My Co-Worker Ashley

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My Co-Worker Ashley is a very, very beautiful twenty four year old blonde. She is smart, funny, independent and fun to work with. She is even more fun to joke around with.

Ashley is about five feet nine inches tall and weighs exactly one hundred fifteen pounds. She has a petite body with tits about the size of large apples.

Like with my Co-worker Angel, there were a few times when Ashley would wear a certain shirt and bend a certain way I’d be able to see almost all of her tits. Her aereolas seem to be kind of big and her nipples looked big too.

I would actually have the best time when I would work with Ashley. I would often make her laugh so hard that she’d snort. I’d make fun of her snorting and that would only make her laugh even harder.

I told Ashley one time that I was telling a friend about her. She wanted to know what I told him so I told her the truth. I told my friend that Ashley is such a natural beauty that I don’t even think she wears make up or very little.

Ashley just laughed and told me that she wears make up nearly every day.

“If I didn’t wear makeup you’d see little red spots on my face in different places.”

She told me.

In that case, I’ve seen her with the little red spots on her face and to me she is still beautiful.

With the exception of a few times, Ashley never wore anything overly showy but the majority of the pants that she would wear were fairly tight.

They were just tight enough to show off her body but they weren’t too tight on her.

She would wear at least three different pairs of pants to work throughout the week and each of them made her look good in a different way.

The one pair were tight navy blue ones that I’d say was the best looking on her. One night I was working with Ashley and she was wearing the navy blue pants. I had just finished waiting on a customer and I turned to say something to Ashley.

When I turned I saw her bending over the register counter writing something on a sheet of paper. She stayed like this for what seemed like a long time and for almost the entire time I stared at her.

The pants had tightened up around her nice little ass and into her pussy. The pants seemed to spread Ashley apart a little and I could actually see through her legs and look at the counter between them.

I kept having to look around to make sure that no one was watching me as I stared at Ashley but no one was around so I knew I’d be alright.

Ashley would also wear a pair of tight khaki pants with a thick black belt around them. These pants fit her differently than the blue ones. The Khaki pants didn’t hug her ass as much as the navy blue ones but they were a little tighter in the crotch and actually gave her a hint of camel toe.

I actually thought about telling her that she shouldn’t wear them for that reason but I knew that if I would’ve told her she would’ve been pissed that I was looking to even notice it.

The third pair of pants that she’d wear were a pair of tight black ones with a similar cut as the navy blue. These pants weren’t really anything special but I liked to see her in them.

I was eating lunch one night when Ashley came into the break room on her way to the bathroom. I nodded my head just to knowledge her and she walked into the arap porno bathroom.

Right at that moment I had a quick vision in my head. In the vision, I’m sitting eating lunch and I watch Ashley walk past me on her way into the bathroom. I pay hardly any attention to her but then I hear her say my name. When I turn to see what she wants I see her pulling the front of her black pants down and showing me her tight little bald pussy.

That never actually happened. It would have been great if it did but it was just something my brain cooked up at that moment.

When it comes to dirty talk Ashley and I would have a few conversations here and there but she’d never really be into it.

I remember one day telling Ashley about my friend Jessie. Jessie told me one time that she wanted me to fuck her in a public place.

Ashley’s response to that;

“Ew, I’m not into that.”

Another time I was telling Ashley about how Jessie told me her and her boyfriend were fucking and when he came he pulled his cock out of her and accidentally shot Jessie in the eye with his cum.

“Why would she tell you that?”

Ashley asked.

I just told her that Jessie and I share everything.

There was another time when I was telling Ashley about how Jessie would looking for a spa where she could go for a good bikini waxing.

Ashley’s response to that kind of confused me.

“That’s nasty to do that.”

She said.

When she told me that I tried making sense of it.

‘That’s nasty to do that.’ as is messy.


‘That’s nasty to do that.’ as is to shave or wax ones pussy.

Or even.

‘That’s nasty to do that.’ as in letting someone you don’t know to do it for you.

Ashley is a very beautiful girl as I mentioned so I couldn’t imagine her not shaving or waxing her own pussy. It just wouldn’t fit her.

When it comes to Ashley I would love to fuck her and fuck her hard. However, she is so pretty and nice that she should have sweet, sweet love made to her and not just fucked.

I really don’t know Ashley outside of work so I cannot say what kind of personal shit she has going on but there were a lot of times when Ashley would seem really sad while at work.

Just like with my Co-Worker Katelynn who always seemed sad, I’d ask her if anything was bothering her or if she was feeling alright and Ashley would always say that she just had a headache or her back hurt.

I have two fantasies about Ashley but only one of them is sexual.

In the sexual fantasy Ashley and I are working until closing when she begins to complain about a sore back. I feel bad for her but don’t know what to say or do for her.

I offer to go home with her and give her a back massage. I assure her that I would be nothing but a gentleman and that I intend on nothing else but to give her a massage.

At the end of the night I walk with Ashley out to her SUV and we make the quick trip to her house.

When we arrive at the house I follow Ashley into the back door and find myself standing in her kitchen and I see a long rectangular table in the center of the room.

Ashley sets her purse down on one of the counters by the back door before disappearing into a dark utility room just off from the kitchen.

she bedava porno comes out a few minutes later with a thin white bed sheet wrapped around her body from the chest down.

“Avert your eyes for a moment.”

Ashley tells me.

