My Best Friends Mom

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Tom had just turned 18 two weeks ago, but he was still a virgin.

The small town he lived in didn’t have many girls his age to choose from.

Tom was good looking he thought, no pimples, tall, average build.

His friend Mike had invited him over to go swimming in his pool, so he was walking over.

A car pulled up next to him, it was Mike’s Mom.

“Hi Tom, are you heading my way”, she asked.

Tom told her he was.

She told him to get in, and moved her purse to the back seat.

Tom thanked her as he got in the car.

She asked if he and Mike were going swimming?

Tom told her they were.

As they drove Tom was glancing over at Mike’s Mom. She was divorced, had been for as long as Tom had known Mike, which was about 4 years.

Cheryl could see Tom looking at her, but she didn’t say anything, she didn’t want to embarrass him.

Actually it made her feel good to know someone as young as Tom would be looking at a woman her age.

Cheryl really wasn’t that old, she had given birth to Mike when she was only 17, and her marriage was mess right from the start.

She was only 35, and she kept her body in shape with lots of swimming. She was tall, short strawberry blonde hair, 5’7″, She had nice size boobs, 36C, and a firm tight ass.

They arrived and Tom jumped out of the car, Thanking her again for the lift.

She watched as Tom walked towards the house, he really had grown into a fine looking young man. She caught herself looking at his ass as he walked away.

She slapped her hand and said, good god Cheryl, he’s your sons best friend and half your age.

It had been a while since she had been with anyone, the last two years of her marriage she wouldn’t have sex with Mike’s dad.

Any time she started feeling horny she would grab her 8 inch vibrator, and fuck her pussy until she had Gaziantep Yabancı Escort several orgasm, until she felt satisfied.

After seeing Tom, she thought that maybe tonight she would have to play a little.

She went in the house and looked out the window to the pool, the boys were having a great time.

She stood and watched and she couldn’t help but notice when Tom climbed out of the pool.

His swim trunks clung to his skin, and she could clearly see the outline of his cock. It was big, really big, she looked away before he caught her staring.

She thought for a moment, she decided to have a little fun. After all, he had been looking at her before in the car, maybe she should put on a little show.

She ran upstairs and put on her bathing suit, and went out to the pool. It’s so hot I thought I would join you guys, I hope you don’t mind.

Mike just dove in the water without so much as a notice.

But Tom, he looked at Cheryl and smiled, she really did look good, he hadn’t really ever thought of her that way before.

The phone rang and Mike answered, it was Mike’s Dad. He had forgotten that this was his weekend with his Dad.

Cheryl told him to go and get ready, there was no need to send Tom home on such a hot day. She told Mike she would feed tom and bring him home later.

Mike’s Dad pulled up and honked his horn, he didn’t want to see Cheryl. Mike ran out and away they drove.

Cheryl now had Tom alone, but would she, could she dare to try and seduce him.

Cheryl lay down on the chase lounge, on her stomach, her tight round ass caught Tom’s eyes.

She called over to Tom, and asked him if he would put some sun screen on her back. My light skin I burn so easy, she Said.

Tom looked down at Cheryl, she really had a nice ass.

Tom’s hand shook as he started rubbing the lotion on her back, her skin felt so soft.

Cheryl than asked Tom if he would do her legs as well.

Tom slowly started rubbing the lotion on, he was beginning to think she was teasing him.

Tom decided to see how far she would take this.

Tom was moving his hand up higher, onto her thigh, she didn’t say a word.

Tom’s hand was getting closer and closer to her perfectly formed ass.

Cheryl said that feels nice Tom, and moved her thighs further apart.

Tom’s hand moved between her thighs and again she spread her legs a little bit more.

Cheryl turned her head to see Toms swim trunks were tenting up. His cock was fully erect.

Cheryl looked up at Tom and said, I think I should do something about that, now looking at Tom’s engorged cock.

Tom stood still, unable to move as he watched Cheryl reach for his swim trunks. In one quick tug, she had them down around his ankles and his cock sprang free.

Cheryl’s hand wrapped around his thick cock, he must have been 10 inches long.

Tom just watched as Cheryl moved her mouth over to his cock and stuck out her tongue, licking a drop a pre-cum off the end.

Tom’s knees buckled, he thought for a moment he would fall down. Instead Cheryl pushed him into a sitting position and got down on her knees.

She opened her mouth wide and sucked his hard cock in, taking him all the way into her throat.

Tom’s cock started cumming right away, and Cheryl did her best to drink his load. Some spilled out the corner of her mouth, but she just took her finger and licked it off.

Cheryl grabbed tom by his hand and led him inside and up to her room.

She closed the door and stripped off her bathing suit.

Tom looked at her naked body, this was really happening he thought.

Cheryl laid down on the bed and motioned for Tom to join her.

Cheryl spread her legs wide and said “Tom, I want you to lick my pussy”.

Tom had never done that, but he had a pretty good idea how, he had watched enough pornos.

Tom got down and stuck his tongue out, he licked up her pussylips, and she let out a soft moan right away.

It had been so long since anyone had done that to her.

Tom started licking her more and more, he could taste her juices, and was lapping them up.

Cheryl started cumming, she shoved Tom’s head down into her crotch and felt the waves of pleasure wash over her body.

She brought Tom’s mouth up to her lips and kissed him deeply, tasting her own cuntjuices as she did so.

Cheryl had Tom lay on his back, she grabbed a jar of lube from her nightstand and smeared it all over his hard cock.

Cheryl got on top of Tom and aimed his ragging hard-on at her wet cunt. She used her fingers to part her cuntlips and eased herself down.

His cockhead was inside, she told Tom to grab her by her hips and pull down while thrusting his own hips upward.

Oh God his cock felt wonderful, she felt so full, Full of his sweet young cock.

Cheryl started raising herself up and down Tom’s big cock.

She told Tom to switch positions, she wanted him to fuck her doggy-style. She was amazed that he could remain deep inside her as he moved them to the new position.

Tom grabbed her hips and was ramming his cock deep inside her, fucking her roughly. Cheryl was cumming again, the strongest orgasm she had ever had, her juices were running down her thighs.

Tom told her he was going to cum.

Cheryl had him pull his cock out and she sucked his cock in her mouth just as the first load shot out, she swallowed quickly, again and again, sucking him dry.

Cheryl called Tom’s mom and asked if it would be alright if Tom spent the night.

Tom’s Mom thought it was alright to stay over his friends house as long as Cheryl didn’t mind.

Cheryl just said, oh I’m glad to have him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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