Mother’s Day

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Breed Wife

“Peter, have you seen your mother anywhere?” My husband, Isaac asks.

“No, I haven’t seen her all day actually.” my son answers.

“Well, that’s kind of weird. Guess we’ll just have to wait until she gets back to give her the present we got her for today.” Isaac says.

“Still kind of weird to disappear on Mother’s Day. You’d think she’d want to stay here to get her presents and everything. I wonder where she’s at?” my son asks.


I keep thinking about what my husband and son are talking about right now over and over.

Today is Mother’s Day, but instead of celebrating it with my family, I’m celebrating it with a certain someone. More specifically, the person who bullies my son in school. I still remember the first time I met him. I had to go to his house to try and talk to his parents about him bullying my son, but only Jason, my son’s bully, was there. He let me in, and I tried to get him to stop and talk some sense into him, but next thing I knew, his huge cock was slamming in and out of my pussy, making me scream out in pleasure. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on his dick.

And today’s no exception. I woke up before everyone else in the house just to have some alone time, and then my phone lit up.

“U up?” Jason sends, along with a nude showing his hot body.

“Yes ;)” I send back, feeling myself getting turned on.

“Go to our normal meet up spot. I’ll be waiting.” he sends.

After reading that, I instantly got ready to go out. I really just threw on a pair of short shorts, a tank top, and some sneakers, since I knew that my clothes were gonna be ripped off the moment I walked into the room. I know what he likes, and I know he likes seeing my huge tits bounce up and down as he fucks me.

I put my blonde hair in a pony tail, and hopped in my car and began to drive to our regular spot, which is really just a cheap motel room. The rooms are always clean though, so it’s not completely whorish. Although, my son’s bully is about to fuck me senseless on Mother’s Day, so I probably shouldn’t care about the room.

The closer I get to the motel, the wetter I get. I finally pull into the parking lot, and quickly text Jason.

“Which room?” I ask.

I stare at the phone anxiously, wanting him to answer as quick as possible.

Finally, my phone gets a notification.

“Room 4.” is all he sends.

And it’s all I need.

I get out of my car and begin to walk to the room, getting even more turned on knowing that when I walk through the door, my ass is gonna be up in the air as Jason pounds my pussy from behind.

Finally, I get to the door and open it. When I walk into the room I shut the door and lock it behind me. I turn around, and see Jason laying on the bed, naked and half erect.

“Took ya long enough.” he says, smiling.

‘Sorry, I got here as fast as I could.” I say, lifting my tank top off, letting my bare boobs spill out.

“No bra. Nice.” he says, staring at my tits.

I throw my tank top at him playfully, and see his cock growing.

“Excited to see these again, huh?” I tease, pinching and playing with my nipples.

“I wanted to do a lot more than just see them.” he tells me, biting his lower lip while watching me.

“And you’ll be doing a lot more than just looking.” i shoot back.

I walk over to Jason, and get down on my knees in between his legs. His cock still isn’t fully hard, but it’s still a lot bigger than my husband’s. I give the shaft of his cock a nice, long lick, watching his face as I do so.

“I’m glad you like my Mother’s Day gift to you. Probably a lot better than whatever that little shit Pete got you.” he jokes, running his hand through my hair.

I roll my eyes and laugh, and lick up and down his cock some more. After teasing him enough by just licking, I slowly slide the tip of his cock in my mouth, and begin to work my mouth up and down. Honestly, I feel pride knowing that I’ve gotten better at fitting his cock in his mouth. Hearing him moan makes me feel even more proud too.

“Fuck, Amy, that feels so good…” he moans out.

I begin to bob my head faster at this, wanting to make him moan even more. I should probably feel guilty about this, sneaking off so I can fuck my son’s bully, but hey, it’s Mother’s Day, so shouldn’t I be able to celebrate it however I want?

Besides, this is looking like it’ll be one of the bet Mother’s Days ever. A huge cock in my mouth, nothing to worry about, and all I can think about is the amazing sex I’m about to have. Of course, I’ll have to explain to my husband where I was and why I’m sweaty and my hair is a mess, but I can just say I went on a run.

I keep slobbering on his cock like a bitch in heat, wanting to get the most out of this so I can make this Mother’s Day a good one. At this rate though, it’s shaping up to be the best one so far.

“Suck that cock, baby…” he groans.

