Mrs. Church Pt. 02

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You need to read Pt. 01 to understand how we’ve reached this point. This story includes anal and incest of sorts. if you dont like those things, dont continue reading.


The morning after our photography session, Amy went back to her normal persona and acted as if nothing had happened. I took her lead and didn’t mention it and went back to our normal relationship.

About a week later, Amy was out when I got home from work, so I got out of my work clothes, into something to chill out in and went to the lounge room and watched TV.

Mrs Church (Amy) returned about 6.30pm with some Chinese take away. She came out with plates, cutlery and the food. She wore her usual modest clothing. A white button up blouse, mostly covered by a cardigan, a just above the knee skirt, hosiery and comfortable shoes.

We chatted about our respective days and when dinner was done, I went to gather the plates and cutlery, but she stopped me. “No, I’ll do that Sean. You just sit and relax. There’s something I want to talk to you about.”

‘Oh no,’ I thought, I guess I’ll need to look for other accommodation and that thought was made worse by the sight of, what I’d come to realise as, Mrs Church’s very sexy arse walking away from me.

In her fifties, Mrs Church was twice my age and before last week, I’d never considered looking at a woman of her age with lust. She had an hourglass figure. Not the type people usually imagine when they hear that term.

She didn’t have a pinched waist with a flat belly. She was fuller figured, but still hourglass shaped. I’d estimate her bust to be 40ish, EEish. I couldn’t estimate her other vital statistics only to say she had an ample, nicely shaped arse and her waist was in proportion with the rest.

I was tense when Mrs Church returned, but couldn’t take my eyes off her pendulous breasts. She stopped about two metres, diagonally to my right and came out with, “I want to talk to you about sexual harassment.”

I was gobsmacked to say the least. I’d been nothing but respectful to her in the time I’d been staying in her house and what had happened last week was initiated by her uninvited groping of my arse (not that I minded).

Before I could say anything, she continued. “There isn’t any sexual harassment going on and I would like to be on the receiving end of some.” She came and stood beside my chair, side on. “When I stand beside you like this, it means I expect some sexual harassment. I do n’t mean verbal harassment, I mean manual harassment.”

With that she took my right hand and placed it on that gorgeous butt I’d been drooling over moments ago. Not slow on the uptake, I began stroking it with my open palm, feeling every contour and curve, feeling it’s firmness beneath that tight skirt.

I pinched it all over with my whole hand, grabbing it all over and groping it. After a while, Mrs Church took my wrist and placed my hand on the inside of her left thigh, just above the knee.

The feeling of her hosiery was electric as my hand slid ever so slowly up her thigh, her legs were close enough together to mean the back of my hand also touched her inner right thigh as it rose higher.

Then I found what I was hoping for. The lace of the garter at the top of her stockings. My hand stopped as I explored the feel of the material and lacy pattern and contemplated the bare thighs waiting for me millimetres above.

It was an erotic moment and I held my breath unconsciously and I sensed Mrs Church had done the same. We both let out our breaths simultaneously as my hand crept slightly higher and my hand was on her bare, silky smooth skin.

I revelled in that feel and her in my touch. When I felt the beginnings of the fold in Mrs Church’s thigh where her thighs meet her groin, I changed my direction. As much as I wanted to feel her pussy, I wanted to tease her and myself.

My hand ventured up to her well proportioned butt cheeks and all I felt was bare skin. ‘Is she sans panties?’ I thought to myself. I explored her cheeks as I’d done over her skirt, but without the skirt her flesh was more yielding and pliable, just as I like.

As my hand went higher, I felt the thin strip of material emerging from her arse crack. ‘Ah,’ I thought, ‘a g-string.’ Mrs Church roused me from my revelry.

“You have a lovely touch, Sean. So soft and gentle,” she cooed as my hand fondled the bottom of her cheeks. I felt her legs separate in invitation to me to delve further under. “I usually prefer men with big rough hands. Viva la difference!”

Her cooing changed to a deep groan when my upturned hand slid under her cheeks and across the crotch of her cotton panties. I continued to take it slowly, as much for my pleasure as hers. There’s nothing quite like the feel of a panty covered pussy and the gradual expansion of what was a tiny wet spot into a wet patch.

I stroked her pussy gently but firmly through her knickers. The bend in her knees would probably have been imperceptible to an observer, but what my hand felt was her pussy Şişli escort bayan press against it in a plea to press harder.

