Mrs. Finkle’s Big Butt

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Mrs. Finkle had an enormous ass. Now, to be clear, she was a very pretty redhead, with green eyes, soft, red lips, and she had a slender, but curvy figure, with a small, feminine waist, but her ass was absolutely enormous. It was impossibly large, round, and jiggly. This was a source of keen interest around the neighborhood with the local college boys, (and some of the girls), and throughout the small town of Greater Spruceville, Emily Finkle was often referred to as the “redhead with the huge ass”. She, however, felt really, really lucky to have married a skinny, unexceptional man, who happened to be obsessed with womanly big butts in general, and his wife’s incredibly large ass in particular.

Norman Finkle, Emily’s husband, was a skinny, somewhat nerdy, computer geek, who wore goofy glasses, rarely combed his hair, was a bit shy, had a mediocre job at the University, and he figured he had hit the jackpot in life. His pretty wife had the biggest, fattest butt in the entire town, and he would take a walk with her and beam in pleasure as Mrs. Finkle’s massive ass would bounce and jiggle and shake with each step she took. Norman’s trousers would constantly bulge and stretch to their bursting point, indicating his powerful desire, when he stared at his wife’s huge ass wiggling so delightfully. The people of the town of Greater Spruceville would watch with fascination as Mrs. Finkle’s enormous, toned, fat, round, and smooth butt cheeks would rise high in the air, fall thunderously, and jiggle with a massive weight when she walked, and Norman Finkle would give the town folks a wink and a smile to indicate his happiness, sometimes smacking his wife right on her gigantic ass, making it jiggle wildly, and causing Emily Finkle to giggle sweetly in delight.

Emily Finkle loved her husband Norman deeply, and she liked nothing more than to show him every inch of her planet sized butt, and to make it jiggle and shake for him, knowing it drove him crazy with desire. She would wiggle the massive volumes of fat on her giant butt cheeks, or sway her huge hips side to side and land on her heels, all in an effort to give Norman the pleasure of watching his wife’s spectacularly big, fat butt shake and jiggle for his enjoyment. Emily sometimes loved to simply lift her skirt and show Norman the immense size of her backside, in case he had forgotten how invitingly large it was.

Norman loved nothing more in the world than to spend the evening sliding in and out of his wife’s huge ass, and this was the way they made love almost every day. Norman Finkle would nearly explode with desire as he entered his wife’s giant rump, his desire was so intense, but he had learned how to make it last for very long periods of time. He especially loved the feeling of penetrating his wife’s huge butt fully, as his skinny, small hips slammed into his wife’s massive, soft butt, and Emily’s huge rear end would jiggle endlessly with each deep thrust. His wife, Emily, would be in heaven, and she felt deliciously dizzy when she was bent over the sofa, the bed, the kitchen sink, the dining room table, or anywhere at all, and her massive, thick, jiggling butt was raised high in the air, and her beloved husband was penetrating her big ass deeply and repeatedly all night long. Emily would become dizzy with excruciating, almost agonizing pleasure, and she would sometimes black out for a moment, screaming in intense ecstasy as explosions of orgasmic euphoria erupted inside her again and again. She loved and deeply needed to feel her husband sliding in and out of her enormous rear end often, and her favorite thing was to feel her wonderfully large butt jiggling madly when Norman had thrust himself deep inside her. This always caused an explosion of pleasure inside her.

The Finkles had been married for ten years, and it was in their second year of marriage that they both decided that, due to the magnificent size of her giant rear end, Mrs. Finkle should probably receive regular spankings. They agreed that Mrs. Finkle should lay her big, fat, delicious butt over Norman’s skinny lap, and she should strip down to her little silk panties, the panties which did almost nothing to contain her huge butt cheeks and their constant jiggling motion, and that Norman should spank his wife with three different types of spankings. He should smack her big ass repeatedly, solidly, and firmly as punishment for when she misbehaved or wasn’t pleasing, and secondly Norman should give his wife regular spankings as a form of maintenance, even when she was good, to make sure she remembered she had a really big ass, to behave and be pleasing, and lastly, they agreed that Norman should administer pleasure spankings whenever he felt like repeatedly smacking his wife’s huge butt just for the enjoyment of watching it jiggle, and just because Mrs. Finkle had the biggest, fattest rump in the town. Emily Finkle happily agreed that she would submit to any of these spankings whenever Norman thought it was needed.

