Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door

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Mrs. Anderson sat on her veranda with her eyes hidden by dark sunglasses.

Her body was poised in a slightly forward position, her neck stretched out as she looked into the yard next door. To anyone else it would appear as if we were relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with a glass of iced tea but Mrs. Anderson felt anything but relaxed.

With her husband gone, left on a weeklong work trip she was ready to enjoy her freedom in her own way. However, she had yet to grab the attention of the one that left her longing and aching between her legs.

She barely knew him. She had met him once as they moved in, after having taken over an obligatory offering of ‘welcome to the neighborhood.’ His mother had answered the door and seemed slightly put out… apparently one of those types who thought it best to ignore their neighbors.

It had offended Mrs. Anderson slightly, until he came down the stairs with a basketball in hand. His dark hair was tousled over his head and he was slightly sweaty, with big blue eyes and a boyish expression. The rest of him that followed was sharp and angular, a bit scrawny but there was just something in his eyes…

He barely acknowledged her when his mother made the introduction. Why would he? She was just a forty five year old woman with the body to show for it. Oh, she was looked good enough, but it was no match for the virile hardness this teenage boy displayed. He swept past her and ran outside bouncing the ball. Mrs. Anderson walked back to her house with a lump in her throat.

That was one week ago.

Since then her thoughts had been plagued with the boy stretched out on his bed with his cock in hand, stroking up and down as the moonlight played over his bare skin. In her own bed with her husband snoring away she would spread her legs and finger her wetted pussy, holding in the cries with a balled fist as she writhed on the bed. Without saying a word the boy was driving her crazy.

Even now, watching him climb a tree in the backyard she knew she was going to step over the line. She was going to woo him every way possible. She had already begun the process by learning all she could. Every morning she casually questioned the paperboy. He had told her quite a bit so far, saying that he was a bit of a loner and a gamer type that the girls didn’t go for. A nerd, the kid said, obviously knowing it being a nerd himself.

“No girls around at all?” she had asked innocently enough.

“Nope not a one, but he looks at naked mags.”

“How do you know?”

The paperboy had shrugged and suddenly looked embarrassed. “I saw it and…hey don’t tell anyone I said that okay?”

She slipped him an extra two bucks and promised to keep her lips sealed.

Mrs. Anderson sat back in her chair and propped her legs on the other, letting her dress fall to the sides exposing her shapely calves. She took a sip of the watered down tea…damned ice cubes melted away on such a hot day… and feasted her eyes on the young boy across the way.

In her mind she rolled through all the possible things she could say, such as offering him money to mow the lawn, to putting up that little shelf in her bathroom. Buying him a game seemed to obvious and would raise his mother’s suspicions, and why would he come over to use her husband’s gaming system when it was likely he had a perfectly good one already?

He was hanging upside down now laughing as he held his phone in front of his face. His shirt was up around his neck and Mrs. Anderson could barely make out the light colored patch of hair snaking around his nipples and down his belly. His belly was hard and straight and she wanted to run her tongue down it until his cock was in her mouth. Without meaning to she ran her tongue over her lips and felt the ache even stronger. She wanted to close her eyes and touch herself right there but it would be obvious if he looked over.

Then again…

Mrs. Anderson parted her legs a little and sat back in her chair. Lightly she began touching her legs by stroking them with her fingers. The boy jumped down from the tree engrossed in his phone with his back to her. She moved her hands to her ample breasts and caressed them softly…her nipples were taut and she pulled the fabric down just a little. Braless, she slipped her fingers inside and tweaked a nipple, raising one knee and putting it on the chair and exposing her damp pussy to the air. She stared at his tight little ass and thought about how she would squeeze it when he pushed his virgin cock into her, and the thought of it was so hot that she moved her other hand down and began rubbing herself outside of her panties.

Suddenly he turned and saw her. Her heart nearly stopped when she saw his eyes, wide and surprised looking over at her. She pretended for a moment not to notice and then suddenly sat up in the chair. Her sudden motions startled him, and he bolted for the house without a word.

Mrs. Anderson smiled.


She dressed in something entirely different and with a bright smile went next door. His mother answered the door and looked stressed.

“Hello again.”

“Hi. Kurtköy Escort I was wondering if I could talk to Nick?”


“Well,” Mrs. Anderson said with a small laugh, “My husband is going to be away until next Friday and I really need someone to mow the lawn with how hot it’s been. I don’t want it to out of control when he gets back.”

“Yea well I guess money might motivate him,” she said irritably. “Nick!” she yelled. “Come out here.”

