Mother Set it Up

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Chapter 1

New Zealander Todd Gunn was home during his distant university’s mid-term break and groaned from beside the pool when the front door bell of family home’s sounded.

Reluctantly, he rolled off the lounger and levered himself erect athletically just before his feet hit the ground. He strode through the house and opened the door and said harshly “Yes” expected it to be either a Bible Basher eager to spread the Word or a collector attempting to siphon off money for a foreign charity.

In his next breath, he muttered, “Holy fuck.”

The female caller seemed pleased to have absorbed that mutter and smiling said, “Hi, it’s Todd, isn’t it?”

He glanced at her blemish-free pleasant face, great teeth and down to nicely-formed double bulges and replied, “Yes, who’s asking?” expecting to be surprised, and was.

“Petra Noble, one of your mother’s mid-weekly golf plus late-lunch friends.”

“Ah Peta, I remember mum telling dad and me you hit a160-yard approach shot to stop within a foot of the cup to win last year’s Senior Women’s Winter Club Championship.”

“Wow, Todd. You have a fabulous memory.”

“Nah, it was the feat of a champion that imprinted it in my mind. Mum said you were back behind the so-named Blasted Pine on the left side of the 18th fairway and had to curve your shot around it to make the green. You stretched yourself to the limit by taking an 8 iron to ensure you at least applied the curve.”

“Um, sorry Peta my parents are both at work and so I can’t ask you in.”

“How quaint.”

Todd frowned and said “Quaint?”

“Yes, for a 20-year-old to be either scared of being alone with a nice-looking married woman or acting chivalrously in protecting her reputation.”


“Oh Todd, I suggest that you learn to speak more comprehensibly when dealing with an adult female,” Petra simpered as she brushed past him heavily to enter the house.

“Where will we sit for coffee?”

“Huh? I guess beside the pool if that suits you,” he said, eyeing her swinging and tight butt.

“Yes, that will do nicely, thanks. What are you staring at?” she asked, as if she had eyes in the back of his head.

Obviously, it was either a great guess or she was familiar with the ways of adult males.

His mouth shaped to mutter “Nothing” but instead he switched to say expressively, “Your tight swinging butt.”

“Dear Todd, is that the way to talk to a 39-year-old married woman.”

“Absolutely, providing it’s appropriate and true.”

“Ooh, although we’ve just met, I like you heaps already. Your mother is lively, which makes her my best older friend, and you take after her as I’ve met your father a couple of times and found him to be um, unspectacular.”

“To put it kindly?”

“Yes, she laughed, turning to face him and appeared to be pushing her upper body at him a little provocatively.

“You married Blake Noble a couple of years ago, I believe.”

“Yes, and…?”


Her lips appeared to thin.

“Yes, he’s older than me, he was my boss and our intimate association led to his first wife divorcing him. And, guessing what you are also thinking, yes he continues to sexually satisfy me.”

“I had wondered if you were partly responsible for the divorce, that’s all.”

“Ah, deny you hadn’t speculated in your mind am I a sexually deprived female?”

Todd looked at the floor blushing and Petra giggled triumphantly and said, “Ooh, Todd Gunn lied to me, I should be appalled.”

“I, um, I apologize.”

“Hmmm, do you find me sexually attractive for an older woman?”

Todd was about to reply negatively when she urged him not to lie.

“Yeah, I suppose you’re okay.”

She bared her teeth and said sounding a little offended, “You suppose so?”

“Yeah, and don’t ask me to confirm that in writing,” he challenged, cheekily.

“Arsehole, where is the coffee that you promised me?”

“Go and sit at the pool table,” he said brusquely and walked off, and a few minutes later returned with two coffees, milk and sugar and biscuits on a tray.

Just as he thought she’d be, rather than being stripped nude, Petra was seated passively and fully clothed. There was no way she’d bare her tits for him.


Christ, she was on to him. What a bitch.

He said yeah and she eyed him stonily and asked him what did he mean by that.

Todd replied he’d thought she’d be too couth to sit baring her pussy to send his tongue flopping out of the side of his mouth.

She giggled, brushing her blonde hair back, the arm movement mobilising her breasts a little.

“In your wildest dream, would you think I might contemplate doing such an uncouth thing like that?”

“Yeah, why else would you be here for knowing Lucy works Tuesdays and Thursdays, usually the busiest days at my father’s veterinarian clinic?”