Norman was not a jealous gaziantep escort bayan man, and he had no reason to be jealous anyway, as he and Mrs. Finkle had the best, happiest marriage in Greater Spruceville, but Norman did get some pleasure from seeing other people ogling Mrs. Finkle’s gargantuan, jiggling ass, and gasping at its dazzling enormity. He liked to invite some of the local college students, where he worked in IT, over to his swimming pool for a relaxing dip in the pool on a sunny day, and he always asked his wife to wear her blue, one piece swimming suit which made her butt look even bigger and fatter than her other outfits did. Her massive, jiggling, huge, fat butt exploded out the back of that swimming suit, and each step she took in it caused her giant butt cheeks to rise like a mountain and to jiggle monstrously as the swimsuit tried desperately and hopelessly to contain her big ass. Norman liked it when Emily would wear her matching high heels with the swimsuit, as it added to the effect.

Norman took delight in watching his wife parade that huge, bouncing ass around the pool, as the poor college boys watched, and their swim trunks grew massive bulges in front, and they stared intently, unable to hide their desire. Even the college girls stared in wonder and delight, and they made jokes and comments which probably indicated a bit of jealousy.

“God, Mrs. Finkle has a huge ass!” one girl would say, pointing at it.

“It’s so big and fat!” another girl would comment.

“Look how much it jiggles and shakes when she walks!” a third college girl would observe.

But the girls were acutely aware of the fanatical desire she was creating in the boys, and there was no hiding the boys’ big, stiff bulges in their swim trunks in any case. Norman smiled and enjoyed this very much, and of course Norman’s own swim trunks were bulging to the point of exploding as he watched his wife’s huge butt bounce and jiggle as she walked around the backyard, serving the students lemonade and homemade cookies.

If everyone was having a real nice time at the pool party, on occasion Norman would become very bold, and he would playfully accuse his pretty, big bottomed wife of overfilling the lemonade, or of dropping a cookie, and he would pull her huge, thick, jiggling rump over his lap, as she apologized in a cute and fun way, giggling, and Norman would give his wife a good spanking right in front of everyone. He would wink and smile at some of the boys as his hand landed solidly on Emily’s gigantic, exposed, fat, jiggling rear end, again and again, and it was all the college boys could do to keep from passing out in desire.

Even the girls liked what they saw. One unusual day, at a nice pool party, a very pretty, blonde, slender college girl named Missy, with a very outgoing personality, asked Mr. Finkle, jokingly, if she could spank his wife’s big butt.

“I love that! Can I spank Mrs. Finkle, sir?” Missy asked boldly, laughing.

Norman became excited at the idea, and he answered, “Why, yes Missy. I think you should.” Mr. Finkle looked around for his wife, saw her huge butt jiggling as she was coming out of the house with fresh baked cookies, and said to her, “Darling, Missy here feels there was too much ice in her drink, and she would very much like to give you a spanking. I think it’s a good idea.”

Emily Finkle put down the tray of cookies and said, giggling playfully, “Of course, dear. I’m sorry about the ice, Missy.”

Mrs. Finkle, her enormous rump bouncing and jiggling, walked over to Missy, who was sitting on a stool, and Mrs. Finkle immediately laid her huge, fat, heavily jiggling butt over Missy’s lap and waited for her punishment.

Missy stared in amazement. “Your wife has a really big ass, Mr. Finkle, ” Missy said, laughing, as she looked down at Emily’s enormous, round bottom, looking huge and jiggly in that blue swimsuit. Everyone watched as Missy began spanking Emily Finkle, and Missy became flushed with pleasure as her hand slapped each, massive, jiggling butt cheek. Mrs. Finkle moaned softly at each firm smack, and enjoyed the excruciating pleasure of having her big butt spanked, because she loved pleasing her husband, and she loved to be spanked.

After the students would finally leave the pool party, Norman had no choice but to eagerly strip his wife out of her sexy, blue swimsuit, leaving her in only her high heels, bend her big, fat, enormous ass over something, and slide in and out of it for long periods of time, in delicious pleasure, while Mrs. Finkle, moaned, whimpered, gasped, and softly screamed at the unbearable euphoria of having her husband inside her immense, jiggling butt all evening. Finally, Mr. Finkle would explode inside his wife’s big ass, in mind numbing pleasure, as his wife shrieked in agonizing eruptions of ecstasy, and they would both finally collapse in absolute joy.

