Mrs. Powers

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I would like to tell you a story about how I hooked up with the finest lady in the world. Her name was Lisa Powers. Lisa was the most gorgeous woman you could imagine. She would have made any model jealous. Her long slender body had enough curves to drive most men crazy with lust. You can only imagine what she did to my eighteen-year-old body. Mrs. Powers, as I should call her, is one of my best friend’s mom. She was in her mid forties, and for a housewife she kept herself in great shape. Mr. Powers worked with my dad at the local chemical company. They both did well at their jobs, and our mothers could afford to stay home with the kids. Since our parents had been friends since before Billy and I were born, I almost saw her as my second mother. That’s a big almost. Considering how many jerk off sessions she inspired I could hardly think of her as my mother.

Being friends with Billy afforded me the luxury of spending a lot of time at their house. Mrs. Powers was always wearing skimpy see through outfits that drove my dick wild. Her favorites were those little sundresses that you could almost see through. Every time I saw her panty lines I would have to use the bathroom so I could jerk off. I stole many pairs of her panties so I could masturbate with them when I got home. I guess she got so comfortable with me being around that she would sometimes wear things that were far too revealing to wear out. You know stuff most people just wear around the house. All of our friends would be jealous if they knew how much of Mrs. Powers I got to see. The best was during the summer when she would come out to tan while Billy and I were playing in the pool. She wore some very skimpy bikinis that barely covered her privates. I would stare at the nice little mound her bush made, and man those days when it was breezy and I got to see her nipples staining against the thin cotton fabric. Wow! Blood would surge straight to my dick. I usually couldn’t make it home before I had to jerk off.

Billy never seemed to notice that I was eyeing his mother. I know he had to notice how all the guys in the neighborhood always wanted to hang out at his house just to see his mom. Mrs. Powers made Billy quite a popular guy. Some guys would even get into fights to see which one would spend the night with Billy. They were never as lucky as me when it came to seeing her in her little skimpies.

Anyway, I was spending the night one night after a baseball game. Billy and I were on the same team by the way. I had just gotten out of the shower and was heading back to Billy’s room when I noticed Mrs. Powers’ door was slightly ajar. I saw the light coming from inside and music playing in the background so I knew someone was in the room. I decided to take a small peek and what a reward I got. Mrs. Powers was standing their in pair of sexy little bra and panties. I could make her out in the mirror so I didn’t have to get to close as to get caught peeping. Her tanned and toned body was making my dick rock hard. I almost let out a gasp when she removed her bra and revealed the first pair of tits I had ever seen in the flesh. They were awesome. Very round perky breasts with large dark nipples. She then slowly removed her little panties to expose her neatly trimmed bush. She was a true blonde for sure. She stood there for a moment and admired herself in the mirror before she moved on to the bathroom to take a shower. I couldn’t believe my luck. I just got to see the most desirable woman in my life completely naked. Needless to say I hurried to the room so I could relieve my now aching dick.

Billy and his father were going fishing the next day and had planned to get up early. I, on the other hand, decided I would sleep in before I went home. This was nothing out of the ordinary since I was like one of the family. I must have been dreaming about what I had seen in Mrs. Powers room because my dick was rock hard. I must mention that I have an extremely large dick. When it’s hard my boxer shorts can’t contain the monster. Most of the girls in my school that I have dated and fooled around with are scared of it. It measures a full 10 inches when hard. I didn’t hear her come into the room to gather the dirty laundry, but when I started to stir as I was waking up I noticed her rushing out of the room. When I awoke I noticed that I had kicked the covers off of me and my dick was sticking out of the waistband of my underwear solid as stone. Mrs. Powers had to have noticed my dick protruding up my flat stomach. I don’t know how long she was in gaziantep escort ilanları there, but I’m sure she had gotten quite a look-see at my overgrown member. Despite my size I was embarrassed that she had seen my rock hard dick.

I got up and dressed to leave for my house, and I passed her on my way out the door.

“Goodbye Mrs. powers. Tell Billy to call me when he gets home.”

“Ok Matt. He should be home around 6 o’clock.” I could tell her face was a little flush, but I didn’t think anything about it.

A couple of weeks later my parents were going on vacation without me, and since they didn’t trust me home alone, they sent my to Billy’s house for the week. I was excited because I thought I might get to see Mrs. Powers naked again. I don’t know if seeing my dick had embarrassed or shocked her, but she didn’t act the same around me after that day. It was almost like she was avoiding being around me alone. So far I hadn’t been lucky enough to see her naked again, but not from lack of trying. She also didn’t come out to the pool when Billy and I were hanging out either. This stay over was beginning to be very uneventful.

That night Mr. Powers announced that he needed some extra help at the plant the next day, and Billy got roped into helping him. I was thrilled because this meant that I would be home alone with Mrs. Powers all day. Maybe I would get a little quality time with her alone.

Billy and his dad had already left for work the next day when I awoke. I stumbled into the kitchen and Mrs. Powers was standing at the sink in one of her little sundresses that I loved. The sun coming through the window allowed me to make out the outline of her panties. What a sight to wake up and see!