He bounded down the stairs, saw her and froze.

“What’s up mom?”

“Mrs. Anderson wants to know if you will mow her lawn this week.”

“Uh,” he said and fell silent. His mother look impatient and said, “figure it out, I’ve got things to do,” and walked off.

Mrs. Anderson smiled at him. “Hi, I hope this is okay.”


“Listen,” she said and lowered her voice. “I really wanted to apologize for earlier.”

He turned red and looked at the floor. “No problem.”

“I didn’t realize from that angle that you would be able to see,” she said calmly knowing what an utter lie it was. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you.”

“Its cool, really.”

“I’m so relieved!” Mrs. Anderson laughed. “However, if you are interested I could use someone to mow the lawn. I pay well.”

He looked up at her. “How well?”

“I think ten an hour is fair. It shouldn’t take you more than a couple.”

He grinned. “Hey that’s great. It’d be the best price ever.”

“Well being older now you deserve a higher wage. How old are you by the way?”

“Oh, I just turned eighteen. Birthday was last week.”

“Such a great age… I loved being eighteen.”

He shrugged. “Yea it’s okay.”

“I better scoot but how about you come over say tomorrow afternoon? Is that a good for you?”

“Tomorrow is graduation.”

“Oh I see. So sorry, my children are grown and away from home, you are so right. Wednesday then?”

He nodded. “I’ll be there.”

She turned and left, and sure his eyes were on her.

That night Mrs. Anderson made herself cum several times. She laid on her back naked, back arched as she furiously rubbed her pussy. When her hand grew tired she switched to a toy until the room smelled of sex. She closed her eyes as the sated feeling washed over her in a warm glow and cum dripped down her legs. There was a huge wet spot on the bed…she would have to change the bedding before Harold returned home.


All day Monday Mrs. Anderson was tense, her body torn was desire and need. In order to distract herself she cleaned the house and did the laundry, as well as making cookies and some iced tea. At various points the need overwhelmed and finally she couldn’t stop herself and called her friend Kate.

“I can tell by your voice that you are in distress,” Kate said calmly when she answered. “Tell me all about him dear.”

“Oh Kate, he reminds so much of your Billy!”

Kate laughed softly. “Darling Billy, I enjoyed him so much. He had no self-control when I first went after him. I’d barely have my top off and he would be spurting into my hands.”

“I remember all the stories you told me.”

“Lola I offered you the chance to try him but you refused. You were afraid Harold would find out.”

“I was very afraid. Afraid of that, and of my own desires.”

“I know dear, but it’s time for you to express them. You’ve been more than patient. How many young men have you lusted after and been left frustrated?”

“Several,” Mrs. Anderson admitted.

“Exactly. Is this young man a virgin?”

“I believe so, but not certain.”

Kate sighed. “They are the most delightful. So eager and ready to be taught…you become the object of their worship. I have a beautiful boy right now…Thomas. He is calling me mama now. Can you imagine?” Kate laughed. “Me a mama. But he enjoys it so much and his control is much better. More times than not I am cumming before he is.”

“Ah Kate, I envy you.”

“Darling please, play your cards right and you can just take this boy. Be careful though if he lives close…prying eyes and all that.”

“It does make me a little worried, these damned neighbors.”

“There are so many ways to tease and taunt innocently. A light touch or a rub of your body against theirs…they want that you know.”

Mrs. Anderson sighed and parted her legs. “Tell me about your Thomas.”

“Blond hair, blue eyes, baby face but he’s no baby. Mmm,” Kate said lowly. “He likes me to ride him so that he can see my tits as we go. He has a nice thick shaft that fills me up and I love it.”

“More,” Mrs. Anderson said breathlessly.

“He’s so young and strong…his cock gets so hard esp. when he calls me mama. If he had his way he’d yank up my skirt and pound me. Sometimes I let him but mostly I make him burn. His eyes are on fire when he reaches for me.”

“More,” Mrs. Anderson begged, her hand rubbing her pussy hard.

“He likes to slide naked over me and uses his tongue all over, mouth, neck, nipples, belly and when he pushes apart my legs I am already half way to Pendik Escort cumming…he eats me like a delicious meal, and I grind my pussy against his eager young mouth…”

“Ohhh!” Mrs. Anderson cried out as she covered her hand with cum.

“Uh huh,” Kate laughed softly. “Your distress will end soon, I promise.”


Today is the day Mrs. Anderson said to herself.

