Mrs. Wentworth is a Nurse

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I haven’t written a Mrs. Wentworth story in a long time. I think about her a lot and this is my favorite series. I’ve started stories before but not finished. And a few times I thought about writing an end to their story but I’m not ready for it to be over. I hope you like a new one.


In the morning, I came downstairs for breakfast. I was in Mrs. Wentworth’s house but things were different. I didn’t think of it as just visiting anymore. It was funny but at the start I was really mad about getting dropped off for a few days and with an old teacher. Not an old teacher, I guess. I mean Mrs. Wentworth had been my teacher a long time ago like fourth grade but she was pretty young then and still was. She was definitely a lot older than me but not old and I wasn’t really young anymore. By this time I was 19 and she was whatever. Anyway, she kept calling it the house our house. At least I was now thinking of it as home.

This morning, I didn’t think of much because I felt terrible. Something happened at night and I felt sick. I was hot and had sneezed and was sore. I sneezed as I walked in the kitchen.

Mrs. Wentworth spun around real fast. She was wearing a pretty short satin robe and it spun up. I was so sick that I didn’t stare at her underwear. I just sat down. She came over and said, “Oh dear, sweetie. Are you sick? You look like you feel terrible and you feel hot. Oh no, maybe we need to put you to bed or go to a doctor. That’s it. Go back up and get dressed and I will get dressed too. I’ll take you to my doctor. Hurry. I’ll call now and I know she’ll see us.”

In a few minutes, Mrs. Wentworth was pushing me into a car while she drove. There was a doctor a few minutes away and for some reason she was able to get in right away. There was an older receptionist who talked to Mrs. Wentworth but a nurse came out almost immediately. She was older than Mrs. Wentworth but younger than the receptionist. There wasn’t anyone else there so I wasn’t sure what kind of doctor it was.

They ask you all kinds of questions and then they take your temperature and all that kind of stuff. But soon the nurse left. I was a little nervous. “Mrs. Wentworth, is this doctor a woman? I don’t think I’ve been to a woman doctor before. Maybe we should try to find a male one.”

Mrs. Wentworth just laughed and said, “relax sweetie. It’s just a doctor.” Just then the doctor came in. She was younger than the nurse and about 40. She was very nice and very attractive. She was wearing a white doctor coat and a skirt and looked very professional but attractive too. I was sick so I wasn’t really thinking about it but there’s something very sexy about a woman in a uniform or dressed up professionally like that. She was very nice but also very in charge.

She talked a lot but Mrs. Wentworth answered most of the questions. She didn’t even talk directly to me. I think that was weird but at the time I didn’t think a lot about it. She did do things like look in my eyes and ears and listen to me through a stethoscope. “Stephen, I’d like to do a thorough exam of all of your parts but I don’t have time today. So why don’t we focus on the illness and get you better before I start poking.”

I just said, “Okay.” It was weird what she said about parts and poking though. That didn’t sound like usual doctor talk but maybe she meant i needed a complete checkup eventually because she hadn’t seen me before.

She got up and made some notes and then handed a paper to Mrs. Wentworth. “You were right to come here and to come right away. I’m worried about the sound in his chest but it should be okay. No need to check into a hospital or anything like that. He will start to feel worse before he feels better. If you could get a nurse that would be ideal but as long as someone is checking his temperature and listening to his chest, he could spend a few days in bed. A little activity is good but lots of rest in between. Call me if anything changes or you notice new symptoms. I’ll see you both again soon I think. I could do you both in one visit next month if it worked out.”

So it was a quick visit and Mrs. Wentworth rushed me straight into bed. She turned the spare room I had been sleeping in when I first got there into a sick room. She got everything set and tucked me in and then looked around. “My sweet, little patient, I need to go get some supplies so I have to run out but I’ll be back to nurse you to health. Don’t you worry. Now rest while I go get things.”

I didn’t like being called sweet and little but I knew what she meant and I was feeling so bad I was happy to have someone to watch out for me. I’d had pills and a shot at the doctor and now I was tired and went right to sleep when she left. The curtains and shades were closed and the room was really dark when the lights went out.

