My Boss is a Cougar

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All characters in this story are over the age of 18, and no one under the age of 18 is taking part in any sexual activity. It is not endorsed or encouraged by the author.

Russel Harris – Accountant – 22 – 5’11’ – 148 lbs – black short hair – white – brown eyes

Clarissa Rodgers (Mrs. Rodgers) – Regional Manager – 46 – 5’6 – 154 lbs – jet black colored hair – white – relatively thin but has huge boobs – blue eyes

It seems that I was made for a white collar office job. I blend in wherever I go, and I get lost in the crowd. In school I was a complete wall flower, I stood by the walls and was unnoticed. I didn’t have a lot of friends, and of course girls didn’t notice me. How could they? I never made any moves. After high school, I went to a huge state school. While there were a lot of resources, with about 50,000 undergrad students, it was easy to get lost in the crowd…again. I was a nameless face in a huge class about accounting. I liked accounting, for me, it meant that I could work with numbers all day. I was good with numbers and following rules, which is perfect for accountants. But I didn’t want to be a wall flower anymore, I wanted to break out of the shell and get to living.

I graduated college, and I worked at a clothing store for a year while I tried to find accounting jobs. It taught me a little bit about people, how to be friendly, and how to act in a professional setting. I finally stumbled upon this sweet accounting gig. It was a small job where I just had to offer basic accounting services to smaller businesses without the resources of a huge firm. A lot of small business have next to no business sense so this job would help them out. At least I was making a difference in someone’s life. No need to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Perfect.

This was my first actual office job. I dressed really nice, slim fitting button up shirt and tie, and some slacks. There was a chance I might be another nameless face, but I didn’t want that. I wanted to fit in and make some actual friends, and that meant I would need to make good first impressions. I also thought, you usually meet some pretty cool girls at work, maybe I could find my first relationship here. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would be all of that and more.

I walk in the front door of this small building in the city. One of the two receptionists greets me and I explain that it’s my first day. She welcomes me to the company and hands me a visitor’s badge. She also explains that they’re waiting for me on the 2nd floor. As I leave, I hear one of the receptionists whisper, “I guess she has another now.” And they both giggle. Don’t know what that means, but maybe they just mean I’m a new part of the team.

I arrive at the 2nd floor and three guys are standing by the stairs. One of them says, “Hey! New guy! What’s happening dude? I’m Ray, and this tall guy is Travis, and this geezer is George.” I shake all of their hands and introduce myself, “Hi guys, my name is Russel, but you can call me Russ.” George says, “I’m only like 2 years older than you losers” They all laugh, “Anyway, let us show you around Russ, I think you’ll really like it here.”

Ray, the presumed leader of this bunch guides me through the office. “Alright, so to start off, let’s meet the team. Most of the company is ran remotely throughout the country, so this building pretty much only consists of essential people that do accounting and sales functions.” I say, “Yeah it seems like that’s the way of businesses going forward.” George says, “Yeah its run quite efficiently now, a lot less people in the office is good for collaboration and…bonding.” Travis giggles but plays it off as a cough. Ray continues, “Alright so this team right here is working for a barbershop that needs help with their cash flow and accounting. Here we have Scott, Ben, and Willow.” They all say hi and I wave back and introduce myself. “Alright, moving on from there, we have Scott, Josephine, and Niki. This group manages mainly accounts payable and bills for a company that does…..what do you guys do again?” Niki says, “Ugh, seriously? We’re doing work for an animal shelter.” So far, Niki wins the award for most attractive in the office. She’s got this thick frame with huge thighs and more than reasonably sized tits. She’s also rocking some green hair and a nose ring, just my type. I decided to keep score in case I wanted to make moves.

Dating outside of college is a huge toss up. You don’t know anything about them. At least in college you could learn slowly who they are and what they study. Even apps will immediately tell you all you want to know. Age, likes, interests, appearance, and what they’re looking for. Dating in the real world is basically flying blind and hoping you land something. Ray rubs his head and says, “Ah right, sorry Niki.” She rolls her eyes and returns back to her work. We walk to these 4 desks. Travis says, “And here we are, your new home. You’ll be working with us on this project for a company that makes discount eskort topkapı video game equipment. Keyboards and mouses mainly.”

