My best friend and her boyfriend_(1)

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Zully has been my best friend since we were barely able to walk. She and I have always done everything together. We pretty much grew up like sisters. But even though we were so close never ever expected that something like what happened one Friday night would happen.

Zully and I had a habit of going over to each others house on Fridays and catch a movie and this particular Friday was not different, except for this time she was bringing over Adam, her boyfriend at the time. Usually my parents would never have allowed this but no one was home on this night and we didn’t expect anyone anytime soon either. So we figured it wouldn’t be a problem.

So I think it was around six when my doorbell rang. I go to answer the door wearing just regular house clothes, you know, short jean shorts, and a tight spaghetti top. I answer the door and to my surprise, Adam and Zully were dressed like they were actually going to the movies… and making out at my doorstep of course. Those two could hardly keep their hands of each other. Even at school you would catch Adam caressing her ass and Zully would even give his crotch a grab here in there. Seemed like a never ending honey moon phase to me and I would make it a point to let them know to get a room.

“Come on in guys whenever you’re ready”

“Oh you know you like to watch, girl.” Zully says to me as she walks in, followed by the audible smack Adam gave her ass, to which I just shrugged at.

“What movie did you guys bring?”

“We brought uhh….Original Sin? Right babe?”


“Alright well set up, I’ll pop the pop corn.”

And we did. I can here them giggling and messing around. Those crazy love birds. So eventually the movie gets şişli escort started and we sit down and snack on some popcorn. Now if you’ve never seen this movie, give a search really quick, I’ll wait. Or better yet, give it a search on this website for the specific scene I’ll be referring to.

We were all sitting in the same couch with no space at all between any of us. I was sitting in between them with Zully to my right and Adam to my left, I figured at least this way we’d get through the movie with all of us knowing what it was about, but that just made things worse… way worse… or better, you know, depending on how you see it.

So everything was going well until that first sex scene in the movie. Its was really, really hot, by far the steamiest sex scene with a celebrity in it. Sure enough, Adam gets a hard on, a very nice one at that. I turn over to Zully and let her know about it. I could see that as much as Angelina Jolie was turning Adam on, Antonio Banderas was having the same effect on her. She looks over to confirm what I was whispering to her and smiles. Without a word she reaches over and starts rubbing Adam’s hard cock. Adam doesn’t even so much as react, doesn’t look away from the scene of Angelina taking it doggy, and quite roughly at that.

I give her a “OMG what are you doing!?” look. To which she replies with a nudge to join her. And believe me that sex scene had me going to, so she didn’t have to ask me twice. So there we were, the both of us rubbing his dick. It felt so big and I could feel it throbbing through his jeans. We kept this up till the next sex scene. Zully opened his zipper and I found myself fishing in for his cock to whip it out. Now we are all crazy. Here we were, stroking Adam’s dick and watching a movie as casually as eating popcorn. His cock looked nice, it was long enough for both of us to have a spot, it was thick and warm, the tip already moistened with precum. It looked so damn yummy, I wanted to taste it, wanted it to fill my pussy. All I could think was “YUMMY”

I think Zully was thinking something similar because at one point she must have given in because she jumped on his dick like it was going away. She layed across my lap and began sucking it. Adam just hanged his head back and gave out a moan. No one stopped to think or much less say how fucken weird things had gotten, and no one had any intention to. Her head bobbing up and down was so sexy. With her head in the way of my toy, I turned my attention to her ass. I started caressing her ass from under her loose skirt. Seeing as she was already going to town on her boyfriends cock, I figured rubbing her pussy was fair game as well. It was already very wet, soaking her black lace panties. It wasn’t long before I move her panties aside so I can slide my fingers into her pussy. I could see why those two were always on each other. With Adam’s big delicious cock and Zully’s sweet and tight pussy, I could only imagine how amazing their sex was. But maybe I wouldn’t have to imagine for much longer.

By this point the credits were rolling and Angelina and Antonio were happily off conning people. Meanwhile, things in my living room were just getting started. As soon as I took Zully’s panties off, she was on her feet and desperately taking off Adam’s pants. He then stood up and sat her on the couch, place himself between her legs and started fucking her. Zully was letting him know how good it felts with her yells and her moans. I stood behind Adam, while he fucked my best friend, taking of his shirt so that he was now completely naked. He caressed every inch of his skin that I could, kissing the back of his neck. I then let my shorts and panties fall so that I could feel his ass bump against my naked skin as he thrust in and out of the pussy I just had my fingers in.

I started feeling left out to be honest. So I moved Adam aside and mounted Zully, Without hesitating, she had my tits in her mouth and two handfuls of my ass. I held the back of her neck, hanged my head back and moaned. Adam preferred that I leaned forward I bit however, so that he could one again wrap Zully’s tight pussy around that big throbbing cock of his. It was so thrilling, My best friends was sucking my tits and her boyfriend was kissing the back of my neck was holding tight to my hips to gain leverage to fuck his girlfriend. I could feel every thrust as his abdomen hit my ass every time. I leaned my head on his chest and placed my free hand behind his neck.

Then Zully takes the cock out of her pussy with her hand and guides it over to my pussy. At this point my pussy hadn’t been touch and it was so anxious for attention. It was dripping wet and pulsing. That first slide in was amazing, almost like the feeling on an orgasam .With Adam now fucking me, I moved the hand around Adam’s neck to rub on his girlfriend’s pussy. Adam must of loved the sight in front of him. It must have only gotten better when Zully and I started making out like two sluts. Adam’s dick could handle no more and he shot his cum on us, with most of it landing on my back and so on Zully’s clothes and face. I wiped what I could reach with the hand covered in Zully’s cum and looked over my shoulder, looked Adam dead in the eye and ate his licked his cum of my fingers.

We had started something exciting and crazy that night. I suggested the Black Swan for the next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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