“Well I never, young Arsehole has an imaginative brain. Actually, I did come over to check you out. However, I didn’t expect to be met head-on in a discussion about sexual otele gelen escort relations, let alone accused of wanting to impulsively baring my pussy for inspection.”

“Sorry,” he muttered.

“Is that all you have to say?”


She sighed, gulped down some coffee, and said, “Are you interested in me opening my legs for you?”


“Christ, you really are a young man with few words.”

She finished her coffee and said she must go.

At the front door, Petra kissed Todd on the lips and he refrained from grabbing her.

“Impressive,” she said, without explaining herself.

“I’ll pick you up at 9.00 on Thursday morning and take you for a drive somewhere.”

“What, to have sex?”

“You’re dreaming, although one never knows how lucky one may get. Bye darling.”

Todd’s stirring dick really began to bulge in his pants and he watched her excessively swinging arse as she walked to her car in the driveway. She turned and wave before lifting her tight skirt unnecessarily high and stepped into her low-slung vehicle, taking control of his thinking.

He waved her off, closed the door and hurried off to the bathroom to jerk off focused on thinking about the hot bitch, Petra Noble, who perhaps specialized in getting herself off big time by fucking young males.

Todd’s mum Lucy arrived home just after 3.30 to find afternoon tea waiting for her.

“Good boy, accommodation sharing while being away at university is forcing you to adopt a more refined form of independence, just as I expected. May I ask, are you enjoying free and easy access to sex?”


“What, isn’t a mother entitled to discuss anything with her son?”

Todd cocked his head and said thoughtfully, “I guess so.”

“I’ll be grateful that you don’t mention this but when I was away studying for my degree, I was involved in acquiring more sexual experience than previously I would have thought was humanly impossible.”

“Mum, this conversation is embarrassing me.”

“Oh dear, naughty me. I’ll switch to another topic. Did my youngest friend, the delightful Petra Noble, visit you this morning?”

“Yeah, how did you know that?”

“I suggested she drop in as you were becoming bored being back in your small home town. What did you think of her?”

Confused, Todd said, “She’s hot.”

“Darling, do you think it’s acceptable to call a married woman ‘hot’?”

“You asked me for my impression of her.”

Lucy smiled and said, “Ah, and so I did and received a straight answer. I confess I’d expected you’d not find her boring.”

“You practically threw her at me without explanation?”

“Hmm, I trust that you two got along well.”

“Yes, much to my surprise.”

“Darling, please don’t mention to your father that I arranged for Petra to mee you.”

“Why not?”

“He thinks she’s a slut.”

“Why does he think that? Is it because she’s openly friendly and perhaps is more attracted to younger males than older males?”

Lucy smiled and said, “Darling, that’s very astute of you.”

* * *

Todd was waiting at the roadside when Petra drove up at 9.15 on Thursday.

“Ooh, eager to see me, are you?” she said, leaning toward the passenger front seat of her vehicle to be kissed.”

“Nah, just came out to save you having to drive into the property.”

“Oh Todd, at least fake being pleased at seeing me again.”

“Yeah, I’m pleased, honestly, and you look great and smell lovely.”

“What, of sweat?”

“Of French perfume.”

Todd reached over a cupped a breast briefly and said, “These look nice, too.”

“Omigod, you’ve noticed them.”

She caught his huge grin and eyed him flirtatiously.

Petra drove off at speed and hitched her skirt high and invited Todd to stroke her thigh.

“Is this to be sex by numbers?”

She shrieked with laughter and said oh, he was capable of conversing like an adult.

“I understand that you are my mother’s youngest and liveliest friend, Petra. What does my father appear to think of you?”

“He tolerates me.”

“Tolerates is a strong word.”

“My impression is he regards me as flighty and with no substance.”

“Well, he is seven years older than Lucy. Has she told you how they met?”

“Yes, they first met at a meeting open only to property-owning citizens to discuss the proposed replacement of the town’s historic brick clock tower.”

Todd said, “True, but I did use the word ‘how’.”

She said lightly, “Um, I don’t recall being told how they connected or asking for that information.”

Todd said they first met twenty-two years ago.

His mother told him that she looked at the guy as she sat and said, ‘Hi, you look athletic’ and he looked pleased and said he was active in cycling, swimming and skiing and she said she swam at the municipal pool most late afternoons and was a keen skier.”

