples, his tongue thrusting deeper, then out leaving me short of breath, weak.

His fingers still on my nipples he pulled away. “Do you like that?

I lay in the chair, excited, stunned, confused.

He pinched my nipple again, harder, and then twirled them in his fingers. “Do you like that?”

I wanted to say no, but instead, almost in a whisper I heard my voice say “Yes, it feels bursa escort really good, it excites me but shouldn’t.”

In one move he swiveled the chair around, pulling me out and up as he lips again met mine, his hands snaking down into my sweats, finding my ass cheeks he pulled me into his grip, his strength pulling me against his chest his hand on my ass pulling me against his manhood making me gasp at its size. As much as I intellectually wanted to pull away, I couldn’t, his hands kneading my ass cheeks, pulling me into his rapidly swelling cock had me almost weak in the knees. He kissed me again, deeply, his tongue almost choking me as it snaked toward the entrance to my throat. I felt his hands pull out of my sweats, run up my back to my shoulders, then almost intimately he slowly pushed me to my knees as my eyes gazed at the outline of his cock, long, thick, meaty beneath his boxers, the fabric almost straining. Part of me wanted to turn away, resist, stand up, but I was mesmerized by the bulge there at eye level.

“Touch it.”

I looked up, his gaze capturing and holding my eyes.

“Go ahead, reach in and pull it out, touch it, feel it in your hand.”

I gazed into his eyes unable to look away.

“Go ahead, reach in and take my Big Daddy Dick out, stroke it, feel the weight of it…you know you want to.”

Hesitantly, I found myself obeying his command, my hands reaching out and up to find his bulge, the size of it seducing me, urging me to obey his command, my fingers reached out, caressing it through the fabric, then fishing it out of his boxers. His uncut cock with a huge foreskin had to be at least two inches across, thick, meaty, still semi soft, at least seven inches in length, with two large almost free swinging balls. Wrapping my hand around its girth I was amazed my fingers could not touch finger to thumb. As I held his manhood Chris reached into his bag pulling out a small bottle, taking off the lid.

“I want you to take a big whiff in each nostril as you look at your “Big Daddy’s” cock, imagining yourself worshiping it, kissing it, sucking it, letting me feed you with it, then close your eyes and take two more whiffs on the bottle. “

I looked up into eyes, pleading, “I can’t do this…please.”

“Oh, you can do it, and you will do it. Trust me, by the time I leave today, you’ll love this cock, crave it, will be the sissy little slut boy you were meant to be. I’ve known for weeks you would be my personal cock sucker, would love this Daddy Dick. Now, gaze at my cock and take a whiff on this bottle.”

I wanted to resist, but didn’t. He handed me the bottle of Rush, and as instructed I took a large hit up each nostril as I gazed at his cock and balls. As the Rush took hold, I could not turn away from that cock, those two big balls.

“You like that big cock don’t you?”

I could not speak, instead just nodding my head.

“Go ahead and close your eyes, let your mind see yourself kissing and licking my dick, sucking my ball sacks as you take another hit.”

Again I followed his instruction, and as I took another hit of Rush, my eyes closed I could see his cock, big, demanding, deserving to be pleased, could see myself tentatively kiss his cock head. As my mind wondered, heard a lighter, smelled the joint he had lighted.

“Open your mouth and slowly inhale boy, and I’m going to give you a shot gun from this joint.”

Powerless to resist I opened my mouth, slowly inhaled, the acrid smoke filling my lungs, my body relaxing, my head spinning in a way that felt almost magical. Realizing my eyes were still closed, that I was still visualizing his cock sliding into my mouth I slowly opened them, and there it was, his cock, his “Big Daddy” dick…where did that come from, why did I see it as “Big Daddy” dick…my mind raced…that’s right, he called it “Big Daddy” dick, and it was big. Not fully hard, but engorged it hung there, heavy, demanding.

“Tell me what you want boy…do you want some of this ‘Big Daddy’ dick, want me to feed you what you need?”

“Oh God…I want dick, I want to suck ‘Big Daddy” dick.” Could not believe how easily my lips had betrayed me, how quickly I shared a need I’d not known before.

“Take some more Rush, as much as you can, then do it again as you start licking your lips while you say to yourself, I want Big Daddy dick, I love sucking Daddy Dick.”

Per his instruction I opened the bottle and began inhaling the Rush as I licked my lips, very aware of how moist they were becoming.

“I want Big Daddy dick, love sucking Daddy Dick.” Over and over I chanted as I licked my lips, inhaled from the bottle of Rush.