Mrs Church groaned louder and pushed down a little harder as my two middle fingers pushed her knicker material into her pussy, not caused by me, but by the increased pressure of her bearing down.

She moaned and said rather breathlessly, “That feels so good. By the way, you don’t need to wait for my sign that I want to be groped and molested. Feel free to do it anytime, if it’s going to be like this. I won’t be waiting for any signs from you. I’ll molest you any time I like.”

That last statement made me dribble precum into my pants. It wasn’t a BDSM FemDom statement. It was more like, “As your landlady and a much older woman, I hold the power in this relationship.”

I was quite happy with that. I was a confident young man, but happy to take the follower role with Mrs Church. She’d convinced me to call her Amy, which I now did normally, but in our short dalliances, I preferred her to be Mrs Church.

As I was thinking about that, she suddenly moved away from me and said, “Hang on a minute.” She bent slightly and removed her panties in a ladylike fashion and my cock throbbed at the thought of her being so randy, she couldn’t wait for me to finger her cunt.

She turned and looked in my lap, “Show me the bulge in your trousers, Sean.” I leaned back pushed my hips forward to give my mature lady what she wanted. She surprised me by draping her wet knickers over my tent and said, “You can use those to finish yourself off. I expect them to be full when I find them in the upstairs bathroom laundry basket. And by the way, they were perfectly clean when I put them on, after arriving with dinner.”

This outwardly reserved, demure 50 something housewife was a deviously seductive minx. She knew exactly what she was doing and where she was taking this. Me, as a mid twenties young man had no idea where it was going, but I was enjoying the journey.

Even at that young age I’d developed a liking for used panties, but how could I tell Mrs Church I had a preference for inhaling the aroma of the woman who had been wearing them when I orgasmed?

Simple solution – she’d mentioned the washing basket in the upstairs bedroom, so I ventured there on my way to my room and sure enough, there was a pair of used knickers on top. I assumed they were the ones she’d worn on her outing.

A quick sniff of them confirmed that. They smelled strongly of pussy, with just a hint of piss. A combination I adore. I took both pairs to my room and stripped. I had left my door open, after all we were the only two people in the house, so she was the only one who would see me and she had told me she wanted me to do it.

I lay on my bed and placed the crotch of Mrs Church’s well worn panties on my nose, savouring their intoxicating scent as I placed the soaking wet crotch of her recently worn cotton panties on the head of my cock, which was as stiff as an iron bar.

I tried to prolong the pleasure by continually rubbing my cock head with the cotton panties a few times then stopping, each time adding precum to Mrs Church’s pussy juices.

Despite my best efforts to make the joy of this experience last longer, I shot an enormous load of spunk into those panties as directed, within a few minutes. My expectation that Mrs Church would appear naked in my doorway and watch didn’t eventuate, so I did as I was told and deposited her cotton panties in the washing basket, but held on to the other pair for future use.

As soon as I closed my bedroom door I heard Mrs Church leave her room, go to the bathroom and then return to her room. My cock was hard again immediately and I crept down the hall, but alas her bedroom door was firmly shut.

Mrs Church wasn’t playing out the usual scenarios one might expect. She was playing her game her way and I respected that and it made me even hornier.

The next day and for the following few days she reverted back to Amy and all was normal again. No word was said about that night’s goings on.

The following Saturday morning I showered as usual and after washing my hair, I opened my eyes and there stood Mrs Church in the bathroom dressed in a conservative dressing gown, my towel in her hand.

“Very nice Sean, come out and let me dry you,” she said in a measured manner, as if this was quite normal. Dry me she did, paying special attention to my butt and arse crack, but she left my cock and balls wet.

“Come and sit here,” she directed me, patting the toilet seat and took shaving cream and a razor from the mirrored cabinet. “We need to get rid of all this nasty hair, young man. We have a special visitor coming over tonight and we both prefer our boys to be shaved.”

As she lathered me up, she occasionally took my now hard penis in her hand on the pretence of moving it and would give it a few strokes each time. She talked throughout the process, her eyes never leaving her job.

“I Escort Sultangazi have good news. Tony received our photos and little movie and says he thoroughly enjoyed it.”

