My Best Friend’s Boss

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Samantha picked me up around five thirty, just like she said she would. I grabbed my bag and said bye to my parents. I was excited to spend the night at her boss’s house. We were going to have dinner and a few drinks, for something that had to do with Samantha’s work. I knew it was kind of weird to go to your boss’s house, but they were close friends too.

“Oh hi, how was work today?” I asked Samantha as I slammed the car door shut.

“I need a drink,” she said as she sighed. I smiled and agreed.

We pulled up to her boss’s house, wondering if everyone else was here. I realized we were a little late, but not by much. Samantha and I walked up to the front and I saw her boss saying good bye to some company. It was apparently some coworkers who had to leave because of other plans. We exchanged introductions and they were on their way.

I smiled and said hi to Samantha’s boss. I had hung out at Samantha’s work many times, so we were familiar. We go inside and I’m met with a bottle of wine and whiskey. We weren’t messing around tonight. I was excited.

We went outside, enjoying the warm summer air under a canopy in the backyard. I asked Amanda how her day was going. I looked at her legs as she shifted in her seat, taking note that she wasn’t wearing any panties. It was then when I realized I was feeling a little drunk.

She began complaining of her boyfriend, saying he was never around when she really needed him. She winked at me, and I laughed.

“Well what do you use to keep you busy then?” I had to ask. Samantha then pointed out that Amanda had quite an awesome vibrator in her collection. I told her to show it to me.

I followed her inside to her bedroom, and she walked over to the tall chest of drawers next to the door. She pulled open her panties drawer, and I scanned them, imagining what they looked on her. She pulled out a rabbit, bright pink and with those beads that move when you turn it on.

Like she was reading my mind, she switched it on. My pelvic muscles twitched as the dildo began rotating in her hand. She giggled out loud, checking my expression. I noticed as I tried to hide the redness from the liquor and being turned on.

She turned it off and explained, not that it was needed, that this is what she used while her boyfriend lacked in the bedroom. I wondered if I could help with that, since I was here in all. I watched as she pressed the drawer closed, taking note which drawer taksim escort it was kept in. That would be important for later.

I followed her again back outside, this time mesmerized as her hips swayed back and forth. She was wearing a white dress, the fabric terribly thin. I wanted it off of her. I couldn’t stop imagining what she looked like naked. Her hair was cut short, a blonde pixie that showed off her tanned shoulders and almond shaped eyes. She was older, in her fifties, easy. Her body was shaped wonderfully, despite her age.

We sat down, silently catching glances at each other. Samantha had no clue that we both felt a burning between our thighs as we each tossed back the rest of the liquor and wine. It started cooling down outside, so we went into the living room and turned on some music. After a few shots more of the tequila Amanda had in the back of her cabinet we started dancing. I realized at this point just exactly how drunk I was. I sat on the couch to make sure the room wasn’t spinning.

I watched as my friend and her boss began taking their clothes off as they were dancing with each other. Their hips bounced with the music as their bodies were exposed. I’ve seen Samantha naked plenty of times. I found her attractive, but I had no interest in her. Amanda pulled off the thin cotton dress, exposing her panty-less body.

I was wide-eyed until they both came over to me, making me stand up. My head stopped spinning as I focused on Amanda’s eyes. She pulled my shirt above my head. We silently shared this moment as Samantha got on her phone. I heard her mumble about calling her ex-boyfriend. I took off my pants, exposing my naked body.

Samantha ignored us as Amanda and I began dancing together. We wrapped our arms around each other as we sang along to the AC/DC channel on her cable. Her arm brushed against my nipple, then my ass. I ran my hands around the shape of her breast.

“You’ve got really nice tits, y’know, Angela,” she said, slurring some words together. Her British accent grew with the liquor in her system. I smiled, and replied with the same. Samantha began noticing us fondling. Amanda ran her hand down my back, her nails just enough to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I leaned into her, pressing my lips into hers. I squeezed her nipple between my fingers as I ran my tongue across hers. She exhaled into my mouth, squeezing my ass in her hands. beşiktaş escort I could hear Samantha telling her phone buddy what was happening in front of her.

