My Boss the Omega Ch. 02

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This is an erotic fictional story about people who like to play as wolves. She is the Alpha and he is her willing and submissive omega who loves serving her and doing all that she commands. They decide to have a play party and invite some of their furry minded friends. This is strictly fantasy. If you wish to discover what real Furry people do (because this isn’t it), do some research. I hope you enjoy their continuing story.

All characters are over 18 and if you are not 18+ please move along elsewhere.


Tally allowed him to keep his OmegaEli handle on the furry site. She continued chatting with him on the Furry site but now as his Alpha. She learned that Eli was his middle name and he actually prefers it. That’s mostly how she addresses him unless she’s scolding him and then he is simply omega.

Eli decided to continue working from home so he could be at her beck and call. He took over all of her chores and she had insisted while he is doing his chores, and when he isn’t working, he is to wear a butt plug tail she specially ordered for him and big furry wolf ears and nothing else. He happily complied. Now her days are filled with writing and commanding her omega.

At lunch he switches from his business suit to his tail and ears and serves her lunch in her room unless she otherwise specifies that morning at breakfast.

“Ma’am…your lunch.” He says as he enters her room.

“Set it on the table, Eli…” She was frantically typing as the characters had just revealed the next bit in the story and she was trying to get it all down. After setting the platter on the table he went and kneeled at her feet. Hands fisted with his knuckles on the floor in front of him, head down, hips tilted forward making his bottom arch slightly upward, and hips slightly swaying making his butt plug tail wag gently. He knew this was her favorite position for him to sit and wait for her to be finished.

The last punishment ran through his mind and he remembered how frustrated she was with her current story. She had pounced on him, pushed him over and taken his trachea between her teeth as she’d done when she had claimed him. He knew to be very still until she felt he was sufficiently submissive and then she would either bite his shoulder, or if she was really upset, she would nip at his cock. This time it was his chest. He had a couple of bite marks on his chest and he proudly wore them because they were marks from his Alpha. He just wished he had a way to show them off. He wondered if she would be willing to have a Furry party and he could invite a few of his furry friends over and some of her furry friends, at least those close enough to travel.

He could set up the living room as a make shift wolf den. Move the furniture out and throw down fake furs, dog beds and pillows. She might actually like ruling over such an event. He’d ask her through OmegaEli, she tended to listen to him more that way than if he tried to talk to her. Sometimes he thinks she’d be happier if he didn’t talk at all and only whined, wuffled, snuffled and howled. He tries hard but sometimes he thinks he talks to get her to punish him because he likes it when she rolls around on the floor with him. She had yet to take him fully and it had been months since she claimed him. He wasn’t sure what she was waiting for. She had him go down on her almost daily and she used her hand on him when she felt like he deserved it. He quivers at the thought of her mouth on him. She only does that during punishments and only uses her teeth, but those brief times are so exquisite.

He patiently waited. He knew it was getting close to the time when he had to get back to work but he learned the hard way never to move from this spot until she dismissed him. He whimpered a little and her hand came down and stroked his hair between his wolf ears. “You’re a good boy, Eli. I’m sorry I didn’t have time for you this lunch period. Go ahead and go on back to work and I’ll reward you later.”

He nuzzled her hand and made his wuffling sound, kind of a cross between a bark and a huffing sound. It took a while for him to figure out what sounds she liked coming out of him. The sound must have pleased her because she tilted his head up and licked across his lips and then went back to her typing.

He hurried out of the room, changed back into his suit, minus the jacket, pulled off the ears, ran his fingers through his hair and signed into the meeting that was about to begin. It was his company so it wasn’t like he would be in trouble for being late but he didn’t want his clients to think he didn’t value them. In between clients he went on the furry site and messaged his Dancing Wolf.