I happily giggle with his cock still in my mouth, and begin to bob my head up and down, fitting all of his cock gaziantep rus escort bayan in and out of my mouth. I keep running my tongue along his cock as I suck like a madwoman. I’ve definitely gotten better at sucking cock, something that my husband is completely unaware of, as I only use these techniques on Jason.

Even if I wanted to waste these moves on Isaac, he would start asking questions as to where and how I got so much better at sucking dick. So that means, Jason is the only one who I do this on. It makes sense too, as someone with a cock this big and that feels so good deserves this.

I slide my mouth off of his cock, which makes him stop moaning. He looks at me, confused, until I sandwich his cock in between my boobs, which makes him smile big.

“Good fucking girl.” he tells me.

I begin to slide my tits up and down his cock, watching his face as I do so. I don’t really get much out of this, as at least during a blowjob I get to taste and suck him off, but he likes titjobs a lot, so I make sure to give him plenty.

I keep changing up my motions, sometimes rubbing one tit up and the other down and sometimes both up and down at the same time. The entire time that I do this, I’m staring at Jason, watching his face contort with pleasure. I bite my lower lip as I speed up, sliding my tits up and down his huge cock.

“Fuck, just like that…” he moans.

“You like how that feels?” I teasingly ask.

“God, hell yeah! Feels even better knowing that you left your husband and son at home just so you could get some of this dick.” he says, smiling.

“Well, I needed something else to make today actually feel special. A burnt breakfast in bed and a candle just doesn’t cut it anymore.” I tell him, still jerking him off with my tits.

“Well, don’t worry, because I’ll be making you feel real special today.” he tells me, leaning his head back.

“And just how are you gonna do that?” I ask, grinning.

Without another word, he grabs a handful of my hair and tugs, not hard enough to hurt me, but hard enough to tell me to get up. I stand up, and so does he. He then shoves me onto the bed, and I instinctively spread my legs wide for him.

He leans forward and runs his hand down my body, stopping at the waistband of my shorts. I lift up a little bit, and he pulls my shorts off of me, revealing that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

“No panties either, huh?” he teases, running a finger along the entrance.

“They were just gonna get torn off of me like last time.” I respond, smiling.

“Well, I would start off with some foreplay, but looks like you’re already plenty wet.” he tells me.

“Just fucking stick it in already… I can’t wait any longer.” I say, unable to fight it off any longer.

“That’s what I wanted to hear…” he says, positioning himself in between my legs.

Slowly, I feel his cock meet the entrance of my pussy, and it gradually slides inside of me, filling me up inch by inch.

“Oh! Fuuuuuck!” leaves my mouth as he fills me up.

Finally, he fits his entire cock inside of me, and now, the fun part starts. He slowly moves in and out, letting me adjust to his cock. He grabs onto my hips as he does so, holding me in place so I don’t squirm as much.

I watch him, admiring his muscles tensing as he holds me and slides in and out of me. I watch his face as he slides in, as he bites his lip when he fills my pussy up. I even lean forward a little bit and tilt my head down so I can watch as his dick disappears as he slides into me.

“Take that dick, baby…” Jason moans as he pumps his cock in and out.

I throw my head back in pleasure and grab onto the bed sheets, moaning loudly. I wrap my legs around him as he speeds up, and I want to feel him penetrate me as deep as possible. He keeps pounding away at my aching cunt, hitting places that my husband could never hit. The walls of my pussy tightly grip onto his cock with each thrust, as if I never want him to pull out.

“I can’t fucking wait to send you home with a pussy full of cum!” Jason says, fucking me faster now.

It takes me a while to process what he said, mainly from the intense pleasure I’m receiving from his cock slamming in and out of me.

“Who said I was gonna let you cum in me?” I ask through my loud moaning.

“I know you want me to fill you up. Don’t even try to act like you don’t.” he moans.

I won’t lie, I have wanted to feel his hot, thick cum fill up my pussy after I’ve came hard on his cock. But, it’s too risky, so I’ve always made him pull out. I want to say something else, but he begins to hit a particularly sensitive spot, and I forget what I was even going to say.

My tits are bouncing wildly as he holds me in place as he rams his cock inside of me. He watches them bounce up and down, holding onto my hips tighter as I moan like a bitch in heat.

I tighten my legs around his waist, and I clench my eyes shut. I can feel his cock slamming in and out gaziantep swinger escort bayan of my tight cunt, marking it as if he owned it. Well, he does kind of own it. Pretty sure I tell him that it’s his every now and then too. But with a cock that big, how could I tell him otherwise.