“They chatted and he introduced himself as Roland Gunn and said he’d pendik escort seen her around town and stammered that it was because she was so attractive. Lucy said boldly since he appeared interested in her, perhaps he could take her somewhere for a drink after the meeting.”

“She told me she didn’t ask whether he was married or had a steady girlfriend. He simply gaped and then invited her to accompany him to somewhere for supper after the meeting finished.”

“They began dating from that evening and, according to mum, she dragged him into bed. Shortly after that, she took over from the woman who resigned as chief receptionist on short notice at the new vet clinic for small animals that dad was establishing. Six months later they married because mum was pregnant with me.”

Petra smiled.

“Lucy targeted her man rather like me.”

She changed the subject.

“Look, my husband’s and mine holiday home about an hour away. You could be in for a relaxing day or a more strenuous day, perhaps. It’s your choice.”

Todd smirked, “Ah, how interesting to be given a choice.”

He began gently stroking Petra’s thigh.

“Wet a finger should you feel like making a positive connection,” she said seductively.

Todd deferred that invitation, leaving his sexy companion to concentrate on driving safely.

They arrived at the small beach settlement of no more than twenty holiday homes, a collection of cottages, cabins and caravans. The homes were perched along a clifftop overlooking a relatively sheltered bay with a rocky foreshore apart from sandy cove immediately down below the motley collection of homes.

He sighed as for some reason he’d expected a large beach holiday settlement of expensive homes of the wealthy. For that reason, he sighed in relief when Petra stopped her 2-door coupe in the drive-way of the best designed and most substantial of the cottages.

“Nice looking place.”

“Thanks, my extended family and I love it as it’s never crowded nor excessively noisy and the absence of beach bums and yahoos is the norm and so be on your best behaviour.

They laughed and he reached over and they kissed beautifully before they stepped from the vehicle.

Todd was asked to fetch the hamper from the boot (trunk) while Petra unlocked the front door and opened windows to air the cottage.

Todd placed the milk and bowl of fruit salad from the hamper and unloaded other items on to the kitchen table.

He found Petra in the main bedroom, pulling the bedding apart to allow the sea breeze coming in through the opened French doors to air the sheets.

“We haven’t been here to nine or ten weeks,” she explained and picked up her mobile phone and called someone and he went out to look at the beach.

“I was talking on the phone to a young friend, Ada. She’s the younger daughter of sheep farmers up in the hills behind us. Her parents supply us all around here with sheep-meat, goat’s milk and seasonal fruit and vegetables as the nearest shops are almost 20 miles away and Mrs Neville is a great gardener. We pay for the produce, of course, but she is an avid gardener and gives up fresh-cut flowers. Ada, who works on the farm, is not much older than you and is completing an on-line accountancy degree, usually delivers the orders.”

“Ada and I have become friends. She stays with me sometimes when I’m here alone.”

Todd said carefully, “Um, no apologies for being nosey but, err, do you two do it?”

“Yes, Mr Nosey, but please make no mention of that to her. I’m about to invite her down to take home a couple of loaves of the fresh bread I brought here. Should she like the look of you, she may decide to join us on the bed. Undress me while I’m on the phone and get your gear off.

Todd undressed Petra slowly and sucked her nipples which she liked, but squealed when he pushed a dry finger into her.

“That’s just my new friend Todd being naughty. We are about to have sex.”

“He’s a bit younger than you and is rather good looking and is very pleasant. Yes, I sure he’d be keen to play with your pussy and do more than just play with it. Yes, come now if you wish. We’ll be here until 4.30.”

Todd dropped his jeans and underpants and Petra, who’d finished her call, stared and licking her top lip said, “Golly, that’s a thick one.”

“Yeah, sorry. I’m probably too big for you.”

She laughed and said there was no chance of him having that problem with her as she was often fisted (though not indicating by whom).

They played around leisurely until Petra opened her legs wide and grabbed his erection.

Todd obligingly rolled into position and lifted his butt and she guided him into her very aroused pussy as he slowly lowered himself down until their groins met.

“Do you know what to do or do you want mummy to instructed you?”

“Just move your arse with good timing and squeeze my dick with your internal muscles until you are about to climax and then let it rip. By then you’ll know whether I know what rus escort to do to deliver a memorable fuck.”

“Pull out, and roll on a condom.”

“I didn’t bring any.”

