My Birthday Surprise Ch. 02

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I awoke to find my arms had been released, one hand was entwined in Jasmine’s long, silky hair; the other cupping her left breast. Her breasts were not large but they were full and uplifted. My thumb found her nipple, I began to lightly rub it, feeling it come to life as it grew hard, watching it expand and pucker. I slowly eased my hand and arm away from Jasmine’s head and hair. I lowered my mouth to her nipple, took it between my lips, flicking it with my tongue, then licking, pulling and sucking. She released a low, husky murmur, arching her back as invitation for me to continue. She lightly raked her nails down my back, back up and into my hair. I kissed her nipple, her breast, moving up until I reached her mouth. I pressed my lips against hers, flicking her lips then tongue with my tongue. “I want to explore you all over, may I, please?” I whispered against her mouth.

“Of course you may. I want you to learn every inch of my body. My pussy is already wet for your touch.” She whispered back. I kissed her deep and hard. I was filled with an excitement I had never felt before. I felt powerful and incredibly sexy, aroused and my pussy was dripping wet. I decided to take full advantage of the beautiful woman lying with me. I looked for and found the wrist restraints that had been used on me. I quickly secured her wrists; her only reaction was a grin. I tenderly smiled back at her as I placed pendik escort the blindfold over her smoldering eyes.

My boyfriend walked in and taking in the site before him, took me in his arms, pulling me close into a tight embrace. “Are you enjoying yourself, baby?” He asked softly.

I pulled away from him far enough to look into his eyes and replied, “Yes, very much. Thank you for this. I want you to join us in a while but first I have to do her alone. Do you mind, sweetheart?”

“Not at all. She’s all yours for right now but I’m not leaving. I’m going to sit and watch you fuck her then Jasmine and I are going to fuck you. Ok?”

“Yes, oh yes, baby! Do you know how much I love you for being…well, just for being you?”

“As I do you. Now, go on and enjoy Jasmine. Enjoy her fully and completely. I’m already hard thinking about you fucking her.” He crushed me to him and kissing me hard, gave my ass a playful slap. He released me and settled into the chair close by, facing the bed. I turned back to the bed, stood there taking in Jasmine’s delicious body and exotic beauty.

I thought about going slowly as she did but I wanted her pussy and I had to have it now. I settled down between her legs, spread her pussy lips open and inhaled her musky scent. I licked her clit, smiling at her arching reaction. I took her clit rus escort between my lips and flicked her with my tongue. Her clit grew bigger and harder. I ran my tongue down her pussy, back up to her clit, back and forth, enjoying her smell and taste. I grabbed her ass and slammed my face into her pussy, lapping at her as she had done to me. I tightened my tongue, stuck it inside her as far as I could and wiggled it around. Kneeling down on the floor, I pulled her down until her ass was hanging over the bed. I put her legs over my shoulders. I licked her from clit to pussy to ass hole and back up again. I did this over and over. I loved the taste of her. My pussy was dripping wet, aching with the need to be filled. Just as I was going to stop and call my boyfriend over to join us, I felt him behind me. He hugged me tight, I could feel his hard cock against my ass. I pressed my ass harder against him.

“Oh, no, baby.” He pulled me up, turned me around and kissed me hard. “Jasmine and I are going to fuck you now.” He went to the front of the bed, released Jasmine, removed the blindfold and helped her up. They walked to the foot of the bed where I was still standing, my heart racing and my legs trembling. Jasmine stopped in front of me, wrapped her arms around me, our naked bodies pressed closed together as we kissed. My boyfriend stepped behind me, took sancaktepe escort his cock in his hand and ran it down my ass cheeks, to my pussy, slid the tip of in then out, teasing me, knowing how much I wanted him to fuck me hard.

They both stepped away from me at the same time. Jasmine led me to the bed and said, “Lie down on your belly.” I complied and my wrists were quickly tied again. The blindfold was left off. My boyfriend placed his special pillow under my hips, lifting my ass high in the air. He spread my ass cheeks, kissed my ass hole then rimmed it with his tongue. He slid his tongue deep inside me and out again, in and out. Jasmine stuck a finger in her wet pussy then used it to rub my clit, down to my pussy, back to my clit. My boyfriend spit on his finger and slowly inserted it in my ass hole, sliding all the way in then out. He was fucking my ass with his finger and she was fucking my pussy with her finger. I was delirious with pleasurable sensations. Then, finally, I felt the tip of his cock against my ass hole. Holding his cock in his hand, he circled around and around, then put his cock in me. Slowly, gently, easily, gliding it in a bit, taking it out, in again, deeper and deeper with each thrust until his whole cock was buried in my ass hole. Jasmine kneeled between his legs and crashed her face hard, so hard into my pussy. She was licking and sucking and fucking my pussy with her tongue then put 3 fingers deep in my pussy and fucked me hard, her mouth never leaving my clit. He was fucking my ass with his hard, glorious cock, holding my ass cheeks open to take him in all the way. I could feel my orgasm building, building, building and I came, screaming again then passed out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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