Mrs. Baxter’s Boarding House Ch. 03

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The third and final serving of Mrs Baxter’s Boarding House. In the first instalment, Adam is seduced by Bryony Baxter; then, in the second, she lets him use her anus for their mutual pleasure. In this scene it’s about Mrs Baxter corrupting Adam even further. A note to those who find boy/boy action not to their taste, perhaps you don’t want to read this one through.

Okay, I hope you get some enjoyment from the following.

I apologise for any errors remaining.

Thank you for reading.

GA – Da Nang, Vietnam – 6th of May 2016.


Adam sensed a presence, and, looking up, he saw Bryony Baxter regarding him from the doorway, arms folded beneath her generous breasts, expression intent. It was a stare so concentrated it actually held his attention away from her breasts and her hips and the depilated mound between her legs.

“Tonight,” Bryony said, advancing into his bedroom, “we’re going to be unspeakably filthy.”

Adam’s response was to gulp as he gazed at Bryony’s face. “Wuh-what do you mean?” he eventually gurgled from where he lay on his bed.

His experiences over the past month, while thrilling beyond his wildest imaginings, had also made him curious about what else his landlady might have in store. His seduction at the hands of the ripe, voluptuous, experienced and enthusiastic fifty-three-year-old woman was compounded by her introducing him to the dark pleasures of her taking his cock into her anus.

It was in her look, the hint she had something new to introduce to her newest lodger. There was something about her vulpine smirk that sent a shiver of delicious anticipation through Adam.

“Oh, just something sordid I hope you’ll enjoy,” Bryony said as she reached Adam. “And I’m randy thinking about it, my darling.” She placed a knee onto the bed. “If you promise not to come inside me, we could have some fun now. Before I get ready – I’m going to wear a corset and stockings, you know. But before I bathe, I’d quite like a nice little fuck. You can come on my breasts if you want to, my darling.

“What do you think, Adam?” Bryony purred, knowing he was sure to appreciate an offer to spray her breasts with his copious outpouring. “Would you like to spunk on my tits?”

“You always say the dirtiest things,” Adam replied.

Bryony chuckled and went for his cock. “That’s because I’m such a dirty slut, sweetie. Now, I see you’re already hard … And I’m already sodden. Shall I just climb onto this thing?”

Adam groaned and thrust up, his hands going to Bryony’s waist as her body accommodated all of his length in one slick slide.

It was short yet very intense, with Adam mauling Bryony’s breasts, her body squelching around his girth as she rode up-and-down.

“My kitty,” Bryony groaned, eyes fixed on her young lover’s face, a finger diddling her oversized bean. “She’s so bloody hungry.”

The woman ground down onto Adam’s dick, her body curling forward so she could kiss Adam’s mouth. Her breasts then swung just above his chest and face while Bryony held herself bridged over his body, her knees against the bed, buttocks thwack-thwacking down in her excitement.

“I adore fucking your cock,” Bryony whimpered, feeding the boy one thick and elongated teat. “Suck Auntie’s tits,” darling,” she groaned. “Oh sweetheart, just suck on my nipples. Let me ride you until I come.”

“Mrs Baxter,” groaned Adam – he couldn’t shrug of the habit of the formal address regardless of their intimacies. “I duh-don’t know if I can do it. I.” The words came up muffled around his mouthful of breast-flesh. “I think I’ll come as well … And you said not to do it inside you.”

“Please,” Bryony gasped, fingers working her clit as she raised upright, her free hand mauling and squeezing her breasts. “Oh God, Adam, please try to hold on. Just a minute or two more. I’m so bloody close…”

She continued her relentless ride, corkscrewing her hips while grinding down onto Adam. Bryony whimpered and moaned, her orgasm coming in hard.

“Oh darling,” Bryony mewled, her eyes on his face a few moments before the storm broke. “I’m coming…”


Adam watched her shudder and snort, Bryony rolling off him, her hand continuing to work down between her legs.

The boy went up on his knees, shuffling forward while cranking his cock.

He had mayhem in mind. Adam jacked at himself and aimed the eye of the thing at Bryony’s face, a rush of semen splashing over her chin and her lips.

Bryony’s tongue slid out to catch what she could. She blinked a few times through the haze of her climax, tasting the boy’s seed, the stuff thick on her tongue as another squirt flicked into her hair.

It went on for several more bursts, with Adam moaning and gasping, spunk spitting over Bryony’s face and her breasts.

The woman yelped in surprise when the first burst hit her, still fiddling down at her clit, two fingers inside her body while Adam’s outflow eased to a dribble.

“Put it in my mouth,” Bryony mumbled, edirne escort lips parting to invite the boy in.