I think I slept for a long time but it was hard to know because everything was dark anyway. A light across the room was very small but it made a soft glow and I could see some shapes. I think it was new. The rize escort room now had a chair next to the bed and I saw Mrs. Wentworth was sitting there.

“Oh, good. You’re finally awake. Let’s check.” She shoved a thermometer under my tongue and reached over to a table now next to the bed and turned on a better light. “I tried to make this room into our own little clinic without waking you. No light from outside though. I’m blocking the outside world away while you’re sick. It’s like a special clinic and it should feel like a health care room. That’s why the sheets and blankets will all be white. I had a set but I bought some more so I can change them often. Now I hope you don’t mind that I’m not going to get a nurse. If you let me, I will be your nurse and make you feel as good as new I hope.”

She looked at me like I needed to respond so I said, “thank you, Mrs. Wentworth. I know I will feel better with you taking care of me. I just don’t want to be a burden.”

She got very happy. “Oh, I’m so glad. But none of that Mrs. Wentworth talk. I’m on duty from now on. You can call me nurse. I can always be called with this call button and I’ll come right away. It will make me very happy to nurse you and take care of you. I have a glass here of juice for you with lots of juices and nutrients. It will help. I know it will. Use it to take your next pill right now and I’ll go get some food. Soup for now. And I’m not dressed for nursing so I’ll change maybe.”

I liked the juice and took another pill. I felt worse than I had though and I remembered the doctor said that. In a few minutes, Mrs. Wentworth came back with a tray with soup and some bread and things. I noticed she had changed and even kind of looked like a nurse. She was wearing a kind of longer shapeless white dress.

“Wow, thanks, Mrs. Wentworth. This is very nice.”

She put a finger on my lips. “No, remember, I am nurse. See my uniform?” She smiled. “I got a few uniforms and things so I looked right. I don’t really like this one as much. It’s scratchy but I’m a nurse now.”

I thought it was nice so I said “Ok. Thank you nurse for bringing my meal. And I took my pill too.”

She smiled. “Let me make a note of that on my chart.” She picked up a medical chart and made notes. “Medication at 25 after the hour. Oral temperature was 101.5. Food given after. Ok, that’s good. Now you eat like a good boy. I need to go change before I adjust your bedding. This uniform is terrible and itchy. It was a mistake.”

She went off and I ate my soup. It helped a little. Then she came back. It was a much better uniform. It was just a white dress that buttoned up the front and had a belt around the middle. It wasn’t short, it was to her knees and the buttons were almost all done so it wasn’t like a dirty Halloween costume. It was sexy though for some reason I can’t explain. I guess because I like uniforms. I just said, “wow.”

She smiled and said, “this is better isn’t it? I look like a real nurse in a hospital or a private clinic for taking care of special people.”

I said, “Don’t they usually wear scrubs or something?”

She just looked at me. “I refuse to wear scrubs. I’m a classy nurse or an elegant nurse or something but I don’t think scrubs are the right choice for us, dear. Now let me tuck you in.”

She moved all around fixing the sheets and blankets. It was very nice being taken care of and I just watched. Actually, I liked it when she bent over and a couple times I almost reached out and touched her on the ass. It was so close and she was bent over right then. But I didn’t really. That was just a stupid thought.

When she turned off the lights, I went right to sleep. I was tired and I think the pills did it too. I slept a long time but no outside light made me not really know. I wasn’t sure what time it was but I pushed the call button. I think that’s what she wanted me to do. In about fifteen seconds the door opened and she came in. The hallway light helped and then she turned on a light. I was blinking.

When I adjusted, I noticed she had a stethoscope now. She smiled and said, “I added a stethoscope and also white stockings to look more like a real nurse. I think it helps.”

Because she kept dropping things and bending over to pick them up, I noticed bumps under her dress. She was wearing a garter belt. I bet real nurses don’t wear garter belts. It seems like they’d be uncomfortable for a whole shift. But it was cool that my nurse was wearing one. It might have been silly but I think it helped my morale.

