My Brother’s Fuck Toy…Me

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SUMMARY: Mom’s tits leads to me being a cocksucker and bottom.

NOTE 1: Thanks to Andy for telling me his story of his incestuous cocksucking past.

NOTE 2: Thanks to Robert, Wayne and goamz86 for editing this story.

NOTE 3: This is an April Fool’s Day Contest Story because of the irony of how the main character became an eager cocksucker.



This is the true story of how I ended up a submissive cocksucker and eventually bottom to my older brother…and it’s all my Mom’s fault.

Every night, for as long as I could remember, Mom would come and give my brother Johnny and I a goodnight kiss and hug. Although we were way too old for nightly hugs and kisses in theory, as Johnny was nineteen and in college and I was eighteen and in my senior year in high school, she continued to do it.

Even though it was all innocent in theory, just Mom being Mom, her impact on her two children was anything but. She always came in wearing a robe that barely held her milky 34C breasts (we both searched her room many times, so we knew exactly her breast size) in. Although the kiss was on the forehead, she seemed to linger there for just a few seconds, her ample white breasts just inches from our mouths, as tempting then as they had been when we were babies.

As soon as she left, both of us would secretly jerk off while fantasizing about more than just a goodnight kiss.

“God, I want to suck on those titties,” Johnny groaned one night, a few seconds after Mom left.

“Who wouldn’t?” I agreed, slyly stroking myself.

“I’m going to fuck her,” Johnny declared.

I laughed, “Sure you are.”

He flipped his sheets off, and continued stroking his cock, which was longer and thicker than mine, as he said, “Let’s whack off together.”

“What?” I asked, stopping stroking myself.

“Stop pretending you don’t beat your meat every night thinking about Mom like I do,” he accused.

“I thought I was being so sneaky,” I joked, returning to stroking myself.

“Pull it out,” he ordered.

“Really?” I asked, surprised by his more aggressive than usual behaviour.

“We are just two brothers with the same equipment,” he rationalized.

That may be true but he had a lot more equipment than I did, which made me feel inadequate. Reluctantly, I sat up, flipped off my sheets and resumed pumping my cock.

After another minute, he got up, walked over to me and said, looking at my five plus inch cock, “At least you got the brains.”

“Get that thing out of my face,” I protested, pushing him away, his cock inches from my face.

Ignoring me, his dick directly in front of me, he continued, “Wouldn’t it be great to suck on Mom’s tits again? I bet if we got our mouths on those melons of hers, she would be begging to fuck us.”

I laughed, even as I stared at his cock, and joked, “Yes, I bet Mom would beg you to fuck her.”

“I’d shove my cock in her mouth and either come down her throat or all over her face or tits,” he continued, furiously pumping his cock.

I pumped mine too, both because the vision of mom fucking us was hot as hell and undeniably because I was in awe of my brother’s cock staring straight at me.

“Should I come all over her face?” Johnny grunted.

I couldn’t stop staring at his large cock and I answered, barely processing the question, “Yes, you should coat her face with your cum.”

“You bahçeşehir escort want it all over your face, don’t you?” He asked.

I’m not sure I realized he had changed the pronoun, but I answered, “God, yes.”

Seconds later, I felt the surprisingly hot cum splatter my face. “Take it all,” he grunted, as he literally coated my face with his cum.

Shamefully, the submissive nasty act turned me on immensely and I sprayed my own cum straight up in the air.

Once he was done coming, Johnny, didn’t say a word, but instead returned to his bed, got under his covers and went to sleep.

I, meanwhile, sat frozen, my face sticky and dripping with my brother’s cum, plus my own cum was everywhere.

Why had I let him do that?

Why did it turn me on?

Why didn’t I freak out?

These and many other questions bounced around my head as I snuck out of our bedroom and to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I couldn’t believe how much cum was on my face. Shaking my head, I grabbed some Kleenex and, using at least eight, got all the cum off my face. After a thorough washing, I returned to bed and to the snores of my brother.

