Movie Night

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Please let me know if you think I should keep this couple’s antics going…

Mark opened the front door quietly. He wanted to sneak up on his wife. He had been to happy hour with a bunch of his friends telling stories of their wives and their girlfriends. By the time it was over, he had thoughts of a naughty nature about his wife, Jeannie. He met her 4 years ago and proposed to her 2 years ago. He never thought he would settle down with one woman, but Jeannie turned out to be everything he ever wanted in a woman. The sex was absolutely incredible. She was uninhibited and completely insatiable and open minded to almost anything. And gorgeous. She was 5’8″ tall and most of it seemed like legs. Her tits were a pair and a half. Natural 38DD. Yet the rest of her body was toned and shapely.

He crept to the den and there she was typing away on her computer. He watched a minute as she held a pencil between her lips and a serious look in her eyes. He felt his cock stir as he noticed her leg was tucked under her, raising the hem of her silk short rob ride high up and revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything else. He grinned and made a low whistle. She smiled but didn’t turn his way. Instead she put her foot down and parted her legs. It was a Friday night and she was only online to waste time until Mark got home. She had been so busy all week that she barely had time to get laid. Tonight she wanted it from right now until tomorrow morning.

“Ummmm, you look good, Jeannie. You think you could drag yourself away from whatever you are doing and maybe grab a bottle of wine and snacks for a movie?” He waved the bag covered box in the air with a wide grin on his face.

Jeannie tried to hide her disappointment. She looked at the package in his hand and then down to his crotch and back up to his beaming smile. She didn’t want to seem to desperate. “Okay Sure. I will be right in.” She had visions of trying to distract him from whatever it is he rented. Action, knowing him and she hated action movies. She padded into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of white thongs out of her lingerie draw. If she had to make it through a movie first, she had to calm herself down. Walking around completely naked under her robe always turned her on for some reason. As small as an item it is, the thong will make her feel more dressed and relaxed instead of like a slut on the prowl. Next stop was the kitchen pantry where she kept the wine. She grabbed a rather large bottle of white zinfindel and two glasses from the hanging rack above wine rack and headed for the living room. One last stop in a cabinet for some chips and she was done.

Mark looked over at her with the glasses and wine. “Thanks baby. I think you’ll like this one.” He patted the seat next to him on the couch, “C’mon, lets get comfey.”

She bent in front of him to pour the wine and he noticed the thong. Poor girl has no idea. He took his glass. “Thank you Dear.”

She sat next to him and waited for him to press play. As soon as the cheesy music started, and she saw the crappy title treatments on the opening credits she knew what she was about to watch. Her pussy immediately reacted as she sipped her wine and waited.

Mark looked over and saw the expression on his wife’s face. He saw her shift in her seat. She was already liking his idea of movie night. He turned back to the screen and porno indir watched as the main charater is seen peeping through a window to watch a woman playing with herself. Another man then comes in and proceeds to tease and fuck her silly. It turns out the man watching through the window is her husband and they planned this. He liked to watch his wife fuck various people. Gardeners, pizza boys, his co-workers, his friends. Mark looked over to Jeannie and saw her eyes glued to the television. Her thighs looked sort of like they were moving but slightly and he soon figured out she was squeezing her thighs together for relief. She was horny as a bitch in heat right now. It was all he could do from letting out a laugh.

Jeannie finished off her 4th glass of wine by the time the woman in the movie was on her 3rd fuck. Her pussy was soaking wet and she was glad she stopped for that thong after all. She decided to lay on the couch with her head in Marks lap. She turned sideways and began her decent when Mark stopped her with a hand on her shoulder. His hands slid the robe down her shoulders until it opened up in the front to her waist, revealing her luscious tits. “Okay, go ahead.” He grinned

Jeannie’s cunt was on fire. She needed to touch herself or, better yet, have him touch her. Fuck her. Soon. She laid down, her head in his lap twisted sideways and continued watching. The wife’s antics conintued on screen and finally Jeannie felt mark drap his arm over her and begin to fondle her nipples. They are already hard as a rock and sensitive and she moaned softly, pressing her thighs together harder now.

Mark maneuvered her onto her back and opened the robe completely. He rubed and twisted his wife’s rock hard nipples and watches her arch her back as if begging him not to stop. He notices her eyes are closed. “Open your eyes, baby. Watch the movie, now. C’mon.” He licks his lips as she barely opens her glazed over eyes. He nods towards the tv and removes his hands from her body. “If you don’t watch, I won’t play.” He says to her in a sing song voice, like a boy teasing a little girl.

Jeannie turns her neck sideways and watches the screen. As soon as she does, his hands are back on her tits. Pulling at them, pinching them. She was completely on fire now. She felt his hands moving down her body and she held her breath. As he reached over her head to get lower, she parted her bent knees slightly. The woman on screen was now getting fucked by two men at the same time while her husband watched from a webcam feed on a computer in his office. Jeannie couldn’t take it anymore watching this woman getting pounded with hard cocks.

“Please baby.” She moaned. Mark ignored her, moving to the waistband of her panties his fingers creeping under them. “Oh yessssss.” Her hips rising to meet his fingers. Make them go faster. His fingers reached her pussy lips and was met by a river of her juices.

“My my, but you are a wet little girl. What was it? The movie, the wine, one of the men on screen. Tell me.” He grinned waiting for her response. His own cock had been rock hard for quite a while and was going to need something soon.

“All of it, baby. All of it.” She was panting now. He pushed a finger lightly between her soaked pussy lips and slid it up and down her slit, carefully avoiding her super excited clit. rokettube “Ohhhhhhh baby, please.”