As I chanted I felt him start gently slapping my lips with his cock, my tongue occasionally being touched as he continued to slap my lips: making them puffy and full. I had another hit of Rush as he settled his cock head on my lips, letting my tongue move over and around it as he slowly but firmly started to feed it past my lips görükle escort and into my mouth…at that moment I knew I’d crossed that divide between who I was, and being a Daddy Dick cocksucker…I closed my eyes and reveled at the taste of his manhood, swooned, as I gave into a new found passion of being fed. As he briefly pulled out I heard myself moan as I said, “Oh god, I love sucking your cock” The words muffled as they came out with his cock going back in.

“Yeah, just lean back, and let that Daddy Dick sit there.”

Slowly he fed me dick, then stopped.

“Just let it sit, slowly breath through you nose and start lapping at the underside of my cock.”

I obeyed, lapping the underside of his man cock, while just letting it be there.

“Breath, lick, swallow, suck, lick, breath.”

He was slowly pulling his cock out, and then slowly pushing it in again, each time going a little further, a little deeper.

“Yeah, that’s a good boy. Suck that big Daddy Dick, breath lick, swallow, relax, and just let it sit there. I can tell, you like being a dick boy don’t you? Love that Big Daddy Dick feeding you what you need, giving you what you grave, you grave this big Daddy Dick, don’t you boy?”

All I could do was nod, and with each nod he’d feed me just a little more dick, going in a little bit deeper.

“That’s it. Show me how much you love this Big Fat Meaty Daddy cock. Let it out boy, you know you want to be a cock sucking little Daddy Dick Meat SLUT…show me boy, show me you’re a good little cock sucker, give yourself to my cock boy.”

OH GOD, his words scorched me, I felt my whole body jolt, go taunt with awareness, then relaxing, settling back onto my haunches, surrendering as I felt his balls slapping my cheeks. Remembering the words, the instructions, “breath, lick swallow, suck, just let it be there.” As I let his manhood just be there buried in my throat. That’s when he started fucking me, pulling out an inch, maybe two, then in again, the pace quickening into a steady rhythm. After maybe ten minutes he pulled completely out, held me back me I tried to swallow him back in.

“Are you ready to be a dick boy? Do you want to be my personal cock sucker? Would you like to worship this Big Daddy Dick, crave it?”

I could not believe my own words as they rolled out of my mouth, “Yes Daddy”.

“Yes Daddy what?”

“Yes Daddy, I want to be your personal cock sucker, want to worship and crave your Big Daddy Dick.”

As I spoke he reached into his backpack and pulled out a black leather collar with four silver rings and a leather collar. “Are you sure boy? Once I put this collar on, you’re mine, my own personal cock sucker, my slut boy, eventually, even my sissy dick bitch, willing to do anything I ask, ready to meet my every demand for a taste of my cock. Is that what you want, are you ready to be my personal cock sucker boy?”

I looked at his monster cock, still enormous though it had grown a little soft, then looked up into his eyes. “Yes Daddy, I need more of your cock, want to be your personal cock sucker.”

Smiling he placed the collar around my neck. ” I want you to bring me a couple towels, make me another cup of coffee…make sure you take a piss before you come back.” With that he pulled me up from the floor kissing me deeply then slapping me on my ass said, “Go on now, and go do your chores.”

Grabbing his cup I headed into the kitchen, started his coffee, then made my way to the bathroom. It’s hard to take a piss when your cock is rock hard, but after a few minutes I had softened enough to abide by his commands. On the way out I grabbed two fresh towels, gathered up his fresh coffee and came back into the front room. As I handed him the cup he handed me a fresh joint.

“I think you should do some more Rush and then smoke this.”

As I reached for the lighter on my desk noticed he had retrieved four sheep skin lined black leather cuffs from his knapsack, as well as a leather thong that had a hole in the front with a cock ring dangling down. As I stood there he offered me the Rush, holding it to first one, then the other nostril, then back again, three times instructing me to take a deep hit.

“Now light that joint boy.”

As I lit the joint he began massaging then pinching my nipples making me moan. After I’d taken a few hits, my mind swirling he took the joint from my hand, took a hit, then handing it back reached over to the table, and one by one put the cuffs on, one on each wrist, one on each ankle, then attached the leash to one of the rings on my collar.

“Hand me that joint boy, then put that leather thong on…want you to pull your cock and balls out the hole, then pull them through the cock ring. I don’t want you cumming any time soon. When you’re finished, want you to lie on your back, with your head handing over the foot of the bed.”

“Yes Daddy.”