OmegaEli: Hello Ma’am, I enjoyed sitting at your feet at lunch and I look forward to my reward. I had an idea that I thought might interest you. I thought it might be fun if we had a weekend furry play party. I could set up the living room like a wolves den, move the furniture out and throw down dog beds, cushions, pillows, Ataşehir Escort fake furs and fuzzy blankets. I could make cookies and crackers that look like dog biscuits and wolf type foods. We could invite our furry friends who would be willing to be part of the pack for the weekend and you would be the Alpha over all of us. What do you think, ma’am? Do you think you would enjoy having a bunch of wolves to boss around? I know my guys would love it.

Thirty minutes go by and then there’s a reply.

DancingWolf: I also enjoyed having you at my feet today, Eli, it is very satisfying knowing you are there, waiting, wanting to please me, which you did. As to your play party, I’m intrigued. I think I would like it as long as we can get them all to agree to my terms. If they do, you can start planning.

He quickly answers her.

OmegaEli: Ma’am, I’m sure my guys would agree to whatever terms you have, what might they be so I can find out.

DancingWolf: They have to obey my every command, every command. That would mean if I wanted to do to them what I do to you, they would submit. Of course I would also allow them to play amongst themselves and I wouldn’t be averse to watching them hump each other. Who knows, maybe I’ll finally hump you.

He was instantly hard and made sure he was pushed against his desk even though he had pants on, but the thought of his clients watching him made him want to be sure they couldn’t see below his waist. He swallowed hard. He knew three of his friends would be up for such a party, but he wasn’t sure about hers.

He quickly sent messages to them spelling out in detail what kind of party it would be and everything that might happen. He was right, three of the dozen furry friends came back instantly saying they wouldn’t miss it.

OmegaEli: Ma’am, I’m very excited by your terms as are three of my furry friends. Do you have any friends you’d like to invite who would accept your terms?

A little while later she finally answered.

DancingWolf: You are truly my omega to be so excited by my terms. I see more rewards coming your way. As to my furry friends, I have a couple who might be interested. I will message them and get back to you. I think we should plan it about a month out. I want time to get everything ready, have the tails and ears for them, and give everyone time to make plans to be here.

He is trembling with excitement and wished he was wearing his tail so he could wag it.

OmegaEli: Ma’am, my invisible tail is wagging for you. I think your plans are perfect and I will make sure everything is just the way you want it.

She didn’t answer him, but he hadn’t expected her to. She had learned early on that he would keep answering her until she stopped talking to him.

He sent all the specifics to his friends. They all three came back that they were willing to wear what she wanted without anything else. They were two males and one female. If he didn’t know the female so well it would have surprised him she was willing to follow his Alpha’s rules, but she was rather kinky herself. He had played online with her a time or two before he realized Dancing Wolf was Tally and now his Alpha. He would never betray her that way now.

He was true to his Alpha and being an omega, he knew he was going to have to witness things during their play party that will probably make him jealous, but he was thoroughly committed to being her omega which gave her the right to do what she liked with her pack, even if it was just for the weekend. Of course his Alpha could decide she likes the party so much she’ll have more. His cock bulged against his pants. He knew he was okay with that too. And then a shiver ran up and down his back. He’s the omega, which means she can allow the pack to treat him however they like. He whimpered without thinking. Luckily his laptop was on mute so those in the meeting didn’t hear him.

Later that night after dinner, he was sitting on the floor at her feet while they watched a movie and her fingers stroked through his hair. “I was surprised by your idea, pet,” He trembled knowing she only called him pet when she was feeling particularly happy with him. “Surprised but pleased, you do realize what this means of course. Being the omega you will have to endure whatever the pack wants to do to you.” She looks at him wickedly. “And I will let them. On your back, pet.”

He quickly lay on his back, arms on the floor above his head and his legs criss crossed, knees wide and his head back and to the side, opening his throat to her, just how she liked him. She slowly crawled next to him, her head low, growling. She licked along his belly so close to his full erection he whimpered. Her tongue lapped all the way up to his nipples and she nipped and bit at them making him wuffle and howl softly. She licked up the side of his neck and over his cheek and he opened his mouth and she licked over his lips and into his mouth over and over again. He was so hard it hurt and he Kadıköy Escort whimpered. She looked down at his hard cock. “I did say you had rewards coming to you, pet.”