Next morning, I wanted to talk to him about it, but couldn’t find the words to say and he acted as he always did…like I didn’t exist. That night, as soon as Mom gave us our nightly hugs and kisses, he again flipped off his sheets, again walked over to me, and again started talking about Mom.

I protested, “Johnny, please don’t do this.”

Like he usually did regardless of the topic, he ignored me, instead talking about banging Mom, as he stroked his cock in front of me. “I’d love to tit fuck her. I bet Dad tit fucks her.”

“Please, stop,” I pleaded, even as I again stared at his big cock.

“Jerk off, too,” he ordered, “I know you want to.”

Of course, he was right. So figuring if you can’t beat them, join them, I sat up, again my face was right in front of his cock, and began furiously whacking off.

“I mean, I bet Mom gives a mean blow job too,” he continued, his big juicy cock seeming to draw me in.

“Yeah, I bet she does,” I weakly agreed, as suddenly I wondered what it would be like to have his cock in my mouth.

“I mean, I’d like to really fuck her face,” Johnny continued, “I love the slobbery sounds of a mouth hungry to please.”

“From all your experience getting head,” I mocked, even though I knew he was much more of a ladies’ man than I was.

He ignored me, whispering, “Fuck, I wish I had Mom’s mouth sucking my cock right now,” as he stood right in front of me with his hard cock in his left hand.

“Man, that would be awesome,” I agreed, thinking both of Mom sucking my cock and me sucking his.

Then suddenly Johnny put his left knee on my bed and lowered his cock towards my face. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I need a mouth on my cock, baby brother.” Johnny said firmly with intent as he looked directly into my eyes.

I was frozen. I couldn’t believe what he just said, even though after last night it shouldn’t have been a complete surprise. Johnny rubbed his cock over my lips until they began to part. I didn’t even realize that I was doing it, but I opened my mouth and he pushed his thick cock into my mouth.

It felt strange and yet natural. I instinctively began to bob back and forth on his stiff dick. Never having a cock in my mouth before, I gagged a few times and my eyes watered, but for some reason I was determined to give him a good avcılar escort blow job and I focused on making him moan.

Johnny continued talking about Mom as if his dick wasn’t in my mouth. “God, I’d love her on top of me, her titties bouncing up and down as she rides my big cock.”

I couldn’t talk, so I moaned, as I kept sucking while simultaneously stroking my own cock.

“Oh yeah, Mom. Suck your boy’s cock,” Johnny moaned, his eyes closed and imagining it was Mom and not his brother bobbing on his hard meat.

I again moaned, exhilarated to have a cock in my mouth. I furiously stroked myself as I sucked on my big brother’s cock. I couldn’t believe how much I loved having his cock in my mouth and how hard my own cock was.

“I’d love to spray cum down her throat,” he continued, “I bet she swallows, all girls swallow now.”

I wondered if that was true, as that sure hadn’t been my limited experience. I now had about five inches going in and out of my mouth as I also wondered what his cum would taste like. I decided then that I would swallow his load.

Johnny was obviously getting close, as he began to more forcefully pump in and out of my mouth until he tensed up and came, shooting his hot cum, stream after stream of it, into my mouth. I was trying to drink it down, but much of it dripped out of my mouth.

The taste was not disgusting, as my ex-girlfriend said it was, but rather salty and appealing. As it slid down my throat, I instantly wanted more of it, knowing that I was no longer straight and for the second time I came at being used by my brother.

Johnny slowly pulled his softening cock out of my mouth and went back to his bed, again not saying a word. I lay there with his sperm dripping from my mouth and chin and then the light went out.

I sat there paralyzed with shock at what I had just done. Yet, undeniably, I wanted his cock back in my mouth. Hungry for more cum, I scooped cum still on my chin and put it in my mouth…I knew then I was going to be a cocksucker for my brother whenever he asked.

The next morning, craving his cum and his cock in my mouth, I moved to his bed and woke him up with a blow job.

He groaned, “I think I’ve created a monster.”

I took his cock out of my mouth and replied, “I just want to please your monster.”

He laughed as I returned to his cock and bobbed up and down hungrily. I learned, as this would become our new morning ritual, that he came very quickly in the morning, always rewarding me with a large load of cum for breakfast. He would often deposit a second load down my throat right after school, and we always finished the night with Mommy fantasies while I got him off before bed.

