Mr. Newbold’s Young Friend

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Ed Newbold was a very successful businessman who had made his fortune from his import/export company which had connections far and wide. He was very tall, looked very fit and healthy but had one underlying problem. He couldn’t get his cock hard! Years of fast living and neglecting his diet as well as generally not taking care of himself had made him very frustrated. Yes, he looked healthy but he never let on to any of his acquaintances that he suffered badly from high blood pressure. He also had contracted diabetes and together these two health problems had left him impotent!

Ed hadn’t remarried after his wife Celia had died some 15 years ago – he was a lonely old man of 71 years who kept so much to himself that he was becoming known as a recluse. His only pleasures these days came from beating his opponents to any business deal he tried to win, television and an occasional conversation with any young lassie who would respond to his questions. He didn’t care about his money – he had plenty of that – he just craved young female company and resorted to wandering through the parks near his home and talking to the young girls who were often there just wandering about doing nothing in particular.

He worried that most of these young girls he spoke to just considered him to be a dirty old man, but he wasn’t like that, just lonely. Probably most of the girls would acknowledge him and respond to his kindly hello, and then answer his intelligent and non threatening questions but they never stayed with him for long and moved off leaving him still very lonely.

Ed had a cleaning lady who came to his home every couple of days and kept the place remarkably clean and she also cooked many meals for him and these were left for him to eat by himself when he felt like it. His cleaning lady, Edie, was very staid and didn’t like talking too much with him and always left the house as soon as he began talking to her if she thought it was of a personal nature. She was a very prudish woman who didn’t like the fact Ed was so rich but she certainly didn’t want any of his money and when he offered her extra money as a bonus she usually refused saying she didn’t want his money!

During the course of his business dealings he had worked closely with an Asian gentleman Yinn. Ed couldn’t get close to Yinn and their dealings were strictly business. A couple of deals were very successful and the end result was that both Ed and Yinn made a lot of money and Yinn was very obligated to Ed for making him rich. All the time they had been working together on their various deals Ed had never known where Yinn had been born or when he arrived in America but he regarded him as a business associate and nothing else. Incredibly although they had been working together for years, Ed knew him only as Yinn – he didn’t even know if that was his first or second name.

Yinn rang Ed one evening after a very successful day of trading and told him he was very pleased to work with Ed and he would be sending around a thank-you present for him. He hoped Ed would enjoy his present – it was something special for his special friend.

Ed wondered just what the sly old Asian man would be sending him. He hoped it was nothing to do with their business as he hated most of the things they were trading so successfully.

Next afternoon about 3pm Ed heard a knock at his front door. Nobody ever knocked at his door – Edie had her own key and he just didn’t have any callers. When he opened the door he was immediately excited to see a beautiful young Asian girl standing in front of him. She was about 18 years old, had the beautiful simple child-like face of young Asian women and, although she wasn’t very tall, she had a wonderful figure and he could see she was an attractive young girl. He asked her what she wanted in the nicest possible way so that she wouldn’t be frightened away, and her reply stunned him! She said, without the faintest trace of accent, “My father, Yinn sent me to you – I am your present! My name is Cherry!”

Ed Ankara bayan escort was almost stunned by her statement and quickly invited her inside his home. She was dressed in very modern clothes, thin blouse and mini-skirt and bare legs and her dainty feet were encased in high-heeled shoes which made her a little taller than she was in her bare feet. Many Asian girls have a strange sort of Oriental look about them which separates them from other women but Cherry was beautiful and her gentle Asian features made her a real beauty.

Cherry walked over near Ed and placed her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips. Ed was stunned by both her beauty and way she had kissed him. He loved every moment of her visit so far. She held him close and whispered to him that she had come with the best wishes of her father who had instructed her to be kind to him and to do anything with her that he wanted! Ed was shocked that anyone would send such a beautiful girl for his pleasure and worst of all, his daughter! Sure he had had lots of young girls at his beck and call in his earlier days and he had used them to satisfy his passions but this was something different. She was so lovely standing there so close to him and she was offering him her body for his use.

How poor Ed regretted his inability to obtain an erection! In his earlier days he would have had her stripped and in his bed in a matter of seconds but today, not only was he handicapped by is impotency but he also had a severe case of conscience with this lovely young girl. How could he take advantage of his business partner’s daughter even if she was offered to him as a present?