He trembled with his need. She licked her way back down and then flicked her tongue over the tip and he moaned deeply. She’d never used her tongue there before, only her teeth. He tried to be extra still, afraid if he did anything to upset her she would walk away. He whimpered as she continued licking down over the length of him, licked around his balls and then slowly licked back up. She lapped over the engorged head repeatedly and he realized she wasn’t going to take it in her mouth.

She was his Alpha and would only do what a wolf would do and she licked and lapped and her tongue would dip into the hole tasting his essence and then she began a steady rhythm, with hard tongue licking again and again over his engorged head and he could hardly breathe as everything rushed down to his cock and he knew he was about to cum. He suddenly felt her fisted knuckles pressing over the shaft, rolling the knuckles upward over and over. He didn’t move as her tongue tortured the head that was bulging so hard and then he howled louder than he had ever howled before as his seed shot out of him. She kept her tongue pressing over the flat of it, holding it against him and then she began licking hard from the base all the way to the tip in one long stroke and she did that over and over until ever bit dribbled out of him. Then she surprised him and lapped at the tip, cleaning it up and then his belly until ever bit of his seed was cleaned up and swallowed by her.

She rubbed her head on his stomach and chest and into his neck. She grabbed his hair and pulled him over and down between her legs as she leaned back against the couch. He knew what she wanted and he didn’t waste any time giving it to her. He poured all his feelings into worshiping her cunt. He felt so loved and adored by his Alpha in this moment and he wanted her to feel the same. He couldn’t use his fingers but he could make a fist and rub his knuckles over her opening while he licked and sucked on her clit. It wasn’t long before she was moaning and when her release finally came, she howled long and loud too.

She let him sleep with her that night. It wasn’t something she allowed him to do on a regular basis as she used it as a treat, a reward for his extra good behavior. He loved being able to snuggle up to her and suckle at her breast like a pup, which she let him do in bed only. He had learned over time that if he did it just right it would make her have an orgasm and it thrilled him when he discovered that and she had been surprised too. She rewarded him with a fat juicy steak the next day after that first time. She even cooked it for him.

He felt like the luckiest furry alive that he got to live his dream with her. So far she had fulfilled many of his fantasies. Most would think he was beyond weird for liking the things he liked, but he loved being her omega, loved submitting to her will completely. He knew that would be tested at the party, but he wanted to please her and he would be the best omega for her.

Friday afternoon of the play party weekend, they began showing up one by one. He was allowed to wear the special shorts she made him with the slit in the back for his tail to answer the door and show them to the staging area, the guest room, where they would let go of the mundane world and embrace their inner wolf. They each went into the adjoining bathroom, took showers, gave themselves enemas, put in the well lubed plug tails and ears and then he escorted them to their new wolf den. They had six wolves show up in the den not counting the Alpha and the omega, so eight in all. More than he thought would show up. He knew his Alpha was quite happy with the number, not too many and not too few.

The wolf Den was dark as Eli had pulled all the heavy drapes and only had the recessed lighting around the room giving it a soft glow. There were lots of pillows, dog beds, cushions and blankets strewn all over the floor. There wasn’t any furniture except the large futon he had covered with fuzzy blankets hiding the frame just for his Alpha and whomever she chose to have join her on it. Tally had been thrilled when she saw it the previous week and gave him a special reward for being so thoughtful. Eli had bought heavy tapestries and hung them on the walls for the final touch.

Each of them presented themselves to her upon entering the den. There was Eli’s friends, Amy, James, and Seth and Tally’s friends, Joan, Evan, and Bailey. They crawled to her, whimpering and baring their necks. She growled and held them in place with her teeth for a couple of minutes while they whined. When she was satisfied they were sufficiently submissive, she released them and they found their spot for the night.

