My Chemical Romance

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“I think. . .” My hands grew slick with sweat as she looked at me with her beautiful brown eyes. Her lips plump and juicy, ready for mine to greet them. In my chest, my heart beat rhythmically, worried about her reaction to these words. The first time I would ever utter these words in my life.

“What?” She asked me, her hand traveling to my face. She traced my jaw line with her finger. I grabbed it and kissed it. Jayda had the most beautiful coffee-colored skin I’d ever seen.

How in the world did my eighteen year old high school ass admit to a girl I’d been dating for just a month that I was falling for her? My friend Thadius would tell me I’m in over my head. But I, Adam Warren, from Ammington High in Illinois, was falling in love.

She was beautiful. Fierce, sexy, radiant. And beautiful. She’s one of only a few black people at Ammington High, an import from a school on the South Side of Chicago. Her mom won the lottery and moved here so she could get a better education and so she could escape the barrage of kids who were jealous of her. They had every right to be. Jayda Jones had the most beautiful, curvaceous figure. Big tits, wide hips, thick thighs, everything. I’m a man of diverse tastes. I like all shapes, sizes, and colors. She definitely fell into my attraction.

When she came, she had an attitude problem because she was paranoid. Coming from the hood to a predominately white area? Not so easy, according to her. She actually thought I was only being nice to her to get into her pants, but that wasn’t the case. I’m just generally like that. Most of my girlfriends at Ammington–6 to be exact–have only dated me because they wanted to hook up with the guy who looks like Adam Lazzara from Taking Back Sunday. They’re bitches. Shallow, materialistc bitches. I actually swore off of them after one of them cheated on me at the Winter Wonderland dance. But when Jayda walked in, I saw someone different. I changed my mind.

We hung out all the time when we could. We’d crack jokes about each other all the time. Sometimes it got racial, but I never crossed the line or pissed her off. We saw movies, listened to music–my proudest accomplishment was getting her hooked on Maroon 5 and Daft Punk, because she only listens to hip-hop and R&B–and just chilled.

There was tons of sexual chemistry between us. I’d hug her from behind when I saw her at her locker and just love the way it felt. She’d push me against a locker and get up in my face like I did something to her. When I got really ballsy, I’d smack her ass and then run away. One time, we almost got hot and heavy. I’d attacked her and then tickled her mercilessly. My body was on top of hers, and it almost looked like we were having sex. That night, I had a dream about us making love. I woke up, and my pants were soaked. Of course, Thadius teased me forever when I told him. That guy can be pretty douche-baggy at times.

We were girlfriend and boyfriend for about a few weeks. People at Ammington were talking, thinking I was just in it to bang a black girl, or I was just so desperate for love that I’d take it when I got it. But I felt something for Jayda. She was amazing. Funny, sweet, smart, and sexy, she had the total package. Did I mention she was sexy? Sometimes it got hard to just be around her when she wore clothes that accentuated her figure. It wasn’t slutty, but it was enough to turn me on.

I took her out on a date. This is where it all leads to. I thought it’d be real sexy if I took her to a spoken word club. One of those neo-soul joints that I’d seen in movies. We had fun. And it got hot and heavy again when this guy who looked like Usher read a poem about skin. I remember the lines that made me turn to Jayda.

“Skin. On your skin. My skin. Touching your skin. Our skin becomes one. We unify. We merge. Skin on top of skin. Me on top of you. . .”

It got to be too much. I pulled her to me and made out with her like she was about to die the next day. So then we ended up at my place because of this killer snowstorm. Too scared to drive her home and risk a car wreck, she phoned her mom and said she’d stay with me until the snow cleared. Her mom trusted her not to get into anything, but then again, she knew I was a nice guy.

While Jayda was downstairs playing the Wii, I went to my room and started screwing around on my Gibson guitar. I actually managed to play a nice little version of The White Stripes’ “Blue Orchid.” After that, I bounced around. I did Paramore, Fall Out Boy, and My Chemical Romance renditions. That’s when she appeared before me. I was so deep in my guitar that I hadn’t even noticed.

“Hey,” She smiled and stroked my chin.

I smiled back and pushed some of my hair away from my face. “Hey, sexy.” I grabbed her hips, pulled her toward me, and hugged her.

“Did I just hear you do “Misery Business?” She asked, breaking free of the hug and walking over to the window. I guess she wanted to see if it was still snowing.

I nodded. “Yeah. You like that?” I was a bit surprised, but happy to see her expanding her musical tastes.