She took a long shower using the special French soap she ordered online and the cream after. She dried her hair and left it loose around her shoulders. The matching panties and bra went on next followed by a simple summer black dress. She didn’t want to appear dressed up so she left off the hose and shoes and went barefoot. No jewelry either and she left her wedding rings in a basket on the side table. A quick mist of vanilla perfume and she went down stairs to set out some cookies.

She found out last night he would be over late morning so she still had plenty of time. She considered a quick rub but didn’t want to ruin her scent so she held back. A small bit of tidying and some music on the sound system kept her busy until the bell rang at about 10:45 am. She told herself not to run to the door so when she opened it she was shocked to find Nick’s mother standing on the porch.

“Oh…hello…hi,” Mrs. Anderson stammered as she pasted a smile on her face. “Everything okay?”

His mother didn’t seem to take notice of her attire and instead looked annoyed. “Yea I am sorry about this, but I’ve got to take him to the local college to check out some classes. He’s getting ready to go, lazy kid wouldn’t get out of bed until twenty minutes ago. Could he mow later, or tomorrow?”

“Oh yes. Yes of course, no problem,” Mrs. Anderson said and she felt absolutely crushed. “Thanks for letting me know.”

“You bet.” She turned and headed across the yard. “Nick lets go!” she yelled and Mrs. Anderson shut the door.

“Dammit!” she cried out loud, her hand in a fist until she felt her nails digging into her palm. It still couldn’t abate the ache that was slowly throbbing in her pussy. She dropped onto the couch and soon was on the phone to Kate.

“Oh that’s simply terrible darling,” Kate said. Mrs. Anderson heard some ice clinking and music in the background. No matter the day or time Kate always sounded like she was at a party. “I know how disappointed you are.”

“I am. I want him Kate. I’m aching.”

“Come over here darling. I can keep you company and Thomas is here.”

“Oh Kate, I couldn’t possibly-“

“Just to take the edge off. I don’t mind.”

“Is it okay? I mean-“

Kate laughed softly. “Thomas is staying with me until his parents get back from their trip. They were afraid he would throw a wild party. No one suspects anything.”

“Staying with you? Oh Kate you are so naughty!”

“Only way to be darling. So are you coming over?”

“I’ll be there soon.”


Mrs. Anderson shook the whole drive over. Her nipples felt like bullets under her dress, and she could feel her stomach turning over excitedly. Kate lived in a very affluent section of town with grand homes and large yards between. She pulled around the circular driveway and parked behind Kate’s husband’s car. Surprised to see it there, she wondered if he had arrived home unexpectedly.

She knocked on the door and Kate answered wearing a robe and her hair loose around her shoulders. Relaxed and without makeup she was showing her age some but still a beautiful woman.

“Lola so glad you’ve stopped by,” she said.

“Your husbands car?”

Kate waved her hand. “He is away, probably up to the cabin with his buddies screwing some whore. He won’t be bothering us.”

Mrs. Anderson closed the door and followed Kate into her sitting room. She accepted a drink and heard water running.

“Thomas is showering, he will be out soon. Drink darling.”

Mrs. Anderson sputtered at the first sip. “Kate what on earth- what did you put in this?”

She laughed. “You need to relax and I am trying to help you. Swallow some more.”

By the time she was finished Mrs. Anderson felt the warmth spreading over mind like a soft blanket. Kate handed her another and sat down next to her.

“You need to relax,” she said softly and running her fingers over her arm. The robe parted and Mrs. Anderson could that she was naked underneath. Kate tossed back a shot and put a glass on the table.

“Kate,” she sighed as she put her head back against the couch. She felt her fingers slide over her cleavage, dipping down and curling around a nipple. She kissed her and she could taste the vodka on Kate’s tongue as it swirled around hers.

The water stopped and Kate sat back. A few moments later a boy appeared in the doorway.

“This is Thomas. Thomas, this is Mrs. Anderson, a very good friend of mine. She has stopped by for a visit. Isn’t that nice?”

“Hello,” he said.

She couldn’t take her eyes from him. His hair was still wet with a bit dipping over his forehead. He was tall and light blond, with a sexy patch of hair in the center of Mutlukent Escort his chest. He was wearing a pair of tight black shorts and looked good enough to eat.

“Come sit down with us,” Kate said. She moved over a little and he did as he was told. She poured him a shot and put it to his lips and promptly drank. Mrs. Anderson noticed him taking little glances at her.

“Thomas why don’t you put on some music quietly?”

“Yes mama.”

