Morning Lawn Chair Sex

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He came down the stairs, his eyes still groggy with sleep. Three long days at work had left him tired enough to sleep for nearly 10 hours? He poured himself a cup of coffee and ventured outside for a cigarette.

It was a beautiful day & the high clouds seemed to streak across the sky. He reached for his sunglasses that were lying on the table next to his pack. In one fluid motion he had them on with a cigarette lit. It was almost noon & the thermometer read 73 degrees in the shade, but it felt hotter with all the humidity in the air. It was going to be a day for a dip in the pool for sure. The water will be warm in an hour he thought to himself.

The temperature rose when he saw her hair fly up & over the back of the lawn chair. The back of her chair was facing toward the porch. The trees around the yard blocked any view from the neighbor, but you could hear him mowing the lawn on his tractor.

He watched her hair glisten in the sunshine and remembered how soft it was to his touch…when she fell asleep on his chest the night before. They were only dating for a while and they each had “a look” about them when they gazed into each other’s eyes. It was like looking into a mirror. They had each been waiting for one another for so long that they sometimes didn’t have to even talk…they just knew what the other was thinking.

She was wearing her earphones & didn’t hear him coming up behind her. Her right foot was touching the ground, happily tapping out a tune. Her left leg was cocked at a 90-degree angle, her knee hanging off the left side of the chair, and her ankle resting on the chair. As he came up behind her, he noticed that she was not tapping her foot to a tune. She had her right hand under her shirt. She was lightly stroking the nipple of her perfect breast. Her left hand was even busier. It was buried in her panties and moving slowly over her perfect pussy.

He froze in his tracks to watch as his girlfriend worked herself into a frenzy. She made it look effortless as she began to moan. Her mouth opened as she gasped for more air.

“How dare she?” he thought to himself. “I want to play too.”

He took off his pj bottoms and boxers and walked up behind her. He knew she would be startled to his touch, but she would thank him in the end. He stood in front of her chair watching her as she pleasured herself. He kept his hands behind his back, as his cock grew straight out with every pulse of his heart.

“Eh, Hem” he cleared his throat. She opened her eyes, stunned and taken back a bit. She blushed and smiled.

“Good morning sweetie.” her voice cracked a bit. Her hand came out of her panties and she moved it towards her stomach.

He reached for her hand, which she graciously gave to him. He leaned over and took her fingers in his mouth. “Oh my god. You taste like angels ought to taste,” he said.

He licked them clean. He caressed her hand as he dragged her fingertips down his chest. She politely kept them going, over his cock, and down to his balls. They hung low in the blazing sun as she played with them.

She stroked them from front to back, just barely missing his ass. He slowly moved around to her left, her hand never leaving his not-so-private parts. They were hers now. She owned them. She did whatever she wanted with his cock and she did it well. She pulled it closer to her as he moved.

All she wanted was a little bit, a little taste. She yanked it towards her mouth and kissed the side of it. Then she put the tip in her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock once & licked it when she was done. “Get to work, sweetie,” she said with a smile. Her lips barely even opened when she said it. He gave her a kiss and licked her lips as he disappeared into the sunshine.

There was NO foreplay. He went directly to work. She was dripping wet. He scooped it up with his tongue & swallowed as much as he could. It stuck to everything in his mouth. Again and again he licked it up until it was clean. A fresh new start! It didn’t take long to find her clit. He had it memorized.

It was perfect placed right where he had left it the night before. He flattened his tongue and stroked it in the same direction, hitting the mark every time! She writhed with pleasure. Her left leg managed to somehow make it over his back and rested on his neck. She pressed down on his neck with every forward stroke of his tongue.

His şişli escort right hand wandered under the chair. He grabbed her ass from below so hard that he left nail marks. She pressed harder on his neck with her perfect legs. She had him right where she wanted him.

Her left ankle pushed down on his neck as he plunged his tongue into her clit. She got louder and louder with every repetition. Her hands were now grabbing his hair forcefully. Her right foot was lifted off the ground. The anticipation of her impending orgasm was too much. It seemed as though it was going to be too much. She felt it in her heart. She felt it in her soul. She lost all sense of control. She stopped breathing after one last gasp. She held his head down with the palms of her hands as her left ankle held his tongue in place. One last swipe of his tongue across her dripping wet pussy was all it took. Her left leg now sticking straight up like his cock. She pushed him away just in time as her head jerked back violently, bouncing off the netting of the chair. Her eyes closed and then reopened just as she came. Her body shook. Her soul shook. Her mind was blown to pieces.

She hadn’t pushed him away very far. She could still feel his breath on her thigh. The first pulse of her orgasm left her senseless.

The second pulse was accompanied by a scream, which forced her juices out of her like a shotgun blast. It peppered his face from the bridge of his nose to his chin. He feverish began to use his tongue to lick up what he could. Her hands left his head as her body jerked forward. She grabbed the back of the chair just behind her head. She was sprawled out, half naked, gasping for her last breath of air.