I start to hear my phone ring, probably my husband, and I just ignore it as he keeps pounding away.

“Probably your limp-dicked husband. He has no clue that his wife sneaks off whenever she can so that she can get fucked by a real man.” he tells me, speeding up.

“And he’ll never find out…” I moan.

“Or it’s Peter, wondering where his mommy is at. Little does he know, the guy who makes his life at school hell fucks his mom on the regular.” he says, beginning to laugh.

“Mmmmm… fuck me baby…” I moan, wanting to change the subject.

“No, fucking say it. Say that you love fucking your son’s bully. That you can’t resist his huge cock.” he orders me.

“Jason, baby, I think you already know that I-” I moan.

“No. Fucking say it.” he demands, fucking me harder than before.

His cock keeps slamming against my most sensitive parts, driving me crazy. It feels so wrong, but when he gets like this and talks about how he treats my son during sex, for some fucked up reason, it drives me crazy. I can feel myself tighten around his cock, and I have trouble controlling myself.

“Oh, FUCK!” I scream out.

“Say it!” he orders once again.

“I love fucking my son’s bully! His cock is so fucking GOOD! I can’t fucking stop!” I scream.

“Good fucking girl. You’re my little slut, you know that?” he teases, not slowing down at all.

I nod my head and moan in response as he keeps fucking me. Being teased and ordered around like that drove me crazy, and I can feel my cunt tightening and loosening around his cock.

“Gonna cum after saying that about your own son? Fuck, you’re such a slut.” he tells me, laughing.

He keeps hitting all the right places at just the right speed. I close my eyes and grit my teeth as I let out erratic and uncontrollable moans.

“Fuck, give it to me baby!” I scream out, grabbing my tits and paying with them as he fucks me.

He keeps pumping his dick in and out of me, and I can feel the pleasure beginning to bubble over. My moans transform into screams as he fucks me, and with one last thrust, I cum hard on his huge cock.

“I LOVE YOUR COCK! HOLY SHIT!” I scream out as I climax all over his cock.

He keeps pumping it in and out of me as I cum, and doesn’t even slow down until my screams die off. I close my eyes and try to rest some, exhausted after all of that.

“Oh, you think we’re done? I’m still rock hard.” he teases, pulling his cock out, glistening from my juices.

I glance at his rock hard cock, and I can feel myself get filled with energy all of a sudden.

“You know, since I did so much, why don’t you make it up for me?” he tells me, running his hands along my body.

“And just how can I do that?” I ask, goosebumps forming from his touch.

“I want you to climb on top of me, and ride my cock like the slut you are.” he says, leaning forward and kissing my neck.

Fuck, he knows I can’t so no when he does that.

“Mmmmm, lay down, baby…” I whisper into his ear.

I watch him as he lays down on the bed, stroking his cock slowly while watching me. I slowly crawl on top of him, and use one hand to position his cock and slide it into my tight, wet cunt.

“Your husband has no fucking clue what he’s missing out on…” he tells me.

“I know. I could never ride him like this.” I say, sliding down onto his cock.

“What, would he slip out too much?” he teases.

“Oh he would slip out every time I went up. Not every man has a nice, long cock like you.” I tell him, beginning to slide up and down.

“That’s just the difference between me, a real man, and your husband. He could never make you feel like this.” he tells me, kissing me.

As our lips connect, our tongues meet. They rub against each other slowly at first, but they begin to clash together as I speed up. He grabs my ass with both hands and spreads my ass, helping me slide up and down his cock.

I break the kiss after I’m unable to keep it going from moaning from pleasure. It transitioned from me riding him to him sliding me up and down while grabbing my ass, but I’m not complaining. After all, I’m a slut who loves it when he takes control.

My phone goes off again, but this time, Jason pays no attention to it. I start to think about my husband and son, both of whom have no clue where I’m at or what I’m doing. And that just makes it so much hotter. I’ll be going back once we’re done, exhausted and happy, and they’ll just think that I went on a run. Little do they know, that Peter’s bully fucked my brains out, and I snuck off just so he could.

They won’t know that his huge cock hit places in my pussy that my husband could never gaziantep travesti escort kızlar reach. They won’t know that I sucked him off with more passion than I’ve ever used on my husband. They also won’t know that I screamed out that I loved fucking my son’s bully because his dick was just that fucking good.

