Mother Pays Son’s Debt to Bully

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(c) 2015, 2022 by Sir Render

Marcy Jacobson, suburban housewife, had finished her thirty minute daily exercise routine. With her husband Michael at work and her kids, eighteen year old Mark and seventeen year old Melanie, at school, she had the house to herself all day long every week day. She could have sat around the house eating ice cream and watching soap operas, but she was too proud of her figure to let it go. Also she and Michael were secretly on the swinger scene and she kept up her appearance for the other men she was fucking as well.

Her tight exercise outfit clung to her sweaty body and she went to the kitchen for a tall glass of water. Her son Mark would be coming home from school soon. He was a senior at the local high school and would be going to college the next year. Melanie was a junior at the same school and was way ahead of the rest of her class in terms of book smarts, however she was not very popular. Mark was also not exactly popular, but he was well liked and had a large group of friends with whom he hung out on weekends. His one big flaw was that he was a bit of a pushover, going along with just about any crazy idea and changing his style each time some new fad came along. In short, he had no backbone.

Truth be told, though Marcy would never herself have admitted to it, being her first she doted on Mark all his life and he often felt smothered by her attention which, in his teen years, felt like prying.

She heard Mark’s car stop in the driveway and a moment later another car screeched to a stop in the street. Marcy, her mothering instinct leaping to the worst possible conclusion, hurried to the door to be sure her baby wasn’t hurt.

Well he wasn’t hurt, but he was about to be. Mark was hurriedly fumbling with his keys to open the front door and a bigger guy wearing a sleeveless tee shirt and ripped denim jeans was rushing across their lawn toward him shouting insults.

Marcy got the door open and Mark stood for a moment in surprise. This gave the bigger guy time enough to reach them and he tackled Mark to the ground. The two tumbled in through the open doorway, bowling Marcy out of the way. The bigger guy soon put Mark in a headlock with one strong arm and began to punch his thigh with his other fist. It was evident to Marcy that they were not playing.

Now Marcy, it must be said, is not a shrinking violet. She was a stunning looker, with her tight body and full, round breasts and her puckered lips but she stood five feet nine inches and, while not what one might consider muscular, she kept herself toned and fit and could hold her own when push came to shove, as it was doing on her entryway floor. Marcy shouted at them to stop and when that did not work she reached down and took the other guy by his hair and pulled until he cried out in pain and let go of her son, though he kicked Mark in the leg on his way to standing.

Full of rage, adrenaline flowing and heart pounding in her ears, Marcy pushed the unnamed attacker’s back against the wall beside the door with her manicured fingernails digging Pendik Escort into his shoulders. “What is going on here?” she barked.

“This damn idiot owes me money,” the big guy snapped, motioning with one hand toward Mark who was just picking himself up off the floor.

“What gave you the right to attack him?”

“He spilled soda all over the inside of my new car. He ruined the upholstery.” The big guy pointed at Mark and mouthed the words, “You’re dead asshole.”

Marcy had to struggle to keep him pinned to the wall. He was much bigger and stronger than she was, but for now at least he was cool-headed enough to not knock her down.

“He owes me money or he’s gonna pay with broken bones.”

Marcy shook him and put her face close to his. “Listen up! I don’t want any fighting in my house, got that?”

For the first time he turned to look her in the eyes, and for the first time he was stunned to silence at her beauty, intensified by her tight exercise outfit and the sweat which made it cling to her curves. “My new car. He owes me money,” he repeated in a lower tone and with less struggling.

For her part, Marcy was struck by how handsome the big jock was. Short sandy hair, narrow nose, square jaw and those rippling muscles of his chest, his bare arms and his abdomen. He was quite the hunk.

“Okay okay, so you say he spilled something in your car. I’m sure it’ll come out, it’s not ruined. I’m sure he didn’t mean to do it.”

“He’s a klutz. He’s always doing dumbass shit like that.”

“Hey, hey,” Marcy said, easing her death lock and laying her palms on his broad, bare shoulders, “I’m sure we can work something out. Just calm down and take it easy. We can work something out.” Then she told Mark to go to his room and see how much money he did have. Once he was gone, she pressed herself fully against the big guy. He could feel her warm breath on his neck and her full breasts against his chest. She in turn felt his cock stiffen in his pants.

“I was just about to go upstairs and shower off after my workout. Why don’t you come up to my room and sit on the bed until I’m done and then we’ll see how we can work out a payment so you don’t have to put my son in the hospital, okay?” She turned and walked in as sexy a manner as she could, carefully placing one foot in front of the other so she could sashay her hips with each step. On the way up the stairs she asked, “What’s your name, anyway? I don’t even know your name.”

“Friends call me Atlas or Mr. May.”

Marcy turned and gave him a quizzical look, scrunching up her forehead and nose.

He laughed and looked away. “I had my picture taken for a muscle calendar after I won the state high school weight lifting championship last year. They made me pose like the Greek god Atlas carrying the world. I was Mr. May.”

Marcy simply said, “Oh” and turned to continue up the stairs. He turned his attention back to her so he could watch her fine ass in her thin exercise shorts as she climbed.

