My Boobs and I

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A lot of people have issues with my boobs. In fact if there is an issue that could polarize citizens more than healthcare reform it would be the effect of my tits on anyone who happens to see them. Some people, especially young boys or lecherous old men (my brother and dad included) think they are the quintessence of divine engineering, a true masterpiece from the Creator. Others mostly jealous girls or insecure older women (my younger sister and mom included) think exactly the opposite. They think my tits are a gift from Satan to lure weak men-folk to Hades. Either way I couldn’t care less. I love my breasts and I’m pretty frigging proud of them. But before I go further maybe a detailed description of my most valuable treasures is necessary.

It isn’t just that my breasts are big- a lot of breasts are big- but they are shaped like two oversized pears and stick out a mile from my chest. They sprouted quite early in my life and now that I’m twenty they are the very definition of double D. My boobs don’t sag even with their considerable weight and they defy gravity. My tits actually point upwards. A male friend of mine once commented that I must be wearing some special type of bra. I told him that I hardly ever wore a bra due to the fact that getting my size was difficult and that even when I did, it made no difference. He didn’t believe me so I took him to a quiet corner and asked him to remove my bra and feel me up. He couldn’t believe his good luck and he gave my boobs a good squeeze. He later apologized for doubting the turgidity of my tits.

Also my nipples are long and hard like ice picks. There is no fabric known to man that can hide the bulges from onlookers. There was a time I used to tape them down due to the embarrassment I felt from staring eyes but nowadays I just don’t care. I now enjoy flaunting my boobs and I make sure I wear very skimpy outfits to show them off. I enjoy jiggling them every time I pass someone and I relish the looks of intense lust or envy I receive. I’ve even caught my junior brother and my dad shooting dirty looks at me and have also noticed that they liked to brush up against my boobs at any slightest opportunity to the chagrin of my mother and sister. I loved it! But matters were bound to get to a head someday.

That day I was doing a little bit of gardening outside and I was wearing bursa otele gelen escort a white cotton blouse and a pair of baby blue bum shorts. The blouse was too tight round my bust so a few buttons had to be left undone. This left most of my creamy white cleavage in full view and naturally I wasn’t wearing a bra. The weather was hot and humid so rivulets of sweat were running down all over my body, soaking the blouse and making my heavy tits even more obvious. My brown areolas were clearly visible. I noticed that the usually quiet street was suddenly quite busy as a lot of young guys kept walking past our yard. I pretended not to notice them.

“Lynn! Lynn!”

Someone was calling me from my neighbor’s house and I noticed it was my 18 year old brother Thomas standing at the door. He was beckoning me to come.

“What!” I snapped irritably.

“Come and check out the plasma TV that Mr. Jonas bought for Richard” he said excitedly, “It’s huge!”

A surge of envy gripped me and I wanted to know whether his TV was actually bigger than mine.

“Okay, I’m coming.” I dropped the tools and went next door.

As I approached the front door I could hear the loud sound of home cinema speakers coming from Richard’s bedroom and my envy intensified. I hurried past the door and walked into the hallway. As I was walking past the kitchen I stopped abruptly. Something was amiss. Apart from the sound of the TV there was nothing else that could be heard. I should have heard Thomas chatting excitedly with Richard or something but there was nothing. If not for the TV the house would be silent. As I stood processing this information a hand stretched out from the kitchen doorway and grabbed my arm. I gave a frightened yelp and turned to find my brother’s friend Richard grinning mischievously and leering at me. He started to drag me inside and I immediately tried to pull away. He grabbed both my wrists and pulled for all he was worth. I bent at the waist as I tried to wrench myself free. Another firm pair of hands grabbed my protruding buttocks and pushed me forward. Completely overpowered I was bundled into the kitchen.

Richard turned me around and pinned my arms behind me. He pulled me close to him so that my palms rested on his bulging crotch. Instinctively I grabbed it and it escort bayan felt like a hammer. His hands immediately reached out to grab my breasts. I gave a little whimper as his fingers fondled me through the weak fabric of my blouse. My nipples hardened as he roughly twisted them. It was then I raised my eyes to find my brother Thomas watching appreciatively from the door with a tent pole in his shorts. He was the one that pushed me in!

