Mother in Law’s Feet

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I have been married for about 15 years and have always thought of my mother in law sexually. When we first met she was only 42 and had a truly amazing body. Nice big 36d breasts, 5’10 long legs, and just a lot of fun. And better yet, my wife is beautiful. Same body builds little bigger boobs (38D), but brunette and the most suckable tits ever.

Over the years, we have both accidentally run into each other in the process of getting undressed or dressed and I guess there is no question that we both know what each other looks like naked as well as my two sister in laws. But seeing her mother happens at least once a year. And to be honest, I love her body best. Heck even in the family it is known that if there are two people who will walk into each other it will be us. That has opened it up to us joking every now and then about what a great body one will have, or she may say that she is getting a bit old. And to be honest, I love her body best. Just very sexy curves and slightly sagging breasts. I can at least tell her that she still has a very hot body and should be proud of it and maybe show it off a bit more. Now in her upper 50s she is not too sure, but I keep playing with her and joking around. I have been able to spy on her a bit as well. Sometimes when we visit overnight and she takes a shower, I will go outside and look in the bathroom between the slats in the shutters. I love watching her taking off her clothes and then rubbing her boobs and body trying to rub out the bra and panty marks. That is the best part though, seeing her partially dressed. Beautiful hips, just a little muffin top belly, tits with the perfect amount of sag and a wonderful Brazilian cut below. I have not been able to get any photos or cam of her, but would love to.

During the summer, we usually all go to the lake a lot and of course there is drinking and dancing and joking. Well it got to a point where we were just doing some slow spins and shag dancing and I was with my mother in law Sara. At one point Anadolu Yakası Escort when I pulled her to me, my hard cock was right in between her ass cheeks. She stiffened up a little, but broke the silence with “I think you have something you need to take care of.” I simply told her, she was the reason for it. She just blushed a little and excused herself to get something to drink.

I just went on joking with everyone and enjoying the evening and soon got to be quite as almost everyone went inside. When I got inside, there was a movie on but there was no place to sit except the end of the couch where Sara was laying down. She looked up and said I could sit down as long and I rubbed her feet a little since they hurt from dancing. I was about to go up to bed when my wife said to sit down for awhile ad be nice to her mother. This was a little odd since she knows when I rub her feet I get a hard on. Well I decided to sit down and just stay a little while and started to run Sara’s feet. Now I also have to say something that turns me on is women with large feet. My wife’s family is no exception, between her mother, 2 sisters and herself, they all wear size 10’s. As I started to rub her feel, the smoothness, warmth and size sure enough started to get my cock hard. And as I got hard, I could feel it press against my mother in law’s calf. Thankfully I soon felt her move her legs to get it off my cock, but she proceeded to bend her leg and rest her foot right on my cock. As I rubbed her left foot, she was slightly rubbing my cock with her right foot while watching the movie. I swear I was about to cum feeling her foot just separated by my swim trucks from my hard cock. Just as I felt I was about to cum, I switched feet and made sure her left foot was not on my cock. After about 10 minutes of rubbing her foot and calf, my wif3e said she was going to bed and asked me if I was. I said sure and quickly grabbed my towel to place in front of me as I got up. Looking at my mother in Kadıköy Escort law smile as I got up with my hard on made me just want to cum all over her face. Instead I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

As I crawled into bed next to my wife, I leaned in to kiss her good night and she rolled over and just asked. “So did you get hard rubbing my mother’s feet?”

I just replied “What do you think?” and placed her hand on my still hard cock.

“So why did you tell me to rub her feet since you know how hard I get rubbing yours?”

As she started to rub my dick, she just said “I didn’t think you would do it. Even if you did, I didn’t think you would get hard rubbing her feet.”

“Not only did I get hard, but I think she put her foot on me to try and make me cum”

“Would you do it with my mom?”

All I said was “She does have a sexy body.” My wife then got under the covers and took me into her mouth and started to give me a very hot blowjob. She turned her body around and placed her feet in front of my face and I just started to kiss, suck and rub all over her feet. Just when I wanted to cum, my wife stopped sucking and straddled my stomach on her knees with her feet still in my face. Only now I could also see her hot ass stuck in the air.

“Do you want to fuck me??” she asked.

I just reached over and grabbed her ass and tried to slide into her. She pulled away and told me to tell her what I wanted.

When I told her “Fuck me.” She just replied “Who?”

When I said “Fuck me, Karen.” She kept pulling away and just said you mean ‘fuck me, Sara’ right???”

All I could say then was “Fuck me Sara…” and then I saw her take me in her hand and guide me into her very wet pussy. Apparently I wasn’t the only one turned on.

As I felt her slide up and down my cock and watched her ass, I just kept sucking on her toes and kissing her feet until I felt my cum really build up. I was so turned on I knew I couldn’t last. Just İstanbul Escort as I grabbed her hips and thrust into her, I said “I’m going to cum Sara.” I thought I was going to pass out. All I felt was my cum shooting over and over deep inside my wife’s pussy. My balls ached from emptying into her. As I kept rubbing her ass watching her still grind into me, she turned her head and said, “You know I didn’t get mine…”

I just laid there in my own bliss. As Karen pulled off of me, I thought I would have to finger her, but before I could figure her out, she had her pussy over my mouth. We had never done anything like this and I sure didn’t like to kiss her after she gave me a blowjob. As I started to try and throw her off, she grabbed my balls and told me that I had better clean her up and make her cum.

Soon I was able to breath through my nose pressed against her ass and started to lick her pussy. I could feel both of our cum starting to soak my face. As I licked her pussy, it didn’t seem too bad. Just a little salty, but I mostly tasted her wonderful pussy. I moved closer to her clit and once I started to lick and suck on her clit I felt her start to hump my face with my nose in her pussy. I thought she was going to break my nose. When I felt her legs start to shake, I knew she was about to cum. Through her spread thighs, I heard,

“Suck my pussy, make me cum.” I know she loves this. I wrap my mouth over her pussy and can suck her pussy lips into my mouth as my tongue flicks her clit.

I soon found out too late though that once my mouth was on her pussy and she locked her thighs against my head, her pussy started to flood with my cum spilling out. Karen grabbed my thighs with her arms wrapped around them and started to cum harder that I have ever seen her cum. She was squeezing my legs as her body shook above me and her thighs tightened so much I saw stars. Then she just collapsed on me. As I was able to turn my head to get a breath of air, all I could see was her wonderful ass and pussy completely soaked with cum and spit.

She turned around, laid down next to me and kissed me deep. “Damn I love you…but if you ever fuck my mother, this will seem like child’s play.”

With that we both went to sleep…only to wake up to more fun…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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