Eventually, I could take all eight inches in my mouth and loved nothing more than when he roughly face fucked me while talking of pounding Mom.

One day during the summer, I was in our bedroom, stroking my cock as I watched Mom out the window in our backyard. She was in her white bikini, all slathered in tanning oil. She looked so good. I didn’t even hear Johnny come in, and then I felt him standing behind me. He stared out the window and rubbed his cock against my ass. This was new territory and I was terrified.

Suddenly, he left and a mixture of emotions went through me. Did I want him to fuck me? And, oh shit, he would tear me apart! Ironically, it wasn’t the fact that it was gay to be ass fucked, but rather that it would hurt a lot that worried me. I would do anything to pleasure my brother, esenyurt escort and the idea of giving him my ass was a major turn on…yet the pain terrified me.

He returned and again rubbed his cock against my ass crack and then I felt something sticky and turned to see he was coating my ass with Vaseline.

Johnny took hold of his cock and aimed it at my virgin asshole. He didn’t speak; he didn’t ask for permission; he just took what he knew was his.

I felt him pushing against me. I was frozen with fear as I felt the tip of his big cock trying to push through ‘my out only’ passageway.

He ordered, “Push back.”

I obeyed him like I always did, really becoming his personal live-in cum bucket, and winced as his cock began to penetrate me.

My whole body was burning in tremendous pain, yet somehow I wanted more of him in me. The oxymoronic thing about it was how I always felt when being used by Johnny. I loved it, yet knew it was wrong, I craved it, yet knew it was a sin. Of course, my insatiable desire to please always ended up overriding my social conscience.

I cried out, thankful the window was closed or Mom would have heard my sodomy, as his cock slithered its way deeper into my ass. It literally felt like he was splitting me in two.

“Shit, you took it all,” Johnny declared a few excruciating seconds later, before adding, “No slut has ever taken half of my dick up her backdoor.

The pain was intense, yet I had an undeniable sense of pride at being able to do what his pretty college sluts couldn’t. I couldn’t believe the words that came out of my mouth next. “Fuck my ass, hard Johnny.”

He nodded, as he grabbed my hips and began sawing in and out of me.

The pain ever so slowly began to subside and was replaced with a pleasure I had never felt before. His cock filling my ass made my own cock raging hard and ready to erupt without being touched.

As he fucked me, I suddenly wanted more, needed more and began bouncing back to meet his thrusts, which led Johnny to pick up the pace. Johnny was fucking my ass hard and deep, and I was in a lustful trance.

Johnny reached around and stroked my cock, something he had never done before, as he pummelled my asshole.

After a couple more minutes of hard fucking, he grunted, “I’m going to come baby brother,” and shot his hot load into my tight ass.

As his cum filled me, I shot my own load, coating the wall.

As Johnny slowly pulled out, I looked out the window and I swear I could see Mom looking up at us through her dark sunglasses. I am pretty sure I saw her mouth turn up into a wicked smile.

“Fuck, you’re better than all the coeds,” Johnny commented.

“I can’t believe you fucked my ass,” I weakly responded, feeling his cum leaking out of me and down my leg.

“Oh, that ass is going to be used regularly now,” he promised as he looked out the window. “Shit, she is staring right up at us.”

“I know,” I weakly nodded.

“I am going to fuck her one day,” he declared.

“Well, don’t forget about me,” I joked, knowing I was no longer just a cocksucker.

“Don’t you worry, I have a few loads a day to deposit,” he laughed.

And of course…he did…every morning, every afternoon and every night. I didn’t date, I barely went out with friends so I could always be on call for Johnny’s cock, even sucking him off after he had deposited his load in some coed.

Sadly, after college was done, he got married and we have never done it again since.

That said, I am seeing him tomorrow for the first time in almost a year, thirty-four years since the first time he coated my face with his cum. These memories so fresh, I am going to find a way to rekindle the sexual relationship we once had…as it is still the most sexual satisfying time in my life.

The end

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