I should point out technology then wasn’t as it is now. Internet was amazingly slow and it was the start of the digital video age. The camera we’d used was cutting edge at the time and recorded on a small sized DVD. Amy had needed to package the disc and snail mail it to her husband overseas.

She continued, as she shaved my cock and balls bare and had the occasional tug on my erection. “Tony has sent me a video of him watching our present to him and I thought it would be nice if we watched it together later.”

I still felt uncomfortable about her husband knowing about our play. I had a Catholic upbringing and thought any husband would go into a jealous rage if he knew somebody else was playing with his wife.

When she had finished, Mrs Church admired her work and my impossibly hard rod. “Very nice. That’s just how we like it.” I wondered for a moment who the other person in ‘we’ was, but soon forgot that when Mrs Church slowly stroked my cock and said, “We’d better do something about this.”

Of course, I assumed she was going to jerk me off, but she removed her hand and stood. She opened her dressing gown slightly to reveal she was wearing the panties I’d filled with my spunk a few nights before.

“Be a good lad and show Mrs Church how you came in my panties the other night,” she directed me. I say directed, because she wasn’t ordering me to, she knew I would comply with her wishes and I noted that she’d accepted being Mrs Church and not Amy when we played.

I stared at her panties and thighs as I stroked my cock slowly. I expected her to start rubbing her pussy or at least play with her tits, but this woman didn’t fit into the stereotypes I’d come to expect from reading porn stories.

She just watched as I wanked and it wasn’t long before I was groaning and announcing my impending orgasm. She’d now encourage me to cum for her, right? Wrong. Nothing.

As spurt after spurt of hot cream shot from the eye of my dick and onto her thighs and panties, she stayed still and didn’t say a word, until I was spent. She threw me the towel and said, “You’d better clean yourself up. Breakfast will be ready in half an hour.”

Was I surprised? Not really. I’d come to not expect the expected. I went down and had breakfast with Amy and we chatted about how our weeks had gone, me at work and her at home.

Throughout the day, I wondered who tonight’s guest would be. At times I was excited but most of the time I was worried about another person finding out about our sordid games.

At 6.00pm on the dot the doorbell rang and Amy answered it. I could hear some voices, but not what was being said and there was a bit of schoolgirl type giggling going on.

I sat in the lounge room in only shorts and t-shirt, as directed when Amy entered with a woman older than her, probably nearing 60. She was slim and petite, with boyish hips, A cup breasts and her mid thigh dress revealed slim long legs. She was almost the opposite to Amy.

Amy introduced her as May, her husband’s sister. The striking similarities in their names wasn’t lost on me. We made small introductory talk before the women went to the kitchen to prepare a light dinner.

We ate dinner and continued with everyday chat. When everything was put away, the two older woman returned to the lounge room. They sat together in the lounge across from me.

Amy in her usual demure attire, but I couldn’t help notice May’s dress had ridden up her thighs a little and she obviously deliberately took plenty of time crossing her legs, giving me a lovely view of her white panties, the whole time looking at Amy and chatting.

May touched Amy on the arm and said, “Thank you for sending me those photos and video,” then turning to me, “You were both wonderful. I’ve had a lot of fun watching it many times.”

Not for the first time, I was gobsmacked. I had thought the disc was for Amy’s husband only, but apparently she’d made a copy for her sister in law. A video of her brother’s mature wife seducing a young man ……. me! WTF?

May continued, “I can’t wait to see Tony’s video. He always has a surprise for us.” Now WTF didn’t describe my shock. This was her brother. She was a 60ish year old woman and was looking forward to seeing what promised to be a filthy video of her brother!

My cock wasn’t shocked though. It was fully hard and in my confusion about what was being said, I hadn’t thought to hide it. May was looking at the tent in my shorts and remarked, “It looks like our boy can’t wait to watch it either.”

“Our boy” made a little precum escape and I’m sure it caused a wet spot in my shorts. Amy, who was now Mrs Church, got up and put a disc in the DVD player. Despite my shock, I couldn’t resist looking in wonder at her beautiful arse as she bent to put the disc in the machine.

As Taksim escort she returned to her seat, Mrs Church dimmed the lights without making the room completely dark. Another piece of cutting edge technology at the time. She sat apart from her sister in law, patted the space between them and said, “Come and sit here Sean.”

