Mrs. Lin and Her New Neighbor Ch. 02

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“Can you help me take these bags out, please?” Claire Lin called up to her husband from the kitchen. No answer. Grumbling, she picked up the black plastic bag and hauled it down the back steps to the back door. She flipped on the outside light couldn’t help notice her reflection in the glass, the slim silhouette of her figure, the way her black hair cascaded down her shoulders Pocahontas-style, the slant of her eyes that even the hazy shimmer in the glass seemed to convey mystery and mischief.

She smiled at herself, knowing she this much sexiness deserved—no, demanded!—attention. Real attention. The attention of a young man.

She thought of James, her 18 year old neighbor, thought of how just the briefest flashing of the crease between her legs had caused him to become hard in an instant—and to astonishing proportions.

Yes, that kind of attention is what she deserved. That much cock, too, she admitted to herself as she pushed open the door and walked to the garage.

But when she got to the trash cans under the light, her mood evaporated as she saw the mess left all over the ground. Goddamn raccoons! She gritted her teeth and started cleaning up. After picking up some of the bags and tissue paper from off the ground, she stood and looked around and noticed a light on in a second floor window in her neighbor’s house. James? She wondered.

She looked around to see if her husband—or anyone—was looking before creeping towards the shrubs, staying in the shadow of the old maple beside the driveway. Pushing aside the strong smelling leaves of the evergreen bushes she was able to get a direct look at the upstairs window. And what she saw made her gasp.

There, in bright light framed by the darkness of the house, stood James, his huge erection in hand, stroking it rhythmically. She stayed in the shadows, mesmerized by the sight, his slim body naked and lit in the bright light of the room, his cock long and thick in his hands. Oh, James, she whispered. Oh James, you naughty boy…

Just then the back door at the neighbor’s house opened and the young man’s father walked out, grumbling to himself as he too took the trash to the backyard. She gasped in surprise and the man paused and seemed to look right at her in the shrubs. She closed her eyes. The moment hung. Chancing a glance, she finally saw him turn away, shrugging as he went about his chore.

She waited in the shadows, not daring to look or move until the squat man went back inside. When she looked up again, the light had gone out; James was gone.

She nearly cried in frustration before backing out of the shrubs, stumbling a little and getting sticks and branches in her hair.

When she went back in the house, her husband couldn’t understand how she had gotten so dirty. Or why she became so horny. But she rode him that night anyway; her mind filled with thoughts of young James and his huge cock.

The next morning she woke up feeling somehow excited about the day- a feeling she hadn’t had in ages, it seemed. The sun streamed through the lacy curtains of her bedroom and already her pussy was moist. Something was going to happen, she knew; she could just feel it. She paused for a moment before the floor length mirror, admired her toned abs, her gorgeous alabaster legs, her hair that looked like a bird-nest testament to love. She smoothed her hair down and then ran her hands across her taut flesh, stopping at the smoothly-clipped pubic hair before continuing to her little purple and pink slit. She smiled at herself as she took a tiny white robe off the stand and wrapped up, belting it across her midriff, happy it still revealed most of her legs.

She strolled through the house to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee, leaning against the counter as the coffee brewed. Outside, the morning sun made the pool sparkle and thick shrubs surrounding it bright green. She decided to take her coffee out onto the sunny tiles of the patio. As she walked out, she noticed the bananas in a bowl on the stand, and grabbed one, only half noticing how long and thick it was. She strolled around the pool, closing her eyes and basking in the warm sunshine on her face. Glanced over the shrubs to the neighbors, at the window she had looked in the night before, she chanced a wicked smile and tiny wave. She put her coffee on the little metal table on the patio and with her free hand loosened the belt around her waist. Grinning, she shrugged the robe off her shoulders, and actually reached inside to caress her already hard nipples.

She let out a soft moan before giggling and tightening up the robe. I’m so naughty! She told herself, grinning.

Placing the banana down, she skipped across the still damp grass to the see the neighbor’s driveway. The Toyota was gone! Oh my god, could I?

She went back to the patio, but the sun had moved and now shone on the small wooden deck just outside the back door. Picking up her coffee and the banana, she strolled over to the wooden patio recliner and sat back, eyes closed. She opened up the robe and spread her legs to greet the morning sun. The sun lapping her wet labia, she gently stroked her clitoris.. It grew hard under her ministrations.. oh yes… oh that’s nice.. she whispered.

A twig cracked somewhere across the yard. Is that you, James? Watch me, James, istanbul escort watch me as I think of your big hard cock.

