My brothers best friend_(2)

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Rich ill be back in about an hour or so, said my brother to his friend. You can just chill here.
Alright sounds good, Rich said

I laid there pounding my cock unknowing of what went on in the next room. it was early morning and i woke up hard as a rock. I always sleep nude so when there was precum on the sheets i knew i needed to blow a load. I moved my sheet below my balls and started jerking off. Slowly it felt so good that soon i was so into it i fell into a world of pleasure. I didn’t realize when the door opened.

Rich said, ” Oh Shit sorry man” ” Dude what the fuck” “i’m sorry its early i figured you were sleeping”

I acted mad but on the inside i was really happy that he walked in. For the longest time i wanted to do things with him. he was a short guy, a couple years older. he was 22. he was mature, and had a certain charm about him. I was gonna get him now.

” So what did you want than?” i said with a hint of sensuality and a little anger.
” I wanted to see if you wanted to do something until your brother got back”

Im only 17 now. just turned. it was making me really hot that he was asking while my cock was making a tent in the sheets.

” Well now that im here……. maybe i can give you a helping hand”

I was in shock . I’ve waited for this for a long time now.

” I mean dude i don’t normally go that way Sex hikayeleri but if your offering to help me out than sure why not.”

I flipped off the sheet to reveal my now throbbing cock. He came over to my bed, got on top and put his lips around the tip. He flicked his tongue and sent shivers all over me. He licked down my shaft all the way to my balls. He gently sucked on them while making his way back up to the tip. His mouth enveloped my cock. My cock was a little larger than average but very thick. His head bobbed up and down and licked the shaft while he came back up. He rubbed my chest and came closer to my face.

I whispered in his ear, ” Rich i want you in me, I’ve wanted this for a very long time, i want your cock filling my hole.”

I grabbed his crotch and rubbed it. I could feel he was enjoying our session. I helped him take off his shirt. I got up and made him lay down. I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down a little. It revealed tight yellow briefs that showed off his nice big bulge. i pulled down his underwear and his meat sprung to life. I stopped and took it all in. i couldn’t believe this was happening. I’ve waited so long. As i took his cock in my mouth i sucked fast and heard him let out moan after moan. I sucked faster and played with his balls but he told me to stop so he doesn’t cum.
Rich told me i needed to be nice and wet for him. I grinned Sikiş hikayeleri and said okay. I got back on the bed on all fours and he got behind me and put his tongue on my hole. He licked and sucked my asshole. I was in heaven, it was a mini orgasm. I couldn’t believe it. Feeling his mouth make my ass all wet got my cock hard again. He was ready and i soon felt a pressure at my hole. He slowly pushed in.
I didn’t tell him but im a virgin and he would be taking my virginity. Ive never had sex before. It was painful as he slowly pushed his meat into my hole. I could feel him ripping my ass with his thickness but after he got it all in, he let it sit and i could feel my ass relax and get used to it.
After about a minute or so, he began thrusting, he didn’t make it easy either. He gave me a good hard fucking. He was pounding my ass so hard his balls were slapping against my balls. About 5 minutes after the doggy style, i told him i wanted to ride him. He laid on his back. I lowered my self, while facing him. I lined up his cock with my hole and i pushed it in. More pleasure. I sat down on his cock and rode him hard and fast. Soon when i landed down, he would meet me with thrusts. Soon after that i began to get tired and he was more than happy to do all the work. He pounded me good. My cock and balls constantly slapped against his stomach, i almost went into a trance from all the pleasure. Than Erotik hikaye his phone started ringing.
I told him to answer it just in case it was my brother. I got off and he answered his phone. It was my brother telling him he would be about another hour or so. He said no problem see you than.
Before he turned around i got on my back, put my legs behind me and spread my hole. His cock looked harder than it was before. Rich came back over and spit in my hole, rubbed my hole a little and shoved his cock back in. he was fucking me hard and really intense. The bed was knocking against the wall. And the bed was creaking.
I was so happy my brother and parents weren’t home. It would not be good. This, im so happy was my first time.
I was moaning and groaning like crazy and rich was getting affected by it. I could see he was breathing faster and getting all tensed up. i said Come on babe, fill my ass with your hot man cum. Give it to me good.
After that it was over, Rich let out one really hot moan and cum unleashed into my ass. Wave after wave of cum coated my ass. He leaned forward and put his head on my stomach.
Were not done yet he said, and he went down to my cock and started deep throating it. he finger fucked me while sucking hard and fast on my cock. I tensed up and cock exploded all over Rich’s mouith and down his throat.
We showered and when we got out my brother called and said he was almost home. Rich got dressed but said here, and threw me his yellow briefs. Until next time and he winked

Hope you enjoyed

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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