I settle in my desk, daydreaming a little about Niki, when this other woman walks by our desks.

“I know you didn’t forget to introduce me! You must be our new hire, my name’s Clarissa Rodgers.” She shakes my hand.

“I’m the regional manager here, I’m so glad you joined our team. I think you’ll fit in quite nicely.”

“It’s my pleasure Mrs. Rodgers, happy to be here.”

“Oh you have such great manners, way better than these boys haha!”

“Ha, they’ve been nice to me.”

Clarissa takes a half step back and sighs, “Oh they’ve been nice to me as well. With that being said, I must be going now. Russel, enjoy the rest of your training.”

“Thank you Mrs. Rodgers.”

I watch her leave, noticing that she has quite a thin frame, but it compliments her other features. Her hair is extremely black, which she likely colors, she had these deep blue eyes and her eyelids were slightly closed like a wistful dream. I could sense the euphoria through her eyes, absolutely captivating and enticing. She was rather short, looking to be about 5’6″. I would say she’s attractive, but she’s way over my age range, she likely has a husband and kids, and she is my boss. 3 big red flags. I’d like to not end my first job in a huge scandal throughout the office. Clarissa will make a great boss. I’d rather save the sexual brain space for Niki.

Once I knew my way around the office, it got easier to be a part of the office culture. I knew where the coffee was, I had lunch in the break room, got my own parking space, and when it came to the work, it was pretty simple for me. Anybody with an advanced knowledge of excel could do this job. The guy’s appreciated my work and complimented me often, but I still couldn’t get recognition from Niki. She worked on the other end of the office, so I never really got to see her naturally and authentically. I always had to make an excuse to walk to that side of the office. But I guess I’m a sucker for colored hair, so I’ll stay persistent.

The way my desk was located, I was always facing Clarissa’s office. My work wasn’t that intensive, and as an accountant, I had a keen eye for detail and attention. I also notice things. People. Pretty much every day or every other day, I would notice an occurrence that took place in that office. One of the guys in the office, whether it be Scott, Will, Ben, George, Travis, and even Ray, would walk into her office, they would talk for a few minutes, they would close the door, and close the blinds. 10-15 minutes later, one of the guys would exit. I didn’t know what to think of this. How often would Clarissa need to have these private meetings with the guys? And why only the guys? Why not Willow or Josephine, or even Niki? It didn’t make much sense to me, but I didn’t ask any questions. Maybe one day she’ll call me into the office and I can see what the point of these meetings is.

On Friday, the guys invited me to a bar after work. I wasn’t much of a drinker, but I accepted, I was just happy to have friends. So we got to the place and had a few beers. We got to talking about work, the projects we’re working on, how we should be paid more, and then I asked about the occurrences I had been noticing. I explained what I witness on an almost daily basis. They all stoped drinking and stared at me. Then they take a few steps back and deliberate, I could still hear the three of them though. They weren’t very good at whispering.

“I don’t want to tell him”

“Yeah I don’t want any competition”

“But we can’t just keep him in the dark”

“Sure we can, let’s just not tell him”

“Yeah, if he’s smart enough he’ll figure it out on his own”

“He’s a member of the team, and he’s a guy”

“That doesn’t mean shit”

“Guys, he’s our friend”



“He’s got a point”

“Alright, but I don’t like it.”

“Whatever you say, Ray”

The 3 of them step back to the bar. Ray says, “Alright Russ, you’ve been here long enough, and you seem to know how the office works. But there’s one more thing you should know.”

“Okay what is it?” I say.

“Clarissa is a really good boss. She doesn’t get mad at us for anything, she’s fair, supportive, has a sense of humor, and she provides a benefit that not many bosses can offer.” Ray says.

“What kind of benefit?”

“Clarissa finds certain men very attractive. And with that attraction, comes physical desires that she needs to satisfy.”

“What does that mean?”

“She likes to fuck guys in the office.” George says.

“Yeah she’s been doing it for a few years now. She makes a call to your desk, you go over to her office, and then you fuck the shit out of her.” Travis says.

“Wow. Okay, good to know” I say.

“Yes, that’s what goes on behind closed doors. It’s a nice perk of the job.” Ray says.

“But she fucks all the guys in the office. bayan escort Does she really find all of them attractive?”

