My Beautiful Canadian Snowbird Ch. 02

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I pushed Kiara against the wall and asked, “Are you a naughty girl?” She gave me a sexy wet kiss and said, “Danny I’ll be whatever you want me to be.”

I gave Kiara a long passion filled kiss, our tongues probing, our bodies grinding. I pulled away and led her to a long leather couch in between two poker tables. I gently laid her onto the couch, laid on top of her and hungrily devoured her mouth.

Our passion grew with each soft moan. Her arms and legs wrapped around me, I slid down and pulled her dress apart to nibble on her breasts. She moaned as my tongue found one nipple then the second. Her hips pushed into me, hands held my head close to her busom. I reached up and gave her soft lips one last probe with my tongue before descending down towards her pussy.

I pulled her legs apart and slowly licked and nibbled on each thigh. She groaned, “Oh yes. I am so turned on.” I grabbed her sexy lacy black underwear and slowly slid them down her long sexy legs, her hips rocked with anticipation. I pushed her underwear into my pocket and let my fingers roam up and down her already wet slit. She spread her legs wider and moaned in pleasurable anticipation. I licked and kissed her outer folds as my fingers teased her clit.

Her hips spasmed with sparks and little tremors as I ran my warm tongue up and down her folds before I pressed inside her pussy. I lapped at her pussy like a kitty, sending her into an uncontrolled murmur. I eased two fingers deep inside of her, as my tongue rose to greet her little bud.

She purred and wrapped her hands around my head, bringing me flush with her inner folds, “Oh. Yes, don’t stop. Oh my god. It feels so good!”

Her hips were grinding into my face as little jolts started to course through her body. Kiara let out a long soft moan, “Yes right there don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Oh yes I am cumming.”

A powerful orgasm cascaded through her loins as she rode my face. I kept sliding my fingers in and out as her hips bucked, the legs thrashed lewdly. I looked up at her with a wicked smile and asked, “Did my naughty girl like that?”

Her eyes closed, she grinned and contently nodded her head. I replaced my fingers with my tongue. I curl deep into her moist cunt then lapped the folds of her pussy. I moved my tongue higher onto her clit again and teased it with quick little flicks. Her body started to respond. I took her clit between my teeth and began to titillate it with my tongue before sucking on it.

“Oh my! Oh God! Oh God! Oh Danny!” She panted repeatedly while arching her back off the couch. My finger caressed her clit as I stiffened my tongue and rammed it in as deep as it would go into her pussy, her legs once again started to thrash uncontrollably. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh my god! Oh Yes! Yes! Don’t don’t stop….”

She screamed, “Oh I’m going to cum again. I’m so close. Just a little bit longer.” I reached up with my tongue and sucked her clit into my mouth. Kiara erupted with another huge orgasm, “Oh yes I’m cumming. Yes, Yes, Yes. Don’t stop it feels so good.” She groaned mindlessly as her hips pushed against my face. I remained still until her orgasm had subsided and she had collapsed with exhaustion.

I pulled her up into my body and held her close, gently caressing her back. After several peaceful minutes she whispered, “Danny that was amazing. I never thought I could have such strong orgasms until yesterday and now I just had multiple orgasms. That felt amazing.”

I gently kissed her and helped her up onto her still wobbly legs. I said, “Let’s go home and relax.”

She cooed, “That sounds great but let me freshen up before we go upstairs”

I led her to our bathroom and watched as she fixed her hair. She turned and asked, “Can I have my underwear?”

I smiled and said, “Naughty girls don’t wear underwear.” She smiled, grabbed my hand and said, “Let’s go say our goodbyes my naughty boy!”

When we got home I grabbed a couple of bottle waters and went to my two person chaise. We snuggled against each other under the clear night skies of a Florida winter. To say that we were both at peace is an understatement. I held her in my arms gently stroking her arm as her head nestled into my neck.

I closed my eyes and lost myself in the warmth of our bodies. I was stirred out of my serenity when I felt gentle kisses on my neck as her hand rubbed my semi hard cock through my pants. I murmured, “That feels nice baby.”

Her hands tugged at my belt when she moaned in my ear, “Would you like your naughty girl to suck your cock?” I turned my head and devoured her mouth with a long passionate kiss and said, “Does that answer your question.”

She got onto her knees and helped me out of my pants. I watched as she looked at my cock before slowly grabbing it with her hand. Slowly stroking it she purred, “God Danny you are so big. I can feel your strength as I hold it.