It wasn’t a request, it wasn’t an order, it was a direction. I’d now learned to comply with Mrs Church’s directions. They always ended with a positive outcome for me.

As Mrs Church hit the play button on the remote control, I felt May’s hand on my bulge. “Yes, he’s definitely much bigger than Tony,” she told Mrs Church.

Three things struck me. First, considering she’d seen my cock, she already knew the size of my modest cock. The second was how did she know how big her brother’s cock was to make a comparison? The third, how small was Tony’s cock?

I’m a normal bloke. I’ve never had ripped abs and my cock is average, being 13cm, 16cm on a good day. I have been told I have a nice arse though.

The screen came to life and was filled with what I assumed was Tony’s cock. It was difficult to tell its size without any perspective until a pair of lips appeared and engulfed the helmet. I estimated it to be about half the size of mine.

When the lips appeared and started sucking Tony’s cock May and Mrs Church’s hands grabbed my closest wrist to each and put my hands on their now bare thighs and Mrs Church’s hand went to my still covered balls. I stroked their thighs up and down as I watched the tongue which belonged to the lips flick around Tony’s helmet.

I then heard his voice for the first time. “Hi love. Sensational photos. Your new friend must be a good photographer, he got some great angles and very horny shots, although he did have a fantastic model. I’m just about to turn the video on and watch it.”

The mouth on his cock began to Bob up and down, it didn’t have far to move to take him down to the balls. There certainly wasn’t going to be any throat involved.

“You look great Amy, so sexy. You play the slut so well. Mmm, there he is. He’s got a nice cock and wow! Your lips look so good on his big head!”

I was now groping both women’s pussies. May’s through her knickers, but I was now fingering Mrs Church’s bare cunt. This time she was without knickers.

Tony seemed to be enjoying what he was seeing, he was now humping the mouth on the screen. “He likes your big tits love. Who could blame him? They are the best.”

May and Mrs Church had swapped, May now fondling my balls, her other hand pulling her knickers aside so I could finger her too. This was all being done with our eyes riveted to the screen.

“It looks like you’re loving his tongue Amy. Is it really as long as you told me?” When Tony said that, May bucked against my hand. It seemed she was keen to find out too.

I guessed he was up to the point where I’d placed the head of my cock against Mrs Church’s wet cunt. Tony groaned and then his camera zoomed out to reveal the person sucking his cock was a man! WTF! Again.

Now Mrs Church ground her pussy against my hand, getting every millimetre of my fingers inside her. “Fuck, I love watching men sucking cock,” she moaned. May moaned in agreement.

“Fuck, Amy are you coming from him just having having his cock buried in you? That’s so hot,” Tony moaned again.

Mrs Church said, “You bet. It was great,” as if Tony would hear her response. May did hear it and it caused her to cum on my fingers.

I guessed the video Tony was watching would now be showing me pulling my cock out and spraying my young seed all over his wife’s pussy, belly and breasts. That was confirmed when the cocksucker removed Tony’s cock from his mouth and milked the cum from his balls with his hand, Tony’s cum shooting into the cocksucker’s mouth and all over his face.

It was now Mrs Church’s turn to cum on my fingers. Tony’s friend now pointed the camera at Tony’s face. “That was your best ever, my sweet beautiful slutty wife. I want more.” Then the video finished.

May and Mrs Church slumped in post orgasmic exhaustion. “Go and get us all some wine from the fridge Sean and when you come back with it, I don’t want to see those clothes,” Mrs Church directed and I did as directed.

I got two bottles of sweet white wine and three glasses and removed my shorts and t-shirt. As I returned to the lounge room my erection bobbed in front of me. Oh, the powers of youth. I wish my cock was still like that.

As I returned I heard some shuffling. The women were still clothed but their tits and pussies were exposed. As I poured the wine and handed them around I said, “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything. Feel free to carry on.”

I suspected both of them had had a few drinks prior. May sipped her wine, “Maybe we will as a reward, if you perform well. But for now come over to nana and show me your tools.”

I stood in front of her and she cupped my balls gently in her hands, feeling the smoothness of my sac. “Very nice. Did mummy do this for you.” I nodded, but her eyes were on my cock.

‘So this is how it’s going to play out. Nana and Mummy?’ I thought. I was OK with that. It wasn’t something that I’d thought about prior to me coming to this town, but I found myself liking this role play quite a lot.

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