“Good morning Mrs. Powers.”

She almost jumped out of her skin and said, “Oh good morning Matt you scared me.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. You need any help with those dishes?”

“No. I think I can manage. Do you want some breakfast?”

“Yeah, that’d be great.”

She started fixing me breakfast and my eyes were glued to her every step. Her beautiful body and the way she floated through the kitchen mesmerized me. I could see that her panties were starting to creep up her ass, and I caught her pulling them back into place a couple of times. I ate breakfast and announced that I was going to have a swim after I digested my food for a while. I asked her if she’d like to join me and all I could get was a maybe out of her. She had a lot of things to do around the house.

About an hour later I was heading for the pool. I stopped and asked her again. “You sure you won’t join me? It’s a really nice day out. I’m sure the water is great and you need a break. You work too hard around here.”

I don’t know what had gotten into her, but I was totally expecting her to keep avoiding me. To my surprise she said, “You know what? You’re right. I think I should get some sun on my skin today. I think I’m losing my tan.”

I didn’t seem to notice, but at least I got her to come to the pool with me. I went outside and waited for her to come out in one of those little bikinis I loved so much. When she came out I was disappointed to see she was wearing a very non-revealing one-piece bathing suit. Even with so much fabric covering her up she was still a knockout.

She lay by the pool while I splashed around. I kept asking her to join me, but she wouldn’t bite. After about ten minutes I decided to play around a little to see if I could get her in the pool with me. I wanted to see her get wet and hope I would at least get to see her hard nipples through her suit. I snuck to the side of the pool as she lay there silently with her eyes closed. As I splashed her with a huge amount of water, I said, “Oh I’m sorry I thought you said you were getting hot. I didn’t want you to get burned over there.”

“You little bastard! You’re going to pay for that!” She jumped up and ran to the pool and dove in. She swam after me as I acted like I was trying to get away. She caught me and grabbed me by the neck and was trying to dunk my head under the water. We wrestled around for a few minutes and I was letting her win, but I soon found myself spinning her around and held her tight while I was behind her. My dick was rubbing against her scantly covered ass and it was starting to have an effect on my dick. Every time she squirmed and tried to get away I seemed to get a little harder.

“Let me go! gaziantep escort kadın Don’t you dare dunk me Matt or I swear….”

“What re you going to do. Are you going to punish me?”

“Let me go and you’ll find out! You’re not too big to get a whipping you know. I’m still the adult here!”

“You know you can’t get away. And there’s nobody here to save you.” I just kept pushing my dick into her ass and I know she had to notice I was getting hard. I couldn’t help myself. I’ve wanted to fuck this woman for so long now. I finally had her alone and at the moment I had her in a submissive position.

“I don’t need anyone to save me. I was whipping your butt when you were a little kid and I can still whip you now.”

“You may have gotten me a few times when I was s a kid, but I’m no kid anymore!” The bulge in my pants was proof of that!

“Ok you’re right. Let me go and I’ll let you off easy.”

“All right, but if you try anything funny I’ll be forced to hold you down and tickle you until you beg for mercy. Deal?”

“Ok it’s a deal! Just let me go!”, she said as she laughed.

As soon as I let her go she came right back at me. She lunged at me again and I grabbed her and pulled her out of the pool.

“I warned you Mrs. Powers. Now you’re going to pay for that mistake.”

I took her over to the grass so we wouldn’t fall on the concrete, and I started tickling her for all I was worth. She was laughing hysterically and squirming all over the places. My hands were all over her and I found myself getting quite feely with her ass and tits. She didn’t seem to mind that I was groping her at every chance and I could play it off as goofing around.

“Ok. Ok,” She said almost out of breath, “let me up before I pee in my pants. I can’t take it anymore!”

“All right remember what happened last time I let you go. Don’t make the same mistake twice!”

“I won’t,” she said. What a liar! As soon as I let her go she pounced on me and this time I let her get on top of me. She started tickling me back and I was getting quite turned on by the weight of her on my crotch. My dick started growing immediately. Mrs. Powers started getting as touchy feely as I was with her and her hand actually brushed across my dick a few times. I think she was starting to enjoy herself and our little game.

I felt her grind her pussy on my growing dick a few times and I saw this as a sign to make my move on her. I grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her to my mouth and started kissing her. She resisted at first, but she was soon kissing me back. After a few seconds she pushed herself away and said, “Matt I think this game has gone far enough. We should be ashamed of ourselves for doing this.”

I just kept pressing my dick against her pussy and said, “Come on Mrs. powers. You know I find you incredibly sexy. No one has to know. How will they find out? We are all alone and Billy and Mr. Powers won’t be home for hours. I know you like what you saw that morning.”

“What are you talking about Matt?” she said with an astonished look on her face.