“Yeah,” Jayda said to the window. “I like that song.” She turned around. “I actually bought they album. They pretty raw. The girl got a beastly voice.”

I laughed. Black people slang.

Jayda was looking so unbelievably good. She wore a tight fitting slinky top and dark wash jeans.

“Come here,” I commanded, patting the bed next to me. She brought herself down all slow, and I just wanted to bury my head in her ample cleavage.

“You’re so damn hot.” I stroked her face with my finger and tucked a piece of hair behind her ear.

She chuckled. “You’re pretty cute. For a white guy.” She joked, prompting me to push her playfully.


“You look pretty nice, too.”

I had on a black button-up and some jeans with Chucks. No biggie.


“I had a good time, Adam.”

“I did, too. I always have a good time with you.”

“Me, too. I never thought I’d end up with someone like you.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

We looked at each other, and then I let me hand squeeze her thigh. She didn’t stop me. I ran my hand from her knee all the way to her midthigh, wanting to slide it between her legs and make her come with just my hand.

Did I tell her? What if she rejected me. I didn’t want her to. I loved her too much for that.

“You forever touchin’ on me, boy.” Jayda said, watching me massage her leg. I felt kind of bad, like I shouldn’t have been doing it. No, I didn’t. Because then, I would’ve stopped.

“Sorry,” I apologized, looking deep into her eyes. “Stop being so sexy, and I won’t have to touch you.”

My heart was pounding again. I know hers was, too. My dick was getting so hard. Part of me wanted her to see it. But the other part hoped she wasn’t paying attention to it.

“My bad. Lemme stop looking so good.” She ran her hands through my hair. Jayda loved to play with my hair. She said it was fun because it felt good.

“Oh, baby, I love it when you play in my hair!” I joked, acting like I was in one of those corny Pantene shampoo ads. She laughed and lay down on the bed. I lay down right next her and started stroking her stomach.

“You a funny ass dude.” She commented, still stroking my hair.

“I always strive to make you laugh. Because you deserve it, babe.” I lowered my head down and kissed her.

“You’ve got soft lips,” I told her, as I continued stroking her stomach. She moaned, and I hadn’t even realized that my fingers grazed her pubic line.

“Oh!” I sat up and immediately turned red. “Sorry. I didn’t–“

She shushed me by putting her finger to my lips.

“It’s cool, baby. Damn, why is you so jumpy these days? Like you’re scared to take it to the next level?”

Now was the time. I had to tell her.

I grabbed Jayda’s hands and began massaging them with my thumbs.

“Jayda,” I hesitated for a moment, but she was still looking dead at me. God, she was so hot.


“I think . . .” Fuck it. I’d spit it out. 6 times fucked over at Ammington would mean nothing. Why not make it seven? Why not have her tell me that she doesn’t want to be serious with a white guy because she prefers black guys? Everyone else screwed me over. She’d be nothing new.

The room was dimly lit. I even lit a few candles in case we got serious. Perfect scene for lovemaking.

“Jayda, I think I’m falling for you. In love. I already love you, but now I think I’m wrapped up in it.” That’s when I finally breathed.

When Jayda lowered her head, I thought it was because she was going to tell me that she didn’t want me that way, but then I heard her sob. I held her head up. She was crying.

“What? What’s wrong, Jay?” I wiped some of her tears away. “Why are you crying?”

“Because you took the words right out of my mouth.” She admitted, looking at me.

I was so happy I couldn’t even think straight. “Oh, wow.” Then I laughed. “Wow. This is so awesome.”

Jayda wiped her tears away with the back of her hand. “I know.” She smiled. “I love you, Adam. I just . . . I thought you wouldn’t be into me that way, either. Guess we were both wrong, huh?”

Oh yeah. Very much so.

The way the dim light was hitting her face made me want her so badly. “Jayda,” I kept rubbing her hands. “Baby, I’ve loved you ever since we became friends. Those little douche bags at Ammington can say what they want, but I love you. You’re special.”

She beamed. “You are, too, Adam. You’re the only guy I’ve ever been with who hasn’t treated me like shit. And I thank God you came into my life, boo.”

We kissed for a long time. Really long time. My hand magically found the button of her jeans, and I fondled it. Then, I stuck my hand between her legs and gently rubbed up against her pussy. When she let out a moan, she threw her head back. My lips grazed her neck and she whispered, “Oh, that feel so goooood. . .”

I kızlık bozma porno stopped for a moment, having to catch myself.

“What?” She sat up.