Her hips rose off the chair slowly and her scream emptied her lungs as she hurtled another blast of juices. This one was more like a stream that caught him off guard. It hit him like a bullet in his tongue. Before he could even flinch, his mouth was half full of her.

It lasted all of 2 seconds, an eternity in his mind, eternal bliss to his taste buds. Her hands fell from behind the chair to rest at her sides. Her hair drifted as she caught her breath.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed, as one last gush flowed from her. The smile on her face looked like she was in pain. Not true at all. She was in heaven. She was sopping wet all the way down to her knees. Her cum was dripping from his chin onto her thighs.

He moved slowly from off the chair and got on his hands and knees and fell on his back. Her heart was racing like a sports car down the Audubon without any brakes, out of control. Her eyes were closed but yet she could see in perfect color. He slowly positioned his head under her chair. The weave of the vinyl allowed the juices to drip onto the grass. He held her left hand as she drenched his face and hair. He gently rubbed her perfect ass with his right hand as a drip fell into his mouth.

Good to the last drop!

She squeezed his hand. “Oh my god,” she whispered. Her voice cracking with pleasure. “I’m yours.” Her body was still twitching with excitement. She had never exploded like that before.

Her left hand was still holding his as she moisturized his clean-shaven face. her right hand drifted over her right nipple. she gave it a pinch, as if touching the petals on a rose. She licked her lips in approval. As her fingertips grazed her pierced navel, she worked her way ever closer to her right thigh.

She massaged it lightly, spreading her juices through her fingers. Her body fluttered lightly as she pinched her clit between her index and middle finger. Her middle finger dipped inside her effortlessly.

He could sense that she was up to something. Her left hand had gripped his tightly. He slid his body out from under the chair. She had a smile that lit up his face as well.

She had been caught. He reached for her hand, which gave up to him without a fight. He held her wrist and plunged her two fingers into his mouth. His lips wrapped around her knuckles as his tongue massaged her fingers.

She dragged her fingers across his entire tongue as she pulled them out. They went straight to her right nipple. She pinched it again as he wrapped his lips around her left nipple. Her left hand now searched for his cock. He was wet too. A steady flow had him so hard. She found the very tip, wet to her touch. She rubbed it in a circular motion with taksim escort her thumb and then down to the base of his shaft.

The cool breeze that blew through her hair now cooled his cock. She put her left thumb in her mouth as her right hand still massaged her right breast.

He stood up, revealing the glistening tip of his cock. The head was a dark red, almost purple color. She could see it pulsing with his heartbeat. The vein in his neck expanding every time his cock moved. He put his right leg over her and straddled her.

She reached up with her hands. Her left hand stroked him slowly as her right hand grazed the bottom of his balls. She slowly moved her right hand farther back and grabbed his ass.

She put her right ring finger in his mouth. He sucked on it vigorously and as she pulled it out, he made sure that it was extra wet. She moved it back down quickly towards his legs. He squatted tightly for her. The palm of her hand touched the bottom of his balls as her wet finger found his ass. She followed it back and rubbed his anus lightly with it. The breeze made him tighten up but she pushed forward. She grabbed his cock firmly with her left hand as she entered him with her right finger.

She had him right where she wanted him…again.

“Just a little bit,” she said. He whimpered in agreement.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered.

“Uh huh,” he could barely speak. He fumbled his words even to utter that.

She took her finger out of him as he moved toward her. She licked the tip of his swollen member. It tasted salty. It was good. It was perfect. She wrapped her lips around the head and flicked it once with her tongue.

He was finally inside her mouth, but that was the way she wanted it. She would get her way soon.

She grabbed the base of his cock between her thumb and index finger and squeezed. She slowly took it out of her mouth; a drip of saliva fell off him and landed on her chest. He swiped at it with his finger and ate it up. She still held his cock in her fingers as she pushed him away and stood up. Her legs shook as she got to her feet.

She let go of him and bent over to adjust her chair so that it was completely horizontal. As she bent over, he could see her gorgeous wet pussy from behind. He gently grabbed her hips as she bent over and put his cock between her butt cheeks. He could see the tip of it poking up above her perfect ass. He took her ass cheeks firmly in his hands and moved them up and down, stimulating himself even more.

She propped herself up with one hand as the other reached back. She ran her finger across his anus again as the palm of her hand got to his balls. She wrapped her hand around them and squeezed lightly as another drip formed on his tip.

He cleaned the tip of it off with his index finger and leaned forward, resting his stomach on her back. He reached around and wiped his finger on her upper lip. She licked it off. He could hear her moan through the vibration in her back. She was ready for him now.

She stood up, pressing her ass into his cock. He reached around her neck and pulled her close. The bend in his elbow fit snugly around her throat. Her hair covered his face as he breathed into her right ear.