She then slurped and slobbered at Adam’s length. Bryony sucked her cheeks concave while using one hand down at his root, milking him of his jizm, her lips popping off the big dome when she’d finished.

“You mucky pup,” Bryony chuckled. “I’m plastered, you bugger.”

Bryony wiped at the mess, a largely wasted effort since all she managed was to smear the goo over her skin.

“You came in my hair,” she accused with an exaggerated sigh of exasperation. Bryony levelled a look at the boy. “It’s a good thing I need to bathe, Adam. I’d not be happy about you drenching me in spunk otherwise.”

Then she pulled the boy down by his wrist, giggling at her lie while Adam let out a squawk, his own semen slipping over his body.

“It’s your mess,” Bryony said with a roll of her eyes. “Now, just kiss me,” she purred, not giving Adam a chance to refuse by lunging in to force her tongue into his mouth. “God, I’m still randy,” Bryony murmured, wincing and fingering the swollen nub of her clit. “I simply can’t wait until later.” She stared into Adam’s face, eyes round while adding, “I hope you enjoy what I’ve got planned, darling. It promises to be an adventure. One I hope you’re going to enjoy.”

“What is it?” asked Adam as he held himself up on straight arms, uncaring he’d just tasted his own goo on Bryony’s tongue.

Adam surveyed the smears of muck on his chest while Bryony said, “A surprise. Wait and see,” Then she dropped an eyelid onto one cheek in a slow, lascivious wink.

Adam felt just the tiniest ripple of anxiety when he saw the gesture. He gawked at Bryony, unease prickling somewhere at the back of his mind.

“Can’t you tell me something about it?”

Bryony pushed at his chest, scooting along the bed until she reached the edge, whereupon she stood up. She first looked at Adam, fists on her hips until, with her chin dropping onto her chest, Bryony examined her breasts.

The woman shook her head and returned her stare to the boy, keeping her gaze fixed upon Adam while saying, “God, I’m covered in the bloody stuff. And no, I’m not telling you anything else. I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” She ducked in as Adam sat up, kissing his mouth before pressing her forehead against his, her gaze locked on his eyes. “Do you trust me?” Bryony murmured.

Adam returned her stare, emotion squeezing his chest.

“I think I love you,” he croaked.

“You’re sweet,” the woman replied, stroking Adam’s cheek with the backs of her fingers. “And you’re my special boy, darling. I promise I won’t ever do anything vile to you.” She pressed her lips against Adam’s, the kiss tender while their tongues slid together. “I want us to have a very meaningful and complete relationship while you stay in this house,” Bryony whispered. She stood upright and fingered the gloop on her breasts, painting a nipple with spunk. “Tonight I’m going to enhance what we’ve done together, Adam. We’re going to broaden your horizons. I want us to experience a lot together, my lovely boy.” Bryony scooped more jizm with a forefinger, popping the smeared digit between pursed lips. “Would you like to come and bathe with me? Would you like to watch me in the preparations? I’ve got a lovely corset to wear…”


He was hard as they bathed, but soaping her body and not being allowed to lunge made Adam desperate to touch himself.

“No,” Bryony murmured, a restraining hand on his wrist. Adam had managed only a few quick strokes on his dick when she put a stop to his nonsense. “Don’t, Adam,” she purred. “Have a little self-restraint.” Water lapped the sides of the bath when Bryony rose up onto her knees. She leaned in, breasts slippery as they slid over the boy’s chest. Bryony followed him down when Adam reared back, her tongue slipping between his lips. “I want you burning to fuck me,” she said, holding his stare. “I want you randy, my lovely big boy.”

“Oh God, Mrs Baxter,” croaked Adam, blinking while desire surged through his core. “What are we going to do?”

She didn’t reply. Bryony simply grinned, eyebrows arched while she eased away from the boy.

Adam’s gaze followed Bryony as she rose to her feet, her skin glistening and pink from the heat of the water.

The sight of those breasts and buttocks pulled a groan from within Adam. “You’re gorgeous,” he gurgled, a hand going to his cock.

“Don’t touch it,” Bryony warned, one leg over the side of the tub as she began to step out. “If you touch yourself, Adam, then you won’t be doing anything with me tonight. In fact,” she went on, “you’ll be on short rations for a week. I’ll let the other boys have me, but you’ll be relegated to licking my kitty. No lovely shagging for you.”

The arrow hit the target: a zinger, a bullseye on the jealousy which bubbled away, the cuprous taste of the awful emotion rising up in the back of his throat.