Why had I become so shy? I saw what was there. She was letting me have it.

“I just,” I looked at my Chucks. “I always had fantasies about making love to you.”

Jayda wiped an old tear away. “Really?” She got closer and hugged me from the side. “What were we doing?”

I laughed nervously. “Um, uh. Well, you’d be completely naked. And then I’d come in and kiss you from head to toe,”

“I likes that,” She said into my side, giggling.

“And then, I’d go down on you for a long time.”

“That, too.” She purred and I chuckled.

“Then, I’d uh, um, stick my cock inside you, and you came, like, two times. There was more foreplay, I just can’t remember right now.”

She laughed and sat up. Jayda was just so ravishingly gorgeous.

That was when she started unbuttoning my shirt. As she did, she explained, “I had this one nasty dream about you. We was in the Jacuzzi, though. Ooh.” She rubbed my little chest hair and I swear, I think I almost had an orgasm.

“And you said, ‘I’ve always had this fantasy about black girls.’ So I said I always thought you was such a cutie, and you took me and fucked the shit outta me. For real.” My shirt was completely unbuttoned, and I was completely hard. When she saw it, she stroked it. I tossed my head back.

“You got a condom, babe?” She asked me, pulling my head back up so she could slide her tongue into my mouth.

“Uh huh. Yeah. But I wanna do this foreplay, first. You’re far too hot for me to just skip straight to the sex.”

I must’ve blown her mind, because when she said that, she opened her legs and beckoned for me to come to her with her index finger.

“I’ve never heard a guy say that before. You really is special.” She kissed me a few times and whispered in my ear, “Rub my pussy like you was just doing.”

I smiled and did as she said. My fingers rubbed her jeans gently, until she unbuttoned them and I slid my hand into her panties.

“You’re so wet, sweetie,” I noted. She was moaning and I was totally getting off on it. That’s when I sat her up and took off her slinky top. We French-kissed for a minute, my tongue exploring her mouth and her sensually plump lips. When I removed her bra, I saw those humongous tits of hers, and I almost died.

“Damn, Jay.” I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed one, sucked her nipple extra hard, and then did the same to the other. She moaned instantly, and then I fondled them. Then, I worked my mouth onto one of her nipples and stroked her pussy at the same time. She really liked that.

“Ooh, Adam. Damn. . .” She kept licking her lips and running her hands through my hair. I kept flickering my tongue at her hardened black nipple, and she whispered, “Do the other one.”

I did. Watching her watch me help her give her an orgasm was an intense experience. I felt like, honestly, my dick was going to explode, I was so hard.

The harder I stroked, the heavier she breathed. I thought she was having an asthma attack. After a second, she had an orgasm, my tongue still glued to her thick nipple. She watch me continue to suck on it and fondled my hair. I know it was messed up by now, but I didn’t care.

“That feels so good,” She breathed, tossing her head back again. It seemed like she wanted me to do it forever, but I wanted to please her in more ways.

“Lemme take off your shirt.” Jayda slid off my button up and smiled when she saw my physique. Not to be cocky, but I was pretty built. I had muscles, a six pack, a cut, and nice legs. I worked out to stay in condition for soccer. Jayda always joked with me that that was such a ‘white folks’ sport.

“So fine,” She kissed my chest up and down and then she pressed her chest against mine to kiss me. I could feel the moistness from her breasts against me, and it tickled a little. I lay her down and took off her jeans, appreciating each and every inch of her wonderful body. I fondled her thighs, her stomach, her breasts, and then I made out with her. This was the most powerful experience I’d ever had with anyone.

“Spread ’em, lady!” I joked, watching as she smiled and parted her legs. “How many fingers do you want me to use?” I asked, sucking two in case she wanted me to use two.

Jayda actually seemed flustered. “Two, I guess.”

I nodded, fingers still in my mouth. “Okay. Lemme know if I’m hurting you.” I slid them inside of her warm, wet pussy, and she started licking her lips again.

“How’s that feel?” I asked her, still getting off on the pleasure I was giving her.

“That is so fucking good.” She grabbed onto my bedspread and closed her eyes.

I brought my fingers out and sucked them again. “Damn, you taste good.” I said under my breath. She didn’t hear me, though.

I stuck my lubricated fingers back into her pussy and went a little faster. She came again. köylü porno That made two times. Time for her third.

“Spread ’em wider, Jay.” I ordered. She sat up and watched my head inch toward her pussy. My tongue was out, and she what was coming.