“Isn’t he delightful?” Kate asked as he went off. “I can’t get enough of him. I don’t how I’ll ever let him go back home.”

“He is gorgeous Kate.”

“He is so obedient too. He will do anything I ask because he knows what I give him. If I thought I could get away with it I’d run off with him to some island where this type of love is common.”

“I want to fuck Nick. I want to make him mine like Thomas is yours.”

“You will darling. Ah Thomas come sit next to us again. Who am I?”


“Mmm that’s right and while Mrs. Anderson is here she is your mama too, do you understand?”

“Yes mama.”

“Good boy.” She leaned in to kiss him and her hand gripped his crotch. Within moments he was bulging under his shorts.

“Kate, my god,” she said.

“See how delicious?” She said. “Take them off Thomas we want to see you.”

He stood and pulled them down and his cock popped out. His ass was lean and taut and when he sat back down he was shaking.

“Would you like to see more of Mrs. Anderson?”

He nodded and she removed her dress and popped her boobs out of the tight fitting bra. His eyes widened.

“She has beautiful big breasts doesn’t she baby?”

“Yes mama. I love them.”

“Of course you do. Suck on them.”

“Are you sure Kate?” Mrs. Anderson asked.

“Of course.”

Thomas latched onto her nipple fast and a wave of pleasure fell over her. She put her head back against the couch as he went from one to the other. She wished she had milk to feed him. She pressed her hand against the back of his head as he nuzzled and she felt her clit tighten and begin to ache. Kate was stroking his cock that was short but thick. He started to groan.

“Mmm that’s it, let mommy feed you,” Kate crooned. “He must love it, he’s getting so hard.”

Thomas moved his hand over her knee and she opened her legs for him. He caressed the inside of her thigh, moving his fingers over the crotch of her panties and rubbing.

“Oh god,” she moaned, loving the feel of his fingers on her and his mouth on her nipple. Kate moved down and took him in her mouth. He released the nipple and grunted with pleasure. Mrs. Anderson slid her panties off and his fingers found her hard clit and began to rub.

“Yes, don’t stop,” she begged him, her body arched against his fingers. “You’ve taught him well Kate.”

“I am going to make him cum so he lasts longer for you Lola,” she said.

Mrs. Anderson nodded, grinding against his fingers and imagining having Nick all to herself. He moved from her nipples and started kissing her and she kissed him back, her tongue in his mouth as he fingered her, moving her closer and closer to an orgasm.

“Suck him harder Kate,” she said breathlessly feeling him push a finger inside her. “Keep going…oh god it’s so good!”

Suddenly Thomas tensed.

“Are you cumming baby?” Kate mumbled, her mouth full of his cock.

“Oh mama!” he cried and suddenly he was gushing, bursts of cum flying everywhere. Suddenly Mrs. Anderson needed to taste it and she was on the floor next to Kate and gulping his cock down her throat so hungry for it, listening to his groans as he spasmed. She swallowed his young cock almost choking herself on it. At one point Kate’s lips met hers and she started kissing her. She moved around and soon was between Mrs. Anderson’s legs and tasting her very wet pussy.

“Thomas put your cock deep in her mouth,” she said. Eagerly, his eyes feasting on the sight he gave her more and soon she felt him getting hard once more. She suckled him as Kate licked her.

“Cum for me,” Kate said. “Cum with my sons cock in your mouth.”

“God,” Mrs. Anderson cried and soon she was over the edge. Kate held her thighs tight, her tongue catching the wave of juices as she writhed. Thomas groaned and pushed himself harder into her mouth.

“Mmm such a good boy,” Kate crooned, sitting up and offering him her fingers, which he sucked on. “Mama is so proud of you.”

She kissed him them, wrapping her hands around the lower part of his cock and pumping it into Mrs. Anderson’s mouth.

“See how much she needs it baby?” she whispered, her tongue running along his ear and her fingers gliding over his back. She reached around and gripped his ass cheek. “She loves your cock like I do.”

Kate removed her robe and laid back on the couch. “Make me cum baby.”

As Mrs. Anderson recovered herself, she watched this young boy kneel between Kate’s legs. She lightly rubbed as he sucked her clit into her mouth. Kate gasped.

“That’s it, just as mommy showed you. I need it so bad…”

Watching him eat Kate’s pussy was already arousing her again. Mrs. Anderson moved closer, running her hands over his back and ass, feasting on his skin and already wanting more. She wanted to devour him like some animal. She wrapped her hand around his cock and began to pump gently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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