Adam took the threat seriously, his hand whipping away from his dick. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled, confidence pricked. The balloon of his self-assurance, which had been slowly inflating over the past few weeks suddenly popped, leaving Adam unsure and nervous and eager to regain the woman’s good graces. “Please don’t be angry.”

Bryony stepped fully out of the bath, then leaned back in to ruffle the boy’s hair. “I’m not angry,” she told him, ducking in low to plant a wet kiss on his forehead. “Just trust me, sweetheart, all right?” Bryony added after standing upright.

She grabbed for a towel, wrapping it around her head like a turban. “It might be a bit of a shock later on, but I promise it will be fun. If you do this with me, it will open up so many doors to us, sweetheart. You really will be my top boy if you trust me, Adam.”

Adam’s attention locked on the word shock.

Fingers of anxiety squeezed at his guts as he wondered why she’d chosen to use it, throat working as he swallowed down, hard. Adam gaped up at Bryony, jaw hanging slack for a second or two.

When she saw his expression, a laugh burst out of the woman. “Don’t look so frightened,” she chortled. “You had the same look on your face the afternoon you first turned up on my doorstep. And how did that occasion go, darling? Wasn’t everything perfect?”

Adam nodded and mumbled a “Yes,” memories of his first time making his cock pulse. Desire surged through him again, his hand twitching towards his erection until a glance at Bryony’s face stalled its progress.

Bryony covered herself with a dressing gown, hiding herself away from the boy’s stare. “Come along, darling,” she cooed. “Get out of the bath. Come through to my bedroom. Talk to me while I get ready.”

Adam watched Bryony do the necessary work. He saw her blow-dry her hair, apply the make-up – subtle and just enough to enhance her appeal – and fix pearl-drop earrings to her lobes. A triple-strand necklace dangled between her breasts while the woman asked for his help with the hooks and eyes of her corset. With Bryony’s boobs hidden from sight, their upper slopes shivering where the flesh spilled over the cups, the woman attached the dangling suspenders to the tops of dark stockings.

Lethal heels completed the wardrobe, Bryony resplendent in her trademark ensemble.

“Will I do?” murmured the woman, red-painted lips pursed in a moue, her vulva all bare, the ungainly folds peeping out from the gap between her thighs.

Desire clotted his voice when Adam gurgled, “Fantastic.” He gawked at his landlady, emotion clogging his throat. “You’re just incredible, Mrs Baxter.”

“You really mean it, don’t you?”

Bryony moved closer to Adam, her fists on her hips as she posed and revelled in his hot-eyed stare.

The boy nodded and gulped. “I love you,” he whispered.

“Oh God, you silly boy,” Bryony muttered, shaking her head. “That’s lovely, but you shouldn’t waste your emotion on me. When you leave here, darling,” she said as she walked to him. “You should find a girl nearer your own age. Use what I teach you and fuck her giddy,” Bryony grinned. “But don’t think there’s any future together. Not us, sweetie. I’m fifty-three years old. It’s pointless, my lover.”

“I don’t care,” Adam responded, tears pricking his eyes.

Bryony sighed and again shook her head. “Let’s not spoil tonight,” she said on whisper, then leaned in to pull Adam onto his feet from the bed. “Love me if you want to,” she added, “but I’m not making any promises to you.”

Adam clutched at whatever comfort came within reach. “Will I really be your top boy if … if the surprise or whatever it is works tonight?”

Bryony stepped back and folded her arms.

Cocking one hip, she nodded and said, “Absolutely, Adam. You’re the newest, which means you’re more than likely going to be here when the others have gone. Mark was my favourite, but he left before you arrived. You’re the only one I allow to fuck me in my bottom, Adam. And after tonight, if it goes well, you’ll be almost there as my absolute favourite. There are one or two other little introductions to make…”

She leered at the boy and sucked in a deep breath, an action which had her breasts shivering in the cups of the corset.

Bryony’s cheeks ballooned as she exhaled, her head moving slowly, side-to-side. “…I have a friend you might enjoy meeting,” the woman continued. “She’s younger than I am, and so bloody filthy…

“I think you’d enjoy a nice little time with the pair of us, Adam. You tell me you love me, but I think you’ll still be quite keen to shag Amanda.

“But that’s by-the-by,” Bryony added with a careless wave of one hand. “We have tonight’s adventure first. But remember what I just said, sweetheart. There’s so much more dirty fun to be had. You simply just have to trust me.”

The news had Adam reeling. Two women and him? He boggled at his landlady, staring in awe.

“Oh God, what’s going to happen tonight?” the boy finally croaked.

“I’ve said too much as it is. You’ll simply have to wait and see.” Bryony held out her arms. “Come here,” she invited. “No, no kissing … Don’t ruin my lipstick.”