Cherry asked Ed what was wrong and reluctantly he told her of his intimate problem. Poor Cherry was disappointed to learn his difficulty and asked what she could possibly do to make him happy. Ed still had his conscience pricking him and he was reluctant to ask anything of her. He told her how lovely she was and how much he admired her but he said he couldn’t possibly take any advantage of her.

When Cherry asked if they could move into the lounge room of his home he readily agreed and he quickly escorted her over to a long lounge seat which was large enough for probably 4 people. When they were seated next to each other she told him she was there to do anything he wanted and he shouldn’t feel shy about asking her to do anything for him. She held his hands in her very small hands and the way she seemed to massage his hands made him quite excited. Although he couldn’t get his cock hard it didn’t mean he couldn’t have strong sexual feelings when aroused.

Cherry explained to Ed that she was quite used to being sent to Yinn’s associates as a present and she certainly wasn’t embarrassed by anything he might ask her to do. This surprised Ed and he asked her how long she had been a present for his associates. She shocked him by saying the first time had been when she was 12 years old. Yinn had apparently owed a lot of money to a businessman when a deal had gone wrong and she had been given to the man to make up for the money loss. She quietly explained to Ed that she had been a virgin at that time and this had changed very quickly when she was with the businessman! Ed was disgusted that a girl as young as 12 could be sent to be a whore for any man! His temper began to rise but he kept it in check. Cherry went on to explain that although the man had hurt her a lot on the first time, she had begun to enjoy sex after that and had been used by hundreds of men since. Ed could hardly believe what he was hearing! This pretty young girl had experienced far more in her short years than most women would do in a lifetime.

Cherry then asked Ed if her would mind if she showed him her body! She told him he might be able to do more with her than he thought when he saw her naked. Ed still wasn’t comfortable with the idea of this young girl being used as a sex object but he relented and agreed for her to show him her body. Cherry stood up in front Escort bayan Ankara of Ed and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. As soon as she had it undone she pulled it apart and slowly slid it down over her shoulders until it dropped on the floor. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her beautiful young, jutting breasts stood proudly on her chest just in front of his eyes! She had glorious nipples which were very erect and stuck out some distance in front of her lovely pointed breasts. He had never seen such beauty before and he had seen lots of lovely naked women! Cherry moved over to Ed until she had her right nipple just in front of his mouth and, when she asked him if he would just like to taste her nipple, he couldn’t reply. He just opened his mouth and she moved her body forward until it was in his mouth. He closed his lips on this delicate, firm womanly part of her body and began sucking with passion.

There was no doubt he was terribly aroused and he could feel his cock stirring and he knew it was leaking pre-cum but it still wouldn’t get hard! Ed continued to suck her nipple and then changed to the other one – it tasting just as wonderful as the first. All this time Cherry was moving her body against him and whispering how much she liked what he was doing to her. Ed couldn’t get enough of Cherry’s nipples but he eventually stopped because he feared he might be causing her pain. He needn’t have worried, Cherry was very used to having her nipples sucked and most of the time by men who were not as gently as Ed.

Once Ed had stopped sucking her nipples she moved back and undid the catch on her mini-skirt and then the zip and slowly lowered the skirt until it was also on the floor. Although she was wearing panties, she might just as well have left them off as they certainly didn’t cover anything! He could plainly see her black triangle of pubic hair and he thought he could see her pussy lips below. The material of her panties was so thin that he could see just about everything! When she could see his eyes were transfixed on her pubic area, she hooked her thumbs in the tops of her panties and slowly pulled them down until they too slid around her ankles. She soon stepped out of them and also slipped she shoes off thus standing completely naked in front of him! Ed admired her beauty and couldn’t help but admire the totally black hair above her cunt lips. He had seen Asian women before and was convinced that were the only people who had this jet black shiny hair on their pubic areas.

Cherry placed one leg on the lounge and then used her fingers to spread her pussy lips so that he could look completely at her exposed cunt! She was beautiful. She asked Ed if her would like to touch her body and he just couldn’t help himself and began to trace his fingers over her breasts, navel and then down into the beautiful stiff black shiny hair until he reached her cunt lips. She was extremely wet there and she gave a slight shudder when he touched her clit. She asked him to push his fingers into her and he obeyed quickly finding the rest of her hole was just as wet as the lips. She asked him to play with her and to his surprise she quickly reached an orgasm and he realized this was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Her gorgeous body was alive as she came and she reached over and kissed him deeply as soon as she had recovered enough.