Emily James and Norman Finkle met in college, as freshman, though they didn’t actually speak to each other for quite some time. In college, Emily was extremely self conscious of the enormous size of her big butt, and she dealt with that by pretending she didn’t care about boys. Emily was extremely pretty, so she got attention from college boys, and even professors sometimes, but she felt that her huge, jiggling rear end was embarrassing and humiliating, so she acted aloof and spent time only with her two female friends.

The first time Norman noticed Emily, was on the third day of freshman Algebra, when Emily was asked, randomly, by Miss LaShay, the professor’s assistant, to come up to the board and demonstrate a simple problem. Emily stood up in the back of the small amphitheater seating, wearing a thin, cotton romper, and began walking to the chalkboard, and Norman’s heart jumped into his throat when he saw the biggest, fattest, largest butt he had ever seen on such a beautiful girl, bouncing and jiggling its way to the front of the class, and Norman became extremely erect immediately. He wriggled in his seat a bit to hide his excitement, but as he watched that gigantic, fat rear end walk up to the chalkboard, shaking and jiggling endlessly, he thought that every heavy jiggle of that enormous ass would cause him to orgasm right there.

Emily’s butt was so big, that when she wrote on the chalkboard, her huge, fat ass was unable to stop jiggling in her thin romper, and there were the sounds of snickers and giggles in the classroom, but for Norman, his desire was nearly intolerable, and he felt dizzy and hot. He watched Emily’s massive, thick ass jiggle, and then, after Emily sat down, all he could think about for the rest of the class was Emily James and her impossibly enormous butt.

Norman was far too shy to talk to Emily, so after the class ended he ran back to his dorm room and masturbated fiercely, thinking about Emily’s huge ass. Finally, he exploded in an intense orgasm, cleaned up and he went to grab some lunch, but all he could think about was that gigantic, fat, jiggling rear end. After he ate, he went back to his room and abused himself again. He masturbated five times that day, as he fantasized about Emily’s gigantic bottom.

Norman decided to plan his arrival to freshman Algebra around Emily James, hoping to get a glimpse of her huge, jiggling ass, and he would stand “casually” outside the classroom until she arrived. In her apathy toward boys, Emily sometimes wore baggy, concealing clothes, and other times she wore more revealing outfits which showed off her big butt and its enormous size, but she seemed not to care at all. Norman never saw Emily talking to boys, though they would sometimes approach her, and Emily James seemed to be alone most of the time. She had a couple of friends who were girls, who she might talk to before class, but otherwise she seemed quite solitary.

With his heart fluttering into his stomach, and an intense dizziness overwhelming him, Norman would watch Emily’s incredible, fat, juicy, big, round ass bounce and jiggle as she walked into freshman Algebra, and he would watch the huge mounds of fat on her enormous rump continue jiggling as she made her way to the back of the room, and he would be unable to concentrate once class started. Immediately after the class ended, if he had gotten a really good look that day, and Emily had worn something that showed off her impossibly huge, shaking rear end fully, he would rush home to abuse himself again, and would probably masturbate many more times that day, gasping and exploding in pleasure, picturing Emily’s gigantic, fat ass.

Emily James played it cool in college, and acted aloof everywhere she went, but truthfully she was excruciatingly self conscious of the ridiculously huge size of her butt. She had decided apathy was her only defense. She would look in her full length mirror at her really pretty face, soft, red hair, slender shoulders, slim waist, and feel like a beauty model, and then she would stare hopelessly at her embarrassingly immense hips. She would turn sideways and look in the mirror at her laughably gigantic, fat rear end, which stuck out a mile, like an elephant’s butt, or a huge, thick bowl of jello, and she would moan in dismay. She watched her enormous ass shake and jiggle in the mirror, and she still couldn’t believe that it was actually her own massive rump she was seeing reflected. Had a gypsy, or some witch cursed her, or had Mother Nature played a joke on her?

She had played soccer in high school her senior year, and she had been very happy when the season ended. The little, purple soccer shorts made her ass look as big as a hippo’s, and revealed every bounce and jiggle as she ran down the field. In fact, it often seemed to Emily that her enormous butt was going to shake and jiggle its way right out of those little shorts, and she would be completely humiliated. She was made even more self conscious by comments she would hear from the spectators.

“Good lord, that pretty redhead has a big, fat butt!”

“Oh dear, that poor girl, Emily, has a huge bottom!”

“Ha ha, that girl is cute, but look at the size of her big ass!”