“She seems to find every guy attractive, even Travis here.”

“Hey man, I have some redeeming features”
”Anyway, also, it doesn’t happen anytime you want. She has to summon you and call you. You don’t just get to walk in anytime you want and have sex with her. She fired the guy you replaced for doing that too much. She just told HR that he wasn’t a good fit for the workplace culture, but we all know the real reason.”

George says, “Yeah she does it to retain the power in the dynamic.”

“Exactly” Ray says, “But only guys. She doesn’t have any interest in the women at the office. But it’s sort of a rite of passage in the workplace, all the guys partake in it, and I’m sure you will too at some point. So just be ready.”

It all makes sense now, the secrecy that goes on in her office, I also halfway noticed that the guys are always a little sweaty. How could I have not figured it out on my own? Even though the guys were confident that I might be able to have sex with Clarissa, I doubted myself. I’ve never had any luck with girls, and I doubt Clarissa would notice me. Plus, did I really even like her? I mean, she’s still my boss, but I do find her somewhat attractive, she’s got those eyes, and those huge boobs, and her hair is also a big turn on. But I’m still a virgin too, I don’t know the first thing about how to satisfy a woman, let alone a mature one. But there’s a first time for everything, so sure, I could see it happening.

After we had a few more drinks, it was time to call a Lyft and head home to pass out. I left the bar happy. I was happy to learn more about the office, and it was a pretty ground breaking development. My boss is a nymphomaniac cougar, and she knows how to have fun. The possibility that I might add to her body count was enough to get me a little hard. I was thinking all weekend how I should approach her. Would I make more appearances out in the office? In her office? Would I dress a certain way? Change my look and outfits? No, none of the above. I was gonna play it cool. If there’s one thing I learned during all my single years in college and online dating, it’s that girls hate guys who are desperate. I won’t fall into that trap. Did I want to actually rail my boss? Of course, but I was going to just be myself. I’ve heard girls like that too.

Days go by with not a single call from Clarissa. Maybe playing hard to get wasn’t the move if I wanted to get noticed. Still, I’ll stick to my strategy. I see guy after guy go into her office and come out happy and drenched. I compared myself to almost every guy and I thought “Hey I’m hotter than him! When’s my turn??” But still nothing. One day, this shorter guy walked into her office, I hadn’t seen him before but since when did that matter. They didn’t close the blinds which was weird, so maybe this was an actual business meeting. What a concept for 2 people to be talking business in an office, instead of fucking their brains out. Or so I thought, I start to see a lot of movement in the room. The way my desk is, I can peak around to see her through the window. I’m glad I did.

I see Clarissa’s skirt on her feet and the guy has his belt off and pants semi undone. Clarissa leans over her desk exposing her small but sufficient ass. I had seen this move before, doggy style. The guy quickly inserts and starts pounding away. I can see it clearly and vividly. The way he grabs her ass and just pounds it, maybe I can learn something from him. They switch to a position where Clarissa is laying on her desk, legs open and resting on the guys shoulders. Again, he’s smashing and completely dominating her. Clarissa has this euphoric gaze in her eyes, she’s loving this. The guy looks completely primal and Neanderthal, much less emotion than his partner. I feel like the guy thinks he has the upper hand, like he’s using his boss as a fuck toy and he’s a pure alpha taking what’s his. What he doesn’t know is that Clarissa thinks the exact same. She’s the one with the upper hand. Both of them are being used, but neither knows it. The next position they use, he’s sitting on a chair and Clarissa is riding his dick up and down. Shit, this has been going on for like 10 minutes, I still have my job to do but instead I’m hard as a rock debating if I should secretly whip it out when no one is watching and jack it. Then an unexpected visitor arrives at my desk.

“Like what you see?”

It’s Niki. She caught me by surprise and now I know it was smart to just keep it in my pants. She was wearing a knee length tight skirt and a low cut button up, and of course her signature green hair. Is she Asian? I can’t really tell.

“Holy shit Niki, you can’t just sneak up on me like that!”

“Well I did, and I can see you’re enjoying the show”

“What show? I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Niki points to my crotch.

“I think you do”

I look down.

“Perhaps. escort mecidiyeköy Sorry, can’t really hide it”

“Yeah I can see this display even from my desk and I thought I’d come over and give you shit for it,” she says with a light chuckle.