I was scared, I was turned on, and could not resist sneaking a peak at his cock, hungering to bursa escort bayan again have it in my mouth. I followed his instructions, putting the leather thong on, pulling my cock and balls out the hole, then with some difficulty getting everything pulled through the cock ring, then laying on the bed, my head hanging over the edge. As I positioned myself felt Daddy put his knapsack on the bed and sit down. He took another hit on the joint, then told me to open my mouth for another shotgun hit. He continued blowing smoke down my throat till I could not take any more. Putting it out he reached into his bag and pulled out a tube of ointment.

“This is going to numb you up just a bit, relax your muscles.” With that he squeezed a dab of ointment onto his finger, applied it to my lips, squeezed another dab out and instructed me to suck it all off his finger as he moved it in and out of my mouth like a small cock. He then took a third larger dab, and reaching back began applying it to the entrance of my ass, slowly sliding his finger in, just a little, then a little more as I moaned.

Satisfied with my moans he reached into his bag and pulled out a mental rod with two cuffs attached, larger than the ones I was wearing. He attached first one, then the other to my thighs just above my knees, then spread the bar, pushing my legs apart as he did. Reaching into his bag he pulled a butt plug out that had a small hose attached to the end of it with what looked like a small pump on the other end. He reached for the tube of ointment, squeezed out a dollop and spread most of it on the plug, taking what was left he worked it into my now slightly numb ass.

Raising from the bed he gave the small hand pump a few squeezes, the toy widening my opening as I laid there bound, unable to do anything but moan in pleasure, lust and a little bit of pain as he stretched my ass.

“Are you ready to be my personal cock sucker boy, tell me what it is you want?”

He was standing over me, his manhood so close that I could almost taste it, but not quite, he keeping it just out of reach. My lips were dry, numb…I licked them several times moistening them so I could speak.

“I want big Daddy cock.”

You can do better than that boy; let me hear how much you want me to feed you.” As he spoke he began slapping my lips, cheeks and face with his manhood. “Come on boy, tell me what you what, what you are, show Daddy you need his big Daddy Dick.”

My mind was whirling…a little over an hour ago, I was a straight 60 year old divorced man talking to someone I barely knew in the coffee shop. Now I was restrained on my bed, my head over the edge and all I could think of was Brian’s cock sliding back into my mouth, feeding me what I was now craving. A small part of my brain and heart wanted to resist, but I was too far gone, had already surrendered to whatever it was that Brian/Daddy wanted.

“Please Daddy, I need your big cock, want to taste all of you, want to know what it’s like to have all of your cock fucking my mouth. Please Daddy, I need dick…”

Before I finished my begging I felt his hands as they wrapped around and held my head in place as his big meaty cock head pushed through my lips into my mouth, and then with one thrust he buried his massive Daddy Cock down my throat almost gagging me.

“Just let it be there Boy! Breath through your nose as you use your tongue to lick my shaft, suck it boy, suck my cock like the cock slut you are.”

As he spoke he grabbed the spreader bar with both hands as he quickened his pace, his enormous cock fucking my face, using my mouth, pushing his manhood farther into my throat, faster and faster he went, occasionally pulling out, his cock glistening with my spit and saliva, then with one last massive thrust he buried himself in my throat his load exploding into me, gushing spurt after spurt of his seed almost but not quite choking me, swallowing his cum as I too exploded, cumming clear up my chest.

His softening cock still filling my mouth I felt him releasing me from my bonds, felt the air being let out of the butt plug, gasping when it fell out, the cool air rushing in causing me to shudder before relaxing back into the bed as he pulled his cock from my lips.

I could not believe my ears as my mouth involuntarily spoke. “I love sucking your Big Daddy Dick.”

He pulled me around on the bed, laid back himself pulling me into his arms.

“I know you do boy, know you love sucking this cock. Do you like being my good little cock sucker?”

“Yes Daddy, I love sucking your dick, love big Daddy Dick. Love being your good little cock sucker, love sucking Daddy Dick.” My voice growing ever softer as I spoke, curled up safely in his arms as I fell off to sleep.

Not sure how long I slept. I woke up to darkness, the lights off in my apartment, a look through the window telling me it was just after dusk outside. I sat up, hanging my feet over the bed and turning my bedside table light on I saw the cuffs, the butt plug the cock ring with a little sticky note beside these items.

The day and its events came flooding back, my cock growing stiff, my tongue as if having a mind of its own licking my lips as I whispered to the empty room, “OMG, I sucked cock today, big DADDY COCK.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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