“Please what?” His voice was barely concealing the smile he had at the idea of hearing his wife begged to be fucked. She turned her head and looked up at him, the lust thick in her eyes mixed with a little confusion. “Uh uh uh…” He admonished, taking his fingers out of her panties and using his other hand to twist her head back to the screen. She immediately missed his fingers. She took a deep breath in frustration and continued watching. He’s playing a game of some kind and all she knew about it was it had her pussy dripping wet and desperate for a cock to fill it. His fingers found his way back into her panties and once again, teasingly stroking her pussy lips.

“You think what she’s doing is hot.?” He asked out of nowhere. Jeannie blinked and wasn’t sure how to answer. His fingers stopped moving. “Well?”

“I guess so.”

“You guess so? She’s getting fucked pretty hard by two men and she knows her husband is watching. She’s even getting off on it. I think that’s pretty fucking hot.” He felt her pussy getting even wetter as he spoke and her hips were slightly bucking to his stroking. “Ummmmm I do believe you think it’s hot too. You want to cum, don’t you?

“Ummm yes, baby, I do.” Glad to get off the topic she started practically panting at the idea. He suddenly sunk two fingers deep into her pussy and started thrusting slowly but with some force each time. “Ohhh god, yes. Mmmmmm finger fuck my pussy baby. I want to cum for you baby.”

Then he stopped. Her eyes flew open and she turned her head again with a look of almost panic in her eyes. “Mark? C’mon please… I need it.”

“You need what? What do you need right now?” Damn, this again.

“I need your fingers in my pussy. I need to be fucked.” He thrust his fingers back in. She groaned and reached for her panties to pull them down. She needed her legs spread wide. She needed her clit played with too. She got her panties to her knees when he put a hand on her left hand.

“Stop there.”

“Ummm no baby, c’mon.” Once again he stopped playing with her needy pussy.

“Okay fine.” She pouted and left them where they were. His fingers went back to work. As he thrst his fingers into her he whispered to her.

“Ummm you are such a hot slut. Your pussy is completely soaked. Your dripping all over the place baby.” She wasn’t used to this kind of conversation but figured it had to do with this whole strange night and found it even turned her on.

“You liked the idea of being watched?” He added a third finger and picked up his pace. As he thrust, she thinks maybe she did like the idea. Her stomach tingled as he spoke of it. “I bet you’d love to know someone was watching you while you were fucked nice and hard.” His fingers started moving even faster and her moans were getting louder and louder and she found her pussy would spasm everytime he brought a new image to her mind. Then he placed his thumb on her clit and moved over it roughly.

“Ohhhh godddd, yes!!!”

“C’mon baby. Cum for me. My cock is so hard. I want to watch you cum so I can fuck your cum soaked pussy.” That was it. That did it. Her body began to twitch as her orgasm over took her. Great waves were washing over her. She was still in the middle of seks filmi it and crying out when he got up suddenly, her head barely able to fall to the couch before he was spinning her over and pulling at her hips. “All fours baby. I am going to fuck you like the bitch you want to be tonight.”

Something about his words were keeping her fire going. She actually wanted it quickly before her flush was gone from that orgasm. She got on all fours on the couch and spread her knees as far as the width of the couch would allow.

“Go ahead baby. Fuck me. I am ready. Please shove your cock into my slutty pussy.” She was beginning to enjoy this fantasy. She felt him waste no time and slam his rock hard cock deep into her pussy from behind. She screamed out and pushed back against him. “ohh yeah. Oh god, make me cum again all over your cock, baby.”

He reached around her and began twisting at her nipples again as they bounced agasint his hands. He thrust harder and deeper now and could hear her actually grunting.

“I want to watch you get your pussy fucked like this. ” mark blutrted out. Jeannie went stil for maybe a second before his cock came slamming back deep into her and made her cry out. He giggled, “Ummm yes, baby. You like that idea?” That’s not what her grunt meant but she did find the more he talked about it, the hotter she started feeling. She reached for her clit under her and he stopped her, pulling her hand behind her back. She needed the other one to hold herself up and began to struggle.

“Maybe, I don’t want you to cum yet.” Mark giggled. Oh god, what the fuck? Thought Jeannie. “Maybe I like the idea of telling you when you can and cannot cum.”

She had been here before with Mark. Every now and then he liked to dabble with a little dominant behaviour. She didn’t mind but she wasn’t ready for it and now she wanted to cum desperately.

“Please Mark. Please baby. Please don’t do this now. I really need to cum now.”

She heard only silence and heavy breathing as Mark slammed into her harder. It felt so good, she let her hand out from under her and pushed her ass farther into the air as her head hit the couch cushion. He saw where she was going and grabbed that arm too. Now they were both being held behind her back and he was thrusting into her pussy even deeper now.

“Ohh god yes!!!” She screamed. She thought she may not need her clit touched for this one. She bucked her hips back up agasint his cock faster now. Mark wanted to make her wait longer but he couldn’t either. He would have to prepare better next time. He let out a loud moan and met her thrusts. Just as her pussy began to spasm around his cock, his cock stiffened even harder as he held it deep in his wife’s cunt and closed his eyes as he came.

Once finished, he rolled off her and sat on the couch next to his wife’s upturned ass. Glistening with her own juices and his, he grinned. He playfully smacked her ass and she let her ass drop sideways before sitting up. “Ohh my, yes…” She breathed out. “So hot. And can we move this party to the bedroom now?” She licked her lips.

Mark grabbed the remote and sat back. “I want to keep watching. I heard the plot picks up.” Jeannie pouted again and sat back. “I am not making anymore promises to watch.” Mark grinned.. “Uh huh.”

While Mark browsed the menu on the screen for the last scene he was paying attention to, Jeannie noticed a business card sticking out of the bag the movie came in.

It was a business card for a club. There were shadows of naked women on it on all fours with what looked like maybe collars on them attached to leashes….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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