They each had been given detailed instructions on how they could behave, what sounds they could make and they knew their Alpha Bostancı Escort was the only one allowed to talk. They had been given a safe word hand signal they could do if they needed a time out. In which case they would go in the guest room and be human for as long as they needed but once they came back out they had to continue being a wolf and participating in the play unless they wanted to leave. If the party wasn’t working for them and they weren’t having fun, they were free to leave. Luckily no one left.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying being together, rolling around, snuffling each other, trying and liking the wolf snacks. The instructions had also explained the meals; steak, potatoes and green beans for Friday and Saturday night dinners, breakfast was eggs, bacon and hash browns, and for lunches, sandwiches, potato salad and fruit. All meals would be eaten at the dining table as humans but no talking.

Friday night everyone mostly snuggled, getting acquainted in ways most humans wouldn’t do upon first meeting. Sniffing at each other, nuzzling, rubbing against each other and choosing who to cuddling up to for the night. Eli thought it was strange to have so many people in a room with no talking. Strange, but nice. He liked the feeling of everyone being open to each other and exploring each other without any expectations

Saturday after breakfast several of the male wolves became playful and wrestled around on the floor, growling and yipping when someone got skin between their teeth. Eli looked up and his Alpha was smiling and watching all of the antics.

Then one of his friends, James with his big brown eyes, hairy chest and soft belly, came over to him growling and snuffling at Eli and Eli immediately turned over and opened his neck to him. James nipped at his neck and then nuzzled him, rolled around and over him and surprisingly, Eli started getting hard. He flushed, embarrassed but James sniffed at it and looked toward the Alpha. She nodded slightly letting him know he was allowed to continue.

James licked at it and Eli whimpered. He had known this could happen but this was James, his friend. He had all kinds of mixed feelings going on within him as James continued to lick at his cock and lightly used his teeth on the tip and Eli whimpered.

Two others came over, Bailey and Evan, both stocky males, one blond and the other with bright red hair, snuffled and growled at Eli. He made sure his neck was wide open to them and they started licking at his face, neck and down to his chest. Each male nipped and licked at his nipples. He wasn’t used to so much attention let alone three males and it was overwhelming him in a way that had everything feeling more intense until he was suddenly howling as he came. His Alpha was there in an instant, pushing them away, growling as she licked him up, cleaning up his seed, licking at his oh so sensitive tip until he was all clean. She nuzzled his head and neck and then went back to lounge on her giant bed.

James went over to Amy with her petite body and long dark hair, and growled low and deep. She pushed at him, nipped at him and growled right back. They rolled around playfully until he was on top. He growled and she whimpered, baring her neck. She was submitting to him. That had everyone’s attention, but they stayed back, watching.

James pushed and prodded at her until her tail was in the air and he mounted her, grabbing her shoulder with his teeth and ramming into her. She moaned and pressed back against him. One wolf, Evan, came a little too close and he snapped and growled at him. When the wolf jumped back James sunk his teeth back into her shoulder and continued pounding into her until they were both howling.

Eli was dying to know if Amy actually had an orgasm or if she just went along with it. He had a feeling she didn’t and he wanted to help her frustration. He looked at Amy and then looked at his Alpha. His Alpha nodded slightly knowing he wanted to take care of one of his pack members as an omega should. James had strutted off and was snuffling at Joan who doesn’t even give him a fight, she meekly rolls over and bares her throat. He pounces and licks all over her body making her wiggle, squirm and whine.

Amy was still in the same position James had left her in. Eli snuffled at her bottom and she whined and pressed back towards him. Just as he suspected James had left her wanting. He licked at her and then nudged her over, crawled between her legs, staying really low, showing his submission and licked and sucked at her opening. She whined and moaned. He could taste James mixed with her essence.

Men definitely taste differently than women. He’d never done this before, eating a woman after a man had cum in her. It was an interesting experience, not bad, just different. He kept at it until he couldn’t get more out of her and then he concentrated on her clit while rubbing his knuckles over her opening. She writhed and pressed into him until she was howling and panting. He licked her until she relaxed and then he started to move away. She jumped at him and nuzzled all over him, everywhere, even his crotch and bottom and then walked away on all fours. He looked up at his Alpha and she was smiling at him. His heart soared that he had pleased her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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