My Boss Is a Dom Ch. 01

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Guys and girls, this is my first erotic story, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


There I am again, sitting at my boss’ desk, the only one in the building.

I’ve known the boss’ user account password for long and almost every week, on Sunday morning, when nobody would ever come to work I get there and log in, lurk through browser history, emails, backups hoping to find something juicy.

While looking through deleted files, a picture comes on screen. The beautiful body of a tall woman, in a tight red bikini and just sea on the background.

It was her, I could feel it. Moments later I realize my hard cock is in need for a good wank.

I whip it out and furiously start jacking off, with the thought of her beautiful body in my mind, and that sweet picture on screen.

My boss was a tall, magnificent 50 years old woman. Long, black hair adorned her head. A beautiful regular body with moderately large, natural boobs and an ass that was so magnificent that every man in the office (and most women too) would turn around to look at it everyday.

The nice thing was, she liked to show it off, always wearing tight jeans Anadolu Yakası Escort and yoga pants.

I came.

Jizzed all over the desk and the chair.

“Well, time to clean up!” I said, laughing.

It wasn’t the first time I came at someone’s desk. It happened a few weeks ago on my coworker’s desk. On sunday. I just wanted to try the chair. Then thoughts came to my mind, and there I was, wanking again.

I get up, with my dick still out and open the door to reach for the bathroom to retrieve some towels.

Then something happens. I can’t really remember that well.

“Hey Marie, look at this filthy pig!”

“Uuh, nice dick you’ve got there. Perv!”

“Look, there’s still cum on the tip! Hahaha.”

And then I get knocked out.

“W-where am i?” A feeling of warmth crosses my whole body, as I begin to feel a spikey, strong pain to my balls, and my head.

“Shut up!”

It was my boss’ voice.

“From now on, you’ll only speak when I say so.”

A strong, young laugh echoes through the room.

I’m bound to a metal cross, stuck to a wall. The room’s dark, the only light that could come Kartal Escort in was from around the door, and a small, grated window at the top of the room.

A few minutes later, I can smell again. There’s something stinking near me, can’t really understand what.

Then, the door opens. A woman in a red latex bodysuit comes in, in her hand, a nine tails whip.

She approaches me, and without saying a word, whips me on the belly.

Then, another strike.

And another.

And another.

I can feel my belly swelling strongly, as she whips me again, with that long leather painmaker.

“You know why you’re here, don’t you?” She says.

“I know.” was all I could answer. As I retract my belly just in time for another strike.

“You might not have noticed, but I’ve known your filthy habit for a long time.”

“I’ve seen you jack off to my pictures for the last two months, and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it”.

“But that’s not why you’re here. I can even consider that a form of flattery. A compliment to my sexyness.”

“You wanna know why you’re here, don’t you? Well I won’t tell you. Not now. Maltepe Escort First, I’ve got to have some fun with you.”

And another strike follows. One more.

I was weak, speechless, a piece of meat to beat hard.

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to do”. An devilish laugh follows that phrase.

I fall down to the floor. My hands and legs are free.

I’m laid down on the floor. She’s not alone. Another pair of hands pushes my legs in place.

Seconds later, she puts something to my mouth. My mouth is being held open by a retractor. Something’s not right.

As I finish thinking about that, a liquid starts flowing into my mouth. It was warm and bitter, with a powerful smell.

It takes a while for me to understand what’s going on. My mouth was unable to close, that assured her every single drop of that juice would fall in my mouth. Moments later, I begin to struggle, and start swallowing every single drop I had in my mouth, so that I could breathe again. It goes on for a minute or two, as she frequently stops to laugh, and call me a “Filthy pig”.

Then it ends. And then another stike, right on my belly.

She undoes my blindfold, and a few seconds later, is walking away from me, and through the door. That magnificent ass was even sexier with no pants to cover it. It was a masterpiece.

“Relax now, tomorrow will be a hard day for you. I hope you like the smell and taste of dirty feet.”

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