“Please take me,” he whispered.

“Sit down. Now.” was her only reply.

He sat down and straddled the chair. She grabbed the back of his head by the hair and pulled it down so that it was touching the chair. She straightened out his legs until he was comfortable. She took off her shirt and smiled.

“No peeking,” she said and got down on her knees. She laid the shirt over his eyes and held the back of his head up. She tied the shirt off around the back of his head. He was blindfolded, rock hard, and he was in trouble.

He listened as she walked away. The sun was blistering hot now. He could feel his chest start to perspire as a bead of sweat pooled on his neck and dripped down the side.

He laid there, still as a mouse, unsuspecting, and in the dark. She was back within 3 minutes, but it seems like an eternity to him. His mind was racing. His pulse had slowed and he had just felt a drip of cum hit his stomach. He was dripping on himself.

He reached for it with his right hand and touched it with his finger. His dry finger soaked it up quickly. He went to put it in his mouth, but she grabbed his wrist and topkapı escort licked the bottom of his arm from the elbow to the wrist. He felt something cold on his wrist. Before he could react she had one arm handcuffed.

“Give it to me,” she said.

He reached over himself with his left hand to accommodate her request, but she pinched his nipple instead.

“Under the chair, sweetie,” he could tell she was smiling when she said it.

He was definitely in for it now.

She now had him locked up. His hands were handcuffed under the chair, between the legs. He was blindfolded. He was naked. And his face was covered in pussy juices. His chin was shining like a newly minted coin. And he was beginning to get red on his chest from the sun.

She dumped a glass of water on him and walked away. He shrieked in horror, unable to defend himself.

He could hear her turning on the outside water faucet. Her footsteps got closer as the sound of splashing water got louder. As he lies there, helpless, she dowsed him with ice-cold tap water, starting with his cock and working her way up his chest to his face.

He closed his mouth but she held the hose close to his face. She pulled it away just as he needed a breath. She knew what to do.

He heard the water running underneath the chair when he felt her naked ass touch his chest. She was now straddling him, facing his throbbing cock. She pushed her ass up to his chin. He stuck out his tongue. It fit perfectly inside her pussy.

She slowly rode his tongue. Moving her perfect body one fluid motion. She held his cock tight and whenever she went down onto his tongue, she licked the tip of him. He made it a point to keep his tongue curled like a straw, allowing her juices to flow into his mouth and into his throat. After three long thrusts onto his tongue, she moved her hips into air above his head.

She slowly drooled onto his cock and positioned herself over his tongue. It slipped inside of her as she pushed down with her hips. He was now pinned to the chair with her pussy, handcuffed and soaking wet. She began to stroke him violently, his cock soaked with her spit. She held him there for what he thought was five minutes, but it was just his mind racing and he was fighting for air as she let go of him and slowly moved her hips into the air.

He felt a drip hit him in the chin.

He couldn’t do anything about it.

He was trapped, helpless, and she had only just begun.

She got off him slowly. He could feel the sweat pooling again at the base of his neck when he heard the water hose again. Before he could even react, as if he really could, she dowsed him again. She cleaned his face off with the ice-cold water and let it pour onto his cock after soaking herself too.

She put the hose down again and wiped off his throbbing hard cock with her hand. Her finger ran across his lips again. It tasted like her. This time she faced him when she straddled him.

She wasn’t fucking around anymore!

She grabbed his cock & held it straight up in the air as she mounted him. Her fist was wrapped tightly around the base of it. The remaining three inches were exposed.

She rode that little stretch of cock until the top of her fist was dripping again with water and her own juices. In one motion she pulled her hand away & sank onto him.

She could feel the tip of his cock touching the back of her vagina. She pushed down with her hips even more.

“I FEEL you!” she yelled.

She arched her back and grabbed his ankles. She pushed forward with her hips, driving him into her several times. He was so fucked. He was helpless. The look on his face was almost like he was being tortured. If it weren’t for the intermittent smiles of absolute joy, you would have thought he was about to die.

“Don’t let me cum,” he gasped, pathetically.

What a pussy.

What a wimp.

She slapped him on his left cheek & then whipped her hair and her hips and her whole body forward. Her wet hair now covered his entire face.

He couldn’t itch his face.

He was trapped.

She wasn’t done yet and god damnit, he wasn’t done either. She pushed back on him and thrust her hips further onto him. She grabbed a nipple with each hand, slowly twisting them.

“Cum with me,” she said. “Stay with me. Cum inside me!” With that she thrusted one more time. He could feel that place of joy inside her vagina explode as they came, flowing together, breathing rapidly with one heartbeat.

She kissed him softly on the ear as she whispered in his ear, “Hi.”

She took the shirt off his head, kissed him softly on the ear, and whispered in his ear, “Hi.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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