She then stood up and took out a thermometer and took my temperature again. When she looked at it she frowned. “Now it’s 102. That’s close but it went up. I hope this thermometer works. I bought a few different ones. Time to listen to your chest so I can tell the doctor.” She peeled back the blankets and uncovered me. Then she used the stethoscope on me and listened closely. She listened all over the front and then under my shirt on my back. She looked very serious but I made the time go faster by looking down her uniform. I couldn’t see much because it wasn’t open more. But I did see the very top of her breasts and some lace that was the edge of a bra.

It was exciting. That and the sight of bumps of her garter belt should have made me very horny and ready for anything but for some reason I was still mostly tired and only a little aroused.

Mrs. Wentworth was finished and sat up. “I’m sure it’s fine I’ll make a report. First, I think we need you to look more appropriate. I think my patients need to wear gowns. I have a few I bought from medical supply like a regular hospital. I’ll just undress you.” She was smiling and seemed very happy. She took off all my clothes but was a little surprised because I think it was the first time she’d removed my clothes when I wasn’t super hard. I wasn’t hard at all. But only because I was sick and it was affecting me. But after she put the gown on me and tied it in back she went quickly from the room with her phone to call the doctor.

She came back soon and talked to me about the doctor. I think the doctor helped but she seemed worried. “Sweetie, the doctor said that the temperature is okay if I think its accurate and that she expected it to stay high for a while. And I also found out that she doesn’t think it’s contagious but wants us to keep an eye on my own vital signs. Most of all, she wants me to keep listening to your chest and heart. She also told me that a little effort to keep the blood flowing wouldn’t hurt. I said I was going to try to get you up.”

Then she pulled the covers down and finally I realized she meant up and walking. I let her help me up and then put her arm around me and we walked around. It was weird most of all because the hospital gown was weird and open a little in back. She had her arm slipped inside so it was around my waist but on the inside of the gown on one side. I didn’t really need help like that but I didn’t say anything.

We didn’t go downstairs, just walked around. I noticed that our bedroom or her bedroom or whatever was kind of a mess with lots of boxes everywhere. I think put everything she ordered and bought in there but it seemed like a lot. She put me back in the bed and promised to come back soon.

When I woke up again I realized I kept sleeping and waking up but had no idea what time it was because everything was off and strange. Once again she came in really fast when I pushed the button. I was feeling a little better so when she came in I smiled and said, “Hello, nurse.”

That made her smile which was great. I knew that me being sick was a pain and she was doing a lot and I needed to be grateful because I was. She smiled, stopped, and sort of posed in her uniform with a stethoscope in one hand and a thermometer in the other. “Hello, patient. Nurse Lana is here to make you feel better.”

I had a better look at her uniform this time. I remember it being white and having a belt in the middle and buttoning all up and down. A few buttons below undone to make walking easier and thats why she had white stockings. In the light I could tell how thin it was. She must have changed her bra because I could tell it was red in the thin fabric. It also made her standup and have more cleavage. Maybe that was because there were at least a couple open buttons. I know she was thinking about being a nurse but I thought it was pretty sexy.

She put the thermometer under my tongue and then started doing whatever things she did that made her bend over a lot right next to me. I liked the view and just stayed still letting the thermometer go until it beeped and she stood up and looked at it. She smiled, “Well, 100.2. That’s the right direction.”

“Now, lay as flat as you can.” She took the pillows out and lay me flat on my back then lifted her skirt a couple inches and climbed on the bed on top of me. “This is important to get a good reading so I need to sit right on you while I listen to your chest.”

She had pulled the covers back and I could feel her legs in stockings against me, one knee on each side. She sat on me which would have been painful if I was erect but I was still having trouble. But I was a little harder just not very hard. She sat there while she listened then said, “Now the back.”

I thought she was going to get off but she had me lift up and pulled he close to her then leaned over the top of me and came at my back from over it. Because she was kneeling, she was taller in a way. My head was pulled under her chin and my face landed right on her cleavage which was warm and soft and I loved. She kept wiggling because she was having trouble finding the right spot I think. I didn’t mind because it meant my face was pushed into her cleavage and when her thighs moved too I could feel it.

Finally, she let me go and said I sounded all right but she didn’t move off me. “Sweetie, I think you are sounding better and definitely not worse but we have to do everything the doctor said. I want us to take my temperature and then I need you to use my stethoscope.”