“Tommy!” I hissed, “What do you think you are doing?”

He laughed and told me that he and his mates had been discussing all morning what to do with me. They wanted to know what I looked like without my clothes on and how big my boobs really were. Their classmate Andy was upstairs waiting for me but he and Richard had decided to grab me first. They would take turns to grope me and later on to fuck me thoroughly. I protested that this was gang rape and incest on Richard’s part but they laughed at what I said. Meanwhile Richard kept squeezing my boobs.

“Hey, Tommy, fancy a feel of your big sis’ boobies?” Richard asked my brother generously.

“Don’t mind if I do” he replied grinning and I looked at him in horror.

His hands reached out and unhurriedly unhooked the rest of the buttons. My boobs spilled out and pointed straight at him.

“My goodness, Lynn” he breathed, “You’ve got the juiciest tits I’ve ever seen!”

I hate to admit this but I felt kind of proud when he said that and my nipples seemed to get even harder. Tommy’s hands are quite hard and he really gave my breasts a good kneading. I gasped and groaned while my hands stroked Richard’s cock through his trousers. He grunted appreciatively.

Minutes later I was dragged into the living room and the two boys pushed me on to the couch. I looked up at them wondering what was next. I made a half hearted attempt to button my blouse but Thomas slapped my hands away.

They now both pulled down their shorts and their turgid cocks jumped out at me. I sat in shock looking at the two stiff members. Both were quite alike- very big and rather thick.

“Alright, Lynn” said Thomas cheerfully, “Be a good sis and suck our cocks, huh?”

I should have told him to go fuck himself but I couldn’t take my eyes off those gorgeous pieces of meat and quite frankly I couldn’t wait to put mudanya escort them in my mouth. I reached out and grabbed the two dicks and while jacking one off, stuffed the other in my mouth.

It was Richard I was sucking and while he tasted good it didn’t take long for him to come. He groaned and backed off and I diverted all my attention to the penis of my brother Thomas. His cock was a real beauty and I sucked him for ages. When he finally ejaculated his cum tasted wonderful- really rich and creamy. Bending down he grabbed my chin and kissed me passionately using his tongue to lick off any splatter on my face. We stared at each other briefly and that must have been the most intimate moment of my life. However it didn’t last long as they pulled me up and dragged me upstairs to Richard’s bedroom. The TV was huge but that didn’t worry me anymore. I was more concerned with what my kid brother and his friend had in store for me.

First of all they stripped me of all my clothes and pushed me to flop unceremoniously on the unmade bed. Richard bent down to work on my mouth and my tits while Thomas shoved his head between my legs and licked my wet pussy with his tongue. After a few minutes they suddenly got off me and quietly left the room. I lay there panting and confused and very far from satisfied. I wanted badly to be fucked. It was then I heard the toilet flush and someone stepped out of the bathroom and filled the doorway.

Andy Okafor was a big ass Nigerian guy who went to school with Richard and Thomas. He was a handsome guy with jet black skin and rippling biceps. However he came from a background that had little patience with women and judging from the fact he was stark naked and at full mast, he was hot and ready to go.

“Hi. Lynn” he said jovially as I stared at the huge black monster that hung between his legs, “You seem to be leaking. Let me help you plug that hole.”

I was so alarmed I quickly jumped out of bed but he grabbed me round the waist and playfully pushed me back. Grabbing my ankles he pulled my legs wide apart and slowly pushed his cock in my pussy. I gave a sharp cry of pain as he made entry. For the next couple of minutes he fucked me silly and spurted deep inside me. I then realized that Richard and Thomas had been watching us from the half closed door while they wanked off. They now both walked in and took off the rest of their clothes. For the next three hours they took turns fucking me- between my boobs, in my pussy, in my ass and in my mouth.

Eventually I was marched out of the house, with Thomas still massaging my exposed tits.

I didn’t get much sleep that night.

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