Adam frowned as the pair hugged. He wondered at the reason for Bryony wanting to keep her lipstick intact. An idea formed in his mind, a whisper of suspicion, a hint of something dark and clandestine – like the scent of unseen smoke in a forest makes the resident fauna edgy and nervous.

He thought about asking her why, but decided his landlady wouldn’t give a straight answer. It seemed she was determined whatever she had planned would remain a surprise, with what she’d promised in future as an incentive for his compliance.

“Wuh-what are we waiting for?” stammered the boy when the couple broke apart by mutual consent.

“You’ll see,” Bryony said, eyes shining with mischief.

“How much longer?”

Bryony pouted and shrugged. “Long enough for you pop upstairs and fetch me a gin and tonic, I think.”

Adam left to fulfil Bryony’s wish. He poured a generous measure of gin into a tall glass, the liquid going in over the ice. He added the tonic to her specifications, dropping a slice of lime into the mix.

“Here he is,” Bryony purred upon his return to her bedroom. “Now we can start!”

Ian from Manchester smirked from the bed, his long schlong laid over his thigh, the thing instantly putting Adam in mind of a python, the girth of it incredibly thick, its length intimidating the boy.


Adam stood in the doorway, his eyes on Ian, stomach churning with unease as he wondered at Bryony’s plan.

“How do, Adam?” said Ian, giving his rival a languid wave.

Adam continued to stare, the glass in his hand forgotten for the time being. He looked at Ian, saw the long, foppish fringe above dark eyes, the black hair like a comma curling down from his forehead. Adam soaked in the detail of a skinny torso, the rack of Ian’s ribs a stark outline against his pale skin.

Bryony watched Adam’s face from where she reclined on the old-fashioned chaise-lounge. “Adam, sweetie,” she drawled. “Be a dear and bring me my drink. I’m absolutely parched, darling.”

Numb, Adam walked to the woman. He didn’t feel anything other than a cold-water slap of surprise in the moment, the effect rapidly wearing off as Bryony purred her thanks and took the glass from his hand.

She took a delicate sip, her eyes never leaving his face, with Bryony seeing Adam’s eyes flick towards the bed before his stare settled upon her.

Trust me, Bryony mouthed, expression intense while she willed the boy to comply. Out loud, she said, “Have you seen Ian’s dick before?”

Adam pouted as he shook his head from side-to-side.

“It’s quite a size, isn’t it, sweetie?” Then, to Ian, she called, “Bring that lovely big lump over here, darling.”

Ian smirked and rolled off the bed, slowly jacking a hand over his full length, teasing his dick into growth.

Adam gaped at the thing, its size exaggerated by the boy’s skinny physique.

Without giving Adam a chance to baulk, Bryony insisted he get down on his knees. She shifted her rump on the chaise, legs going wide while she reached for Ian, her fingers barely meeting around the girth of his dick.

“Kiss my kitty,” mumbled the woman. “Lick me, Adam,” she groaned as she diddled her clit, her gaze fixed on the sizeable mass she held in her hand. “Make me wet for this boy’s gorgeous appendage.”

Bryony sensed Adam was about to protest and, seeing his mouth open, interjected with, “Just fucking lick me.” The woman bared her teeth at the boy while splaying her folds. “Remember what I told you earlier?”

It hung in the balance. Adam’s thoughts whirled. He looked at Ian and felt the jealousy curdle his guts. Adam hated to see Bryony stroking that cock, its size so impressive, the smug expression Ian wore inviting a punch to the face. He considered leaving them to it, had a notion about refusing to be party to Bryony’s games.

Didn’t she understand he loved her?

Adam gulped down on the urge to do Ian physical harm. He gathered some inner resolve and decided it would be best if he simply left. Sucking in a deep breath, he opened his mouth to deliver a stinging riposte, and then made the error of looking directly at Bryony Baxter, the lure of her body smashing the bricks in the wall of resistance to dust.

“Lick it,” Bryony murmured when she saw the shift in Adam’s expression. “Taste me, I’m so fucking randy…”


Her essence caused a rush of desire, the heat of lust displacing the corrosive emotions boiling inside Adam. He lapped at Bryony’s sex, tasting her need, his cock as hard as he’d known it.

“My boys,” Bryony mumbled, shunting her bottom forward while holding Adam close to her body. “God, I just adore fucking,” she squeaked, a sob breaking free when Adam sucked at her clit.

The woman slurped at Ian, cranking his shaft while gomming the end, her lips tight around the huge plum. She then hauled Adam up along the front of her body, still wanking at Ian as she forced her tongue into the other boy’s mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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