Mrs. A Visits Miss Muriel

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Mr. Ambrose, half awake, rolled over onto his wife, He used his knees to spread her legs. With a little guidance from his half-awake wife’s hand, his penis found its way into her vagina. A few thrusts and his semen spurted into her. His sex drive was satisfied. She and her sex drive were awakened.

She rested beside him a few minutes making sure he was satisfied and fully awake before getting out of bed and putting on her robe. Then she went downstairs to the kitchen to make his breakfast and get him off to work.

An hour later, with Mr. Ambrose off to work, she prepared a morning cup of tea and two simple slices of white toast and butter. She had eaten her simple breakfast and rinsed the toast crumbs off her hands when her nineteen-year-old son Jackie arrived in the kitchen. His first collegiate class today wouldn’t start until noontime. He was dressed only in his boxer shorts. There was an obvious bump in them.

“Good morning, Jackie.”

“Good morning, Mom.”

“What do you have in your shorts, Jackie,” Mrs. A asked. She put her thumbs in his waistband and exposed Jackie’s engorged penis

“What a beautiful dick,” Mrs. A thought. Aloud, she asked, “Are you thinking of Miss Muriel?”

“Yes, Ma. She was good at making these go away.”

Mrs. A saw the opportunity to satisfy her sex drive and to help her son satisfy his. “I can help that go away,” she said.

“Oh, can you, Mom?”

Mrs. A quickly lowered Jackie’s shorts, dropped to her knees, and wrapped her mouth around his penis. She moved her lips up and down his shaft only twice when Jackie discharged an enormous load of cum deep into her mouth. Mrs. A almost gagged on the volume but she managed to swallow it all.

“Thank you, Mom,” Jackie said nonchalantly. Without further comment, he returned to his bedroom.

Mrs. A thought, “What a cold son of a bitch he is. It’s a good thing I love him.”

It took her a minute or two to arise from her knees. Mrs. A remained in the kitchen with an ache between her thighs and the delightful taste of her son’s cum in her mouth.

“What do I have to do to get laid,” she thought.

“Call the expert,” her mind answered.

Mrs. A telephoned Miss Muriel Adams and arranged to visit her at eleven.


Promptly at eleven AM, Muriel opened her front door to let Mrs. Geraldine Ambrose into her home. Muriel had known Mrs. A as “Geri” for as long as she could remember. Mrs. A had originated the name “Miss Muriel” as a term of respect many years ago when she first introduced Muriel to Jackie. Jackie was a newborn aksaray escort at the time.

Mrs. A and Muriel exchanged pleasantries and sat at Muriel’s kitchen table drinking tea and eating Danish pastry.

Mrs. A was first in changing the conversation to sex. “What do you do with my men that I don’t do?”

“What do you mean, Geri?”

“Well, this morning, before I was even awake, Arthur mounted me, pumped his load into me and went back to sleep. No romance, no foreplay, no nothing. He was done before I was even fully awake.

After I got Arthur up and off to work, Jackie came down stairs with this humongous hard-on. Now I never had sex with my son before but I couldn’t resist his young, humongous dick. I put it in my mouth; two strokes, and I nearly gagged on the size of his load. Then he says ‘thank you,’ turns around, and goes back to bed. Again, no romance, no fore play, no nothing. Now, I’m hot as a stove; I need to get laid; and I don’t have a man around to fuck me. What can I do?”

“You don’t need a man. You have me.” Muriel Adams thought of the times she had lusted over Mrs. Geri Ambrose. This could be her opportunity.

“You? What can you do? You don’t even have a dick to service me,”

“I have better than that. I have an artificial dick that won’t disappoint you by cumming too soon and stopping.”

“An artificial dick,” Geri queried. “I don’t know. I want the real thing.”

“Have no fear. I can put it on and fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

“Well, I came to you for advice. Let’s try it your way. Do I have to pay an extra fee because you are servicing me and not my men?”

“There’s no extra charge. The money you give me each quarter is enough to support my son and me. With the extra bucks that I pickup on the side – on my back actually – I have enough money for luxuries. I will happily continue to include you in the services I provide your family, when it needs it, as long as you keep making your husband’s child support payments.”

In a cynical, singsong manner, Mrs. A responded, “Well, my dear husband, Mr. Arthur Ambrose, is your son’s father. It’s only right that we help support you and little Freddie. Where is the dear child?”

“My neighbor has him. She’s going to feed him his formula. Which reminds me.” Muriel stopped talking for a moment, loosened her bathrobe exposing her breasts. “The baby won’t be milking me this noon. Would you like some milk for your tea?”

Geri’s eyes brightened. “I don’t want to waste your milk in my tea. What if I have drink escort bayan istanbul some “directly from the cow’s teats?”

Both smiled at the analogy.

