My Best Friends

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When I first met my boyfriend, Tim, I was introduced to the “new kids”, Tim and Tina, twins who had just moved in to town. We were all in our final year of high school at the time, and they moved in January. All I could think was how it must suck to move half way through your final year.

Tim and Tina both fit the “surfer type” of image – they were both athletic and trim. Tim was just over six feet tall, Tina was about five foot eight. They were both good looking, with red hair and light complexions.

Tina and I hit it off first as we were both on the girls lacrosse team, so we would often run together and go to the park for pre-season sessions with a few other girls from the team. Tina was an aggressive offense player, and I was an aggressive defense player and we would stack up against each other to see who could “best” the other.

Somewhere along the line, we found out that we all shared a birthday, too (November 5th), but that I was born at 6:30 in the morning and that she and Tim were born at 7:20 and 7:45 in the evening. She was born first, so she said that she lorded it over Tim as the “older” sister.

“Well then, I won’t let you forget that I’m your elder!” I joked with her, “I’ll have to teach you to respect your elder!”

“Pfft! Yeah, like that’ll happen!” she retorted.

My friendship with Tina kept growing and we were soon doing nearly everything together. One day, after a long run, Tina and I went back to her house. While we were enjoying some coconut water to refresh, Tim came in and started chatting. My entire view of him before was that he hung out with some of the arrogant jocks on the boy’s team, and I thought I wanted nothing to do with him. Somehow, that day, though, I saw a different guy. He did play lacrosse (quite well), and so being new, of course he started hanging out with the other lacrosse players, and then, after a while, he saw what jerks they were, but by then he was already with them. It turns out, that while he was a good player, he knew that what he wanted out of life was more than just lacrosse.

After a couple more casual times of being together, Tim called me and asked me to go to a party with him. We went, we hit it off, and he asked me to go to a movie the next night.

Tina and I talked about it, and we both worried that it might hurt our friendship, but I really liked hanging out with Tim, too, and we talked it over and so Tim and I started dating.

Soon I was at their house almost all the time, it seems, hanging out with one or the other, or both, though sometimes it did seem like my relationship with Tim was starting to supersede my friendship with Tina.

Physically, Tim and I had more than a few hot-and-heavy make out sessions, but we had not slept together. Not that I didn’t want to. He was gorgeous. Muscular, but not muscle-bound, tall, and his mop of red hair falling easily down around his collar. He was a good kisser, and really got me wet between the legs. But with me, there was still the thing with my friendship with Tina, and in spite of our make out sessions and heavy petting, he had never pressed me to go any further.

One day, Tina just outright asked me, “So Annie, why have you not gone all the way with my brother, yet?”

“Hey, how do you know that?” I protested, “you and I have not talked about that!”

“He is my twin brother! WE talk about it!”

“You talk about sex with your brother? How weird is that?”

“Not weird for us!” she quickly replied, “I’ve always told him about how far my dates go, and he tells me. I can tell you, that he really wants to have sex with you. He’s already told me how he gets all blue-balls when you make out and then leave. He’s just too much of a gentleman to say anything. He said he doesn’t want to scare you away.”

“God, Tina, I can’t tell you how wet I get when we make out. To be honest, when he leaves me, I end up lying in bed and polishing my pearl!”

“Annie! I can’t believe you told me that. And, I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but you should fuck him! I think you both need it!”

“I just don’t want it to mess anything up with us!”

“US? You silly girl! I love you both, and I love that you two are getting along so well, but even if you two break up, I still plan on being friends with you – unless you go and break his heart!”

“No, I won’t break his heart…I don’t know, Tina, I want him badly, but, well, I’ll think about it!”

“Well think fast – it’s summer and we’re all off to different colleges in the fall – so you’d better get him before some freshman floozie does it for you!”

And think about it, I did. It was all I could think about. My one real impediment was now gone, and all I wanted was to get him naked.

As we all had our last summer before college, we all had summer jobs, Tina and I were both working as lifeguards at the town pool, and Tim was working for a landscaper, so finding a good time was tough. Tim worked early, Monday through Friday, and Tina and I worked kind of late, and had odd “summer job” days off.

I asked the pool manager for a Saturday, and I talked şişli escort Tim into a hike and picnic. Saturday came and it was a cold (for summer), rainy day. I was heartbroken, and so randy that even my mother noticed.