She leaned in and kissed it before slowly licking around the head. She twirled her tongue around the head causing it to twitch, however tonight escort gaziantep bayanlar she continued to stroke the base inhaling as much of my cock as she could. I moaned encouragement, “That’s it my sexy naughty girl, just like that.”

I grabbed her beautiful butt and pulled it closer to me so that I could play with it.

Soon my hips started to rock as the sensations from her warm mouth felt amazing. I pushed her dress over her ass and started to massage her soft warm bare cheeks causing Kiara to let out a soft murmur.

I said, “Kiara I’m getting close. Play with my balls and stroke my cock faster.” Like an eager student she complied with my instructions and soon had me on the verge of cumming.

She lifted her head and said, “Cum for me Danny. You feel so hard baby.” Her mouth dropped back on my cock as her hand continued to stroke my cock.

I groaned “Oh yes Kiara I am cumming. Pull back if you don’t want me to cum in your mouth.”

Much to my surprised she left her lips on my cock as she furiously stroked my now spasming cock. I blasted a torrent of hot cum into her mouth, my cock twitching with each spurt. She swallowed as much as she could but it was an avalanche of hot sperm. Never before had she done this.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her back into my arms. I held her close and said, “That was amazing Kiara.” She groaned as she heard my words. Kiara looked at me and said, “That was incredible for me. I’ve never tasted a mans cum! There was so much of it that I had trouble swallowing it all.”

I kissed her and said, “You continue to amaze me.” With a smirk she said, “I did my best. Hopefully it was okay? I’m willing to work at it.” I laughed and asked, “Are you tired?” She nodded yes and we slowly made our way to bed hand in hand.

The following morning I awoke holding Kiara in my arms. I looked at her beautiful sleeping face and marveled at her soft warm feel. I leaned in and gently traced her lips with my tongue. I’m so madly in love with her but I don’t want to say anything as I knew she was concerned about how fast our relationship was progressing.

I caressed her face as I kissed her softly. My god even in the early morning hours she looked so beautiful. Suddenly a smile appeared on her face and her sparkly blue eyes began to awaken. I asked, “Did you have a nice time last night?” She sleepily whispered, “Yes Danny. Last night was wonderful. Did you enjoy yourself?” I nodded yes and pulled her in tighter.

I whispered, “I have to get going as I have an early tee time on Saturdays.” She responded, “Oh no. Can’t we just lay here for a little while? It feels so nice to be in your arms.” I shrugged, “No rush. I’m enjoying this just as much as you are.”

Eventually Kiara popped up and said, “Oh my God I forgot that I’m flying up north early tomorrow morning. I have to pack and arrange for rides.”

Before she could go any further I stopped her and said, “Is everything okay?”

“Yes it’s just that I bought a condo in downtown Toronto and I’m closing on it on Monday. It is mostly turnkey but I still need to move my clothes and some small items. My daughter, Allison, will help me as she and her two girlfriends currently live in my home.”

I asked, “When do you get back?” She gave me a pouty little look and said, “Not until early afternoon Friday.”

“Okay so no need to worry about rides as my limousine service is at your beckon call. How about we get together around 2:00 today and head down to 5th Avenue. We can do some shopping and grab an early dinner.”

She smiled, “That’s sounds perfect. Ugh I forgot I only have my dress here. I think if we are going to make this a habit I will need to bring some change of clothes just so nosy Ms Suzie doesn’t see me wearing the same clothes from the night before.”

When I picked her up she was wearing a cute blue sundress with some fancy flats. As always she makes the most casual of outfits look elegant, sexy, and fun. I said, “You look very nice Kiara. What a classy but sexy look.” She smiled and we headed down to the Naples 5th Ave shopping and entertainment district.

We walked holding hands, window shopping, people watching, and just having a leisurely good time. At one point we stopped and sat down on a park bench.

She opened up, “You know Danny one of the things that you do that makes me feel wonderful is the way you hold my hand as we walk. It’s not just holding my hand, which I love, but you are always caressing it. It makes me feel so special.”

I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss and said, “Kiara, one of the things that I didn’t realized I missed until you came into my life was the intimacy involved in any relationship. Holding your hand makes me feel intimate with you. I feel a connection and warmth that has been missing in my life. It’s no secret that I care very much about you so I just do what comes natural to me.”