The next thing she did was to begin undressing Ed. He tried to resist but his unquenched desire took over and he helped her to remove his clothes. He was proud of his body – it was in very good shape for his age – his only regret was that his limp penis was simply lying along his leg without any sign of an erection. Cherry quickly leaned over and took his flaccid cock into her soft, damp mouth and began sucking as hard as she could. He could still enjoy the feeling of her lips on his cock but unfortunately it did absolutely nothing to help him with an erection. Cherry continued to suck his cock for quite a while until she too realized he just wasn’t Bayan escort Ankara going to get hard!

When she gave up she asked him if he had ever used Viagra tablets which were guaranteed to give him an erection? He told her he hadn’t because he had been too embarrassed to ask for them from his physician! Cherry kissed him deeply again and told him she would have to go out for a short while. She quickly dressed and, after kissing him again, she was gone. He felt very empty now that she wasn’t there although he still had this nagging feeling that he shouldn’t be using her in any way.

Cherry was only gone for about 45 minutes and she was back with Ed! She kissed him again and he loved the taste of her mouth on his. Cherry had a way of kissing and at the same time her tongue was moving in his mouth making him very excited but still without any sign of an erection. Cherry broke off the kiss to hand Ed some tablets. She cautioned him to only take one of these and to do it now. Ed wasn’t sure what these tablets were but assumed rightly that they were Viagra! Cherry again removed her clothes and suggested they move into the bedroom. Ed had donned his dressing gown as soon as Cherry left – although his was sure she would come back he was also terrified she mightn’t return. The bedroom was warm and she pulled back the covers and they climbed onto the bed and resumed their kissing and cuddling.

A couple of times he noticed Cherry looking at the clock which was on the bedside table and he thought she might have to leave soon. Ed had resumed sucking her nipples and was deriving much pleasure from her lovely body. She later moved her body so that she was sitting on his chest with his face only inches from her cunt! She slowly moved forward until her lips were against his mouth and he began to lick and suck her cunt lips. Her sweet taste amazed him and he thought he was in heaven.

Suddenly Ed felt his cock stirring! Could this be true? Cherry reached back behind her and grasped his cock. She grinned at him and told him he was ready to fuck her and, unless he objected, she would begin straight away. There was no objection from Ed and Cherry moved back until her cunt lips were directly over Ed’s erect cock which was sticking up from his body. Ed had an elegant cock, beautifully shaped and at least 9 inches long and with a large diameter. Cherry slowly moved her body down on his cock until his whole 9 inches was embedded in her cunt. He was actually fucking this lovely Asian girl – something he thought he would never be able to do again. Oh What bliss!

Ed continued to fuck Cherry until he felt the tightening of his balls which told him he was about to cum. He quickly told Cherry he was cumming and she told him to just cum in her cunt – she wanted to feel him cum! She also told him she had learned to control her muscles and she would hold his cum inside her body until later. Ed had the most exciting cum he could remember and, as soon as he was finished, Cherry pulled herself off his cock and laid down beside him on the bed.

Ed quickly told Cherry how thrilled he was to have his erection and to be able to fuck her as he had. She told him not to get too excited because his erection would remain for at least another hour if not longer and they would have much more sex before it was gone!

Lying side by side on the bed, Cherry continued to play with Ed’s hard cock and he had his fingers in her cunt as well as an occasional suck of her nipples. He was very aroused and for the first time in many years, he was completely happy with his sexual ability.

Cherry asked Ed if he would like her to suck his cock now and he couldn’t wait for her to get into position over his body and to begin. She not only took his cock into her sweet mouth but she positioned her legs on each side of his head and gently lowered her delightful cunt on to his mouth. She was sweet smelling even though her had just fucked her and the taste in his mouth was wonderful. Her sucking ability was proof of her ample practice over the years and she soon had him cumming in her mouth. She was wriggling over his body and just as he came in her mouth, she shuddered and reached her orgasm too. Despite two ejaculations he was still hard! Wonderful stuff this Viagra!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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