“Omigod, you men are all the same, leaving it to the female to provide the necessary protection.”

“Is that so? Well, roll a condom on me and stop lecturing if you wish to be fucked really well.”

“Yes master,” she said cheekily.

They continued on, much to Todd’s disappointment. He wasn’t experiencing increasing excitement.

After a couple of minutes, he realised what it was. She was performing rather mechanically, doing practically nothing to push along the pace by artfully also engaging him with her hands and tongue. It was as if this was her 1001 adulterous fuck since her marriage and she’d lost her concentration and acting as if she was thinking about the book she’d been reading, about err a group of down-trodden females who worked in err an inadequately lit and ventilated hospital steam laundry in Edwardian times.

He wondered if she and his mother fucked around and surprising his mind was attempting to picture how his mother’s cunt would look like as she revealed it to him.

Christ, how foul of him and he erupted.

“Christ, you came hugely and early,” Petra said accurately but didn’t sound pissed off.

“Empty the condom over my tits and rub your ejaculation in gently. I’m one of those women who belief male’s cum is the best lotion to maintain the softness and smoothness of one’s tit flesh.”

Todd massaged drying cum into the humps, feeling almost bored and wondering if he should suggest they go for a walk.

He rubbed, thinking the boobs really did feel a little more subtle. When she finished, she fiddled his cock back into full erection and said that was enough massaging and commanded him to roll over and open his legs.

His dick hardened a little more as he thought she intended to burrow under his butt and grab his dick and suck it dry. One of the older female lecturers had done that to him in his initial week at university after inviting him to her apartment to discuss his intended career pathway over coffee, and he’d staggered to his digs (shared living accommodation) feeling more than completely fucked.

By no, the dirty bitch Petra began licking around his anus and then commenced penetrating him rather enthusiastically with her tongue.

He allowed her to continue, seething but rather enjoying the waves of sensations.

The phone went and as Petra chatted away briefly, Todd learned the farm girl Ada wouldn’t be coming because her mum had slipped when carrying a bucket of goats’ milk and injured her wrist when breaking her fall. They were off to have the wrist x-rayed.

“Fuck, that’s dashed our chance of an exciting afternoon,” Petra moaned. “Should we go home after a quick lunch?”

Todd felt he shouldn’t scream in relief.

“Yeah, whatever you wish to do is acceptable to me. You got me away brilliantly,” he smiled.

Chapter 2

Lucy arrived home and was surprised to find Todd asleep on the sofa in the sunroom and appearing peaceful instead of exhausted.

Her son awoke, to find her staring at him.


“Hi,” she said not look at all guilty until he accused her of setting him up.

“What’s wrong with that? I felt you would benefit of being in the arms of an older woman. She told me that initially you couldn’t keep your eyes off her bosom.”

“You mean tits.”

“If you say so. What went wrong?”

“I’d prefer not to say. Ask her when you two are in bed together.”

Lucy gasped and asked exactly what Petra had told him about their relationship.

“Nothing, directly and neither did she tell me you’d set me up to fuck her. It’s just we had long conversations and. in both instances, I put together various comments to form at least half the story from which I came to the likely conclusions.”

“You have always been a clever bugger with great intuition. Well, was I wrong in doing what I thought was right for you?”

“Nah, and thanks for matching me up with a swell-looking older woman.”

“I’m pleased to hear that, Todd. I suppose that leaves you disgusted that she and I fool around occasionally?”

“No mum, she’s a hot woman and you perhaps are not getting enough sexual attention these days and guess what happens when two enterprising women would think of doing when either one of then makes a hit?”

“Oh Todd, I wasn’t aware you knew so much about the intimate seductive habits of females. Come to the kitchen and have a beer while I start preparing dinner. Pour me a double Vodka on ice.”

Lucy bent down and kissed him and as her lips came toward his right cheek, he caught a whiff of something coming from the direction of the V in her dress top. Golly, that was the odour of arousal!

During the next couple of days, Todd had a few carnal thoughts about his mother. The main one was inconclusive, the question of whether his mother was the type of woman that would allow her son to fuck her.

On Sunday, knowing that Lucy had gone shopping the previous day and they would have chatted over lunch as his mother didn’t arrive home until 2.30, it was a sure bet they she would have received full details from Petra about her day with Todd and that would have included being fucked by him but perhaps she may have made no comment of anally fucking him with her tongue.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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