“Look, I know you planned a picnic – just invite him over here for lunch. I’ll make you a nice lunch, and you can eat out on the screened-in porch!”

Well, I couldn’t exactly tell her that I wanted to take my boyfriend on a picnic so I could fuck his brains out, now, could I? So, I reluctantly agreed, and arranged things with Tim.

He arrived about 11, thankful for a day to sleep in. I had helped Mom get the lunch together, and we were all getting things out on the porch when the phone rang.

“Yes,” I heard my Mom say, “I can get there in about a half an hour!”

When she hung up, she said, “Your grandfather has fallen. He’s OK, but Grandma wants me to come help with the doctors. They don’t think he broke anything, but he needs to go to the hospital. Look, I’m going to stay the night with her, can you clean up?”

Then she added, with her best stern Mom look, “And no one else spends the night here!”

“Mother! I can’t believe you said that! I’ll clean up, and don’t worry about that! Oh, and tell Grandma and Grandpa that I love them!”

Mom quickly packed and left, and Tim and I had a “picnic” lunch on the porch. After we cleaned up, I pushed him back against the counter, and leaned in and began kissing him. His lips tasted so good to me, and I could feel the bulge in his pants pushing against my pussy. I crushed myself against him, and his hands quickly grabbed my ass. I ground myself against his body and we eagerly kissed one another.

I broke the kiss, and leaned back a bit, trying to give him a coy smile, but I’m sure it was too lust filled to remain coy.

“We have the whole house to ourselves!”

I slipped from his embrace, and took his hand, and led him to the stairs.

“Where are we going?” he asked, as if he didn’t know.

“Upstairs!” was all I would reply.

He followed me up the stairs, and I pulled him into my room. He had been in my room before. Yes, there were some typical school-girl things, teddy bears, a couple of construction paper hearts stuck on the mirror, but there were also clues that I had not been a typical teeny-bopper. The overall theme (if you’d call it that) was lacrosse – sticks leaned in the corner, a couple of pairs of goggles around, dirty cleats on the floor.

Tim looked at me, full of lust, and yet, somehow unsure.

“Annie, are you sure about this?”

I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it up, over his head, all the while, kicking my shoes off.

“Shoes, off!” I almost barked at him, and he quickly complied.

I unbuttoned, and unzipped his shorts, and slipped them over his hips, letting them fall to the floor. The only thing left covering were his boxers, as usual for him, plaid, today’s in a pattern of blue and red. I pulled the front out over the end of his tent-pole hard prick, slid them down to his knees and dropped them.

There, finally, in front of me was this guy I had been lusting and fantasizing, and masturbating over. He was a beautiful specimen, his bush of red hair, the shaft sticking out and up, the purplish head leaking a bit of clear fluid. I watched as my fingers ran up and down gently, and as I reached the head a second time, I purposefully gathered the string of liquid in my palm, and closed my fingers around the shaft, squeezing and pumping at the same time. Tim’s eyes closed, and I felt him go weak in the knees. I continued to pump his erection, watching closely as the head alternately poked out between my thumb and forefinger, and then disappeared again. My other hand tickled his balls as they hung beneath.

“Oh, my God, Annie, your gonna make me cum!”

I pumped him faster, only a couple more times when suddenly his hips jerked, and white semen came squirting out of the slit in the head of his penis. It surprised me how much there was, and how far it flew. I was standing in front of him and some of it hit me under the chin, and on my t-shirt, and some went on the floor. A second and third stream came out and hit me, a bit lower this time, and each time, some dribbled from the end, and ran across my fingers, some dripping on the floor. I was mesmerized watching this happen. I started to remove my hand from him, when he grabbed my hand.

“No, no, squeeze the last of it out!”

I squeezed his cock, and a large glob of white liquid appeared through his opening, and slid down the cleft in the head, again collecting at my fingers until there was just too much and it dripped to the floor. I pulled my hand from him, and examined the stringy, slippery liquid that he had produced. I sniffed it, cautiously. It had a musky smell, but not as strong as I had feared.

I stuck my tongue out and tentatively tasted it. A bit of an odd taste, but again, not as strong as I expected, so I licked my fingers all over. The look on Tim’s face at that moment was a combination of surprise, excitement, mecidiyeköy escort and almost pride. I looked down to see another bit of come oozing from his slit, and I looked up at Tim and gave him a wicked smile. I dropped to my knees, and kissed the end of his shaft, opening my mouth and taking him inside.