I turn away for a few seconds and when I look back I see Ashley lying face down on the kitchen table.

She now has the sheet pulled down to her waist so I walk over standing next to the table and I start massaging her back. I start from her neck and then to her shoulders before slowly moving my hands down to her lower back and working them back up to her shoulders and neck.

I hear Ashley moaning softly as my hands loses the sore muscles of her back, shoulders and neck.

I move my hands up and down and down and up many times before I begin lightly digging my knuckles into the flesh of her back. I feel Ashley’s body tightening up from the pleasure of the massage and realize that I’m doing a great job.

I push my knuckles into her from her lower back up to her neck and back down.

After doing that a few times I move over and stand on Ashley’s left side. Just then I can see that her left tit is exposed and hanging slightly over the table side.

“Uh, your showing a bit over here.”

I tell her.

“Yeah, so what?”

She says.

“You don’t like seeing a woman’s boob?”

She continues.

“Of course, but I’m trying to be professional but, it’s kind of hard.”

I tell Ashley.

“Oh I’m sure it is.”

Ashley jokes.

Suddenly Ashley rolls over onto her back and the sheet falls open exposing her tight thin athletic body.

She smiles and opens her legs to expose her tight looking completely bald pussy.

Ashley wags her finger in a ‘Come here.’ motion.

I pull one of the chairs out from under the table and I sit in it at the foot of the table. I lower my head between her legs and slide my tongue up each side of her pussy and back down.

I lick her inner thighs for a moment and immediately I hear Ashley letting out a series of pleasurable sighs.

I slip a finger into her and Ashley rears up slightly. I listen to her as she begins huffing and moaning and I continue to finger and lick her.

She laughs a little and hold onto my left forearm as I finger her with the fingers of my left hand.

With my right hand I spread her pussy open a little and slide my tongue up and down the inside of her lips. Ashley laughs again and short huffs come out of her mouth in a series of threes.

She pushes my face into her and begins demanding that I suck her pussy lips.

“Lick it again!”

Ashley demands.

My tongue probes deep in her tight pussy and she starts moaning louder. Ashley’s body quakes and huffs and moans constantly.

I finger her rapidly and my tongue continuously slides over every inch of her beautiful pussy.

She moans and screams loud and before I know it she begins to squirt.

She sprays three quick streams which just barely miss hitting my face and she screams in pleasures as every streams flies.

A little more of her pussy juice falls onto the table top leaving clear little pool between her legs.

I try to lick Ashley’s pussy again but before my cüce porno tongue can even touch her she stops me.

“No, no no, no more.”

Ashley laughs.

An exhausted breath flows from her body and her legs continue to shake.

Ashley lays on the table for a few moments to compose herself then she grabs me by my arm.

Without getting up Ashley directs me to the table side and dangles her head off the side. Upside down Ashley opens my pants and pulls my rock hard cock from my fly. She takes it in her mouth and starts sucking me.

Her beautiful mouth slides slowly back and forth favoring the head more than anything else. She reaches under my cock and gently rubs and squeezes my balls.

While she is sucking my cock, I reach over to play with Ashley’s pussy. She hums loudly and the vibrations of her hums travel the entire length of my cock making me feel great.

My finger tips are soaking we from even more pussy juice that continuously drips from Ashley’s pussy.

I suck it from my fingers and continue playing with her. A few minutes later I start rubbing and massaging Ashley’s perky little tits pinching and flicking her nipples.

I feel myself wanting to cum quick but I know that I still have a while longer to go.

Ashley stops sucking me for a minute and I lean over to lick and suck on her nipples. Her body jumps with pleasure and she laughs and sighs.

Ashley grabs for my cock again and takes it back into her mouth once again. Still upside down she strokes and suck my throbbing hard cock and I feel that in another few minutes I’ll be cumming.

Ashley continuously hums with joy as she sucks and strokes my cock and that only draws me closer to letting loose.

A few minutes later I pull my cock from Ashley’s mouth with the intention of cumming on her chest and tits but as soon as it leaves her mouth I’m already cumming.

I cum on Ashley’s forehead, in both of her eyes and onto both of her cheeks.

The entire time I’m cumming Ashley laughs hysterically.

“Oh fuck, blast!”

She says laughing so hard her entire body shakes.

When I finish cumming Ashley sits up and sits with her legs hanging off the end of the table.

I look at her and see both of her eyes are bright red due to irritation from my cum.

Ashley laughs hysterically again and I help her down from the table top. She walks into the utility room again this time turning on the light inside and I hear water running.

I sit exhausted in one of the kitchen chairs and wait for Ashley to return.

When she comes back out she is fully dressed, her face clear of my cum and she walks over to her purse sitting on the counter.

She reaches in and pulls out a small bottle of eye drops and squirts a few into her still bright red eyes. she blinks a few times and repeats.

“Do they look alright?”

Ashley asks as she moves her eyes from side to side.

“Well, they’re still a little red.”

I tell her.

“Can you see?”

I ask.

“Oh yeah I see fine.”

Ashley replies.

“Come on I’ll run you home ’cause I work the morning shift tomorrow.”

Ashley tells me.

Ashley locks up her house and she drive me to my house. We sit in my drive way and talk for about a half hour before she thanks me for the massage.

“Oh it was my pleasure.”

I tell her.

She gives me a look, but laughs hard again.

I get out of her SUV and watch as she backs out of the dark drive way and I wait until she’s on the road before heading in to bed.

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