I love feeling his thick, long cock hit all of my sensitive places. I love hearing him moan and groan with his deep voice. I love grabbing onto his toned arms and feeling his muscular chest as he slams his cock in and out of me. I love running my hands through his thick hair as he makes me his slut.

All of that stuff that I love, I could never feel with my husband. I need Jason. I need him and his huge cock. I’ve stopped caring that he bullies Peter. I only care that he keeps giving me great fucking orgasms. And he never disappointing.

My thoughts are interrupted by Jason slamming up into me even harder, and I grab onto his shoulders as he does so. I keep moaning loudly as he rams in and out of me, the room being filled with the sounds of our bodies slapping together.

“Oh, FUCK! Baby, your cock feels so good!” I moan.

Another thing I never do with my husband during sex is talk that dirty. I always thought that it was an exaggeration when women would talk like that during sex, but Jacob’s cock basically woke something inside of me up.

I clench my eyes together again, and Jason speeds up. He keeps slamming up into my cunt, each thrust sending sparks of pleasure throughout my entire body.

His hands tighten their grip on my ass as he thrusts in and out of me. Our loud groans and moans fill the room, the only thing louder being our bodies slapping together.

“YESSSS!” I scream out.

I throw my head back, unable to control myself as his cock hits all the right places. I can feel my pussy tightening its grip on his thick cock, showing no signs of loosening up. I kiss him hungrily again, our tongues exploring our mouths. I moan uncontrollably into his mouth, which makes him fuck me even harder.

I can already feel myself getting close to cumming again, and Jason begins to pump his cock in and out even faster when he hears my moans pick up.

“Fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum…” he moans in my ear.

His cock keeps pounding away at my aching cunt, pushing me closer and closer to cumming. The pleasure feels too good to want to stop, but I know if he pulls out, then I won’t be able to cum. My thought process is being influenced by wanting to cum so badly, and it’s getting unbearable.

“Don’t pull out! Make me cum!” I scream out.

He keeps slamming in and out of me, sending me deeper and deeper into my frenzy of pleasure. He tightens his grip on my ass even more as he fucks me, and it’s enough to send me over the edge once again.

The walls of my cunt keep tightening and loosening on his cock as it slams in and out, and my screams of pleasure fill the room. My grip on his shoulders tighten up, and I begin to lose control.

While I cum, I feel him shoot his hot load inside of me. Pump after pump, he fills me up with his thick cum. I should feel horrible that he came inside of me, but it actually feels amazing for some reason. There’s so much, and he keeps thrusting in and out of me as he cums.

While my pussy convulses on his cock, I’m still loudly moaning, unable to control myself. He keeps cumming inside of me, filling me up more and more.

After a good while of both of us climaxing, we both finish and calm down.

“Fuck… that was… that was really good…” I moan, laying on top of him like exhausted mess.

“Super good…” he says, out of breath.

We both lay there for a while to get our breath back, and also to cuddle and enjoy the post-sex warmth. That is, until I feel his cum spilling out of me.

“Shit, I need to go clean up.” I say.

I climb off of him and shakily walk to the bathroom. Once I get inside and start to clean up, I remember that cumming inside has repercussions.

A pretty major repercussion, actually.

While cleaning up, I’m panicking and trying to think about what I should do. After I finish up, I go outside and see Jason already dressed.

“I figured that since we went on for a while, you should probably get home as fast as possible so they don’t get too suspicious.” he says.

I simply nod in agreement and don’t mention how I’m worried about the fact that he came in me, as I don’t want to worry him. We say our goodbyes, and I drive home. One the drive home, I begin to think of ways to deal with this.

I could go and get some Plan B, but what if my husband or son finds the box or receipt? What if someone recognizes me? I couldn’t convince Isaac that it’s his either, as we haven’t done it in a while! Shit, this is so nerve wracking…

When I get home, Both Peter and Isaac greet me at the door.

“Oh, honey, where were you?” Isaac asks.

“I just went on a run at the park.” I say, hoping that he doesn’t realize that I’m lying.

He looks a little confused, but doesn’t seem skeptical.

“Well, alright.” he says. “Peter, go get your mom the present we got her.” he says, turning to our son.

Peter runs off and returns holding something behind his back.

“We thought you’d like this!” he says, smiling.

He reveals to me what he was hiding behind his back, only for it to be…

A candle.

They got me a candle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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