Even though he was softening, I had to open my mouth wider than I expected to take him in. The head was velvety soft, the rest an peculiar mix of spongy and stiff. I licked the dribbling come from the end, but now it had a stronger taste than before. I gave a throaty “mm” sound as I licked him, and now his knees really started to weaken. I let him slip from my mouth, and looked at the cum on the carpet, and looked at my t-shirt.

“I didn’t know it was going to be so messy!” I said, with the same wicked smile. “I’d better get a washcloth!” Before I could, however, Tim grabbed me, and kissed me. I pushed my tongue into his mouth, knowing that my breath must at least smell of his tang, and he returned the tonguing, and we let each others tongues swirl in and out of each others mouths. Tim’s hands cradled my head, and ran his fingers over my chin where some of his eruption landed. He gathered a string of the come on his finger, and I eagerly sucked his finger in my mouth, my tongue cleaning it. I then leaned in and again kissed my young lover, pushing my tongue between his lips.

I felt his hands on the hem of my t-shirt now pulling up.

“I really have to clean up that cum from the floor while I still can!” I protested, and turned to go to the bathroom to find something. As I turned, he was still pulling up on my shirt, so I raised my hands and allowed him to take the shirt. I hurried from the room to the bathroom to find the oldest, rattiest looking washcloth we had. I got it good and hot, and then went back to my room.

Tim was on the floor, trying to clean up the globs of come on the floor with my t-shirt.

He looked a little embarrassed, but then said, “I figured it already had some spunk on it!”

I laughed and then cleaned up the rest with the hot washcloth. Once the floor was clean, Tim stood up saying, “Now, this just isn’t fair me being naked, and you still all covered, so I’m going to sit here, and you are going to strip for me!”

I looked at him, a bit incredulous at first, and then I grinned. He pulled back the covers on the bed, and started to sit.

“Wait! I said, “let’s put this down first!” I held up the towel that I had also pulled from the bathroom. I put the towel on the bed, and Tim sat down. I looked at him, and slowly unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled the zipper down. I let them fall until they almost showed my panties, then caught them, and pulled them back up. I turned around, and looked at him over my shoulder, and then let the shorts down, an inch at a time, then just past the tops of my panties. As I watched, his cock began to stiffen again.

I continued to let the shorts go lower, and lower, until they were down below my ass, and I just dropped them. Then, without turning back around, I reached back and unclasped the bra. I turned to face him, cupping my hands over the bra to hold it in place. I teased him by slowly lowering one cup, then the other, but never really revealing anything more than a glimpse of nipple. I watched his face, and just when he looked into my eyes as if to plead for a view, I pulled the bra away, and revealed my breasts to him fully.

My boobs are not as big as Tina’s, but they are not the smallest set in the girl’s locker room, either. My nipples are dark pink, about the size of a nickle, with aureole about the size of a fifty-cent piece. At this moment, my nipples were poking out about as far as I had ever seen them. Tim was staring at them and I could feel the lust in his eyes as I danced in front of him.

I ran my hands over my breasts and down to my hips, drawing his attention downward. I pushed my hips toward him, parting my knees as I did, exposing the damp center of my panties. I hooked a thumb under the waist of my panties, and pulled down the one side until just over my pubes. Momentarily I wished that I had shaved, but I knew my mother would kill me if she ever found out. Looking at Tim’s hairy bush, though, I felt a little better about my own furry situation.

Again, I turned around, and pulled the panties lower, exposing my full crack to him, before pulling them back up again. I backed my way closer to the bed, wriggling my hips, and jutted my butt toward him twisting. Suddenly, I felt his hands on my ass, and he grabbed the waistband of the panties and swiftly had them down to my knees. Instinctively, I tried to pull them back up again, spinning to face him.

“Hey, you asked for the show!” I protested.

“Sorry! I’m just getting impatient – and very excited, as you can see!”

I could see. He was obviously as hard as he had been before, and my urges now were overtaking me. I pushed my damp panties to the floor, and practically jumped on top of Tim, smothering him with kisses, and grinding my pussy on his penis, now sandwiched istanbul escort between our bellies. I sat up and rubbed my pussy directly over his shaft, my lips sopping wet with my juices draped over either side of him. I looked at him with wanton lust, and sat up just a bit. Grabbing a hold of his prick, I sank down on to him.