“Oh Danny, do you think it’s silly of me to say I’m going to miss you when eskort bayan gaziantep I’m up north?” I smiled and gently caressed her hand, “No it’s not. I’m going to miss you as well. Come I saw a beach shop just down the street. Let’s go see if we can find you a bathing suit for you to leave at my house.”

We had fun looking at various swim suits, some very risqué others not so much. Kiara finally chose what I thought was a very classy but revealing two piece swimsuit. I also grabbed a pair of flip flops and we went to our next shop. We had fun shopping. At each shop she tried things on for me, getting my opinion. It was a fun and relaxing afternoon.

It was evident that our tastes in clothing were very similar. Kiara at one point said, “Danny I’ve become a much more confident and vibrant person these last few days. Thank you for making me feel so good about myself.”

I replied, “Kiara even when I hadn’t met you I always thought you were a strong, confident, young woman. I did nothing other than to help you realize what you could not see. Let’s grab dinner, all this shopping has left me exhausted.” She laughed as we held hands and shopping bags.

We dropped the bags off at the car and found a cute little bistro that wasn’t too crowded. We grabbed a quick bite and headed back to the car. As we walked I stopped and said, “Kiara I had such a fun time today. It’s so comfortable being with you. There is never a lull in our conversations, no awkward silence and we are always smiling.”

She squeeze both my hands and said, “I know! That’s why I enjoy being with you. You make me laugh. You make me think. You make me feel good about myself. Today was so much fun.”

I replied, “Now that I’ve been retired I always felt that living down here is like being a teenager again but with plenty of money to do all the things I always wanted to do. Having you a part of my life not only makes me feel younger but gives me a sense of purpose.”

As we drove home I asked, “Are you all packed?” She said, “Yes. Not much to pack as all my winter clothes are up north. All my beauty products are up north. Actually it was pretty easy.”

I said, “Well I have a suggestion. Why don’t you pack a little travel bag and sleep over at my house tonight. You can get ready at my place tomorrow morning and we can leave from my house to the airport. Plus we can just relax tonight in the hot tub. How does that sound?”

Kiara smiled and said, “I suspect my naughty boy has more than relaxing in mind but it sounds like a wonderful ending to a really nice day. Let’s also pack some clothes for down the road.”

As she packed a quick overnight bag I took her suitcase and placed it in the car. Once home I turned the heater in the hot tub on and put on a pair of swim trunks. I poured us two glasses of Chardonnay and waited for Kiara.

Sh looked amazing in her new swim suit. Her beautiful curves and mounds were emphasized by the style of the swimsuit she had chosen. I sat in the spa and Kiara quickly sat on my lap and draped her arm around my shoulders. I clinked glasses and said, “What a wonderful ending to such a great day. Cheers!”

We put our glasses down and just sat in each other’s arm enjoying the heat of the spa and the intimacy of the moment. Kiara rested her head on my shoulder and gently ran her fingers through my hair. My hands were busy massaging her butt and leg. It wasn’t long before our lips met and we kissed. Softly, seductively, and with a sensuous passion.

She is such a great kisser. I could literally kiss her all night long and be very content. She broke our kisses and hugged me tight, “Oh Danny I could do this everyday with you. I feel so desirable in your arms. You make me feel so special.”

I kissed her and said, “Kiara you are such an amazing woman. Let’s go inside.”

She smirked and asked, “To relax?” I said, “No to have some fun!”

I helped her out of the spa and brought our wet bodies together in a loving embrace. We just stood there in each other’s arms, silently enjoying the moment.

I released our embrace and said, “Let’s go. We need to check another item off your list of things you’ve never experienced.”

She knew exactly what I was referring to and we laughingly raced into my bathroom like two kids on Christmas morning. Once inside the bathroom I brought her into my arms and held her tight. I broke our embrace and let her marvel at the size of my shower.

I said, “Come on let’s go in and test this baby out.” I grabbed her hand as we stepped inside the shower room. She looked at the three shower heads. One on each side and one on the ceiling all aimed at a really nice and comfortable bench seat.

She beamed, “This is amazing! I feel like I’m at 5 star resort.” I laughed at her wonderment and slowly turned each head on. I put my arms around her, hot water spilled over her shoulders as we shared a long kiss.

She looked at me with a wicked smirk and said. “I bet you think I need gaziantep bayan eskort a good overall cleaning.” I smiled and put my hands on her shoulders and turned her around as I pressed up against her, kissing the side of her neck as the water soaked her hair with a sensuously quick lick of my ear she whispered, “Wash my hair.”