“Come on Mrs. Powers you know you saw my package the morning you came into the room when I was asleep. I know you can feel it right now between your legs. I’ve seen Mr. Powers at the gym. I know he can’t offer you what I’ve got between my legs. You know you want my big cock!” It was true. I did get a glimpse of Mr. Powers in the locker room one time and I noticed he was much smaller than me.

“Matt why are you saying these things to me. I’m old enough to be your mother. Hell your mother is one of my best friends. Christ we can’t do this! Let me go. We should stop.”

I just rolled her over onto her back and continued to grind my cock against her pussy. I leaned over and kissed her again. She resisted, but my grinding cock against her pussy started to ease the resistance. Soon she was kissing me back again. I started kissing her neck and nibbling on her ears. The whole time she was panting, “Matt stop. We must stop. We can’t do this.” She was no longer fighting back though. I had her and I knew it!

I slowly removed the straps of her suit and started pulling the top down so that I could get to her tits. I made my way down and sucked her breasts. Her nipples were hard as nails. I could feel her grinding against my cock beneath me. As I continued to stimulate her nipples I removed my trunks to release my throbbing dick. I moved my cock back gaziantep escort kızlar and forth against her soaking wet pussy. She was almost crazy with lust now. She wanted me to enter her pussy so I moved her swimsuit to the side and moved the head of my dick to the entrance of her tight little pussy.

Again she tried in vein to stop me. “Matt we can’t. Please don’t stick your cock in me. I’m begging you to stop this before we go too far.”

I could tell she didn’t really mean the words that were coming out of her mouth. She kept inching her pussy towards the head of my dick with every sentence. I slowly started to stick the head in her sloppy wet opening. I had trouble getting the head past the opening of her pussy. She was tight. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was extremely wet I don’t think I could have gotten my dick in her. She let out a soft moan as I got in a couple of inches. I worked slowly so I wouldn’t hurt her and I soon had in about six inches.

“Oh Matt I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but it feels so good. Oh your cock is so big. Pump me with that fat cock of yours. Oh I’ve wanted you inside me ever since I saw your big cock. It feels so wonderful inside of me. Better than I ever imagined. Give it to me. I want it all. Oh yeees! Fuck me with your big cock. Oh fuck me!”

I worked slowly until I had all ten inches inside of her. The tightness of her pussy was hurting me some, but I pushed on. Once she loosened a little bit I started ramming her harder.

“Oh yes harder. Harder! Harder! Fuck me with that wonderful cock. Oh it feels so good.”

She flooded my dick with her first orgasm and she almost blacked out. I could tell she hadn’t had an orgasm like this in quite a while. I was getting close myself. I could feel the pressure building in my balls.

‘Oh Mrs. Powers I’m gonna cum. Oh your pussy is so tight. I love your tight little pussy. I’m going to fill you so full with my cum. Oh yeah. You like that don’t you Mrs. Powers?”

“Oh yes Matt, but don’t come inside of me. I’m not on the pill and I might get pregnant. I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste that sweet cum of yours.”

I pulled my dick out and stood up. I pulled her head towards my dick and she took me into her mouth. A few seconds later I was draining my cum down her throat. She gagged and some of my juice started to come out of the sides of her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but she just couldn’t handle the entire load I had to offer. She continued to milk my cock until I was completely dry. We collapsed right there next to the pool. As I caught my breath I said, “Wow. That was unbelievable. I can’t believe I finally got to fuck you. Do you know how many times I jerked off thinking about this moment?”

“I know. I can’t believe we did this. You’re a bad boy for doing that to me. You knew I wouldn’t be able to resist that beautiful cock of yours. Have you really masturbated thinking about fucking me?”

“You bet your sweet ass I have. You just don’t realize what those little skimpy outfits and bikinis have done to me over the years. I’ve even taken some of your panties and came all over them thinking about you. It got worse when I saw you naked in your room a couple of weeks ago. All of our friends would give there left nut to fuck you.”

” I noticed some of my panties went missing. I often wondered what happened to those. I thought Billy was snatching them. I found a few pairs in his room before, but I just thought he hid the other ones better. When did you see me naked? Do you really think his other friends want to fuck me?”

“I’m sure they do. How could they not want a hot piece of ass like yours? Do you remember the morning you saw me with the covers off and I had a huge erection? That was the morning after I saw you in your room undressing. Your door was cracked a little and I saw you in the mirror. I jacked off several times to the site of you naked that night.”

“I guess I should have been more careful. How could I forget seeing your cock that morning? I was embarrassed at first, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of that huge cock of yours. I’ve never seen one that big before. I have to be honest. I masturbated several times thinking of your cock after that morning. I couldn’t believe how horny seeing your cock made me. Listen we better get dressed before someone catches us out here like this.”

We got up and went into the house. I fucked Mrs. powers several times before Billy and Mr. Powers got home that evening. From that day forward we tried to get in as many sessions of passion as we could. Mrs. Powers was crazy for my cock.

When Billy got home that afternoon he asked me how my day went. I just told him it was kind of boring without him there to hang out with. He said that was too bad because he had to work with his dad again that week. What a treat for me!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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