“Guys, you’re kissing, and touching, this is weird…” I could tell Samantha was uncomfortable. I didn’t want to stop with Amanda, though. Neither did Amanda, apparently.

“Do you want to go to my bedroom?” She asked, the confidence radiating from her. I nodded, following her back to her bedroom. I loved seeing her bare ass in front of me, especially after watching it all afternoon.

I closed the door behind me, gently. Samantha’s voice became muffled, and Amanda crawled onto her bed. Her ass was in the air, her pussy begging for my mouth. I tried to not show how actually nervous I was at this point. I realized that I thought girls were attractive, but I had never actually been with one. She waited for me to touch her and I was so excited to make her come.

I walked over to the edge of her bed, running my hand over her ass. I rose my hand, hovering it above her as she made eye contact with me. I brought it down firmly, her muscles moving from my slap. I brought my lip into my mouth, biting it hard. I made her turn around, so she can watch me as I tasted her pussy.

Her chest rose and fell, as she ran her fingers through my hair. She smelled so sweet, and I watched her bare labia throb with anticipation. I kissed along the inside of her thighs, teasing her nipples lightly. I loved the look of fire in her eyes as I grew closer and closer to her hot spot. I had never done this before, but I just did what I thought would feel good. She let her head fall back, as she propped herself up on her elbows.

I finally reached her clit, bringing her entire hood into my mouth. I sucked softly at first, not letting my tongue touch her just yet. She began moaning, her voice filling the room. I began sucking harder, feeling the blood fill her vulva. Finally I let go of her clit and pinched her nipples again. I gently ran my tongue down her slit, moaning at the way she tasted.

“Fuck, Angela, you’re amazing…” she trailed off as I slipped a finger inside her, then two. I kept my mouth on her clit, finding her g-spot with my fingers. I did the typical “come-hither” motion, massaging her g-spot slowly. Her back arched beneath me, her hips pressing into my mouth. I moved my hand faster, harder, as I sucked and licked her throbbing clit.

I etiler escort felt her muscles constricting around my fingers, and her panting grew quicker. I worked faster, telling her I wanted her to come. She moaned loudly, her hands gripping the sheets as the orgasm started around my fingers and exploded throughout her body. Her thighs shook next to my face, and I looked up to see her face as she began to relax after her orgasm.

“I loved making you come, Amanda,” I whispered into her ear. She smiled, and whispered back into mine.

“Your turn,” she winked and stood from the bed. It was then when I realized that I had completely forgotten about that toy. It was apparent that Amanda had not. She pulled open the drawer that I remembered the rabbit was sitting. She walked over to me, smirking proudly.

“I saw the way you reacted when you saw this. I was hoping that you were going to use it on me, but I like it this way, too.”

She pushed apart my thighs, exposing my vulva. Her mouth ran up my slit, and I could hear her slurping up my wet pussy. I pulled at the sheets, loving the way her tongue was working at my hot spot. I loved watching her as she worked her fingers inside me, making me moan loudly.

I heard her turn on the vibrator, and my spine arched as she pressed the tip against my clit. The vibration started in my pelvis and I could feel pure pleasure run throughout my body. Her hand squeezed my breast as she used the other one to push the vibrating toy inside me. I screamed, loving the way she was filling me up.

The little rabbit teased my clit as she watched me and fucked me with this toy. The only words coming from my mouth were about god. I felt my pussy contracting around the dildo as she sped up with my breaths. I loved the way she was running her hand over my body, keeping me stimulated.

“Oh, god, Amanda, don’t stop…” now I was the one trailing off. I felt the orgasm start near my clit and expand throughout my entire body. I moaned her name as I grabbed a handful of her hair, letting my body tense up beneath her motions. I watched as a smile began on her face, and she switched off the vibrator.

“Holy shit…” Amanda laid down beside me, running her hand up and down my thigh. I giggled, and wondered out loud how Samantha was doing on her own in the living room. I was incredibly tired, and let myself drift off to sleep.

I woke up at five in the morning with a parched mouth and Samantha asleep next to me. I vaguely remember Amanda getting up and mentioning that Samantha was going to sleep in here. I reached for some water, when Samantha woke up.

“Someone had lady sex…” I giggled, remembering what exactly happened the night before.

“Yep…sure did.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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