My lips opened to take in the bulbous head, but I could not believe how big he felt going in. I had masturbated with the end of a hair brush before, but this was clearly much bigger. I relaxed a bit and slid down on his hard shaft a little at a time. Tim’s hips bucked up a couple of times, but I could tell that he was trying to let me set the pace. I settled down with his prick gloriously buried in my pussy, and kissed him, and slowly began to grind myself on him. Quickly I picked up the pace and soon lost all control as I began to move over him with wild abandon. I pulled up, until he was almost completely out of me, then sat back down hard, filling my pussy with his manhood. When he was fully inside me again, I ground my crotch into him and found that the base of his penis was rubbing on my clit, and it just lit me up. I kept up the pace of sliding down hard on him, and then rubbing my clit on him and the room began to spin. After a short time of this, I just pressed myself against him and swam my hips on him, pushing my cunt against him in little humping motions.

I knew I was going to orgasm, and I grabbed onto Tim’s shoulders and pushed myself down on him one last time as the orgasm hit me like a wave. I rubbed my pussy into him in small circular motions trying to keep the feeling on my clit going. My hips began twitching, and then I felt Tim’s hips thrusting off the bed and his cock was jerking inside me and I knew that he had just cum inside me. I kept riding his cock in slower motions and holding on to the orgasmic waves.

As the emotions and feelings slowed their pace, I looked down at Tim and kissed him. He kissed back with a passion, and I settled in on top of him. I could tell his prick was softening, so I moved up, and sat up, and he slipped out of me. Looking down, our pubes were wet and matted with sex fluids, and suddenly I could sense that his stuff was about to gush out of me. Before I could even think to do anything about it, whoosh, out came a big glob of whitish liquid all over his belly. It slid off the side of his stomach, and onto the towel (thank goodness I thought of that!). Soon, a second glob, a little smaller than the first also ran out of my distended labia, pooling on his belly.

As I watched it, a nasty thought popped into my head, and I quickly dove down and kissed him and slurped at the smelly liquid. It was now a much stronger scent than before, a combination of semen and my own juices. I hungrily licked up what I could get, and looked at his flaccid penis, wet from its activities and got yet another nasty thought. I swung around and put my pussy right in his face, and looked back at him.

“Try it – you’ll love the taste of us!”

With that, I pushed my pussy back onto his mouth, and started licking his limp prick. The strong smell of sex hit my nostrils, and his tongue probed the wet folds of my pussy and I was getting wild again. I loved tasting the combination on his dick, and the sense of his tongue in me after he fucked me, and after he came inside me. Soon, I could only focus on his tongue and I closed my eyes and started humping his face. Tim was licking my swollen clit and I ground myself into his face. He grabbed my hips in an effort to keep contact, and soon I found myself coming to another orgasm.

I sat up, pushing my pulsing labia into his face, groaning in pleasure as Tim’s tongue was probing my pussy. I came in his face, twitching and grinding my pussy on him, and he never let up. Finally my clit could take no more and I pulled away from his face, collapsing on the bed next to him. He was so sweet, he crawled up and kissed me, and I could smell and taste myself all over his face.

After a few minutes I looked down at his semi-hard cock, and I grinned, wanting to return the wonderful favor. I crawled down and took his velvety head in my mouth and began to swirl my tongue around the head of his growing cock. He swelled up to his full size, and I began to play with his balls. He rolled onto his back and I tried my best to swallow his prick. His hips rose off the bed and I pumped him with my hands while I kept the head in my mouth.

“God, Annie, I’m gonna come!”

I clamped my mouth over him and jerked his cock. His hips bucked off the bed, and I felt my mouth get coated with his thick liquid. It had a strong, tangy taste, and I swallowed quickly, as he twitched again, and I felt more liquid flooding my mouth. This, too, I swallowed quickly. From watching him come the first time, I knew to expect more. A third, large squirt emanated from his cock, and then he began to settle back down on the bed. I eased him from my mouth, and squeezed his cock from the base to the tip. A large glob of come slid from the end of his prick, and I quickly put out my tongue and slurped it into my mouth, and got a wicked idea. I quickly moved up to Tim’s mouth and kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth, along with the glob of his spunk. He reacted by swirling his tongue around mine, and we both enjoyed the sensation of his come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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