Slowly, I let my tongue graze over her clit. It was fat as hell, so I sucked on it, and she almost ripped all of my hair out of my scalp.

“Adam, baby. . .” She was in bliss.

I started moving my head around really fast, like I’d seen in a bunch of porns, and she got even more turned on. Since she was close to orgasm, I slid my fingers in, sucked her off, and fingered her, bringing her to an even more intense orgasm. I could feel her clit throbbing on my tongue. When I came up for air, it looked like tears had spilled from her eyes.

“You okay?” I kissed her and she nodded. “Yeah,” She breathed, apparently too weak to speak.

“You need a minute?” I laughed and held her up. I kissed her neck while I waited for a response. While I waited, I couldn’t help but notice the color contrast between us. My somewhat pale hand on her dark skin. Like the poem. My lips grazed her neck, and she finally whispered, “You REALLY ain’t like other dudes.”

I looked at her. “You’re right. I’m not.” I kissed her lips and sat her down. She motioned for me to come to her and started unzipping my jeans. When she got to my dick, she almost lost it.

“Adam, you have a huge dick!” She yelled out, then covered her mouth, like she was being too forward. I didn’t care.

After she slid my jeans off, and I finished laughing at her, she started rubbing it up and down, admiring it. That was when she stuck it in her mouth and began sucking. And it felt AWESOME.

“You want . . . me to get you a rag?” I didn’t know if she was a swallower, but just in case, I wanted to get her a napkin or something to spit the jizz out into.

She–thankfully–shook her head and kept sucking. I watched her head bob up and down, and she looked up at me. Our eyes met, and I had to pull away. It was almost too much.

Soon, I had blown my load into her mouth and she swallowed. Twice. After a good ten minutes, she finally came up. I wiped her mouth, and then we made out again. Gross, I know, but we didn’t care at the time.

Since we were fast approaching the penetration part, I picked up my guitar and set it up against the wall. I jumped back onto the bed and we made out some more, my hands exploring her body.

“You want me to penetrate you now?” I asked, squeezing her left breast and going back to sucking on her nipple.

She nodded. “Yeah, go ahead.” She plucked her boob from my mouth and lay down. “Get that condom.”

I ripped open a Magnum XL and sheathed myself. My heart pounded again. I was about to be deep inside the woman that I loved.

Before I got inside of her, she frowned, looking at me, and then touched my chest.

“What’s wrong?”

I smiled. “I’ve been waiting for this for so long. I just wanna memorize your face before I put it in.” She smiled again.

“Go ahead, sexy.” She ordered me. We kissed and then I slowly. . . Slowly slid my cock in, like she was a virgin. When she lost her breath, I knew I was long enough for her.

“You good?”

She nodded.

I started thrusting it in and out. In and out. Like when Stewie was coaching his future self on how to screw on “Family Guy.” Off topic, I know, but whatever.

She dug her nails into my back and said, “Oh! This feels so good! Harder, baby! Harder!”

I followed her order. In and out, a bit harder this time. I wanted to prolong her orgasm, though, so I pulled out and started gently playing with her clit. Then I stopped. We made out some more. My tongue wrestled with hers. I grabbed one of her tits and massaged it. I played with her nipple, and then she held my head in her hands. We stayed that way for about a minute.

“Wanna get on top?” I asked her, as she sat up. She nodded. Before she hopped on, I kissed her and then sucked on her nipple again. Like a little kid, I lay down and threw an arm behind my head, like I was gonna watch a good movie.

I guided her hips on my cock and grabbed hold of them. “Did I ever tell you you’ve got the most awesome body ever?”

She nodded. “Plenty of times, actually.”

“Oh.” I laughed like a kid again and she hit me. That’s the one thing she loved about me. My inability to grow up. Even now, I was acting like a five year old even though I was eighteen.

She bounced up and down on my cock, and I grabbed her hips and held on for my life. It’s totally stereotypical, but black girls were REALLY good at riding.

“Oh, Jay! Oh! Your pussy is so tight!”

She kept bouncing, and I was about to come, so I grabbed her right off my dick, and then threw her underneath me in a swift yet gentle motion. She seemed a little turned on, too. I thrust my cock back into her and we started grinding on our sides. I was able to grab hold of her firm, fat ass. The only thing I couldn’t do, though, was look her deep in the eyes. It still felt weird!

After a few minutes, we stopped, because she was on the brink of orgasm. We made out with each other. She sucked my balls, and I ran my finger along her pubic line. Then, we both decided to finish each other off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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