Mr. Jones , Me Ch. 02.5

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This is the third instalment in the Mr Jones “Tutoring” Series. Read Mr Jones and Me and Mr Jones and Me Ch 2 to better understand what’s happening. I have some ideas of where to go next, but your feedback is always appreciated. It’s interesting as a straight woman writing from the perspective of a gay man. Thanks to those who read the first two and gave me some more ideas to shape a few more. Hope you enjoy.

My second threesome with Mr Jones and Neil was only hours away, and it was all that I could think about. When my horny mind had decided to confront Mr Jones about my lust for him only a few weeks ago, I had no idea I would be opening my self up (metaphorically and literally) to regular fucking and sucking with my maths teacher.

I knew I needed to release some energy my concentration would be shot for the day. Besides ass, my other passions include drums. (Guess you could say I am into anything that involves pounding). At lunch, I went to the music block and booked myself into the drum room. My music teacher, Miss Smith, trusts me in there without supervision so I go in there a lot to pound away. It’s a sound proof room that has high windows, the drum kit and 2 old arm chairs and a bookshelf that Miss Smith bought in from home. Its nothing flashy, but it does the job.

I was in the middle of belting out a massive drum solo of little rhythm or grace when the door slowly opened and Neil walked in. I was kinda surprised for 2 reasons. Firstly, the music block isn’t exactly his usual hangout. Secondly, we hadn’t spoken since I came all over his face with his fingers up my ass and Mr Jones’s hand on my cock. Kinda awkward as you can imagine.

“I was told I could find you here”, Neil said, closing and locking the door. I had this sudden panicked thought that he had come here to beat me up for intruding on his time with Mr Jones (an overactive imagination as it turned out).

I gulped and looked at him. “Well guess you found me Neil. How can I help you?” Neil sat on one of the armchairs and patted the one next to him. I slide out from behind the drum kit and sat down next to Neil. There was an uncomfortable silence before Neil cleared his throat.

“Mr Jones told me this morning you were coming to tutoring this afternoon”, Neil said, quite calmly.

I groaned inwardly and thought, “here it comes”. I looked Neil in the eye and stated “Not my idea man, if it’s going bursa escort to be too bizarre ….”

Neil laughed and cut me off. “No, not at all. I have been trying to think of a way to get a second crack at you for weeks”. To say I was shocked was an understatement. The disbelief must have shown on my face as Neil leant in closer and rubbed my cock through my pants. “Imagine, the school’s two biggest ‘ladies men’, and we both suck cock better than any girl at this school.” He kissed my lips gently then, as he looked my in the eye, unzipped my pants and curled his hand around my now hard cock.

I gasped then moaned softly. Neil pulled softly on my 7.5 inch hard on (not huge I know, but its thick enough to give even an experienced hole trouble) as he whispered in my ear “I have wanted this in my ass since I first saw it.” I began bucking my hips in time with his thrusts. Suddenly, Neil let go of my cock. I groaned as my hips continued bucking. He laughed and kissed me hard, thrusting his tongue into my hot mouth.

When we pulled apart he stood up and stripped of his pants. I quickly got the hint and shed my pants too, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Neil pushed me down into the armchair and knelt in front of me, pushing my legs up onto the arm rests, spreading me wide with my knees bent. Then he leant forward and swallowed my cock down his throat in one quick motion.

“Aw fuck!” I panted as he sucked my cock, swirling his tongue over my shaft. Neil let my cock slowly slide out of his mouth as he pushed his face between my cheeks and gave my puckered asshole a long tongue-lashing. He pushed his tongue into my now experienced hole as I squirmed on the chair. Neil looked up at me as he sexily sucked on two fingers before working one slowly into my ass.

My cock was oozing pre-cum as he lowered his head to lick my shaft, his fingers reaming my asshole. I was moaning loudly by this stage, panting his name and begging him to make me cum. Neil rammed a second finger into my hole and rubbed my prostate hard as my cock pulsed in his mouth.

I was just about to shoot a huge load down his throat when Neil pulled his fingers out of my ass and stood up. I looked at him in disbelief. “What the fuck did you do that for?” I asked angrily, my cock hard and red. Neil grinned at me, turned and bent over. When he pulled his ass cheeks apart, I could see the base of görükle escort a vibrating butt plug looking back at me.