As I’ve said, Marcy and her husband Michael had an Kurtköy Escort open relationship. He never interfered with her having sex with anybody else. The only thing really weird about this, for her, was that this guy, this intruder in her house who had threatened her son with bodily harm, was the same age as her eighteen year old son. She believed, though, that she knew a perfect way to get him to calm down and not beat up Mark. She guided him to the edge of the bed where he could look in through the double wide doorway into the master bath. A wide vanity with full width mirror faced directly back at him and to one side, unseen from the bed, was the tub and shower while the toilet and linen closet stood on the opposite side, also unseen from the bed.

Marcy entered the bathroom, leaving Atlas’ sight, and deposited her sweaty clothes into the laundry hamper. Now completely nude, she strutted past the doorway to the shower where she turned on the water. She knew from years living there that if she bent at the waist while turning on the shower then her butt could be seen in the doorway, so she did this and she remained bent over until she felt the water was warm enough.

But alas, she had no towel nearby to use to dry off when she finished her shower, so she stood and strutted back across in front of the open doorway, sweat glistening on her perfect, naked body, to retrieve a towel and wash cloth from the linen closet, then strode back to the shower.

Marcy only planned to tease the guy. She imagined that he would not sit still on the bed, that he would most likely step into the bathroom to leer at her while she showered, but that was all she had planned. And Atlas did not disappoint. She found him staring at her through the glass shower door while she soaped up. She put on quite a show for him, taking her time soaping each breast and rubbing the soapy washcloth into the space where each breast hung against her ribs. Then she ran the cloth over her taut belly, turned to show him her ass and began washing her cheeks and down her thighs. Bending over to scrub each leg, her heavy tits hung down with water from the shower head running over them and forming into larger streams which ran directly down from her turgid nipples.

What Marcy had not expected was that Atlas would strip off his own clothes and join her in the shower.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed as his muscular bulk filled pretty much the entire remainder of the space within the stall. Their bodies were forced together at all points and there was barely room to even turn around. She felt his hard cock against the crack of her ass and her lower back. His hands came up from her sides to squeeze her tits and he nuzzled her neck. “Oh, Atlas!” she cried. “I don’t know about this.”

She was turned on, yes. She was also accustomed to having sex with different partners. But she had trouble shaking the knowledge that he was half her age. But it felt so good. He was warm and solid and the way his young cock twitched against her backside excited her. She let this go on for Ümraniye Escort a few minutes, but there just was not room enough there in the shower to do anything. She eventually convinced him to disengage and let her out of the stall. They toweled off and she led him back to the bed, both naked, hair dripping and aroused.

There was no time to fool around. She led him straight into fucking like rutting pigs, with her on her hands and knees. Between gasps and moans she maintained the presence of mind to remind him that he was not going to beat up Mark, that this was his payment for forgetting that the whole incident with the soda and the car had ever happened.

Marcy arched her back as a wave of orgasmic pleasure swept through her. Atlas squeezed her tits and continued pumping her pussy from behind. They kissed and she placed both hands behind and on his butt to feel how his leg muscles clenched as he thrust into her.

The guy’s sexual stamina was incredible. Marcy orgasmed a second time after a few minutes but he was still fucking her fast and furious. She pulled away, turned around with her butt on the bed and legs wrapped behind his back and held him close so he was now fucking her essentially in a sitting position. She was kissing him deeply but only to muffle her own grunting and moaning as his cock repeatedly filled her vaginal canal.

Marcy could not believe it when she came a third time and he was still going! She convulsed against him, every muscle in her body trembling and her breathing by now absolutely ragged. If they didn’t stop soon, she might pass out.

Disengaging again, Marcy got down on her knees beside the bed with Atlas standing before her. She stroked his cock straight up with one hand and closed her lips over one of his nads. He groaned and she finally felt like he was getting close. She licked his balls a few times before saying, “This pays off any debt my son owes you. Tell me that this pays off his debts.”

“This… pays off… ungh… Mark’s debt.”

Satisfied at last that her son was safe, Marcy swallowed the big stud’s cock between her puckered lips. She continued stroking him with one hand and rolled his balls between the fingers of her other. After less than a minute of her head bobbing on his cock, Atlas groaned and began to shoot wads of thick, hot white cum into the back of Marcy’s mouth. She swallowed the first few but then sat back on her heels to let the rest hit her on the face. She loved the feel of hot cum on her lips, nose, cheeks and chin.


The cry came from the doorway to her bedroom. Marcy fell back onto her ass on the hardwood floor. “What? Oh god, Mark!”

“Mom, what are you doing?” Mark wailed from the hallway.

Marcy had been caught in a very compromising position, yes, but it wasn’t like her husband would object if he found out, just that her kids had never known. She composed herself and reasoned that Mark had been sheltered and spineless for too long. She said, “If you would stand up for yourself once in a while, your mother wouldn’t need to get on her knees.” With that she took Atlas’ shrinking cock between her lips once more and gave him one final lick and suck to clean him up. Mark ran back to his room, probably traumatized by what he’d seen his mother do, but it was the best sex Marcy had had in months!

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