My Beautiful Maid

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Chris carries on the story

I hope you have read the story (Frolicking by the river) that my cousin Rita had put up, describing the most erotic experience of my life – thought I would continue from there on. After those holidays, I got back to my school. Hostel life seemed so dull now surrounded by only boys. I could not wait for the next holidays to get back to Grandma’s.

Meanwhile I went over for a short visit for a week to my parent’s house. At home we had a maid coming in daily to do the house work. Both my parents would go off to work leaving me alone everyday. After the episode with Akanya, my outlook towards women had undergone a change. I began to notice how pretty our maid Savitha was. She had a lovely figure and her breasts seemed like small hills under her tight blouse. She must have been in her thirties with 2 school going sons, but she looked much younger to me. I was afraid to make any moves. But it seemed fate had other plans for me.

One day while Savita was working in the kitchen, I was in the bathroom trying to shave my armpits. As I was still in my pajamas, the door was not locked. Suddenly she opened the door and smiled when she saw what I was doing.

“Ah, so the little master has become a big boy now?” she said. “Need any help with that?”

I said yes so she took the razor from me and slowly started to shave my armpits. She finished and then wet her hands and rubbed the area gently.

“Is that’s all or is there any other place you want done?” she asked with a smile. Like an idiot, I just gaped at her – “Where else do you mean?”

“Don’t you keep yourself izmit escort clean down there?” she pointed between my legs. I turned red and just nodded.

“Let me see how well you do it” she said and started unbuttoning my pajamas. My erect cock almost sort of sprang out at this point and I turned away from her.

At this point the bell rang and she went to open the door. It was my neighbor asking me if I wanted anything to eat! Savitha then finished her work and left saying with a smile– “Let’s see tomorrow.”

Next day, I could not wait for my parents to leave. Savitha arrived as usual at 10.00 am and started on her work rounds. She acted as if nothing had happened the previous day. A couple of hours later she was almost done and about to leave when I decided to confront her.

“You said you were going to teach me something else today.”

“What do you want, little master?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but today is my last day, I am going back to school tomorrow.”

“Oh, is that so. Well, I hope the holidays were good and you enjoyed yourself”, she said casually and started to go to the entrance of the house.

I knew it was now or never. “Can I ask you a favour?”


“Uh.. can I, uh, see you there” I pointed to her breasts.


“I think they are very beautiful”

“First you should learn to be a man before asking such things” she chided me. “Yesterday I was going to show you how men keep themselves clean down there, but you did not allow me.”

“Ok, I am sorry” I said.

“Don’t say that, come here into the bathroom” she ordered. She then pulled off my T shirt and started to pull down my pajamas and my briefs. I was again trying to hide my erection.

But she held me saying – “Don’t feel shy, I have seen many boys like you in this state. Nothing to feel shy about. It shows that you are a man now. But look, it is so hairy and smelly here.”

She helped me out of my pajamas and took my cock in her hands. “ I am going to first shave you now and then I will show you how to keep yourself clean here.”

With deft strokes she shaved my cock and my balls. Then she opened the tap and pulled me towards it. Under the flowing water, she started to pull my foreskin back. I had never tried this before – in fact I thought it could not be done. But she pulled it all the way back and slowly cleaned the area. It felt really good and I gave a sort of sigh.

She laughed and said “Ah, feels nice does it. Do you want to know how to use this tool of yours? Let me first see, if there is any fuel in the tank.”

I was wondering what she meant when she stared to roll my foreskin up and down. I got a massive erection and it would not go down. Within minutes, I was ejaculating in her hands and feeling all weak in my legs.

“Very good, my not so little master. The tank seems to be full! Enough for now. We will try something else later.”

She then soaped me all over and gave me a bath with warm water.

Later she made me lie on the bed and rubbed powder all over me. I lay back feeling all warm and glowing. She then stood at the side and started to remove her sari. She let it drop on the floor and then unbuttoned her blouse. She was not wearing a bra underneath and her breasts sprang out of them.

“Is this what your wanted?” she asked teasingly.

I got up and touched her soft mounds. It felt like soft rubber! I put my face in between them and took a deep breath of her body smell.

She slowly proceeded to shed the rest of her cloths and sat next to me on the bed. I put my hands on her soft breasts and squeezed them gently. Her nipples were erect. I sucked on them and she gave a soft moan.

I then put my hand on her thigh and started moving it up towards her cunt. I had never touched a woman there before and was very curious. But she held my hand and took it back to her breast.

“Children should not do that” she said. I then tried to pull her down on me.

“Wait, you are too young for all that. Now that you are really clean, I am going to empty your tank again.”

She started licking my erect cock and took it in her mouth. She then started sucking it and rode it out in and out of her mouth. I felt myself coming again and try to pull out as I did not want to come in her mouth – I was afraid she would scold me. But she would not let me go and I spurted inside her.

I thought, ok now I had it, she is going to puke now.

But she just swallowed it all and smiled “Now I don’t have to think about lunch”.

She fondled my cock for some more time before it settled for the day. I realized that my class was over when she got up and started to dress.

She gave me a kiss on my cheeks and left saying “Do well at school and I will reward you when you come back the next time.”

I went back to school the next day with more memories to last out the days.

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