“Self-service, Mrs. A.” Muriel moved closer to Geri so that Geri could suck from her tits.

One of Geri’s hands held Muriel’s left tit as Geri sucked on it. The other roamed freely over Muriel’s back, from neck to buttocks. Geri’s fingers made a few exploratory dips into the crack in Muriel’s buttocks. There was no resistance.

After a few moments, Muriel suggested, “Why don’t we go upstairs to the bedroom to continue our conversations? We can get more familiar there.”

“I would like to shower before we get too familiar. My men got me all worked up so quickly this morning that I couldn’t clean up the way I wanted.”

“Why don’t we shower together? We can get very familiar in the shower.”

A gesture of her hand indicated Geri’s compliance.

“Bedroom first, Mrs. A, We’ll leave our clothes there.”

“You know, Miss Muriel. I want to be completely vulgar today. I want to piss all over you.”

“Not in the bedroom, please. Neither you nor I want to clean it up.”

Each woman undressed the other. Each folded her own clothes and stacked them on separate chairs in the bedroom. Each had plans for other uses of the bed and a pile of clean clothes would only get in the way.

The two women adjourned to the bathroom.

Despite her desire to piss on Miss Muriel, Mrs, A instinctively sat on the toilet and started to pee. Muriel went over to her, put her hands on Mrs A’s shoulders, and peed directly on Mrs. A’s stomach.

“Ha, Ha. I peed on you first,” Muriel said in a childish, singsong voice. She continued, “I want to be vulgar and disgusting too,”

“Touche, And, you caught me unloading my ammunition.”

They smiled. The mood was set.

Muriel turned on the shower and they both got in. They shampooed each other’s hair, and, with soap and water, washed each other’s front from the neckline, over the breasts, past the bellybutton, and into the pubic hair. When they tired of that Muriel turned around and asked Mrs. A to wash her back.

Soap and water on her back, down past her waistline, over her buttocks, special consideration to her crack, even more special consideration to the inside of her rectum. As Geri’s finger went in and out of Muriel’s rectum, Muriel’s hips moved back and forth to meet Geri’s thrusts.

When Geri’s thrusts slowed down, Muriel turned and said, “Bedtime.”

As they approached the bed, Muriel stepped escort behind Geri and pushed her face down on the bed.

Muriel held Geri down with one hand while the other hand took lubricant and a strap-on out of the night table drawer

Geri turned her head and saw the size of the strap on. “I only used one finger in you. That’s too big for me,” she whimpered.

“Tough shit. You’re getting al of this up your ass.”

Geri didn’t respond. She wanted the experience.

Muriel didn’t put the strap-on on. She lubricated the artificial penis and Geri’s asshole and started to work the artificial penis into Geri’s rectum. At first, Geri moaned painfully. Geri’s moans quickly eased off to a soft purr and was followed by Geri’s cry, “Deeper, deeper.”

Muriel obliged. Then, in and out. Slowly at first, then faster and faster.

When they were done with that, Geri rolled onto her back, dangling her feet over the side of the bed, and said, “Oh, that was wonderful. Thank you.”

“I’m not done with you yet. Get on the middle of the bed, on your back, you fucking slave.” It was obvious that Miss Muriel was worked up now.

“Oh, I’ve had enough, thank you. You don’t have to do any more.”

“You have to be fucked and I going to fuck you,” Muriel said.

“Hey, don’t get carried away. We’re only playing.”

Muriel rolled Geri onto the center of the bed, raised, and spread her legs. Then Muriel mounted her and easily slipped the oversize penis deep into Geri’s drooling pussy. Then she thrust even harder.

To Geri, it felt like the fake dick would come out of her mouth.

Miss Muriel started fucking. And fucking, and fucking. Geri longed to feel her cum but, unlike her husband or her son, Miss Muriel didn’t cum. She just kept pumping and pumping. Geri came once, twice, three times, she wasn’t sure.

“Stop, please stop,” Geri screamed. Her vagina ached like it hadn’t ached since that first time in her college days,- in that parked car – with that blond boy – what’s his name – after the winter dance. Geri’s head spun with her memories of other fucks – other times -other places – other lovers – but she couldn’t remember one just like this. They would always cum too soon. Not Miss Muriel.

Muriel stopped as soon as she heard the magic word, “Stop.”

The two women sat up on the bed, smiled at one another, and rested quietly for a moment or two.

“Well, Miss Muriel, Now, I understand why my men want you so badly.”

“You know, Geri, you’re a pretty good fuck yourself.”

“I wish my husband knew how to bring it out of me like you do.”

The ladies took turns in the shower, dressed, and went to a local coffee shoppe for a cup of coffee and an English muffin. They split the coffee shop bill, and agreed to meet again soon to explore their sexuality further.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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