I can tell I’m blushing. Clarissa maybe interesting and convenient, but Niki is the one worth my time.

“Yeah it’s hard not to stare, I’ve never worked in an office like this before.” I stammer.

“Oh I have, and it’s the same thing but it’s just the men who hold all the power. Girls like us are just supposed to be pretty, dumb, and docile. We’re not supposed to be enjoying it, we just need to be used. That’s what they tell us. Clarissa at least flips the script and shows that she’s the actual boss getting off.”

“And the women here are cool with that?”

“Of course, it keeps the dudes off of us and we don’t rack up any sexual harassment cases. They get to have sex in the office, and we get to do our work peacefully. Plus sometimes she’ll end a meeting early for extra time in her office.”

“Speaking of sexual harassment,” I say, “so no one reports this to HR?”

“Oh HR?” Niki says with a crooked smile. “Yeah, the department head for HR is in there right now.”

So that’s why I’ve never seen him.

With that, Niki leaves, I get to admire her in that skirt, and HR leaves Clarissa’s office.

Since most of the accounting department is too busy fucking the boss, I was able to focus more on my work and actually complete a good chunk of my department’s responsibilities. Someone had to get the job done, so it might as well be me. At the end of the day, this is a job, not a sex club, and I’m a professional. The end of Q3 was coming up, and each quarter, the office holds a meeting to report on each teams progress. Since I was doing the most work, I was appointed to give the report for my team. Clarissa starts the meeting, she’s wearing a loose fitting skirt, a brown cardigan, and heels. Her pitch black hair is now tied up. After she kicks off the meeting, she takes a seat in the front row of our small conference room. It’s time to present our work. We’re the third team up and I take the stage. My graphs are on point, I’ve rehearsed the speech in my head multiple times and I…wait what the…Clarissa’s legs are open. Like really open, and facing towards me. Oh shit, no, compose yourself. I try to ignore it, and I go into our project. Clarissa is writing notes but she is always looking at me and smiling. Sometimes biting her pen. I think she knows what she’s doing, and it’s working. For the sake of my team though, I have to keep it together. I continue my presentation, but Clarissa unbuttons the last half of her cardigan, showing the definition of her two jugs. I swallow, must…finish…presentation. It’s hard to focus on credits and debits when I see a woman practically presenting herself to me. How can I possibly present our projections when all I can project is what she feels like if I was inside her. Finally, it’s all over, I’m sweating lightly, and I take my seat a few rows back. Clarissa buttons her cardigan, closes her legs, and continues the meeting. As I’m sitting, I think, “Oh shit, was I hard the whole time?”

A few days pass after the meeting, I conclude that she was definitely flirting with me. I’m knee deep in some pesky excel files, when I get a call at my desk..from Clarissa.

“Hello.” I try and keep cool, it could also be a work call. Not the call I’ve been anticipating for weeks.

“Hello, Russel”

I can hear her seductive tone even through the phone’s feedback. Could this be the call?

“Would you kindly stop by my office? I need to talk to you about something.”

“Of course ma’am, I’ll be right there.”

Should I bring condoms? No she surely has some.

I step into her office.

“Hello, Russel, please have a seat.”

This couch has a lot of stains on it. But I take a seat. Her office is large, with her desk in the back center of the room, and a long couch facing her desk.

“I just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job at the meeting. As you know, accounting is the central component of this business, and you have shown to be an incredible asset to this company.”

“Thank you Mrs. Rodgers, that it is good to hear.”

“Of course, I knew you could do it when we brought you on.”

She gets up and moves to the door. And closes it.

“It’s also important to understand that people are the most important resource to a company. Not machines or computers, but the people that shape the company and add to it. They bring their experiences to the business and bring in new ideas. They form the culture and create a productive atmosphere”

Yeah I’d like to add something to someone’s company.

“Yes, I agree completely”

She leans on her desk in front of me.

“I assume you’ve seen what goes on in this office.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been a professional in this business for 20 years, and for 15 of those years, I’ve been in upper management. I know how to close my blinds.”

“Close your blinds?”

“Russ, you’re a smart guy, I’ve seen what you offer this company and how you present yourself. You don’t need to act dumb. I know you see what goes on here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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