She would pretend to laugh along with her pretty, slender soccer teammates when they would playfully tease her in the locker room after the games.

“I’m going to slap that big ass!” Nancy would say, when Emily had stripped to her panties, and sometimes Nancy would slap it.

“I like big butts, and I cannot lie!” Rebecca would rap as she stared at Emily’s huge, jiggling ass.

“God, Emily, your butt is just so…big!” pretty, petite Annette said, pointing at Emily’s huge, fat, naked rear end, as all the girls were in the shower. “I mean it is sooooo…big!” All the girls, even Emily, laughed.

The soccer coach, a very pretty, older woman named Mrs. Sorenson, told Emily, “Oh Sweetie, there is nothing wrong with a pretty girl having a big, fat butt. Your bottom is definitely enormous, darling, I mean, it is really, really huge and fat, and it definitely jiggles a lot, but there is nothing wrong with that!”

So Emily mostly stayed to herself in college, except for two casual female friends, and Norman continued desperately trying to get any view he could of the massive size of Emily’s enormous rear end. This went on for many weeks.

Emily, of course, had begun to notice Norman’s constant attention during freshman Algebra, and at first, she thought Norman was probably some geek who liked to make fun of Emily’s big butt with his nerdy friends, so she pretended she couldn’t care less what he thought or did. After a while, she noticed that Norman really didn’t seem to have any friends, and he was always quiet, polite to people, and very shy, and she started enjoying Norman’s obsessive staring before class a little bit.

In late October, Emily saw Norman sitting by himself at The Red Dawg, a campus diner, and she decided to go speak to him, and find out for herself what kind of guy he was.

Norman’s heart jumped into his throat as he looked up from his Chicken Vesuvio and saw Emily’s massive hips coming right toward his booth at The Red Dawg.

Emily sat down across from Norman and immediately said, “We have Algebra together don’t we?”

“Ummm, maybe, I’m not sure, ” Norman asked, trying to sound cool and casual.

“Really? Because I’ve noticed you staring at me quite a bit. Why? Are you making fun of me with your buddies?” Emily asked, feeling insecure, as always, about her big butt.

“Oh my gosh, no!” Norman answered, looking up from his meal. “I think you are really beautiful. I’m sorry for looking at you so much. I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable.” Norman was blushing, and hoping Emily didn’t think he was creepy.

“Oh, okay, that’s sweet I guess. I’m sorry for being so suspicious. I get very insecure about my bottom sometimes. A lot of people have teased me about it,” Emily said, feeling a little better about herself.

“Why would people tease you?” Norman asked innocently. Emily simply mentioning her own butt, caused Norman to become fully erect.

“Because, in case you haven’t noticed, my backside is very…big,” Emily said, looking at Norman to see if that turned him off. “Don’t you think it’s too big?”

Norman could see that Emily had low self esteem about her huge rear end, so he looked at her and decided to take a chance. “No! I don’t think it’s too big. I think your big butt is incredibly beautiful, and I love to see it every day.”

Emily blushed hot and said, “You’re just saying that to be polite. Why would you think my over sized bottom is beautiful?”

Norman was nearly passing out from desire as the two of them engaged in this conversation, but he found the confidence to say, “For one thing, I love it because it’s so…big.” Norman blushed. “Confession? Every day I’ve been pleasuring myself thinking about your big butt and its enormous size. I hope that doesn’t make me sound weird.”

Emily smiled lightly and said, “Really?” Norman, a bit embarrassed, nodded vigorously. Emily looked closely at Norman, and she thought he was kind of cute, in a nerdy way, and he was nothing like the other, obnoxious, loud guys who hit on her. “I have to run, but my name is Emily.”

“I am Norman,” he said, nearly bursting with the tension of his desire.

“Would you like to go to the freshman Halloween dance with me?” Emily bravely asked. “It’s mandatory for freshmen to go.”

Norman could barely stutter the word, “Y-yes.”

When Emily got home, she thought about the nice, tingling feeling she had gotten from Norman, and his warm appreciation of her enormous ass. It had excited her a little, thinking that Norman had to pleasure himself thinking about her big butt. It made him seem sincere. She made the impulsive decision to dress in a sexy costume for the Halloween Dance, and see if Norman was being honest. She wondered what it might be like if a really nice man, like Norman, who was also obsessed with really big butts, found her attractive. If he didn’t find her attractive, Emily decided she could just ditch him and leave the dance after signing in.

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