Lying back, she placed the tip of the banana against her clit and slowly rubbed. Moaning softly, she gently pushed it against her slick hole; the skin of the banana, now slick with her own juices, felt cool against her growing heat. She pressed harder, and the tip of the banana penetrated her; she gasped, opening her eyes. Across the yard, she saw the branches of the shrubs twitch and sway. James?… she whispered again, as she slid the banana further up her soaking hole. With a in and out motion, she gently urged the now slippery banana further up her pussy, all the while panting James.. over and over again. She closed her eyes and began caressing the skin of her smooth inner thighs with her free hand, guiding her long elegant nails further down to her now pussy-soaked rectum. As she pumped the banana deeper into her pussy, she softly played with her so-sensitive anus. Breathing deeply, she slowly pressed a finger to her sphincter and gently pressed. Oh god! she gasped as her finger popped into her rectum.

She opened her eyes and stared; she couldn’t see the young man but she felt his eyes drinking her in even as she displayed herself for him. She thought of his giant cock and how crazy she must be making him, and that thought alone drove her even crazier.

She slid another finger into her rectum—for you, James, for you! She whispered. Watch me James I’m your little slut… for you… for you…

She pushed a third finger and her tension built even further.

Catching her breath, she paused and slowly slid her fingers out of her asshole, then the banana out of her pussy.

Staring into the shrubs across the yard, she placed the tip of the slippery wet banana to her rectum and began applying pressure.

Ow… she murmured… It’s too big…. But she continued, biting her lip as she anxiously looked for her young paramour in the bushes.

Just then, a branch dipped and she saw him, and looked right into his eyes. Her anus suddenly dilated, the banana smoothly ascended the sticky walls of her rectum and as she stared directly at him and felt his eyes on her like hands or cocks she explosively orgasmed, crying and writhing on the recliner as a fountain of pussy cum squirted onto her hands. James!… she gasped, fuck me James fuck me…, her orgasm so intense the world disappeared, replaced by a soft warm bubbling glow.

Slowly her orgasm subsided, and she opened her eyes, expecting to find the young man staring at her through the shrubs. But no one was there anymore.


The doorbell rang out.

Oh no! she moaned, gulping as she slid the banana from out her rectum, and slipped the robe back around her shoulders, belting it as she walked purposefully through the house to the front door. ‘Coming!’ She called out.

But when she opened the door, she was unprepared for who was there. Standing at her front door—the young man’s mother! And behind her, looking abashed– James.

With no other options, she opened the door. ‘Hi… what brings you guys here?’ She asked brightly, hoping the stern woman in the business outfit wouldn’t catch the quaver in her voice.

‘Miss Lin, what’re you doing with my boy?’

Claire’s jaw dropped, and she felt the blood drain from her limbs. ‘Wha…what do you mean?’

The woman crossed her arms across her business-shirt bosom and backed away, bringing James into the center. ‘I thought he would be working for you this summer- but every time I see him he’s in front of the computer or playing video games. Is that anyway to spend a beautiful summer’s day?’

Relief flooded her in an almost orgasmic wave and she laughed. ‘You’re right—I’m so sorry, I should’ve put him to work right away. It is a beautiful day, isn’t it?’

The woman smiled, the makeup around her eyes wrinkling. ‘I’m sorry to pressure you, Miss Lin, I just get so aggravated when I see young people just wasting their time when they could be doing so much with their talents—don’t you think?’

Miss Lin smiled and gently nodded. ‘I so agree…’

‘Great! So, do you have any jobs for my young man to do today?’

‘Uhmm…let me think.. oh, I remember, I have a bush I need planted,’ and her face burned as she heard the words leave her mouth. James looked at her in shock.

‘A bush you need planted? Great- he loves that. Why, just today I saw him in the bushes in the backyard. What were you doing there, anyway, James?’

James just shrugged and grunted.

‘Hmm… the typical response. Well, are you two ok?’ Her eyes scanned the two of them standing awkwardly on the front porch.

Claire glanced at James’s eyes, and saw it. Hope.

She smiled and nodded at the woman. ‘Yes, I think I can keep him busy.’

‘Great! I have a house to show- you know the real estate market is just so bad these days! so, let me get going and I’ll see you later. James, remember, don’t wear your muddy shoes into the house, ok?’

He shrugged again. ‘Ok.’


‘Ok, Mom!’

‘Good boy, well, ta ta!’ his mother said, scampering off the porch in pink pumps.

Claire looked at the young man before her, his eyes downcast. ‘Come on in.’

He followed her in, and immediately the air felt charged—thick, cloying and sticky.

She tried to control her breathing, her pulse quickening and slick pussy juice trailing down her inner thigh.

She looked at him. ‘Hi.’

Their eyes met.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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