She had the thermometer inside her mouth and for some reason it looked kind of sexy to me seeing her sucking on the thermometer stick and her lips and cheeks moving like she was really doing something to it. But soon it beeped and she looked and it was fine. “Now I need you to listen to my heart at first and see if the beating is ok. Right there against the skin. It might be too high but you can hear. Then we listen to my breathing and see if you can hear any scratchy and rough sounds. The doctor says you can tell when you hear. Hold the end against me and listen then move lower to wherever I point.”

While she talked I had heard the heart and listened to her breaths. She unbuttoned most of the buttons above her waist to expose her chest and bra and pointed at a spot between her breasts then over one then directed me just below the top line of her bra. Each time I felt with my finger around the stethoscope end and on her skin. She peeled back the very top of her bra and kept pointing lower so I could hear. The last point she pointed at, my finger at the edge brushed a nipple. Then she just kept taking deep breaths until finally I moved my hand.

“Now, one more time on my heart up here. How is it?”

I could tell it sounded strong but it was also faster than it had been a few minutes ago. “I think it’s faster, nurse, but very regular.”

She just smiled and got off me and started fixing the pillows and laying me down. “Good, time for your rest. Here we are.” She adjusted the sheet around my hips and brushed over my erection. It was not as firm as it should be but it was there and better than earlier. I didn’t think about it but maybe it was a good sign for my health. She just smiled and said, “someone seems to be feeling better.”

I was spending a lot of time sleeping but now I was feeling better not worse. And Mrs. Wentworth was working really hard and being so good. It was almost like she was a real nurse.

The next time I was awake, she came in with a tray and some supplies. She took my temperature and announced, “It’s almost normal, much better.” Then she quickly took all the covers off and sat me up. Then she untied the gown from behind and helped me out of it. She announced, “It is time for my patient’s sponge bath.” With that she took out a big sponge and dipped into a bucket of water she had and then rubbed my stomach. When she took it back to get more soap and water, she stopped.

She looked at me and said, “This is terrible. I need to be careful. Wait for a minute. Let me just undo this.” She undid the belt around her waist and then all the buttons and took off the dress and laid it on a chair. I stared. The underwear was all white this time, no red bra. She was wearing a nice satin bra and the garter belt and her panties were smooth and shiny but also pretty big. I wasn’t sure why the dress needed the protection of taking it off but I wasn’t complaining.

She turned back and smiled. “That feels much better. Let me start rubbing this sponge around up here on your neck and your chest and arms and under them. Nice and soapy and then nice and clean. Now your stomach and turn on your side please. There. Under here when you pressed against the bed. And over this and down your legs and back up and make sure we get in here. Much better. Let me just rinse while you roll back onto your back.”

She turned and I stared while she bent down. She sat up again and started washing my lower stomach and then stopped. She leaned across the bed to the other table and picked something up which made her breasts sway across my face and then come back again. Then she soaped me up and stopped. “The sponge isn’t right for this. Let me drop it and I have a cloth here. There, now let me just grab your penis. I like my patients to have a nice clean penis. I think the warm water must feel nice on your penis and also as I wash and wet your testicles. There. And the hard penis make it easier too. I’m glad your penis is hard and it stands up straight. I guess that’s the warm water and you must be healthier because it’s so hard. Or maybe you are distracted because Nurse took off her uniform and you can see her in her regulation white silk underwear. In this clinic we are careful and take care of everything. We don’t wear scrubs and we try to look classy and caress our breasts in silk and the rest of our body while we slowly soap and wash the hard penises of our patients. And now I don’t know what to do. I think because I was washing and squeezing your scrotum and paying attention to your testicles, your penis got excited and is starting to leak.”

She smiled and leaned down and touched the tip of it with her tongue. It was throbbing and I knew my blood was pumping. I thought she was about to do something when instead she stood up. I watched as she slowly lowered and then took off her panties. Then she picked them and slowly wrapped them around my middle. They were silk and felt incredible as she used them to slowly massage my thighs and then every part of me. Silk rubbing over a scrotum and a penis is better than any medicine.

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