Mr. Joe Whuzzit Ch. 11

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One last dress up surprise story about Joe Whuzzit. Then his confession! A week had passed. Joe was a businessman and busy through the week. That also gave us a break to relax and just be happy campers.

One evening after a ride, maybe Wednesday, we had stopped for a short time at Joe’s nicer Strip club. While there, we were informed by the manager that for our last Saturday Dollie would again be Joe’s escort and Daisy Mae my play toy. Joe had one more dress-up surprise planned before we left on Sunday!

Joe had this fetish for tiny black mini-dresses. To our relief Joe realized ‘one size does not fit all.’ The clothing he’d been furnishing Dollie were the same dresses his Strippers came on stage in and the other night club partners wore. Amazingly they weren’t the break-away Velcro attached type.

We just hung around our RV that last Saturday afternoon, taking a short walk and visiting other campers. Later the black Caddy pulled up in front of our site. This time Joe arrived rather early… noonish.

Dollie and I watched for Daisy Mae to step out of the Cadillac, or at least say hello from inside it. Joe told us I didn’t need an escort where we’re going. I was getting used to Ms. Daisy– and her big boobies! But, I got over not driving Joe’s Mercedes. I’d get over not driving Ms. Daisy… more or less.

Now Joe looked like a normal camper. Joe wore shorts and a T-shirt. This is what I wear when camping. So I was ready to party. In Joe’s hand there was another small package for Dollie.

Joe had brought a pretty red mini dress for Dollie to wear. It also covered most important body parts, sort of. All black dresses had varied in length. Each was made differently. The plunging tops all distinctly different.

Yes, Dollie had to be cautious about bending over and squeezing her arms wearing those black dresses. We came to realize there were always other young girls with old geezers displaying equal amounts of fine female flesh, easing the embarrassment slightly.

This time, neither of us was worried about another indecent outfit. But, as we looked at that rubber red thing, we were beginning to worry again. Dollie hurried into our RV to put the red dress on. Joe was good at this dress-up surprise game.

We were in for other unexpected bedava bahis surprises this time. An odd request was made while Dollie was inside forcing herself into that thin red vinyl dress. Mr. Whuzzit asked to call Dollie Margie for today! I didn’t care what he called her, as long as we had fun.

When Dollie came outside wearing that red dress, we were both pleased with the sexy lookin gal who stood before us. Her small nipples and nipple rings stood out like beacons in the night.

After a few oooh’s and aaaah’s, Joe explained to us that his wife is named Margie, and Dollie reminds him of Margie when they were much younger. Dollie felt this was creepy at first. Then realized it was a compliment.

As we traveled to our destinations, adding more places during the day, answers were answered and things began to make sense about Joe’s desire to have Dollie as his escort. Details in the final chapter …HA!

The red dress was very bright in color. Seemed to be made of Condom material… with a hole for Dollie’s head. Yes, it was very short, to the point of being illegal and vulgar. Saying it was tight would be putting it mild. It looked as if someone body painted it on Dollie.

This one had a deep V-plunging neckline to her waist with straps which became very narrow over each shoulder. On the plus side, it was so tight those straps remained on her shoulders.

This time Joe allowed Dollie to wear a tiny bright red thin thong pair of panties which he also furnished. At the rear, nothing showed as the thongie part disappeared between Dollie’s butt cheeks.

The small amount of material in front barely covered her pussy and frontal area. Still, it made Dollie feel comfortable knowing ‘IT’ was covered! Half of the dress-up surprise was finished.. the dress! Plus the added surprise that I was now with Margie!

What high classed over crowded upper crust establishment would we end up in this time? Joe escorted MARGIE to the black Cadillac and we were off to find out.

Yes, Dollie’s (Margie’s) bare ass was fully exposed, as that tiny piece of rubberized material rode upward, fighting a loosing battle with the leather car seat. But, ‘IT’ remained barely hidden behind those ittie bittie panties!

The Cadillac rolled though the countryside, places we’d casino siteleri never been. After what seemed like an hour, or more, we arrived at another tiny Strip Club. The flashing neon sign overhead said it all… JOE’S JOINT.

