Mrs Ryan Has Sex with a Younger Man

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For the past couple of years I’ve been having an affair with a married woman, her name is Carolyn Ryan, whenever, she could get away from her husband she would call me to see if I was available, and of course most of the time I was. She would come over to my house and we would suck and fuck for hours on end. Carolyn is an incredible woman, who loves to have her tits, ass and pussy sucked, and she tastes so incredibly good, the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted. She loves it when I lay my head in her lap and suckle her tits like a child.

On several occasions she noticed one of the local boys in my neighborhood; he was a tall handsome young lad with a muscular build. Sometimes she would catch him looking at her while she was getting out of her car. Carolyn loved to work out as well, for a woman in her early 50’s, she easily passes for a much younger woman, she has an incredible tight beautiful ass; she loves to wear short skirts or slacks that really show off her beautiful ass and always wears a low cut blouse because she likes it when men would try to take a peek. Whenever she would catch this young boy looking she would purposely bent over so he could get a good look at her ass cheeks and/or tits.

She would always comment on how she would like to seduce him, however since he was jigolo escort gaziantep still younger than 18, we decided it was best just to fantasize about having him over so she could seduce him.

That was a couple of years ago, now the young man in question (Brian) had recently turned 18. I had also got to know Brian as he would occasional come over to do some odd jobs around the house to earn enough money to take his girlfriend out. Carolyn still had the thought of fucking Brian and couldn’t wait until he turned 18.

Sure enough an opportunity did arise for Carolyn and I to fulfill our fantasy; I arranged to have Brian come over to my house on the pretext that I needed some help cleaning out my garage, and told Carolyn the date and time. Just before Carolyn was to come over Brian showed up ready to go to work, and not to long after that Carolyn showed up. She was wearing an incredible sexy skirt and oh my god she was looking so hot, good enough to just eat her on the spot. I could even hardly contain myself. Carolyn came inside the house and I formally introduced her to Brian. I could tell Brian was very interested and so could Carolyn. We made some small talk, when Carolyn pretended to drop something. She of course bent gaziantep lezbiyen escort bayan over to pick it up right in front of Brian showing him most of her beautiful ass, Brian by this time was bug eyed. She lingered for a few seconds longer before straightening up. She then sat on the couch where Brian could not help but look down her blouse to see her beautiful tits and he was definitely looking. I asked Brian if he liked what he saw, he just nodded yes because he was speechless. Carolyn and I both noticed the huge bulge in his pants.

I told Brian to sit down next to her, and put his hand down her blouse and touch her tits. He did as I instructed however he was nervous and clumsy. I told him to settle down, and reached my hand inside to show him how to gently caress her breasts and roll the nipples between his thumb and index fingers. Carolyn was so tuned on by this point, she opened her legs wide and half closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I told Brian to take off her blouse, which he promptly did. I then directed him to bend his head down and lick and suck her one of her tits in his mouth, but to be very gentle and suckle them as if he were a baby suckling his mother tits for her milk.

While he gaziantep escort masaj salonları was sucking her breasts I pulled off her skirt and thong, and then told Brian to take off his clothes and sit back down beside her and continue sucking her breasts. I then took off my clothes as well; sitting on the other side of her I started sucking her other breast. While my fingers stroked her soaking wet pussy. I told Brian to start licking down her belly and don’t stop licking until he got to her pussy, soon Brian was licking and fingering her pussy. I told him how to take her swollen clit in her mouth and suck on it; Carolyn was bucking like crazy and screaming I want his cock inside me now. I told Brian to sit on the couch while Carolyn took his hard cock in her hard and shoved it deep inside her. Carolyn started riding him like she was a sex crazed maniac. I told Brian to start playing with her tits and suck on them while she fucked him. She was riding his cock but good when he exploded in a huge orgasm shooting his cum deep inside of her and soon she was bucking like crazy as she exploded in her orgasm.

This went on for about a couple of hours Brian and me taking turns fucking her. While one would fuck her, she would stroke and lick the others cock. Brian definitely had the time of his life, as a matter of fact we all did. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times we all came. Unfortunately Brian had to leave, because he had to clean up before he took his girlfriend out on a date. I’m sure he will have a huge smile and hard on the entire date. Carolyn and I fucked like wild animals a few more times that afternoon, and we are already planning our next adventure with Brian.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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