I worked the shampoo into her hair, building up a lather then guided her head back under the shower stream. Her eyes closed with a warm smile on her face, my lips found her neck as the water rinsed the shampoo out.

With her back still to me, I turned her face and kissed her. My hands soaped up her tits, lathering them up. Spending an inordinate amount of time on her erect nipples she moaned as I whispered, “I need to make sure your nipples are nice and clean. Is that okay if I spend some extra time on them?” I twisted both nipples with my fingers as Kiara lustfully groaned and nodded yes.

I finally abandoned the lathering of her tits and rubbed soap on her shoulders and back. I pushed down on her shoulders so that she was bent at the hips, her hands finding the tiled wall for support. As my hands lathered her ass with soap I moaned, “Such a fine ass Kiara.” She murmured, “Oh Danny, that feels so good.”

I pulled her back up into my chest, my hands fondled her tits as my cock slid up and down between her ass cheeks. I sucked on her ear and moved my hand towards her pussy letting my fingers slowly slide over her mons and slip inside. She turned and gave me her long wet tongue.

Breaking our kiss and touch, I walked her to the bench seat. I pushed her back up against the wall and said, “Put one leg up on the bench!” I leaned down and took one breast into my mouth swirled the nipple, bit it, sucked on it hard. She groaned, “Oh baby that feels so good.”

Slowly I kissed my way down her body. I licked and kissed every one of her curves and mounds. With my fingers I slowly spread her lips for my tongue to explore. I extended my tongue and swept it up between her lips eliciting an involuntary gasp from Kiara.

I licked her clit while letting my fingers slide inside her. Kiara began to buck her hips to meet my fingers and moaned, “Yes! Yes that’s it! Oh Danny that feels so good. You’re going to make me cum baby.”

I continued to tease her clit making her squeal, “Oh that feels so good, don’t stop I’m so close.”

I slowly nibbled on her clit as my fingers pushed in and out of her wet pussy. She continued to babble, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” She arched her back off the wall and forced her pussy against my lips as I continued to suck on her engorged clit.

She screamed, “Oh! Oh!!! I’m cumming.” and collapsed on top of me having lost all body control. She laid on top of me as she rode out the orgasm that coursed through her. As the orgasm subsided I pushed her up and devoured her mouth.

I sat down on the bench and pulled Kiara up. With her back to me I lifted her onto my lap and said, “Straddle me and slide my cock inside.”

She slowly pushed the head of my cock inside her and groaned, “God you are so big.”

I grabbed her hips and pushed more of my cock inside her. Soft gasps escaped her lips as I pushed further into her. Once completely inside her I held still, my hands on her hips kept her pussy clamped onto me.

She groaned, “God I feel so full! Go slow Danny!”

I said, “Bend over and place your hands on my knees for support.” As she did I began to slide in and out of her. Her breathing got heavy, as my hands left her hips to grope her ass.

I pulled her back onto my chest and reached around and cupped her breasts. She grunted with each stroke of my cock. I started to pump into her at a faster pace, her grunts getting louder as I felt another explosion developing inside her.

As I continued to pound her wet pussy her moans became more erratic, her body started to shake. She whimpered, “Oh Danny you feel so good inside me. Don’t stop! Go harder baby. Faster. Oh my God you’re going to make me cum again.”

The roar of the three shower heads could not drown out our groans, “Oh Kiara, I’m going to cum too!”

I felt my cock start to swell as the speed of my thrusts picked up. Her nails dug into my arms as she held on, her body started to convulse. Our groans grew louder, as we both approached our orgasms.

I shouted, “I’m cumming Kiara. Cum with me, baby. Cum with me.” I felt my cock start to spasm, my hot sperm shot stream after stream inside of her.

As I emptied my seed inside her she erupted with a series of powerful spasms as her orgasm finally ripped through her. Her legs splayed away from her as she tried to endure the power of her orgasm. Her head down to the side, eyes closed, babbling like a little baby I held her tight to my chest

After holding her up for what felt like an eternity, I gently slid her off and onto the bench seat next to me. The hot water from three shower heads still cascading down on us we leaned back onto the tiled wall, her legs still shaking, eyes closed she moaned, “That was amazing!”

We went to sleep feeling fulfilled and exhausted. It wasn’t a late night but it was going to be an early wake up call the next morning. I woke up to the sound of the shower running once again. Obviously I must have been tired as I didn’t hear the alarm nor Kiara get out of bed. I put on a pair of shorts and went to get some coffee started.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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