The place was clean and new looking. We entered to yells from the crowd– reminding me of the place on the TV show ‘CHEERS.’ Only they were yelling JOE, and MARGIE, not Norm! No, we’d never been there. Wherever there was!

There were some familiar bikers and other customers from some of Joe’s other strip Clubs there. Obviously they were expecting us! Hugs, handshakes, small-talk, then a table in front of the stage. Domestic beer all around. Joe knew we didn’t care for those strange mixed drinks.

I vividly remember Dollie (Margie) yelling about the cold leather chair, as she sat down on her bare exposed ass! I mentioned about the dress straps being tight and staying where they belonged. Joe’s wandering hands rubbed Margie’s partially exposed boobs. But this time he didn’t pull down her straps or pull out Margie’s titties.

Joe’s friends wandered over for some small-talk. Meaningless small talk, just to get a close up view of Margie’s titties. It was creepy the way Joe’s friends automatically called Dollie MARGIE! Still, Dollie seemed to be enjoying the attention

The dancing gals there seemed more professional, older, –and better built. They were real women with real meat on their bodies. It seems as though we watched two or three gals do their thing on stage. Then we were off for another secret destination, many people saying goodbye to me, Joe, and saying come back soon Ms. Margie.

More zig zags through the backwoods. Another Strip Club. Another surprise! A flashing neon sign similar to the one at JOES JOINT welcomed customers, MARGIE’S PLACE in large pink and blue letters!

These were the Clubs that we were told Joe owned further North. This second Club was larger, still not as big as the fancy Club back near the campground. However both of these Clubs were very bright and stages well lit from above and below with neon and colored flashing lights. Floodlights, reminding me of those old WWII aircraft spotter lights. Well, maybe not that bright. But giving very good views of naked skin on lovely well endowed ladies.

Again, bahis siteleri greetings, hugs, hand shakes and free beer. Basically a repeat of the first Club. We watched several dancers dance, I watched Joe fondle Margie’s titties again. And again, he left the straps in position, keeping Margie’s nipples out of site.

Perhaps an hour of visiting, sipping beer and watchin naked gals perform, the chauffeur came to the table and Joe said it was time to move on. So far, so good! Too good to be true! Mr. Joe Whuzzit had given us many exciting surprise days and evenings. This one was surprisingly different.

The big black Cadillac again was pointed into the sunset. All three of us sort of reminisced about the games we shared with Joe. We repeatedly thanked Joe for all of the amazing times with him. Another surprise, Joe never touched Dollie as we traveled back south in the Caddy.

Of all places, we ended up at that tiny Mom-N-Pop restaurant near the Biker Club, in the small town, near the campground. There were only a few customers there. But, everyone, including the cook and waitress called Dollie MARGIE. Even as we visited, and ate a simple burger and fries, she was automatically referred to as Margie. Creepy!

Perhaps another hour passed. It was just getting dark outside as we left the restaurant. Joe continued his confessions, as he did during much of our free time that day and evening. We were nearly to the campground before I realized we were being taken back to our RV.

The night was young. Dollie wasn’t asked to go on stage anyplace to strip. And other than having her name changed, ass exposed, her boobs mostly exposed, and fondled a bit, a non-eventful evening,– compared to those others with Joe Whuzzit!

Although we’d planned to visit Joe again, and was asked to do so by him, things happened. Dollie became deathly ill. She had several colon surgeries. She was given her last rites. Spent many hospital stays and was bedridden for over a year afterward. Life is not always a fairy tale!

For awhile, we kept in touch with some members of the biker Club. Two years passed. After Dollie regained her strength, we had planned on just a short motel stay to visit Mr. Joe Whuzzit. No details. Joe had passed away during Dollies’ recuperation period.

We took a drive up and visited the Bike Club briefly. Drove by those first three Strip Clubs. All were closed down, as were the others, we were told.

I keep stressing have fun while you can. Even money doesn’t help when your time comes! Rest in piece Mr. Joe Whuzzit, wherever you are.

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