Mother Helped Me to Come Out Pt. 02

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Double Penetration

My mother was a beautiful woman. Tall with shoulder length black hair and an hourglass figure. She had bright blue eyes and full lips that she always kept glossed in red lipstick, a large bust, flat stomach, curvy hips and a full bottom that had many men and women lusting after her. She conveyed an angry-dangerous sexuality. She and my father divorced when I was two. He died in an auto accident a year later so I never really knew him.

My senior year in high school, not long after I had turned 18, I discovered her sex toy stash in her bedroom. There was a large assortment of vibrators, dildos, plugs, and a long silicone snakelike thing called a Square Peg Slink. It was about two and a half feet long and starting at the tip was tapered to about 6 inches at its max circumference. For some reason the thing intrigued me and I knew I had to have it in my asshole. I had been visiting gay porn sites and masturbating for some time now. I only recently had begun to finger my own ass as I jacked off to those videos. I knew in my heart I was gay and was attracted to older father figure types. I guess this was because I did not have a father figure in my life. I had not done any dating in high school but no one suspected I was gay because I was pretty straight acting.

She told me she would love to have a “Coming Out” party for me if I was willing and that it would be a nice way to meet other gay men my age. I told her I felt like I was more attracted to older mature men and she told me she had a friend I should meet. His name was Mr. Martin. Our meeting was wonderful and mother enjoyed listening to me tell her about the experience.

Mother asked me if I was ready for more and of course I said yes. Mother loved to entertain and she said that now that she knew I liked older men she would have a “Coming Out” party with mature men for me to enjoy.

Two weeks escort bayan gaziantep later, I am kneeling in the middle of our family room, naked. Mother is standing next to me dressed in only her corset. She holds a bottle of poppers to my nose and is having me take deep hits as I stroke my cock. Mother had already given me several herbal gummies and the combination of the poppers had lifted any inhibitions I had and consumed me with lust.

Mother asked if I was ready to be used by many men and I nodded yes. My eyes were a glassy red and my heart raced as I floated in my poppered stupor.

Then a strongly built guy comes in, also naked, his cock is already hard, at least 8 inch. He says: “Here is what you want slut, suck this!”, and as mother holds my head he shoves his huge hard meat into my mouth. As it goes deep into my throat, mother grabs my head and pulls it onto his cock, I start to gag. Mother says “take it.” She holds my head steady as the stranger starts to fuck my mouth, shoving his cock deep into my throat. Mother coos into my ear: “That’s it Baby, take that cock. You are doing great!” Then he moans loudly and shoots his load into my mouth: “Yes, bitch swallow it, drink my cum”, and I swallow as much as I can, but quite a lot flows out of my mouth down my chin. Then he pulls out his cock and goes away, leaving me standing on my knees his cum flowing out of my mouth. Mother smiles at me and leans down to kiss me deeply. Her tongue swirls the man’s cum in my mouth as we kiss. She pulls back to lick the cum off of my face and chin.

Then I hear footsteps from behind. I turn my head back, to see another guy coming into the family room. We have a very large house and mother must have staged these men out on the back patio and game room. The man is also muscular, and he is black, his cock is even bigger, then the previous. He stops behind me :”Push up that ass, you whore, and take this” he says, and with that, he kneels behind me, grabs my hips and pushes his cock up my ass. I scream out loud and mother muffles my cry by kissing me deeply. As the strange black man opens my asshole with his cock, mother puts a ball gag in my mouth. She then puts the bottle of poppers to my nose and tells me to breathe in and it will help me open up. The popper fumes reach my brain and the sphincter muscles in my asshole simultaneously. The effect is like a gasping fish mouth as my ass sucks in the cock like it was oxygen. I look up at my mother. My face still has a little cum on it she has not licked off and my glassy red eyes are accentuated by the red ball gag. Mother tells me she loves me and then nods at the black stranger to let loose on me.

He grabs me hard and starts to pound my clutching anus hard and fast and in and out endlessly. The slapping wet sounds of my fucking obscenely filled the room. As my ass start to burn I scream, but my screams are muffled by the ball gag. Then he finally he shoots his cum deep into my ass and then pulls out and leaves. With his cum dripping out of my ass, mother removes the ball gag and tells me how proud she is of me and how much she loves me.

Mother waives at somebody in the next room and both the previous men come back with two more guys. One of the new guys pushes his cock in front of my mouth, and tells me to suck him off. I start to lick the cockhead, then take it into my mouth, and suck it gently, then stronger. Meanwhile the other new guy is behind me, licking my ass, and licking the cum out of it. Then as I take the cock slowly into my mouth, the guy behind me start to tongue fuck me, then pulls out his tongue, and soon I feel his cock at my asshole. As he starts to push his cock gently into my asshole, the other guy starts to push his cock into my throat, then they start to move together in my ass and mouth, and the guy behind me starts to stroke my cock. Then they fuck and stroke me faster and faster until all of us are cumming. Then they pull out, and their cocks are immediately replaced by the first two guys. This time the black guy fucks my face, and the other my ass. They do it hard and fast, meanwhile the other two guys are stroking their cock over my body. Then suddenly everyone cums, and my ass, my mouth gets filled by cum, and the other two guys cover my body and face with their load.

Mother has two new guys come into the room. This is a total of six men. The two new guys come over to me. One at my face, one at my ass. The first one pushes his cock into my mouth, while the other one start to spank my ass with a leather paddle. In time with the strokes of the paddle the front guy pushes his cock deeper and deeper into my throat, so I cannot scream. He soon cums into my throat and gets immediately replaced by another guy. I am soo poppered up and high, I cannot keep up with who is doing what. I see my mother beaming at me with pride.

After a dozen swats with the paddle the back guy stops and start to fuck my ass, and when he finishes he gives the place to the last guy. He turns me on my back and fucks me that way. There is still one cock in my mouth and three or four guys around me. I stroke two of them, while the other ones stroking themselves. I realize my mother is stroking my cock as I am getting fucked. Mother guides one of the men down to suck my cock as I am getting fucked. The cock pistoning in and out of my asshole has hit the sweet spot and I cum so hard with the cock in my ass and mouth and the man suck my cock as mother pulls my nipples. Suddenly everyone moans, the black guy shouts out “Lets give this bitch what he craves,” and with that all of them cum all over me.

Mother tells everyone: “lets let him rest for a bit and then we will put him in the sling!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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