I was still confused until Neil looked over his shoulder at me and asked, “Well you going to take it out and let me fuck you or what?” A slow realisation crept over me and I gave him a dirty little smirk. I reached out and yanked the butt plug out hard. Without giving him a second to catch his breath I jammed 3 fingers up his ass and slapped his ass cheek.

“That’s for being an asshole” I taunted him, as I finger fucked his ass forcefully. He groaned as I slapped his other cheek. I grabbed his hips and moved him back towards my cock. I sat back down on the armchair and grabbed the base of my cock. “Fuck yourself silly”.

I barely had the words out when Neil sat down on my cock, hard. He took my whole hard, thick cock straight up his ass. “Fuck me” I groaned as I grabbed his hips.

Neil grabbed the armrests and looked back at me, “No fuck me”. He began to bounce up and down on my cock as I pushed up into him. The combination of my ass having been played with, the anticipation of being fucked by Mr Jones and Neil’s hole pulsing round my cock was too much.

“I’m cumming!” I yelled as I slammed up into Neil’s ass. My cock twitched then lurched as I shot 3 wads of creamy cum up into Neil’s hot, tight ass. Neil moaned and fisted his cock hard, shooting cum all over his thighs. I let go of his hips, my cock still buried up Neil’s ass. We were both panting, sweating and spent.

Neil pulled himself off my cock with an audible plop as my cock pulled free. To my amazement it was still hard. Neil raised an eyebrow at me as he looked at his own still hard cock. “I guess we aren’t quite finished yet”, he laughed. I grinned at him as I grabbed his cock.

“Guess not”, I said. I looked at his cock, noticing for the first time that he was pretty much the same size as me. I squeezed his cock hard and looked up at him. “Nice cock, wanna fuck?” Not even waiting for his reply, I got onto the floor on all fours and wiggled my ass at him.

He stared at me as I pulled my ass cheeks apart to show him my hot little hole. I slowly pushed a finger in and began fucking myself. “You going to do this, or do I have to do it myself?” That had the desired affect as Neil knelt behind me and pointed his cock head straight at my puckered star.

He bursa escort bayan leant over and whispered in my ear “I am going to fuck you so hard you will still be open when Mr Jones spreads your cheeks in a few hours”. I answered his challenge by pushing back against him. I am a sucker for a few choice dirty words, they seem to push my buttons.

Neil pushed his cock head against my hole and yelled “You want this cock in your ass do you?”

I turned and looked at him and yelled back “Stop talking and fuck me!” Neil grinned at me and shoved his cock all the way into my ass with one thrust. I pushed back against him and began to pant, my tongue hanging out. I love having my ass filled. I braced myself as Neil fucked me with powerful strokes. He pulled all the way out of me and then rammed his cock back in hard. He did this over and over, my cock swelling with the delicious feeling of him entering me again and again.

Neil found my balls and squeezed them, causing my cock to leap. “Cum in my ass”, I yelled as my cock shot a huge load onto the floor. I was so caught up in cumming I didn’t hear Neil yell. Next thing I felt was his hot cum spraying all over the inside of my ass and running down my legs.

We collapsed onto the floor, Neil’s softening cock popping out of my ass. We lay there recovering for a few minutes until we realised the time. “Shit, have 10 minutes until class”, I groaned as we grabbed some tissues from a box on the bookshelf and cleaned ourselves and the carpet up.

When we thought we looked respectable again (ignoring the cum that was obviously still leaking slightly from both our holes) we opened the door. There on the other side was Mr Jones, holding a video tape. He grinned at us “Guess no one told you the school installed a security system in these room. Thought it was a good idea seeing as how they are sound proof and used often without supervision”. Neil and I were looking at the video in horror as we realised what it had on it. “Don’t worry, Miss Smith asked me to keep an eye on the screens as she had a meeting. I noticed the two of you in a room and figured what would happen and hooked it up to the video. This is the only copy. Unless of course you want one?”

I grinned at Mr Jones, “Of course. Not every day you do your own porn movie”. Neil still looked a little shocked, looking from me to Mr Jones.

“I must say boys, I was already looking forward to tutoring. Now I can’t wait. See you after school”. He turned and walked off, whistling as he went.

Neil turned and looked at me, “We’re screwed.” He looked a bit scared. I laughed and gave him a quick spank on the ass.

“Yeah, and loving it.”

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